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Delta Air Lines TSM

Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.

Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017

TASK A350-A-00-64-XX-10000-005A-D
Terminology - List of abbreviations
ON A/C 3501, 3502, 3503, 3504, 3505, 3506, 3507, 3508, 3509, 3510, 3511


Table 1 References

Data module/Technical publication Title


3D Three Dimensional (Lat, Long, Alt)

4D Four Dimensional (Lat, Long, Alt, Time)

A Amber
A-ICE Anti-Ice

A.ICE Anti-icing
A/BRK Autobrake

A/C Aircraft
A/COLL Anti-Collision
A/D Analog/Digital

A/DC Analog-to-Digital Converter

A/G Air to Ground
A/L Airline

A/N Alphanumeric
A/S Airspeed
A/SKID Anti-Skid
A/STAB Auto Stabilizer

A/THR Autothrust
A/XFMR Autotransformer
A4FO ADOC For Flight Operations
AAC Airline Administrative Communications

AAP Additional Attendant Panel

AAP Aft Attendant Panel
ABCM Alternate Brake Control Manifold

ABCU Alternate Braking Control Unit

ABD Airbus Directive and Procedure
ABDC Avionics Broadcast Data Collector
ABM APU Build-up Manual

ABN Abnormal
ABNORM Abnormal

ABPM Avionics Bare Processing Module

ABRN Airborne

ABS Autobrake System

ABSELV Alternate Brake Selector Valve

ABSORB Absorber

ABV Above
AC Aircraft Characteristics - Airport and Maintenance Planning

AC Alternating Current

ACARS Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System

ACC Active Clearance Control

ACCEL Acceleration/Accelerate

ACCLRM Accelerometer
ACCU Accumulator

ACCUR Accuracy

ACD Additional Control Device

ACD Aircraft Control Domain

ACF Airbus Cabin-Flex

ACFT Aircraft

ACGS Aircraft GSM Server

ACK Acknowledge
ACM Air Cycle Machine

ACMM Abbreviated Component Maintenance Manual

ACMP Airframe Condition Monitoring Procedure

ACMR Aircraft Configuration Management Rules

ACMS Aircraft Condition Monitoring System

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
ACMS-SA ACMS-Server Application

ACN Aircraft Classification Number

ACOC Air Cooled Oil Cooler

ACP Area Call Panel

ACP Audio Control Panel

ACQ Acquire

ACQN Acquisition

ACR Avionics Communication Router

ACRC Advance Composite Repair Center

ACRIF ACR Instrumentation Function

ACRS Avionics Communication Routing System

ACSC Air Conditioning System Controller

ACT Active
ACT Additional Center Tank


ACTG Actuating
ACTIV Active

ACTR Actuator

ACTUAL Aircraft Configuration of Tracked Units at Aircraft Level

ACTVN Activation

ACTVT Activate
ACU Air Cooling Unit

ACU Antenna Control Unit

ACUTE Airbus Cockpit Universal Thrust Emulator

AD Airworthiness Directive

ADB Airport DataBase

ADB Area Distribution Box

ADC Air Data Computer

ADCN Avionics Data Communication Network

ADD Addition

ADD Additional

ADF Automatic Direction Finder

ADFR Automatic Deployable Flight Recorder

ADG Air Driven Generator

ADGB Active Differential Gearbox

ADHF Adaptive Dropped Hinge Flap

ADI Attitude Director Indicator

ADIRS Air Data/Inertial Reference System

ADIRS Air Data and Intertial Reference System

ADIRU Air Data/Inertial Reference Unit

ADIS AFDX and Digital Injection System

ADLU Airborne Data Loading Unit

ADM Air Data Module

ADMZ Aircraft DeMilitarized Zone

ADPM Aircraft Deactivation Procedures Manual

ADPTR Adapter

ADR Air Data Reference

ADR Acceptance Deviation Request

ADS Air Data System

ADS Automatic Dependent Surveillance

ADS Aircraft maintenance Documentation System

ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast

ADS-C Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract

ADSM Avionics Data Storage Module

ADU Area Distribution Unit

ADV Advisory

AECM Alternate Extension Control Module

AES Aircraft Earth Station

AESS Aircraft Environment Surveillance System

AESU Aircraft Environment Surveillance Unit

AEVC Avionics Equipment Ventilation Computer

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
AEVS Avionics Equipment Ventilation System

AF Audio Frequency

AFCD Aft Cargo Door

AFDX Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet

AFECU Automatic Fire Extinguishing Control Unit

AFFECTD Affected

AFFIRM Affirmative

AFI Aircraft Fault Isolation

AFL Auto Flush

AFM Airplane Flight Manual

AFMC Auxiliary Fuel Management Computer

AFMR Airframer

AFN ATS Facilities Notification

AFR Aircraft Fault Reporting

AFRP Aramid Fiber Reinforced Plastic

AFS Automatic Flight System

AFT Afterwards


AFTR After

AGB Accessory Gearbox

AGB Angle Gearbox

AGC APU Generator Contactor

AGC Automatic Gain Control

AGE Aircraft Ground Equipment

AGL Above Ground Level

AGLC APU Generator Line Contactor

AGP Alternate Gauging Processor

AGS Aircraft GSM Server

AGS Air Generation System

AGU Air Generation Unit

AGW Actual Gross Weight

AIBU Advanced Illumination Ballast Unit

AICF Anti Ice Control Function

AICS Anti Ice Control System

AICU Anti Ice Control Unit

AIDS Aircraft Integrated Data System

AIL Aileron
AIM Aircraft Integrated Maintenance

AIME Autonomous Integrity Monitored Extrapolation

AIMI Avionics Information Management Interface

AINS Aircraft Information Network System

AIP Attendant Indication Panel


AIPC Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalog

AIPR Avionic Internal Parameter Requestor
AIS Audio Integrated System

AISD Airline Information Services Domain

AIT Accident Information Telex

AIU Aircraft Interface Unit

ALE Automatic Link Establishment
ALIGN Alignment

ALIGND Aligned
ALLWD Allowed

ALM Application Landscape Management

ALM Additive Layer Manufacturing

ALNA Airline Network Architecture

ALPHA Angle-of-Attack
ALS Airworthiness Limitation Section

ALSCU Auxiliary Level Sensing Control Unit

ALT Altitude

ALT REFF Alternate to a Retraction, Extension and/or Free Fall test

ALTM Altimeter
ALTN Alternate

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
ALTN Alternative
ALTU Annunciator Light Test Unit

AM Amplitude Modulation
AM Additive Manufacturing
AMB Ambient

AMD Aircraft Maintenance Description

AMDB Airport Mapping DataBase

AME Amplitude Modulation Equivalent

AMEX Avionics Message Exchanger
AMM Aircraft Maintenance Manual

AMP Aircraft Maintenance Procedure

AMPL Amplifier

AMS Air-ground Message Server

AMU Audio Management Unit
ANDT Aircraft Non Destructive Test

ANF Airport Navigation Function

ANI Analog Input

ANLG Analogic
ANN Annunciator
ANNCE Announce

ANNCMT Announcement
ANO Analog Output

ANSA At Nearest Suitable Airport

ANSI American National Standards Institute

ANSU Aircraft Network Server Unit

ANT Antenna
AOA Angle Of Attack

AOC Airline Operational Control

AOD Audio on Demand

AOG Aircraft On Ground

AOHX Air/Oil Heat Exchanger
AOM Aircraft Operating Manual

AOMT Airbus Onboard Maintenance Tool

AOT All Operators Telex


AP Autopilot
AP/FD Autopilot/Flight Director

APC Jaguar Airbus Planning & Control Jaguar

API Application Programming Interface

APLC Aircraft Power Line Conditioner

APM ARINC Processing Module
APP Appearance

APP Approach Control-Approach Control Office

APPL Application

APPR Approach
APPROX Approximately

APPU Asymmetry Position Pick Off Unit

APS Absolute Pressure Sensor

APS Avionics Printing Service


APU Auxiliary Power Unit

APU AFE APU Automatic Fire Extinguishing Control Unit
AR As Required

ARC Air Refueling Computer

ARINC Aeronautical Radio Incorporated

ARM Aircraft Recovery Manual

ARN Aircraft Registration Number
ARO Anti-Roll Out

ARP Aerospace Recommended Practice

ARPT Airport

ARTF Artificial
ARU Aircraft Router Unit
ARU Audio Reproducer Unit

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
ARV Alternate Refill Valve

ASA All Speed Aileron

ASA Audio and Sign Adapter

ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASCU Air Systems Control Unit

ASD Accelerate Stop Distance
ASD Aircraft Schematic Diagram

ASDM Airbus Structure Design Manual

ASE Airborne Support Equipment

ASF Avionics Server Function

ASFC Avionics Server Function Cabinet
ASI Airspeed Indicator

ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuits

ASLC ACD Security Log Collector

ASM Aircraft Schematics Manual

ASM Air Separation Module
ASM Aircraft Schematic Manual

ASN Aerospatiale Norme (Standard)

ASP Audio Selector Panel

ASPSU Autonomous Standby Power Supply Unit

ASR Aircraft Structural Repair

ASS Aircraft Security System

ASSCU Aircraft Security System Control Unit
ASSY Assembly

AST Airbus Security Tool

ASU Attendant Service Unit

ASYM Asymmetric(al)
AT Autothrust
ATA Actual Time of Arrival

ATA Air Transport Association of America

ATC Air Traffic Control

ATCI Air Traffic Control and Information

ATCRB Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon
ATD Actual Time of Departure

ATE Automatic Test Equipment

ATI Air Transport Indicator

ATIMS Air Traffic and Information Management System

ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service
ATLAS Abbreviated Test Language for Avionics Systems

ATM Air Traffic Management

ATN Aeronautical Telecommunications Network

ATP Acceptance Test Procedure

ATQC Airbus Temporary Quick Change

ATR Austin Trumbull Radio

ATRCCS Automatic Turbine Rotor Clearance Control System
ATS Air Traffic Service

ATS Autothrottle System

ATSAW Airborne Traffic System Awareness

ATSAW Airborne Traffic Situational Awareness

ATSU Air Traffic Service Unit
ATT Attitude

ATTND Attendant
ATU AutoTransformer Unit

ATUC ATU Contactor

ATULC ATU Line Contactor
ATUPU ATU Protection Unit

AUTO Automatic
AUTOLAND Automatic Landing

AUW All-Up Weight

AUX Auxiliary
AVAIL Availability

AVAIL Available

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
AVIS Aircraft Virtual Insider System
AVM Avionics Video Module
AVNCS Avionics

AVS Avionics Ventilation System

AWD Aircraft Wiring Diagram

AWL Aircraft Wiring List

AWL Attendant Work Light

AWM Aircraft Wiring Manual
AWY Airway

AX Longitudinal Acceleration
AY Lateral Acceleration

AZ Azimuth
AZFW Actual Zero Fuel Weight
A\D Air Deflectors

B Blue
B/C Business Class

BAF BITE Access Function

BAG Bandwidth Allocation Gap
BARO Barometric

BAS Bleed Air System

BAT Battery

BATLC Battery Line Contactor

BBAND Broadband

BCD Binary Coded Decimal

BCDS BITE Centralized Data System

BCF Brake Cooling Fan

BCL Battery Charge Limiter

BCM Backup Control Module

BCN Beacon
BCRC Bulk Crew Rest Compartment

BCRU Battery Charge and Rectifier Unit

BCS Brake Control System

BCS Braking Control System

BCU Brake Control Unit

BCV Bleed Control Valve

BFE Buyer Furnished Equipment

BFO Beat Frequency Oscillator

BGAN Broadband Global Area Network

BGM Boarding Music

BH Block Hours
BITE Built-In Test Equipment

BIU BITE Interface Unit

BKFLW Backflow
BKUP Backup

BL Bleed

BLES Brake Life Extension System

BLG Body Landing Gear

BLK Black

BLK Block

BLOW Blower
BLST Ballast

BLV Bleed Valve

BLWG Blowing
BLWR Blower

BM Bronze Mesh

BMC Bleed Monitoring Computer

BMI BITE Monitoring Interface

BMPS Bleed Monitoring Pressure Sensor

BMU Battery Management Unit

BNDRY Boundary
BNR Binary

BOMU Bleed and Overheat Monitoring Unit

BOS Business Operational Support

BOT Begin of Tape

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
BOT Bottom

BPI Brake Pressure Indicator

BPS Backup Power Supply

BPS Bleed Pressure Sensor

BPTU Brake Pedal Transmitter Unit

BRG Bearing
BRK Brake

BRKNG Braking

BRKR Breaker
BRKT Bracket

BRT Bright

BRT Brightness

BSC Balanced Scorecard

BSCS Braking and Steering Control System

BSCU Braking and Steering Control Unit

BSPKI Basic Services Public Key Infrastructure

BSU Beam Steering Unit

BTAC Bus Tie AC Contactor

BTC Bus Tie Contactor

BTCM Brake Temperature Compensation Module

BTDC Bus Tie DC Contactor

BTL Bottle

BTMS Brake Temperature Monitoring System

BTMU Brake Temperature Monitoring Unit

BTN Button

BTR Bus Tie Relay

BTS Base Transceiver Station

BTS Bleed Temperature Sensor


BTV Brake to Vacate

BU Battery Unit

BUS Busbar

BUSS Back-Up Speed Scale

BWS Body Wheel Steering

BYDU Back-Up Yaw Damper Unit

BYP Bypass

BoM Bill of Materials

C Celsius

C Centigrade

C Close
C Cyan

C-MOS Complementary Metal Oxyde Semiconductor

C/B Circuit Breaker

C/L Checklist

C/O Change Over

C/S Call Sign

CA Cable Assembly
CA/CRL Certification Authority/Certificate Revocation List

CAB Cabin

CAL Calibration
CAL Calibrated

CAM Cabin Assignment Module

CAMO Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation

CAN Controller Area Network

CANC Cancellation

CANCD Cancelled

CAOA Corrected Angle Of Attack

CAOM Cabin Attendant Operating Manual

CAPT Captain

CAS Calibrated Air Speed

CAS Cabin Attendant Seat

CAT Category

CATCH Complex Anomaly Tracking and Search

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
CATS Cross Application Time Sheet
CAUT Caution

CAX Compartment Air Extraction

CBB Connexion By Boeing

CBIT Continuous BITE

CBM Circuit Breaker Monitoring

CBMF Circuit Breaker Monitoring Function

CBMS Circuit Breaker Monitoring System

CBMU Circuit Breaker Monitoring Unit

CBP Circuit Breaker Panel

CC Current Comparator

CCB Compartment Control Box

CCB Cargo Control Box

CCC Crash Crew Chart

CCCP Compressor Cavity Control Pressure

CCD Cursor Control Device

CCD Cabin Crew Data

CCG Cabin Configuration Guide

CCMail Cabin Crew Mailing

CCOM Cabin Crew Operating Manual

CCR Credit Card Reader

CCRC Cabin Crew Rest Compartment

CCRM Cabin Crew Rest Module

CCS Cabin Communication System

CCU CSAS Control Unit

CCW Counter Clockwise

CD Compact Disk
CD Control Display

CDA Continuous Descent Approach

CDAM Centralized Data Acquisition Module

CDAS Cargo Door Actuation System

CDAU Centralized Data Acquisition Unit

CDC Cargo Door Controller

CDC Crash Detection Circuit

CDCV Cargo Door Control Valve

CDL Configuration Deviation List

CDLC Centralized Data Loading Connector

CDLCU Cockpit Door Locking Control Unit

CDLS Cockpit Door Locking System

CDM Cockpit Door Module

CDM Coolant Distribution Module

CDP Compressor Discharge Pressure

CDS Component Documentation Status

CDS Control and Display System

CDSCU Cockpit Door Surveillance Control Unit

CDSS Cockpit Door Surveillance System

CDSU Cockpit Door Surveillance Unit

CDT Component Delivery Team

CDU Center Drive Unit

CDU Control and Display Unit

CE Centralized Equipment
CED Cooling Effect Detector

CEL Component Evolution List

CELLI Ceiling Emergency LED Light

CEO Current Engine Option

CER Circulation Essais Réception

CEV Centre d'Essais en Vol

CFC Carbon Fiber Composite

CFDIU Centralized Fault Display Interface Unit

CFDS Centralized Fault Display System

CFFC Cockpit Fixed Frequency Converter

CFM Cable Fabrication Manual

CFMI CFM International

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Delta Air Lines TSM
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Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
CFR Current Flight Report
CFRP Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic
CFS Cabin File Server

CFVCU Cargo Fire Verification Control Unit

CFVS Cargo Fire Verification System

CG Center of Gravity

CGCS Center of Gravity Control System

CH Character
CH Cargo Hold

CHAN Channel

CHG Change

CHMBR Chamber
CHRG Charge

CHRO Chronometer

CI Cost Index
CIDS Cabin Intercommunication Data System

CIN Change Identification Number

CINS Cabin Information Network System

CIR Common Information Repository

CIT Compressor Inlet Temperature

CIU Camera Interface Unit

CJC Cold Junction Compensation

CK Check

CKPT Cockpit

CKT Circuit
CL Center Line

CL Checklist

CL/OP Closure/Opening

CLB Climb
CLCTR Collector

CLEDU Cabin LED Unit

CLG Centerline Landing Gear

CLK Clock

CLM Component Location Manual

CLNG Ceiling
CLOG Clogging

CLOGD Clogged

CLPR Clapper

CLR Clear
CLRD Cleared

CLRNC Clearance

CLS Cargo Loading System

CLS Cargo Loading System Manual

CLSD Closed

CLSG Closing

CM Conversion Manual
CM Conversion Module

CMC Central Maintenance Computer

CMD Command
CMEU Cabin Passenger Management Memory Expansion Unit

CMF Central Maintenance Function

CML Consumable Material List

CMM Calibration Memory Module

CMM Component Maintenance Manual

CMMV Component Maintenance Manual Vendor

CMPLTD Completed
CMPTR Computer

CMS Centralized Maintenance System

CMS Component Maintenance Sheet

CMT Cabin Management Terminal

CMU Communications Management Unit

CMV Concentrator and Multiplexer for Video

CNA Common Nozzle Assembly

CNCTN Connection

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
CNCTR Connector
CNQ Cost of Non Quality
CNSU Cabin Network Server Unit

CNTNR Container

CNTOR Contactor

CNTRTR Concentrator
CNU Cabin Network Unit

CO RTE Company Route

COAS Cabin Operations Applications System

COAX Coaxial
COC Cabin Operation Center

COC Customer Originated Change

COCT Cabin Operations Consultation Tool

COLLI Contour LED Light

COM Communication

COM Command

COMC CSAS Overheat Monitoring Controller

COMDL Coding Module

COML Commercial

COMP Compass
COMP Compensator

COMPSN Compensation

COMPT Compartment
COMPTR Comparator

COND Condition

COND Conditioned

COND Conditioning
CONDTR Conditioner

CONFIG Configuration

CONFIRMD Confirmed
CONSUMPT Consumption

CONT Continue

CONT Continuous

CONT Controller
CONV Converter

COOL Cooler

COOL Cooling
COOLG Cooling

COOLR Cooler

COORD Coordination
COS Cowl Opening System

COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf

COUNT Counter

COWL Cowling
CP Change Process

CPC Cabin Pressure Controller

CPCS Cabin Pressure Control System

CPCU Cabin Pressure Control Unit

CPDLC Controller-Pilot DataLink Communication

CPIF Control Power Intermediate Frequency

CPIOM Core Processing Input/Output Module

CPLG Coupling

CPLR Coupler

CPMS Cabin and Passenger Management System

CPMU Cabin Passenger Management Unit

CPNY Company

CPRSR Compressor
CPU Central Processing Unit

CR CA Reallocation Request (notification type for ACR in ARP)

CRC Centralized Radio Control

CRC Continuous Repetitive Chime

CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check

CRC Crew Rest Compartment

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
CRCCG Cabin Crew Rest Compartment Configuration Guide
CRDC Common Remote Data Concentrator

CRES Corrosion-Resistant Steel

CRG Cargo
CRI Certification Review Item

CRM Communication Router Module

CROSSFEEDR Crossfeeder

CRS Course
CRS Certificate of Release to Service

CRT Cathode Ray Tube

CRU Central Refirgeration Unit

CRU Cabin Router Unit

CRU Card Reader Unit

CRZ Cruise

CS Center Spar
CS Certification Specification

CSAS Conditioned Service Air System

CSBS Controllable Sunlight Blocking System

CSBSU Controllable Sunlight Blocking System Unit

CSD Constant Speed Drive

CSD Customer Support Director

CSDD Common Support Data Dictionary

CSDM Cargo Smoke Detection Module

CSK Countersink

CSL Console
CSM/G Constant Speed Motor/Generator

CSR Certificate Signing Request

CSTR Constraint
CSU Command Sensor Unit

CT Current Transformer

CTK Center Tank

CTL Central

CTL Control

CTLR Controller

CTR Center
CTU Cabin Telecommunications Unit

CU Control Unit

CUDU Current Unbalance Detection Unit

CUR Current

CVDR Cockpit Voice and Data Recorder

CVM Cabin Video Monitoring

CVMS Cabin Video Monitoring System

CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder

CVRS Cockpit Voice Recorder System

CVT Center Vent Tube

CVU Crypto Voice Unit

CW Clockwise

CW Continuous Wave
CWB Center Wing Box

CWLU Cabin Wireless LAN Unit

CWLU Crew Wireless LAN Unit
CWS Cabin Work Station

CWSIU Combined Wheel Speed Interface Unit

CY Cycle
CYL Cylinder

CaDoc Cabin Documentation Display

D-ATIS Digital Automatic Terminal Information System
D-ULPA Double Ultra Low Particulate Air

D/LNA Diplexer/Low Noise Amplifier

DA Drift Angle
DAC Digital to Analog Converter

DAC Drawing Aperture Card

DADC Digital Air Data Computer

DAGM Dry Air Generation Module

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
DAGS Dry Air Generation System
DAMP Damping

DAMPG Damping

DAR Digital ACMS Recorder

DAR Digital AIDS Recorder

DAU Data Acquisition Unit
DB Database

DBC Data Bus Communication

DBCR DataBase Change Request
DBLR Doubler

DBPS Display Based Passenger Sign

DBTS Data Broadband Transceiver System

DC Direct Current
DCD Data Control and Display
DCDR Decoder

DCDU Datalink Control and Display Unit

DCL Digital Cabin Logbook
DCL-CCT Digital Cabin Logbook - Cabin Configuration Tool

DCP Display Control Panel

DCR Dock on Crew Rest
DCRC Dock on Crew Rest Compartment

DCU Direction Control Unit

DCV Directional Control Valve
DDM Digital Data Module

DDP Declaration of Design and Performance

DDRMI Digital Distance and Radio Magnetic Indicator
DDS Design Data Set

DDV Direct Drive Valve

DECEL Decelerate
DECOMPRESS Decompression

DECR Decrease
DEDP Data Entry and Display Panel

DEF Definition
DEFOG Defogging
DEFRD Deferred

DEFUEL Defueling
DEG Degree
DEGRADD Degraded

DEL Delete
DELTA P Differential Pressure
DEP Departure

DEPRESS Depressurization
DES Descend
DES Descent

DEST Destination
DET Detection
DET Detector

DETECTD Detected
DEU Decoder/Encoder Unit

DEV Deviation
DF Direction Finder
DFCV Dual-Flapper Check Valve

DFDAMU Digital Flight Data Acquisition and Management Unit

DFDAU Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit
DFDR Digital Flight Data Recorder

DFDRS Digital Flight Data Recording System

DFIDU Dual Function Interactive Display Unit
DFPPU Differential Feedback Position Pick-Off Unit

DFPRM Duct and Fuel Pipe Repair Manual

DFSOV Dual Flow and Shut-Off Valve
DGI Digital Input

DGO Digital Output

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
DGPS Digital
DGWP DisplayGlobal
GlobalPositioning System
Work Package

DH Decision Height
DIA Diameter

DIBU Door Illumination Ballast Unit

DIFF Differential
DIM Direction Input Module

DIMM Dimmable
DIP Dual In-line Package
DIP Door Indication Panel

DIPLXR Diplexer
DIR Direct
DIR Direction

DIR Director
DISC Disconnect
DISC Disconnected

DISC Disconnection
DISCH Discharge
DISCH Discharged

DISCNTY Discontinuity
DIST Distance

DISTR Distribute
DISTR Distribution
DISTR Distributor

DITCH Ditching
DITS Digital Information Transfer System
DIU Digital Interface Unit

DIVERTG Diverting
DLC Direct Lift Control
DLCM Data Loading Configuration Manager

DLCS Data Loading and Configuration System

DLK Data Link
DLOAD Data Loading

DLRB Data Loading Routing Box

DLS Data Loading Selector
DLSU Data Loading Selector Unit

DM Data Module
DM Dispatch Message

DMA Direct Memory Access

DMC Display Management Computer
DMDLTR Demodulator

DME Distance Measuring Equipment

DMFF Door Monitoring and Flight Lock Function
DMLS Direct Metal Laser Sintering

DMM Data Memory Module

DMP Display Management Processor
DMPR Damper

DMU Data Management Unit

DMZ DeMilitarized Zone
DN Down

DNI Drawing Numerical Index

DNLK Downlock
DNLKD Downlocked

DNLNK Downlink
DOC9 Document 9

DOLLI Dome LED Light

DOW Dry Operating Weight
DPCU Digital Passenger Control Unit

DPDT Double Pole/Double Throw

DPI Differential Pressure Indicator
DPS Differential Pressure Sensor

DR Dead Reckoning
DR Door
DRM Duct Repair Manual

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
DRMI Distance Radio Magnetic Indicator
DRVG Driving
DRVR Driver

DS/C Digital Server/Controller

DSB Door Sensor Block

DSC Digital Signature Checker

DSCRT Discrete
DSCS Door and Escape Slide Control System

DSCS Door and Slide Control System

DSDL Dedicated Serial Data Link
DSEB Digital Seat Electronic Box

DSI Discrete Input

DSIP Door/Slide Indication Panel
DSMCU Doors and Slides Management Control Unit

DSMS Doors and Slides Management System

DSO Discrete Output
DSPL Display

DSPLYD Displayed
DTD Document Type Definition

DTG Distance to Go
DTLL Document Type Level List
DTMF Dual Tone Multiple Frequency

DTMS Damage Tolerance Monitoring System

DTMU Damage Tolerance Monitoring Unit
DU Display Unit

DVD Digital Versatile Disk

DVI Digital Visual Interface
DVR Digital Video Recorder

DWC Drip Water Collector

DWG Drawing
DaFA Data For Application

E East
E/ECI Electrical/Electronic Common Installation
E/F Equipment/Furnishings

EABDC Enhanced Aircraft Broadcast Data Collector

EAM Electrical Architecture Meeting

EAPAS Enhanced Airworthiness Program for Aeroplane Systems

EAROM Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory
EATULC Emergency ATU Line Contactor

EBAS Engine Bleed Air System

EBATC Emergency Battery Contactor
EBCU Emergency Brake Control Unit

EBHA Electrical Backup Hydraulic Actuator

EBM Electron Beam Melting
EBP Enabling Platform Node

EBTAC Emergency Bus Tie AC Contactor

EBTC Emergency Bus Tie Contactor
EBTDC Emergency Bus Tie DC Contactor

EBU Engine Build-up Unit

ECAM Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring
ECAM TC ECAM Temporary Change

ECAS Emergency Cabin Alerting System

ECB Electronic Control Box
ECF Expanded Copper Foil

ECLS Electrical Cargo Loading system

ECM Engine Condition Monitoring

ECMS Electrical Contactor Management System

ECMU Electrical Contactor Management Unit
ECN Engineering Change Note

ECON Economy
ECP Ecam Control Panel
ECS Environmental Control System

ECU Electronic Control Unit

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
ECUCV Electronic Control Unit Cooling Valve
ED Engine Display

EDIU Electrical Discrete Interface Unit

EDMU Electrical Distribution Monitoring Unit
EDP Engine Driven Pump

EEAM Early Electrical Architecture Meeting

EEC Electronic Engine Control

EEC Engine Electronic Controller

EEC Emergency Electrical Configuration

EENMU Emergency Electrical Network Management Unit

EEPDC Emergency Electrical Power Distribution Center
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

EFB Electronic Flight Bag

EFCC Electronic Flight Control Computer
EFCC Emergency Flight Control Contactor

EFCS Electrical Flight Control System

EFCU Electrical Flight Control Unit
EFF Effective

EFF Effectivity
EFF/FFU Electronic Flight Folder/Flight Follow-Up
EFIS Electronic Flight Instrument System

EFOB Estimated Fuel on Board

EGIU Electrical Generation Interface Unit
EGLC Emergency Generator Line Contactor

EGMS Electrical Galley Management System

EGPWM Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Module

EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature

EHA Electro-Hydrostatic Actuator
EHAC Electro-Hydrostatic Actuator Contactor

EHC Electrical Heater Controller

EHCU Electromechanical Handforce Control Unit
EHM Engine Health Monitoring

EHS Electrical Heater System

EHS Environment, Health and Safety
EICU EFB Interface and Communication Unit

EIF Engine Interface Function

EIPM Engine Interface Power Management
EIPMU Engine Interface Power Management Unit

EIS Electronic Instrument System

EIU Engine Interface Unit
EIVMU Engine Interface and Vibration Monitoring Unit

EL Electric
ELA Electrical Load Analysis
ELAC Elevator Aileron Computer

ELAN Ethernet Local Area Network

ELB Electronic Log Book

ELC Electronic Library Computer

ELC Emergency Line Contactor
ELCO Exterior Lights Controller

ELEC Electric
ELEC Electrical
ELEC Electricity

ELEK Electronic
ELEV Elevation
ELEV Elevator

ELEVN Elevation
ELEVR Elevator
ELF Engineering support and data Link Function

ELFDB Emergency Light Floor Disconnect Box

ELM Electrical Load Management
ELMF Electrical Load Management Function

ELMS Electrical Load Management System

ELMU Electrical Load Management Unit

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
ELPU Emergency Lightning Protection Unit
ELS Electronic Library System
ELSD Electrical Load Sensing Device

ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter

EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMCU Electric Motor Control Unit

EMEL Edge Mounted Emergency Llight

EMER Emergency
EMI Electromagnetic Interference

EMISN Emission
EMP Electric Motor Pump
EMS Environmental Management System

EMU Engine Monitoring Unit

EMWS ElectroMechanical Window Shade
ENCDR Encoder

END Endurance
ENEC Emergency Normal to Emergency Contactor

ENG Engine
ENM Electrical Network Management
ENMF Electrical Network Management Function

ENMS Electrical Network Management System

ENMU Electrical Network Management Unit
ENRM Ethernet Network Router Module

ENVMOD Envelope Modulation

EO Engine Out
EOS Electronic Overspeed System

EOSID Engine Out Standard Instrument Departure

EOT End of Tape
EP Entry Panel

EPC External Power Contactor

EPCU External Power Control Unit
EPD Extended Principle Diagram

EPDC Electrical Power Distribution Center

EPDS Electrical Power Distribution System

EPESC Enhanced Passenger Entertainment System Controller

EPF Entended Enterprise Process, Methods, Tools, Facilitator
EPGS Electrical Power Generation System

EPLC External Power Line Contactor

EPLD Electronically Programmable Logic Device
EPR Engine Pressure Ratio

EPR.D EPR Descent

EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

EPSU Emergency Power Supply Unit

EPU Emergency Power Unit
EQPT Equipment

ER Extended Range
ERAI Emergency Ram Air Inlet
ERG Electromechanical Release Gate

ERMM En Route Moving Map

ERP Enhanced Runaway Protection

ERU Engine Relay Unit

ESAO ESsais Assistés par Ordinateur
ESB Electrical System BITE

ESBF Electrical System BITE Function

ESC Escape
ESD ElectroStatic Discharge

ESDN Extended System/Structure Description Note

ESEC Emergency Smoke/Evacuation Contactor
ESI Electrical System Installation

ESLB ECAM System Logic Book

ESMKTC Emergency Smoke Tie Contactor
ESN Electrical Structure Network

ESP Electrical Standard Practices

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
ESPM Electrical Standard Practices Manual
ESPU External Sources Protection Unit

ESS Essential
ESS Engine Section Stator

EST Estimated

ESTAC Emergency Static inverter AC Contactor

ESTC Emergency STatic inverter Contactor

ESU Ethernet Switch Unit

ET Elapsed Time
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival

ETACS External and Taxiing Aid Camera System

ETD Estimated Time of Departure
ETE Estimated Time En Route

ETHNET Ethernet
ETLC Emergency TR Line Contactor
ETO Estimated Time Over

ETOPS Extended Range Operations for Two-Engine Aeroplanes

ETP Equal Time Point

ETP Equi-Time Point

ETRAC Electronic Thrust Reverser Actuation Controller
ETRAS Electrical Thrust Reverser Actuation System

ETT Estimated Time for Takeoff

EUAD European Union Airworthiness Directive
EUPB Electronic Unit Protection Box

EVAC Evacuate
EVAC Evacuation
EVMU Engine Vibration Monitoring Unit

EWD Engine/Warning Display

EWIS Electrical Wiring Interconnection System
EWS Electrical Window Shades

EWS Electrical Window Shade

EX Example
EXC Excitation

EXC Excite
EXCESS Excessive
EXCHG Exchange

EXCHGR Exchanger
EXDLS External Door Locking System

EXH Exhaust
EXLCO EXterior Light Control
EXP Expansion

EXSTG Existing
EXT Exterior
EXT External

EXTING Extinguish
EXTING Extinguisher
EXTING Extinguishing

EXTN Extension
EXTNDD Extended
EXTR Extreme

EXTRACT Extraction
EXTRACT Extractor
Equipment Installation Acceptance Sheet Equipment Installation Acceptance Sheet

F Fuel
F-G/S FLS Glide Slope

F-LOC FLS Localizer

F-PLN Flight Plan
F/C First Class

F/CTL Flight Controls

F/O First Officer
FA Course from a Fixed Waypoint to an Altitude Termination

FAC Flight Augmentation Computer

FADEC Full Authority Digital Engine Control

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Delta Air Lines TSM
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Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
FAF Final Approach Fix
FAIL Failed
FAIL Failure
FAK First Aid Kit

FAL Final Assembly Line

FAL Final Assembley Line
FANS Future Air Navigation System

FAP Flight Attendant Panel

FAP Forward Attendant Panel

FAR Federal Aviation Regulations

FAS Flight Augmentation System
FAUF Fertigungsauftrag

FAV Fan Air Valve

FBB Fasten Bed Belt
FC Course from a Fixed Waypoint to a Changeover Point

FC Fully Closed
FCC Flight Control Computer

FCC Flight Control Contactor

FCD Fan Cowl Door
FCD Flight Crew Data

FCDC Flight Control Data Concentrator

FCGS Flight Control and Guidance System
FCGU Flight Control and Guidance Unit

FCMC Fuel Control and Monitoring Computer

FCMS Fuel Control Monitoring System

FCOM Flight Crew Operating Manual

FCPC Flight Control Primary Computer
FCRC Flight Crew Rest Compartment

FCRM Flight Control Remote Module

FCS Fuel characteristics sensor
FCSC Flight Control Secondary Computer

FCTM Flight Crew Training Manual

FCU Flight Control Unit
FCU Fuel Control Unit

FCV Flow Control Valve

FCZ Forward Core Zone
FD Course from a Fixed Waypoint to a DME Distance

FD Flight Director
FD Fuselage Datum
FD Flight Direction

FDAC Full Digital AGU Controller

FDAU Flight Data Acquisition Unit

FDB Floor Disconnect Box

FDBK Feedback
FDC Fuel Data Concentrator

FDCE Flight Deck and Cabin Effects

FDD Floppy Disk Drive
FDE Flight Deck Effect

FDEP Flight Data Entry Panel

FDIAF Flight Data Interface/Acquisition Function
FDIF Flight Data Interface Function

FDIMU Flight Data Interface and Management Unit

FDIU Flight Data Interface Unit
FDM Fused Deposition Modelling

FDR Flight Data Recorder

FDRS Flight Data Recording System
FDU Fire Detection Unit

FE Flight Envelope
FEDC Fire Extinguishing Data Converter
FEDR Feeder

FEGV Fan Exit Guide Vane

FEM Finite Element Model

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Delta Air Lines TSM
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Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
FES Fire
FESRA Fire,Extinguishing
Explosion andSystem
Smoke Risks Analysis
FF Fuel Flow

FFCCV Fan Frame Compressor Case Vertical

FFCCV Forward Flange Compressor Casing Vibration
FFCM Free Fall Control Module

FFSU Fixed Frequency Supply Unit

FG Flight Guidance
FGE Flight Guidance and Envelope

FGES Flight Guidance and Envelope System

FH Flight Hours
FIDS Fault Isolation and Detection System

FIFO First Input/First Output

FIG Figure
FILG Filling

FIM Fault Isolation Manual

FIN Functional Item Number
FIS Flight Information Services

FIX Fixed
FL Flight Level
FLA Flight Lock Actuator

FLD Field
FLD Floor Level Display
FLE Fixed Leading Edge

FLEX Flexible
FLP Flap

FLR Floor
FLS FMS Landing System
FLSCU Fuel Level Sensing Control Unit

FLT Flight
FLTR Filter
FLXTO Flexible Take-Off

FM Course from a Fixed Waypoint with a Manual Termination

FM Flight Management
FM Flight Manual

FM Frequency Modulation
FMA Flight Mode Annunciator
FMC Flight Management Computer

FMCS Flight Management Computer System

FME Flow Metering Equipment
FMEA Failure Mode & Effects Analysis

FMEA Failure Mode & Effect Analysis

FMGC Flight Management and Guidance Computer

FMGEC Flight Management Guidance and Envelope Computer

FMGES Flight Management Guidance and Envelope System
FMGS Flight Management and Guidance System


FMS Flight Management System
FMST Flight Management System Trainer

FMU Fuel Metering Unit

FMV Fuel Metering Valve
FNCP Flight Navigation Control Panel

FNL Final
FNSG Flight Navigation Symbol Generator
FO Fully Open

FOB Fuel On Board

FOC Fuel/Oil Cooler
FOCT Flight Operations Consultation Tool

FOD Foreign Object Damage

FODM Flight Ops Documentation Manager

FOHE Fuel/Oil Heat Exchanger

FOMAX Flight Ops & Maintenance eXchange
FOMAX Flight Operations and MAintenance eXchanger

FOS Fuel Operator Station

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Delta Air Lines TSM
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Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
FOT Flight Operations Telex
FOVE Flight Operations Versatile Environment

FPA Flight Path Angle

FPEEPMS Floor Proximity Emergency Escape Path Marking System
FPF Fire Protection Function

FPH Floor Panel Heating

FPI Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
FPMU Fuel Properties Measurement Unit

FPPU Feedback Position Pick-off Unit

FPRM Fuel Pipe Repair Manual
FPS Fire Protection System

FPT Flight Path Target

FPV Flight Path Vector
FQ Fuel Quantity

FQDC Fuel Quantity Data Concentrator

FQI Fuel Quantity Indicating/Indication/Indicator

FQIC Fuel Quantity Indication Computer

FQMS Fuel Quantity and Management System
FR Frame

FREQ Frequency
FRM Fault Reporting Manual
FRS Flammability Reduction System

FRU Frequency Reference Unit

FRV Fuel Return Valve
FS Front Spar

FSA FlySmart with Airbus

FSA-NG FlySmart with Airbus-New Generation
FSB Fasten Seat Belts

FSCM Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers

FSN Fleet Serial Number
FSN Fuel Spray Nozzle

FSOV Fire ShutOff Valve

FSS Front Secondary Structure

FSTD Flight Simulation Training Devices

FTE Fixed Trailing Edge
FTG Fitting

FTI Flight Test Installation

FTIS Fuel Tank Inerting System
FTSP Floor Temperature Setting Panel

FTTB Flight Test Tail Bumper

FTU Force Transducer Unit
FU Fuel Used

FUSLG Fuselage
FW Failure Warning
FWC Flight Warning Computer

FWCD Forward Cargo Door

FWD Forward
FWL Firewall

FWS Flight Warning System

G Green

G/S Glide Slope

GA Go-Around
GAD General Assembly Drawing

GAIN Electrical GAlley INsert equipment

GAIR General Assembly Inspection Report
GALY Galley

GAPCU Ground and Auxiliary Power Control Unit

GAS Ground Administration Servicing
GBAS Ground Based Augmentation System

GCR Generator Control Relay

GCS Global Communication Suite
GCU Generator Control Unit

GDE Guide

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Delta Air Lines TSM
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Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
GDNC Guidance
GDO Ground Door Opening

GE General Electric
GEM Ground Equipment Manual

GEN Generator
GES Ground Earth Station

GFE Government Furnished Equipment

GFI Ground Fault Interruption
GFLI Ground Fuel Level Indication

GFR Ground Fault Report

GFRP Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic

GGBU Gear Guard Battery Unit

GGMU Gear Guard Main Unit
GGPCU Generator and Ground Power Control Unit

GGSU Gear Guard Sensor Unit

GLA Gust Load Alleviation
GLASU Galley Light Attendant Service Unit

GLC Generator Line Contactor

GLL Green light for Lab
GLR Generator Line Relay

GLS GBAS Landing System

GLT Ground Leak Test
GMT Greenwich Mean Time

GNC Galley Network Controller

GNCS Galley Network Controller System
GND Ground

GNLU GNSS Navigation and Landing Unit

GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System

GOBO Graphical Optical Blackout

GP Group
GPCU Ground Power Control Unit

GPIRS Global Positioning and Inertial Reference System

GPM General Processing Module
GPRS General Packet Radio Service

GPS Global Positioning System

GPSSU Global Positioning System Sensor Unit
GPT Ground Programming Tool

GPU Ground Power Unit

GPWC Ground Proximity Warning Computer
GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System

GRP Geographic Reference Point

GRP Glass-Reinforced Plastic
GRU Ground Refrigeration Unit

GRVTY Gravity
GS Ground Speed

GSB Ground Service Bus

GSE Ground Support Equipment
GSHLD Glareshield

GSM Global System for Mobile Communication

GSP Ground Service Panel
GTI Ground Test Instructions

GUI Graphical User Interface

GVI General Visual Inspection
GW Gross Weight

GWDU Galley Waste Disposal Unit

GWR General Working Rules
GYRO Gyroscope

H/W Hardware
HA Holding Pattern to an Altitude Termination
HARN Harness

HC Heater Circuit
HCS Humidification Control System
HCU Head Up Combiner Unit

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Delta Air Lines TSM
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Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
HCU Hydraulic Control Unit
HDDA Hard Disk Drive Array

HDG Heading
HDG/S Heading Selected
HDL Handle

HDLG Handling
HDM HSDU Data Module
HDST Headset

HDWHL Handwheel
HEATG Heating
HEGS Hydraulic Electrical Generating System

HEPA High Efficiency Particulate Air

HERTO High Energy Rejected Takeoff
HES Head-End Switch

HES Head End Server

HESU Head-End Server Unit
HF High Frequency

HF Holding Pattern to a Fixed Waypoint

HFDR High Frequency Data Radio

HFEC High Frequency Eddy Current

HFP Heated Floor Panel
HGA High Gain Antenna

HHX Hydraulic Heat Exchanger

HI High
HID High Intensity Discharge

HIDS Host Intrusion Detection System

HIP Hot Isostatic Pressing
HL High Level

HLD High Power Amplifier/Low Noise Amplifier/Diplexer

HLD Hold
HLD High Lift Device

HLDR Holder

HLFC Hybrid Laminar Flow Control

HLS High Lift System

HLTY Healthy

HM Holding Pattern with a Manual Termination

HMC Hydromechanical Control

HMC Hydraulic Monitoring and Control

HMCA Hydraulic Monitoring and Control Application

HMCRF Hydraulic Monitoring and Control Remote Function

HMDU Hatrack Mounted Display Unit

HMI Human-Machine Interface

HMU Hydromechanical Metering Unit

HMU Hydromechanical Unit

HO Handover
HOR Hold Open Rod

HOT High Oil Temperature

HP High Pressure
HPA High Power Amplifier

HPC High Pressure Compressor

HPP Hardware Pin Programming

HPR High Power Relay

HPT High Pressure Turbine

HPTACC High Pressure Turbine Active Clearance Control

HPTC High Pressure Turbine Clearance

HPTCC High Pressure Turbine Case Cooling

HPTCC High Pressure Turbine Clearance Control

HPTR High Pressure Turbine Rotor

HPU Head up Projection Unit

HPV HP Bleed Valve

HRP Horizontal Reference Plane

HRU Highly Resistive Union

HS High Speed

HSD High Speed Data

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Delta Air Lines TSM
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Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
HSDU High Speed Data Unit

HSI Horizontal Situation Indicator

HSMU Hydraulic System Monitoring Unit

HSMU Hydraulic System Management Unit

HSU HUD Sunvisor Unit

HTG Heating

HTR Heater

HUD Head-Up Display

HUDC Head Up Display Computer

HUMIDIF Humidification

HV High Voltage

HVPS High Voltage Power Supply

HXX Hydraulic Heat Exchanger

HYD Hydraulic

HoS Head of Step

I/O Input/Output

I/P Input

I/P Intercept Point

I/P Intercept Profile

IAE International Aero Engines

IAF Initial Approach Fix

IAS Indicated Airspeed

IAS Inspection Approval Sheet

IASC Integrated Air Systems Controller

IASC Integrated Air System Controller

IBIT Initiated BITE

IBLC Inter-Bus Line Contactor

IBU Integrated Ballast Unit

ICA Instructions for Continued Airworthiness

ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization

ICC Integrated Change Control

ICD Interface Control Document

ICP Integrated Control Panel

ICPS Integrated Control Panel System

ICS Independent Check Sheet

ICU Isolation Control Unit

ICU IGGS Controller Unit

ICU IGGS Control Unit

ICY Interchangeability

ID Inside Diameter
ID Identification

IDENT Identification

IDENT Identifier
IDENT Identify

IDG Integrated Drive Generator

IDLS Internal Door Locking System

IDU Interactive Display Unit

IF Initial Fix

IFDDS to be removed
IFE In-Flight Entertainment

IFEC In-Flight Entertainment Center

IFPA InFlight Performance Application

IFR Instrument Flight Rules

IGA Intermediate Gain Antenna

IGB Inlet Gear Box

IGDS Inert Gas Distribution System

IGGS Inert Gas Generation System

IGN Ignition

IGSC Inert Gas System Control


IGV Inlet Guide Vane

IGWI Integrated Galley Warming Insert


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Delta Air Lines TSM
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Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
ILLUM Illumination

ILS Instrument Landing System

IM Inner Marker

IMA Integrated Modular Avionics

IMACS Information Management Aircraft-ground Communication System

IMCC Information Management Common Chassis

IML Integration Maintenance Load

IMM Immediate

IMR Interlock Monitoring Relay

IMU Inertial Measurement Unit

INB Inbound

INBD Inboard

INCR Increment
IND Indicator

INDG Indicating

INFO Information
INHIB Inhibit

INHIB Inhibited

INHIB Inhibition

INIT Initial
INIT Initialization

INOP Inoperative

INR Inner
INRTL Inertial

INS Inertial Navigation System

INST Instinctive
INST Instrument

INSTL Installation

INSUL Insulate
INSUL Insulation

INSUL Insulator

INT Interior
INTCP Intercept

INTEG Integral

INTEG Integrally
INTERCOM Intercommunication

INTFC Interface

INTL Internal
INTLK Interlock

INTMD Intermediate

INTMT Intermittent
INTPH Interphone

INTRG Interrogate

INTRG Interrogator
INTRPT Interrupt

INV Inverter

IOM Input/Output Module

IP Intermediate Pressure

IP Internet Protocol

IPC Illustrated Parts Catalog

IPCOM Internet Protocol Communication

IPCU Ice Protection Control Unit

IPCV Intermediate Pressure Check Valve

IPDU Ice Protection Data Unit

IPPU Instrumentation Position Pick-off Unit

IPRAM Integrated Prerecorded Announcement Module

IPSM Intelligent Power Supply Module

IPTCC Intermediate Pressure Turbine Case Cooling

IR Inertial Reference

IRD Integrated Receiver Decoder

IRDC Interface Remote Data Concentrator

IRDM Integrated Receiver Decoder Module

IRP Integrated Refuel Panel

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Delta Air Lines TSM
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Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
IRS Inertial Reference System
ISA International Standard Atmosphere

ISB Inspection Service Bulletin

ISDN Integrated Services Data Network

ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network

ISDPL Inadvertent Slide Deployment Prevention Light

ISDS In Service Data Sharing

ISI In Service Information

ISIS Integrated Standby Instrument System

ISM Illumination Sensor Module

ISO International Standardization Organization

ISOL Isolation
ISP Integrated Static Probe

ISPSS In-Seat Power Supply System

ISPSU In-Seat Power Supply Unit

ITCM Initial Technical Coordination Meeting

ITD Inspection Technical Dossier

ITP In-Trail Procedure

IV Isolation Valve

IVASEB Integrated Video and Audio Seat Electronic Box

IVMS Internal Video Management System

IVS Inertial Vertical Speed

Instruction Repair

IoT Internet of Things

JAM Jammed

JAM Jamming

JAR Joint Aviation Requirements

JCPOA Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action

JDP Joined Development Phase

JEP Jeppesen

JFGW Jettison Final Gross Weight

JID Jeppesen Inflight Database

JITX Jeppesen Integrated Tool Kit X

JTSN Jettison
JUNCTN Junction

KANDU Ku/Ka-band Aircraft Networking Data Unit

KBD Keyboard
KCCU Keyboard and Cursor Control Unit

KFS Kaspersky File System

KPI Key Performance Indicator

KPP Key Process Parameter

KRFU Ku/Ka-band Radio Frequency Unit

KSI Key Strategic Initiatives

KU Keyboard Unit

L Left

L Length
L/G Landing Gear

L/HIRF Lightning/High Intensity Radiated Fields

LA Linear Accelerometer

LAF Load Alleviation Function

LAILA LAvatory Interface and Light Adapter

LAMM Lights, Audio and Miscellaneous Module

LAN Local Area Network

LAO Lateral Air Outlet

LAT Lateral

LAT Latitude

LAV Lavatory
LBA Logical Bus Application

LBC Local Booking Code

LBP Left Bottom Plug

LC Line Contactor
LCD Liquid Crystal Display

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Delta Air Lines TSM
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Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
LCDT Load Compressor Discharge Temperature

LCF Left Center Fuselage

LCH Latch

LCIT Load Compressor Inlet Temperature

LCN Load Classification Number

LCP Local Control Panel

LCTR Locator

LD Lower Deck

LD CAB Lower Deck Cabin

LD GALY Lower Deck Galley

LD LAV Lower Deck Lavatory

LDC Local Door Controller

LDCC Lower Deck Cargo Compartment

LDF Lower Deck Facilities

LDG Landing

LDMCR Lower Deck Mobile Crew Rest

LDPA LanDing Performance Application

LDS Laptop Docking Station

LDSF Lower Deck Surveillance Function

LE Leading Edge

LED Light Emitting Diode

LEDU List of Effective Documentary Unit

LEHGS Local Electro-Hydraulic Generation System

LEO Little Earth Orbit

LER Leading Edge Rib

LF Low Frequency

LGA Low Gain Antenna

LGCIS Landing Gear Control Indication System

LGCIU Landing Gear Control and Interface Unit

LGCM Light Green Communication Manager

LGERS Landing Gear Extension and Retraction System

LGERS Landing Gear Extension & Retraction System

LGL LED Gobo Light

LGMS Landing Gear Management System

LGMS Landing Gear Monitoring System

LGWSS Landing Gear Well Surveillance System

LH Left Hand
LIB Loudspeaker and Indicator Box

LIM Limit

LIM Limitation

LIM Limiter
LIM Limiting

LIQD Liquid

LIR Logistic Information Referential

LIS Localizer Inertial Smoothing

LKD Locked

LKG Locking
LKSHFT Lockshaft

LL Latitude/longitude

LLA Lavatory Light Adapter

LLO Long LeadTime Option

LLS Liquid Level Sensor

LMES Loss of Main Electrical Supply

LMF Local Maintenance Function

LMP Left Middle Plug

LMS Leakage Measurement System

LNA Low Noise Amplifier

LNG Long

LNG Lining
LNR Linear

LO Low

LO Link Object
LOC Localizer

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Delta Air Lines TSM
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Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
LOCKG Locking
LONG Longitude
LONGL Longitudinal

LONGN Longeron

LOP Low Oil Pressure

LOS Lavatory Occupied Sign

LP Low Pressure

LPC Low Pressure Compressor

LPCNG LPC New Generation

LPT Low Pressure Turbine

LPTACC Low Pressure Turbine Active Clearance Control

LPTC Low Pressure Turbine Clearance

LPTCC Low Pressure Turbine Case Cooling

LPTCC Low Pressure Turbine Clearance Control

LPTR Low Pressure Turbine Rotor

LPU Lightning Protection Unit

LRE List of Radioactive and Hazardous Elements

LRH Loadmaster Reference Handbook

LRI Line Replaceable Item

LRM Line Replaceable Module

LROPS Long Range Operations

LRU Line Replaceable Unit

LS Landing System

LS Loudspeaker
LS Low Speed

LSB Least Significant Bit

LSB Lower Sideband

LSBM Load Secure Batch Media

LSC Load Signature Certificate

LSDS Load Sensing Drive Strut

LSI Large Scale Integrated/Integration/Integrator

LSR Load Shedding Relay

LT Light
LTD Limited

LTD PLT Lighted Plate

LTG Lighting
LTM Livestock Transportation Manual

LTP Left Top Plug

LV Low Voltage
LVDS Low Voltage Differential Signaling

LVDT Linear Variable Differential Transducer

LVL Level
LVO Low Visibility Operations

LVP Low Visibility Procedure

LVR Lever
LVT Linear Voltage Transducer

LW Left Wing

LW Landing Weight

LWR Lower
LWSA Lavatory Water Supply Assy

M/L Mood Lighting

MAC Mean Aerodynamic Chord

MACT Module Application Configuration Table

MAF Maintenance Access Function

MAG Magnetic
MAG DEC Magnetic Declination

MAIN MUX Main Multiplexer

MAINT Maintenance
MAN Manual

MAS Modification Approval Sheet

MAS Modulated Air System

MAT Multi-purpose Access Terminal

MAT Maturity

MAX Maximum

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Delta Air Lines TSM
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Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
MBN Metallic Bonding Network

MCA Maintenance Central Access

MCA Major Componant Assembly

MCC Maintenance Control Center

MCCT Module Common Configuration Table

MCD Movable Class Divider

MCDL Master Configuration Deviation List

MCDU Multipurpose Control & Display Unit

MCE Motor Control Electronic

MCL Maximum Climb

MCPU Motor Control and Protection Unit

MCS Mission Computer Subsystem

MCT Maximum Continuous Thrust

MCU Master Control Unit

MCU Modular Concept Unit

MCUR Mean Cycle Between Unscheduled Removals

MD Main Deck
MDA Minimum Descent Altitude

MDCC Main Deck Cargo Compartment

MDCD Main Deck Cargo Door

MDCLS Main Deck Cargo Loading System

MDDU Multipurpose Disk Drive Unit

MDH Minimum Descent Height

MDL Module

MDR Multiregional DBS (Digital Broadcast System) Receiver

MDU Manual Drive Unit

MEAS Measurement

MEC Main Engine Control

MECH Mechanic
MECH Mechanical

MECH Mechanism

MED Medium
MEL Minimum Equipment List

MEO Middle Earth Orbit

MEP Main Executive Program

MES Main Engine Start

MET Meteorological

MEW Manufacturer's Empty Weight

MFA Memorized Fault Annunciator

MFD MultiFunction Display

MFG Manufacturing

MFP Maintenance Facility Planning

MFP MultiFunction Probe

MFR Manufacturer

MFS MultiFunction Sensor

MFT Multi Functional Team

MGB Main Gear Box

MGMT Management
MHE Magnetic Heading East

MHM Maintenance HMI Manager

MHN Magnetic Heading North

MHS Magnetic Heading South

MHW Magnetic Heading West

MI Magnetic Indicator
MIB Management Information Base

MIC Microphone

MICBAC Micro-System Bus Access Channel

MID Middle

MID Modification Information Document

MIDU Multi-Input Interactive Display Unit

MILA Mini Light Adapter

MIN Minimum

MIP Master Interphone Panel

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Delta Air Lines TSM
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Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
MISC Miscellaneous

MKR Marker (radio) Beacon

MLA Maneuver Load Alleviation

MLAP Maintenance Laptop

MLB Maintenance LogBook

MLC Mood Lighting Controller

MLFAP Mood Lighting Flight Attendant Panel

MLG Main Landing Gear

MLGB Main Landing Gear Bay

MLI Magnetic Level Indicator

MLIH Magnetic Level Indicator Housing

MLP Multiple load path

MLS Microwave Landing System

MLW Maximum Landing Weight

MM Middle Marker

MEL Minimum Equipment List

MMI Manual Magnetic Indicator

MMR Multi-Mode Receiver

MNFOLD Manifold
MOD Modification

MODLTR Modulator

MON Monitor
MON Monitored

MON Monitoring

MONMT Monument
MOR Modular Overceiling Rack

MORA Minimum Off Route Altitude

MORV Mixer Overpressure Relief Valve

MOS Metal Oxyde Semiconductor

MOT Motor

MOT Motorized
MP Modification Proposal

MP Middle Plug

MP-FAP Multi Purpose - Flight Attendant Panel

MPD Maintenance Planning Document

MPDS Mobile Packet Data Service

MPFAP Multi Purpose Flight Attendant Panel

MPPT Maintenance Program Publication Trigger

MPU Modem Processor Unit

MPV Manifold Pressure Valve

MRB Maintenance Review Board

MRBR Maintenance Review Board Report

MRW Maximum Ramp Weight

MSA Minimum Safe Altitude

MSB Most Significant Bit

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet

MSG Maintenance Steering Group

MSG Message

MSI Maintenance Significant Item


MSL Mean Sea Level

MSL Maintenance System Load

MSM Monitoring System Module

MSN Manufacturer Serial Number

MSTR Master

MSU Media Server Unit

MSU Mode Selector Unit (IRS)

MSU Motor Switching Unit

MSW Microswitch
MTBD Mean Time Between Defects

MTBF Mean Time Between Failures

MTBR Mean Time Between Removals

MTBUR Mean Time Between Unscheduled Removals

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
MTD Maintenance Training Device
MTG Mounting
MTI Multi Tank Indicator

MTO Maximum Take-Off

MTOGW Maximum Takeoff Gross Weight

MTOW Maximum Takeoff Weight

MTP Maintenance and Test Panel

MTTF Mean Time to Failure

MTTR Mean Time to Repair

MTTUR Mean Time to Unscheduled Removal

MTW Maximum Taxi Weight

MU Management Unit
MUX Multiplex

MUX Multiplexer

MVDR Multiple VHF Data Radio

MVT Movement

MXR Mixer

MZFW Maximum Zero Fuel Weight

Modem Modulator-Demodulator
Modman Modem/Manager

N North

N MOS Negative Metal Oxide Semiconductor

N/A Not Applicable

N/W Nose Wheel

N/WS Nose Wheel Steering

N1 Engine Fan Speed

N1 Low Pressure Rotor Speed

N1.D N1 Descent
N1.L N1 Latch

N2 High Pressure Rotor Speed

NAC Nacelle
NAC Nacelle Air Cooling

NADP Noise Abatement Departure Procedure

NAI Nacelle Anti-Icing

NAIADS New Air and Inertia Automatic Data Switching

NAIF NSS ACR Instrumentation Function

NAS Navy and Army Standard

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NATS North American Telephone System

NAV Navigation
NAVAID Navigation Aid

NBCM Normal Brake Control Manifold

NBF Network BITE Function

NBPT No Break Power Transfer

NBSELV Normal Brake Selector Valve

NC Normally Closed
NCD No Computed Data

NCF Non Compliance Form

NCR NSS Communication Router

NCU NSS Control Unit

NCU Network Control Unit

NCV Nacelle Cooling Valve

ND Navigation Display
NDB Non-Directional Beacon

NDM Noise Definition Manual

NDT Non-Destructive Test

NEG Negative

NEO New Engine Option

NEOL Near End Of Life

NFC Near Field Communication

NFOV Narrow Field of View

NGV Nozzle Guide Vane

NHA Next Higher Assembly

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
NLG Nose Landing Gear
NMI Non Maskable Interrupt
NMS Noise Masking System

NMU Noise Masking Unit

NO Normal Operation
NO Normally Open

NORM Normal

NOVOLRAM Non-volatile Random Access Memory

NRW Net Recoverable Weight

NS No Smoking

NSA Norme Sud Aviation

NSCM NATO Supply Code for Manufacturers

NSDW Non Specific Design Work

NSIU Nose Static Interface Unit

NSM Network Server Module

NSPI New Standard/Specified Part Introduction

NSS Network Server System


NTF Non-Textile Floor covering

NTM Nondestructive Testing Manual

NTSC National Television System Committee

NTWK Network

NUM Numerical
NVM Non-Volatile Memory

No. Number

O Open

O/P Output
O/W Out Standing Work / Outstanding Work

O2 Oxygen

OAMS Onboard Asynchronous Messaging Service

OANC Onboard Airport Navigation Computer

OANS Onboard Airport Navigation System

OAT Outside Air Temperature

OBCE On-Board Control Equipment

OBCE-WW On-Board Control Equipment - WorldWide

OBOGS On Board Oxygen Generation System

OBRM On Board Replaceable Module

OBS Omni Bearing Selector

OC Oceanic Clearance
OC Open Circuit

OC Overcurrent

OCCPD Occupied
OCCPNT Occupant

OCED Operator-Customized ECAM Database

OCM Outflow Valve Control Module

OCSM Outflow Valve Control and Sensor Module

OCU Outflow Valve Control Unit

OD Outside Diameter
ODD On Dock Date

ODMS Oil Debris Monitoring System

ODR Operator Differences Requirement

ODSM Open world Data Storage Module

ODU Optical Display Unit

OEA Oxygen Enriched Air

OEW Operational Empty Weight

OF Overfrequency

OFAC US government Office of Foreign Assets Control

OFDM Onboard Flight Data Monitoring

OFF/R Off Reset

OFMV Oil Flow Management Valve

OFP Operational Flight Path

OFST Offset

OFV Outflow Valve

OFW Outer False Work

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
OGV Outlet Guide Vane

OH Opposite Hand

OHDS OverHeat Detection System

OHDU Overheat Detection Unit

OHSC Overhead Stowage Compartment

OHU Optical Head Unit

OIS Onboard Information System

OIT Oil Inlet Temperature

OIT Onboard Information Terminal

OIT Operator Information Transmission

OK Correct

OM Outer Marker

OMS Onboard Maintenance System

OMT Onboard Maintenance Terminal

OMTS On-Board Mobile Telephony System

OOT Oil Outlet Temperature

OP Operational

OPER Operative/Operation/Operating

OPMS Oleo Pressure Monitoring System

OPNG Opening

OPP Opposite

OPS Operations
OPSOV Over-Pressure Shut Off Valve

OPT Optimum

OPT Optional
OPTS Oleo Pressure and Temperature Sensor

OPU Overspeed Protection Unit

OPU Overvoltage Protection Unit

OPV Overpressure Valve

OR IVCP Operational Reliability Integration Value Creation Project

ORT Owner Requirement Table

ORVD Overpressure Relief Valve with Dump Function

OS Operating System

OS Offerability Specification
OSCM Oxygen System Control and Monitoring

OSCU Oxygen System Control Unit

OSF Open world Server Function

OSFC Open world Server Function Cabinet

OSW Out of Sequence Work


OTSSU Outboard Transmission Speed Sensor Unit

OU Outlet Unit

OUT Outlet
OUTB Outbound

OUTBD Outboard

OUTFLW Outflow

OUTR Outer
OVBD Overboard

OVFL Overflow

OVHD Overhead
OVHT Overheat

OVLD Overload

OVPRESS Overpressure
OVRD Override

OVSP Overspeed

OVSTEER Oversteer
OVTEMP Overtemperature

OWD Open World Diode

OWD Overwing Door

OWS Open World Shell

OXY Oxygen

P Purple
P/B Pushbutton

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
P/BSW Pushbutton Switch

P/C Printed Circuit

P/C Premium Class

P/N Part Number

P/Y Premium Economy Class

PA Passenger Address

PADS Pneumatic Air Distribution System

PARAM Parameter
PARK Parking

PAS Pitch Attitude Sensor

PATS Passenger Air-to-Ground Telephone System

PAX Passenger

PBD Place Bearing/Distance

PBE Protective Breathing Equipment

PBIT Power-Up Built-in Test

PBM Power Plant Build-up Manual

PBS Product Breakdown Structure

PBSELV Park Brake Selector Valve

PBSW Pushbutton Switch

PC Pack Controller

PC Personal Computer
PCB Printed Circuit Board

PCD Protection and Commutation Device

PCDM Primary Contactor Driver Module

PCDS Primary Contactor Driver System

PCE PreCooler Exchanger

PCM Power Conditioning Module

PCM Pulse Code Modulation

PCOS Power Cowl Opening System

PCPU Primary COS Power Unit

PCS Propulsion Control System

PCT Probe Compensator Temperature

PCU Passenger Control Unit

PCU Power Control Unit

PCU Power Controller Unit

PD Principle Diagram
PDB Performance Database

PDCS Power Distribution Control System

PDFU Pedal Damping and Friction Unit

PDL Portable Data Loader

PDMC Power Distribution Maintenance Computer

PDMI Power Distribution Maintenance Interface

PDMIC Power Distribution Maintenance Interface Contactor

PDMMF Power Distribution Monitoring and Maintenance Function

PDO Power Door Opening

PDOS Power Door Opening System

PDT Probe Dual Temperature

PDU Power Drive Unit

PDrS Pre-Defined repair Solution

PE HP Stage Air Pressure

PEA Production Environnement Airbus (Transnational Production SAP system)

PED Portable Electronic Device

PED Pedestal

PEDMU Primary Electrical Distribution Management Unit

PEF Pylon Extension Fairing

PEPDC Primary Electrical Power Distribution Center

PERF Performance

PERM Permanent
PERS Personal

PES Passenger Entertainment System

PESAR Passenger Entertainment System Audio Reproducer

PESC PES Controller

PESMMUX Passenger Entertainment System Main Mux

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
PF Pilot Flying
PF Power Factor


PFC Primary Flight Control

PFCS Primary Flight Control System

PFD Primary Flight Display

PFD Package Frontier Drawing

PFDB Power Floor Disconnect Box

PFIS Passenger Flight Information System

PFQ Preselected Fuel Quantity

PFR Post Flight Report

PFTU Pedal Feel and Trim Unit

PH Phase
PHC Probe Heat Computer

PHD Protruding Head

PHMU Power Health Monitoring Unit

PHMU Prognostic and Health Monitoring Unit

PIESD Passenger Information and Entertainment Services Domain

PIM Programming and Indication Module

PIM Passive InterModulation

PIN PROG Pin Programming

PIPC Power Plant Illustrated Parts Catalog

PIREP Pilot Report

PISA Passenger Interface and Supply Adapter

PIU Passenger Information Unit

PKI Public Key Infrastructure

PKK Power Plant Kit

PL Plate

PLA Power Light Adapter

PLC Powerline Communication

PLCRD Placard

PLSP Point Level Sensor Processor

PLU Power Locking Unit

PMA Permanent Magnet Alternator

PMAT Portable Multipurpose Access Terminal

PMC Power Management Control

PMC Power Management Controller

PMDB Production Management Data Base

PMG Permanent Magnet Generator

PMM Personalization Memory Module

PMP Pump
PMR Performance Maintenance Recorder

PMR Project Management Reviews

PMR Progress Management Revies

PMS Process and Material Specification

PMT Process Management Team

PMU Power Management Unit

PMUX Power Plant Multiplexer

PN Part Number

PNEU Pneumatic
PNF Pilot Non Flying

PNL Panel

PNR Part Number

PNTL Pintle
PO Process Owner

PO Production Organization

POB Pressure-Off Brake

POB Power-Off Break

PODD Passenger Owned Devices Domain

POM Point of Measurement

POR Point of Regulation

PORT Portable

POS Position

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
POT Potentiometer
POXIP Passenger Oxygen Indication Panel

PP Process Parameter
PPE Personal Protective Equipment

PPOS Present Position

PPS Polyphenylene sulfide

PPU Position Pickoff Unit

PR Pressure

PRAM Prerecorded Announcement and Music

PRB Probe

PRE-EMPT Pre-emptive

PREAMP Preamplifier

PRECOOL Precooler

PRED Prediction
PRED Predictive

PREREC Prerecorded

PRES POS Present Position

PRESEL Preselection

PRESEL Preselector

PRESS Pressure
PRESS Pressurization

PRESS Pressurize

PREV Previous

PRI Priority
PRIM Primary

PRIM PRIMary System

PRIM PRIMary Computer

PROC Procedure

PROCSR Processor

PROF Profile
PROG Program

PROG Programming

PROJ Projector
PROM Programmable Read Only Memory

PROT Protection

PROX Proximity
PRPHL Peripheral

PRR Power Ready Relay

PRS Proof Reading Sheet

PRSOV Pressure Regulating and Shut-Off Valve

PRSRZG Pressurizing

PRV Pressure Regulating Valve

PSA Passenger Service Adapter

PSCU Proximity Switch Control Unit

PSD Protected Switch Device

PSDU Power Supply Decoupling Unit

PSIC Proximity Sensor Interface Card

PSIU Passenger Service Information Unit

PSS Passenger Services System

PSSTR Pre-Selection Supplier Technical Review????

PSU Passenger Service Unit

PSU Power Supply Unit

PSW Pressure Switch

PT Point
PTC Positive Temperature Coefficient

PTR Push to Reset

PTT Push-to-Test
PTT Push-to-Talk

PTU Power Transfer Unit

PU Parts Usage

PU Pick Up
PU Processing Unit

PURS Purser

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
PVI Paravisual
PVIS Passenger Indicating
Visual Information System

PW Pratt & Whitney

PWCU Potable Water Control Unit

PWIP Potable Water Indication Panel

PWM Pulse Width Modulator

PWR Power
PWS Potable Water System

PWS Predictive WindShear

PWSP Potable Water Service Panel

PYL Pylon

Q Pitch Rate

QAD Quick-Attach-Detach
QAM Quadrature Amplitude Modulation

QAR Quick Access Recorder

QAT Quadruple ARINC Transmitter

QCP Qualification Certification Plan

QD Quick Donning

QEC Quick Engine Change

QFRP Quartz Fiber Reinforced Plastic

QGA Quality Gate Agreement

QMU QAM Modulator Unit

QTY Quantity

R Red

R Right
R-LMF Right Side Local Maintenance Function

R-OMS Right Side Onboard Maintenance System

R/C Rate of Climb

R/D Rate of Descent

R/I Radio/Inertial

R/I Removal/Installation

R/L Reading Light

R/T Radio Transmit

RA Radio Altimeter

RA Radio Altitude
RAAS Runway Awareness and Advisory System

RAC Rotor Active Clearance

RACA Ram Air Channel Actuator

RACC Rotor Active Clearance Control

RACSB Rotor Active Clearance Start Bleed

RAD Radio
RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service

RADVR Random Access Digital Video Reproducer

RAI Ram Air Inlet

RAIMS Radio and Audio Integrating Management System

RALS Recording and Aircraft Locating System

RAM Random Access Memory

RAO Ram Air Outlet

RAT Ram Air Turbine

RATC Remote Air Traffic Control

RB Resource BITE

RBCU Remote Braking Control Unit

RBP Right Bottom Plug

RBPU Rudder and Brake Pedal Unit

RC Repetitive Chime

RCC Remote Charge Converter

RCC Remote Control Center

RCCB Remote Control Circuit Breaker


RCD RAAS Configuration DataBase

RCDR Recorder

RCF Right Center Fuselage

RCL Recall

RCP Reverse Current Protection

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
RCPT Receptacle
RCPTN Reception
RCS Radio Communication System

RCT Rear Center Tank

RCVR Receiver
RCVY Recovery

RCZ Rear Core Zone

RD Retro Drawing
RDC Remote Data Concentrator

RDL Resident Data Loader

RDU Receiver Decoder Unit

RDY Ready
READG Reading

RECIRC Recirculate

RECIRC Recirculation

RECONF Reconfiguration
RECT Rectifier

RED Reduction

REDCR Reducer
REDUND Redundancy

REF Reference

REFUEL Refueling
REG Regulator

REGUL Regulation

REIC Reconfigurable ETOPS Isolation Contactor

REL Release

REL Reluctance

REP Repository
RES Resistance

RET Retract

RETRD Retracted
REV Reverse

REV Revise

REV Revision
REW Recoverable Empty Weight

RF Radio Frequency

RFI Radio Frequency Interference

RFI Request for Information

RFR Request For Rework

RFU Radio Frequency Unit

RFW Request for Work

RGAU Rate Gyro and Accelerometer Unit

RH Right Hand
RHEO Rheostat

RHL Rudder Hinge Line

RIDN Rear Inner Discharge Nozzle

RIU Recorder Interface Unit

RLA Reverser Lever Angle

RLD Required Landing Distance

RLF Relief

RLY Relay

RMI Radio Magnetic Indicator

RMO Retrofit Modification Offer

RMP Radio and Audio Management Panel

RMP Radio Management Panel

RMS Reference Manufacturing Shop

RMT Remote

RNG Range

RNP Required Navigation Performance

RODN Rear Outer Discharge Nozzle

ROLR Roller

ROLS Remote Oil Level Sensor

ROM Read Only Memory

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
ROP Runway Overrun Protection
ROPS Runway Overrun Prevention System
ROT Runway Occupancy Time

ROTG Rotating

ROW Runway end Overrun Warning

RPCU Residual Pressure Control Unit

RPDR Reproducer

RPF Reporting Processing Function

RPLNT Repellent

RPSA Rotating Pressure Sensing Assembly

RPTG Repeating
RPTR Repeater

RQRD Required

RR Rolls Royce
RRU Recorder Release Unit

RS Rear Spar

RSM Removable SIM Module

RSS Receiver Surveillance System

RST Reset

RSV Reserve
RSVR Reservoir

RT Risk Time

RTA Required Time of Arrival

RTBC Refuel and Towing on Battery Contactor

RTC Return To Cabin

RTE Route

RTM Real Time Monitoring

RTN Return

RTNC Refuel and Towing on Normal Contactor

RTO Rejected TakeOff

RTOLW Regulatory TakeOff and Landing Weight

RTOW Regulatory TakeOff Weight

RTP Right Top Plug

RTR Router

RTRY Rotary

RTS Return to Seat

RTT Return To Tank

RTU Radar Transceiver Unit

RUD Rudder
RVCP Remote Video Control Panel

RVDT Rotary Variable Differential Transducer

RVR Runway Visual Range

RVSM Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum

RVT Rotary Variable Transformer

RW Right Wing
RWDS Rearwards

RWY Runway

RX Receive
RfC Request for Change

S Minimum Slat Retract Speed (EFIS)

S South
S/C Step Climb

S/D Step Descent

S/MECH Shortening Mechanism

S/N Serial Number

S/N OFF Serial Number of the removed item

S/N ON Serial Number of the New Item (at removal)

S/W Software
SA Stress Analysis

SACU Stand Alone Compensator Unit

SACU Semi-Automatic Control Unit

SAD Stress Analysis Data

SAE Society of Automotive Engineers

SAF Safety

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Delta Air Lines TSM
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Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
SAGB Step Aside GearBox

SAL System Address Label

SALSA Spot Array Light Supply Adapter

SAM Stress Analysis Manual

SAOHE Surface Air/Oil Heat Exchanger

SAR Smart ACMS Recorder


SAS Secondary Air System

SAT Static Air Temperature

SATCOM Satellite Communication

SAV Starter Air Valve

SB Service Bulletin

SBB Swift Broadband

SBIT Service Bulletin Information Telex

SC Single Chime

SCAV Scavenge
SCE Source

SCG System Configuration Guide

SCI Secure Communication Interface

SCM SDU Configuration Module

SCN Specification Change Notice

SCR Supplier Control Review

SCS Supplemental Cooling System

SCU Supplemental Control Unit

SCU System Control Unit

SD System Display
SDAC System Data Acquisition Concentrator

SDAC System Data Analog Converter

SDCU Smoke Detection Control Unit

SDF Smoke Detection Function

SDL Simple Data Loader

SDM Smart Diode Module

SDM Safety Data Management

SDN System Description Note

SDOF Single Degree of Freedom

SDS Smoke Detection System

SDU Satellite Data Unit

SDW Specific Design Work

SE Simplified English

SE Section

SEAL Sealing
SEB Seat Electronic Box

SEC Secondary

SEC SECondary Computer

SEC Spoiler Elevator Computer

SECT Section

SEL Select
SEL Selected

SEL Selection

SEL Selector
SELCAL Selective Calling

SELV Selector Valve

SEPDC Secondary Electrical Power Distribution Center

SEPDS Secondary Electrical Power Distribution System

SEQ Sequence

SEQ Sequential

SER Serial
SER Serial Number

SES Support Equipment Summary

SET Setting
SFAR Special Federal Aviation Regulation

SFC Specific Fuel Consumption

SFCC Slat Flap Control Computer

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
SFE Seller Furnished Equipment

SG Starter Generator

SGCU Smart Galley Control Unit

SGCU Starter Generator Control Unit

SGSC Sheddable Ground Servicing Contactor

SGU Symbol Generator Unit

SH ABS Shock Absorber

SHED Sheddable

SHED Shedding
SHLD Shield

SHLD Shielding

SHR PN Shear Pin

SHT Short

SI Slip Indicator

SIC System Isolation Contactor

SICU System Interface Control Unit

SID Standard Instrument Departure

SID System Interface Definition

SID System Identification Data

SIG Signal

SIL Speech Interference Level

SIL Service Information Letter

SIM Simulation

SIM Subscriber Identity Module

SIR Service Identification Request

SIRU Secure Interface Router Unit

SIS Standalone Identification System

SISD System Installation Specification Dossier

SITR System Installation Technical Reference

SIU Server Interface Unit

SKT Socket
SLA Spot Light Adapter

SLC Starter Line Contactor

SLD Slide
SLD Sliding

SLP single load path

SLS Selective Laser Sintering

SLS Satellite Landing System

SLT Slat

SM Standards Manual
SMC System Manager Controller

SMEL Seat-Mounted Emergency Light


SMK Smoke

SMKG Smoking

SMM System Management Module

SN Serial Number

SNGL Single

SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol

SNSG Sensing

SNSR Sensor

SO Shutoff
SOL Solenoid

SOV Shut-Off Valve

SPB Seat Power Box


SPD Speed

SPDB Secondary Power Distribution Box

SPEC Specification

SPKR Speaker

SPL Sound Pressure Level

SPLR Spoiler

SPLY Supply

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
SPM Signal Processing Module
SPM Standard Practices Manual
SPP Software Pin Programming

SPP-BA SPP Broadcasting Application

SPPU Station Position Pick-off Unit

SPR Spar

SPRDR Spreader

SPS Seat Power Supply

SPSS Seat Power Supply System

SPST Single Pole Single Throw

SPU Starter Power Unit

SQ Squelch

SRF Servicing and aircraft condition parameters Reporting Function

SRI aircraft Structural Repair Identification

SRM Structural Repair Manual

SRPS Safe Redundant Power Supply

SRPSU Slide Release Power Supply Unit

SRPU Safe Redundant Power Unit

SRS Speed Reference System

SRU Shop Replaceable Unit

SSA Side Slip Angle

SSB Single Side Band

SSCM Stabiliser Struts Control Manifold

SSCVR Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder

SSE Significant Structural Element

SSEC Static Source Error Correction

SSFDR Solid State Flight Data Recorder

SSID Service Set Identifier

SSM Sign Status Matrix

SSMM Solid State Mass Memory

SSP System Signal Processor

SSPC Solid State Power Controller

SSTDU Side Stick Transducer and Damper Unit

SSTU Side Stick Transducer Unit

SSU Side Stick Unit

STA Station
STAB Stabilizer

STAR Standard Terminal Arrival Route

STAT Static
STBY Standby

STD Standard

STELLA STair Electrical Light Load Adapter

STGR Stringer
STL System Torque Limiter

STR Specific Key Characteristic

STR Stringer
STRG Steering

STRK Stroke

STRM Secure open and Trip Resident Memory

STS Status

STWG Stowage

SUCT Suction
SUPPL Supplementary

SUPPR Suppressor

SURF Surface

SV Servovalve

SVA Stator Vane Actuator

SVCE Service

SVO Servo

SVS Synthetic Vision System

SW Switch

SWTG Switching

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
SYNC Synchro
SYNC Synchronize

SYNTHR Synthetizer

SYS System
SyDPAP System Development and Process Assurance Plan

T Trim

T Turn
T True

T-R Transmitter-Receiver

T.O TakeOff
T/C Top of Climb

T/D Top of Descent

T/F Track of a Fixed Waypoint

T/O and TO Take Off

T/R Thrust Reverser

T/TISS Traffic and Terrain Integrated Surveillance System

T2C HP Compressor Inlet Temperature

T2CAS Traffic and Terrain Collision Avoidance System

T54 Low Pressure Turbine Inlet Temperature

TA Traffic Advisory
TAC Taxiing Aid Camera

TACAN Tactical Air Navigation

TACH Tachometer
TACS Taxiing Aid Camera System

TACT Tactical

TADD Trim Air Drive Device

TAS True Airspeed

TASE Training Areas of Special Emphasis

TAT Total Air Temperature

TAWS Terrain Awareness and Warning System

TB Terminal Block

TBC To Be Confirmed
TBO Time Between Overhauls

TBV Transient Bleed Valve

TC HP Turbine Case Pressure

TC Theoretical Contour

TC Thermocouple

TCA Throttle Control Assy

TCAF Turbine Cooling Air Front

TCAM Turbine Cooling Air Middle

TCAP TCAS Resolution Advisory Prevention

TCAR Turbine Cooling Air Rear

TCAS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System

TCC Thrust Control Computer

TCC Turbine Case Cooling

TCC Turbine Clearance Control

TCG Time Corrected Gain

TCIU Telephone Communication Interface Unit

TCM Thrust Control Malfunction

TCS Temperature Control System

TCU Throttle Control Unit

TCU Transport Cargo Unit

TDB Terrain DataBase

TDC Top Dead Center

TDD Type Design Definition

TDS Technical Data Sheet

TE HP Stage Air Temperature

TE Trailing Edge

TEC Turbine Exhaust Case

TED Tool and Equipment Drawing

TEFO Total Engine Flame Out

TEI Tool and Equipment Index

TELECOM Telecommunications
TEM Tool and Equipment Manual

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Delta Air Lines TSM
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Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
TEMP Temperature
TEO Engine Oil Temperature
TER Trailing Edge Rib

TFTS Terrestrial Flight Telephone System

TFU Technical Follow-up

TGCU Terminal GPRS / UMTS Client Unit

TGT Target

TGT Turbine Gas Temperature

THD Total Harmonic Distortion

THERAP Therapeutic

THR Thrust
THRM Thermal

THRMST Thermostat

THROT Throttle

THROT PUSH Throttle Pusher

THS Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer

TIC Turbine Impingement Cooling

TIT Turbine Inlet Temperature

TIU Terminal Interface Unit

TIV Temperature Isolation Valve

TK Tank
TKE Track Angle Error

TLA Throttle Lever Angle

TLC TR Line Contactor

TLCS Trolley Lift & Conveyance System

TLS Transcowl Locking System

TLS Trolley Lift System

TLU Travel Limitation Unit

TLV Tertiary Lock Valve

TM Torque Motor
TM Transportability Manual

TMLB Technical and Maintenance LogBook

TMR Timer
TOGA Takeoff/Go Around

TOGW Takeoff Gross Weight

TOIL Toilet
TOL Tolerance

TOPA TakeOff Performance Application

TOS TakeOff Securing

TOT Total

TOW Takeoff Weight

TPIC Tire Pressure Indicating Computer

TPIS Tire Pressure Indicating System

TPR Turbofan Power Ratio

TPS Temporary Protection System

TPU Terminal Processor Unit

TR Thrust Reverser

TR Transformer Rectifier

TR Transistor
TRA Throttle Resolver Angle

TRANS Transition

TRANSLG Translating
TRAS Thrust Reverser Actuation System

TRC Thrust Rating Computer

TRD Tableau récapitulatif de définition

TRDV Thrust Reverser Directional Valve

TRF Turbine Rear Frame

TRGT Target
TRIG Trigger

TRK Track
TRLY Trolley

TROPO Tropopause
TRP Thrust Rating Panel

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
TRPU Thrust Reverser Power Unit

TRPV Thrust Reverser Pressurizing Valve

TRQE Torque
TRSB Technical Risk Signal Box

TRV Travel
TS TCU Sensor
TSA Throttle Sensor Angle

TSAS Temperature Secondary Air System

TSD Trouble Shooting Data
TSF Trouble Shooting Function

TSFC Thrust Specific Fuel Consumption

TSM Trouble Shooting Manual
TSP Tank Signalling Processor

TSPA Tank Signal Processor A

TSPB Tank Signal Processor B
TSU Torque Sensor Unit

TT Trim Tank
TTL Transistor Transistor Logic

TTOL Taxi, Takeoff and Landing

TTS Trim Tank System
TU Tapping Unit

TUCD Thermostat Unit Control Device

TURB Turbine
TURB Turbulence

TURB Turbulent
TV Television
TVBC Turbine Vane and Blade Cooling

TWDC Tank Wall Data Concentrator

TWLU Terminal Wireless LAN Unit
TX Transmit

TYP Typical
Test both Ab and term test
U/FLOOR Underfloor

U/S Unserviceable
UADF User Application Definition File
UD Upper Deck

UDCC Upper Deck Cargo Compartment

UDCD Upper Deck Cargo Door
UDP User Datagram Protocol

UEB Underseat Electronic Box

UER Unplanned Engine Removal
UERF Uncontained Engine Rotor Failure

UF Underfrequency
UHF Ultra High Frequency
UICDL User Interface Configuration Download List

ULA Universal Light Adapter

ULA M Universal Light Adapter Module
ULB Underwater Locator Beacon

ULD Unit Load Device

ULLI Understep LED Light
UMS User Modifiable Software

UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

UNBAL Unbalance
UNBAL Unbalanced

UND Under
UNDERPRESS Underpressure
UNIV Universal

UNLK Unlock
UNLKD Unlocked

UPLK Uplock
UPLKD Uplocked
UPPR Upper

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
UPR Upper
US Ultrasonic
USB Universal Serial Bus

USB Upper Sideband

UTC Universal Time Coordinated
UV Ultra-Violet

UV Under Voltage
UWBS Universal Wireless Backbone System
V Valve

V/S Vertical Speed

VAC Voltage Alternating Current
VACU Vacuum

VAFN Variable Area Fan Nozzle

VAR Variable
VAR Variation

VBV Variable Bleed Valve

VC Ventilation Controller
VC Value Chain

VCC Video Control Center

VCI Video Control Insert
VCM Video Camera Module

VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator

VCP Video Control Panel
VCRU Vapor Cycle Refrigeration Unit

VCS Ventilation Control System

VCU Video Control Unit
VDAR Virtual DAR

VDC Voltage Direct Current

VDEV Vertical Deviation
VDHM Variable Displacement Hydraulic Motor

VDL VHF Data Link

VDR VHF Data Radio
VDU Video Display Unit

VEL Velocity
VENT Ventilation
VERT Vertical

VFG Variable Frequency Generator

VFR Visual Flight Rules
VG Vertical Gyro

VGM Versatile Graphical Module

VHCU Versatile Heating Control Unit
VHDU Versatile Heating Data Unit

VHF Very High Frequency

VHV Very High Voltage
VIB Vibration

VIGV Variable Inlet Guide Vane

VIMU Video Multiplexer Unit
VISB Vendor Inspection Service Bulletin

VL Virtual Link
VLF Very Low Frequency
VLV Valve

VM Voltmeter
VMU Video Modulator Unit
VOD Video On Demand

VODDSU VOD Data Server Unit

VODMU VOD Modulator Unit
VODSU VOD Server Unit

VOL Volume
VOR VHF Omnidirectional Range
VORV Variable Oil Reduction Valve

VQAR Virtual QAR

VR Rotation Speed
VRU Video Reproducer Unit

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
VSB Vendor Service Bulletin
VSC Vacuum System Controller

VSCF Variable Speed Constant Frequency

VSEB Video Seat Electronic Box
VSI Vertical Speed Indicator

VSV Variable Stator Vane

VSVA Variable Stator Vane Actuator
VSWR Voltage Standing Wave Ratio

VTP Vertical Tail Plane

VTR Video Tape Reproducer
VTS Vacuum Toilet System

VV Velocity Vector
W West
W White

WABSIC Wheel And Brake System Integrated Component

WACS Wireless Airport Communication System

WAI Wing Anti-Ice
WAP Wireless Access Point

WARN Warning
WBA Weight and Balance Application
WBBC Weight and Balance Backup Computation

WBC Weight & Balance Computer

WBM Weight and Balance Manual
WBS Weight and Balance System

WD Warning Display
WD Wing Datum
WD Wiring Diagram

WDB Wall Disconnect Box

WDE Wing Dispense Equipment
WDM Wiring Diagram Manual

WFOV Wide Field of View

WG Wire Group
WG Wing

WGD Windshield Guidance Display

WGDC Windshield Guidance Display Computer
WGDS Windshield Guidance Display System

WGL Wireless Ground Link

WHC Window Heat Computer
WHL Wheel

WINDML Windmilling
WIP Wing Ice Protection
WIPCU Water Ice Protection Control Unit

WIPDU Water Ice Protection Data Unit

WIPS Wing Ice Protection System

WISE World In Service Experience

WLAN Wireless Local Area Network
WLC Wing Lower Cover

WLDP Warning Light Display Panel

WLG Wing Landing Gear
WLM Wireless LAN Manager

WLU Wireless LAN Unit

WMEL Wall Mounted Emergency Light
WOJ Weight on Jacks

WOW Weight On Wheels

WPT Waypoint
WRDC Wheel Remote Data Concentrator

WRG Wiring
WRK Work
WRK Working

WS Wireless System
WSC Window Shade Controller
WSCS Wheel Steering Control System

WSHLD Windshield

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Delta Air Lines TSM
Printed: 10/29/2017; 04:37am.
Rev. 10 Oct-20-2017
WSSG Warning System Symbol Generator
WT Weight

WTB Wing Tip Brake

WTR Water
WX Weather Mode (ND)

WXR Weather Radar

WoffW Weight off Wheels
X Cross

X Trans
X BLEED Crossbleed
X FEED Crossfeed

X LINE Crossline
X VALVE Cross Valve
X-TALK Cross-talk

XBAR Crossbar
XCHECK Crosscheck
XCVR Transceiver

XDCR Transducer
XFMR Transformer
XFR Transfer

XING Crossing
XLOAD Crossload
XLTR Translator

XMSN Transmission
XMTR Transmitter
XPDR Transponder

XWIND Crosswind
Y Yellow
Y/C Economy Class

Z Greenwich Mean Time

Z Zone
ZC Zone Controller

ZFCG Zero Fuel Center of Gravity

ZFW Zero Fuel Weight
all all

mdc mdc

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