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FICK ¢ MARX up 24 Federal Stee, Fourth Foor, Boston, MAOZIO meee ge February 11, 2019 By E-Filing Clerk Francis V. Kenneally Supreme Judicial Court Jobn Adams Courthouse One Pemberton Square, Suite 1400 Boston, MA 02108 Re: Commonwealth v. Michelle Carter, No. SJC-12502 ‘Dear Clerk Kenneally: Please find enclosed for filing in the above-titled matter Defondant-Appellant Michelle Carter's Emergency Motion for a Stay of Her Sentence Pending Her Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to the Supreme Court and her Memorandum in Support. Our motion seeks emergency relief, because Judge Moniz has sct a hearing on the Commonwealth's Motion to Revoke the Stay of Sentence for this afternoon at 2pm. in the Bristol County Juvenile Court. In the interest of time, we have sent copies of the enclosed papers to the Commonwealth by email ‘Thank you for your assisance with this matter, a ADL ih a Baclonres ‘ec: Clerk of Court Bristol County) ADA David B. Mark ‘ADA Shoshana B. Stern ‘ADA Maryclare Fiyan ‘ADA Patrick 0. Bromberg William W. Fick, Esq. Nanoy Gortnes, Boa. ‘Joseph A. Cataldo, Esq. Cornelius J. Madera, Esq. COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSE7TS Suffolk, ss No. S3C~12502 COMMONWEALTH MICHELLE CARTER Bnergency Motion of Defandant-Appellant Isichelle Carter for a Stay of Her Sentence Pending ter Patition for a Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court, Pursuant te Rule 31 of the Massachusetts Rules of ‘Criminal Procedure, Defendant-Appellant Michelle Carter moves this Court to extend the stay of her sentence in ‘this case pending her anticipated petition for a writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court of the United states. Respectfully submitted, MICHELLE CARTER By her attorneys, Daniel N. Narx (BB0f 674523) William W. Fick (BB0#650562) Nancy Gertner (830#190140) Fick @ Marx LLP 24 Federal Street, 4th Floor Boston, MA 02110 (857) 321-8360 He ted Goes 'BBO#SS8646) Cornelius J. Madera, ITZ iBo#ese665) cataldo Law Offices, LLC 1000 Village Orive, Suite 207 Franklin, MA 02038 1508) $28-2400 icataldotcataldolawoffices.con Dated: February 11, 2019