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©2018. Paid for by the United States Army. All rights reserved. Wednesday, February 6, 2018 | 3

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Ida Domingo
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Jennifer Bennett
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Davis Byrd
Staff Writers: Jeremy Moser, Zach
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Staff Photographers: Chad Boxley,
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affect the university student body
and the surrounding area. EDITORIAL POLICIES:
Student Media “Our Opinion” pieces are written collectively by members of
Advertising The Tartan Editorial Board. The Editorial Board is comprised
P.O. Box 6895 of the editing staff, the Tea writers, and other Radford
Radford VA, 24142 University students.
These undergraduate and graduate students represent
multiple class levels and different political, cultural, ethnic,
and religious backgrounds. Members may or may not belong
to a variety of student organizations. The Editorial Board is
open to all RU students who apply.

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journalists, editors, Forecast for
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radio producers, Wed., February
news anchors and 6-February 12,
even entrepreneurs 2018.

through our ever-

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run media outlets.” *This forecast is
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By Dustin Staples Wednesday, February 6, 2018 | 4

Radford Comes Together for Alexa Cannon

ate Wednesday night, greeted the crowd as they came faculty, and family who knew took them directly to the Finally, the night closed
Radford University hosted in and set the tone of “Light Alexa went up to the podium to Radford fountain in the center with a silent prayer and as the
a vigil of remembrance and love,” as Radford University say a few words in her honor. of the university. They had dyed blue lights reached the sky;
and observance in the wake of President Brian Hemphill Psychology professor Dr. the fountain’s water blue, but it the Radford community grew
Alexa Cannon’s death. summed up in an email. Stirling Barfield shared her had frozen over in the frigid air. a small step closer to healing
Hundreds of students “This campus cannot – and personal stories about Alexa A small stage housed a from its loss.
gathered into the MAC Court will not – be defined by this as well. She recounted her surprise performance which the
of the Student Recreation and tragedy,” said in Dr. Hemphill’s memories of Alexa’s positive audience joined in to sing I Can By Jeremy Moser &
Wellness Center to pay respects email. “We have chosen to attitude as she struggled with Only Imagine by MercyMe as D yl a n L e p o r e
to Radford student Alexa be defined by our connection epilepsy. they waved their glow sticks in
Cannon. In her honor, they as a caring and supportive “She never stopped smiling,” the air. &
were asked to wear blue, Alexa’s community and our outpouring Dr. Barfield said. “You will
favorite color and to carry blue of comfort and support to forever be a light in our hearts.”
glow sticks, which substituted Alexa’s family, loved ones A short video played some
for candlelight. and each other. I encourage time after which displayed
This comes nearly a week all Highlanders to continue photos of Alexa with her friends
after Alexa’s death as what was honoring Alexa’s legacy by and family to music. Afterward,
once her roommate, Luisa Ines sharing your light and love everyone was instructed to leave

From Alexa Cannon’s Facebook

Tudela Harris Cutting, now with others. I also ask that we and join in on a “remembrance
stands charged with her murder. continue supporting each other walk.”
In the opening of the event, in the days and months to come.” Into the bitter cold, everyone
a projector screen displayed a The Radford Latino Student walked tightly together with
photo of Alexa with a smile that Alliance and other students, blue glow sticks lit. The route

Photo by Hailey Scherer | The Tartan

Campus Housing Applications are Now Open
ore than 3,000 students The housing deposit is $200, and
live on campus across priority housing will be given to
Radford’s 15 residence the first 900 students that pay
halls. the room deposit by Feb. 15.
According to Residential There are many flexibility
Life, “more than 80 percent of options, including nine-month
our [Radford] students live on leases and the ability to choose
campus or off campus housing your roommate.
within walking distance to the The online apartment
university.” selection opens Feb. 25, and
If you plan on taking the online residence hall room
advantage of the on-campus selection begins March 4.
or off-campus housing, the
deadline to submit priority
housing application is due on
Courtesy of Radford Relations

Feb. 15 by 11:59 p.m.

All you need to do is
access the Housing icon on
your RU portal and follow the
B y I da D o m i n g o
application link and complete it.
5 | The Tartan Culture

Arts and Entertainment in Radford

New Year, New Diet?

ew Year’s resolutions early at 3 p.m. on Fridays, and
come in many forms, into the weekend.
but none more common However, all of the dining
than the desire to be more options in the Bonnie do have
healthy, with that in mind, extended weekend hours.
there are many options for Hissho Sushi is open until
students to use on campus to midnight Thursday through
achieve desired resolutions. Sunday, Fairfax Street Subs
Whether you are trying to open until 9 p.m. and Create
cut calories or take something open until midnight on the
out of your diet, there is a weekends.
variety of ways to go about your Given those options Create
dining experiences at Radford specializes in salads, wraps and
University. rice bowls. Although there are
Healthier options on options to get things such as
campus include; Create, Hissho fried chicken they also offer,
Sushi, Au Bon Pain, Fairfax grilled chicken, ham and many
Street Subs, and Dalton Kitchen. other protein options along
While some may argue that with a variety of vegetables and
the healthier options cost more dressings to try out.
in comparison to the more Hissho Sushi offers a wide
mainstream names seen around variety of sushi options, as well
campus, there are some ways of as made to order stir fry with
getting around this issue. base selections such as rice, lo
Dalton Kitchen is the mein noodles, beef, chicken,
cheapest “bang for your buck” vegetables and sauce selections
here on campus, given a major to top off your meal.
discount for having one of Vegetarian options are also
Radford’s meal plans. The available in Radford’s many
standard price for breakfast is select locations.
$7.02 discounted to $2.12, lunch Maybe if you’re not trying
is $10.54 discounted to $3.40, to eat healthier, but want to cut
and dinner is $12.51 discounted out meat, Papa John’s offers a
to $4.16. personal cheese, garden fresh
Given their buffet style, or spinach Alfredo pizza, with
Dalton Kitchen offers a wide the addition of breadsticks and
variety of foods to choose from cheese sticks as well.
though there are ups and downs Au Bon Pain and Chick-fil-A
to their selections. While they both offer salads, fruits, and
provide options such as burgers, other snacks in the vegetarian
fries, pizza, DIY pancakes, realm such as: parfaits or even a
dessert bar, and cereal, there simple Bagel with cream cheese
are many alternatives. from Au Bon Pain, while Chick-
Dalton has a salad bar, a fil-A and Wendys offer salads
sandwich bar, and many fruit and fries.
and vegetable options offered Moreover, even though
every day, as well as labels on they may be known for their
most food items giving the desserts, Pinkberry does offer
calorie count and displaying fruit cups to be made out of
if those foods are vegetarian, their fruit topping options.
vegan, gluten free or healthy in If you’re willing to make
general. The label with one leaf the transfer Hissho Sushi offers
indicates the item is vegetarian tofu in all of their custom stir
and two leaves indicate it is fries, as a substitute for meat.
vegan. This is also available at Create
Though it should be noted along with falafel which they
that Dalton does close early at offer in their salads or wraps.
7:15 p.m. every day. Tons of dining information
Some of the more is also available online through
mainstream fast food options Dine On Campus at Radford
on campus have their issues University. With most locations
as far as business hours go having up to date menus, along
By Eiliv-Sonas Aceron | Unsplash
with Chick-fil-A closed on the with filters such as vegan or
weekend, Wendy’s closed on gluten-free options. B y T yl e r M a r t i n
Sundays, and Papa John’s closed Wednesday, February 6, 2018 | 6

A Movie Review

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

ragon Ball has been a Goku to earth and saving his life place in the past, which I felt
long-running anime before the planet is destroyed. was a little rushed.
that was released in Fast forward to the future, While it was a nod to the
1989 and has been on and off and you get a scene that Dragon Ball Z movies, knowing
the air ever since. introduces new characters who those original stories made you
It most recently re-aired befriend Broly. Not only do wish they added a little more
on July 15, 2015, and has been they add to the story but show story before Frieza destroyed
wildly popular all over the Broly as someone who isn’t planet Vegeta.
world. Because of the re-release just full of rage, or a destroyer The other thing that
of the show, they have released of worlds; but someone who is bothered me was that the
two movies, and the most just being used by his father to ending was a little anticlimactic.
recent, taking place shortly do his bidding. You can sense There were two scenarios the
after the event of Tournament his naivety and innocence in protagonists could have ended
of Power Arc in the first Dragon the conversations they have at that moment potentially,
Ball Super movie, is Dragon with him. but for the sake of fleshing
Ball Super: Broly. Finally, the battle which out more future story-lines, it
Because this movie is a Broly’s father pushes Broly felt like an incredibly forced
reboot of the original Broly into a team up with Goku and ending.
movies, it left fans of the series Vegeta is the real highlight and Overall, I thoroughly
a lot to be excited about, and it a big portion of the movie. The enjoyed this movie. You can
doesn’t disappoint. On the first combat had me on the edge of tell this movie was made for
day with a minimal release, it my seat with superb animation, the fans with references to the
still made over $7 million and and the slow build up of shows, the well thought out
now up to $100 Million. intensity as the fight became comedy pieces, the little easter
It has a bit of an origin story more fierce with everything eggs, the surprises, the quality
for Goku, Vegeta, Broly, and around them being destroyed as of the animations, attention to
Frieza who is the main villain the battle raged on. The sound detail, and an original reboot of
who destroys planet Vegeta, effects, music, colors, and voice the Broly story.
which I found to be a refreshing acting stand out and draws you
change to the original story. It deeper into the scenes. Overall: 9/10
gave some humanity to Goku’s The only things,
dad despite the Saiyans being in particular, I found
a savage race by providing an disappointing about the movie B y E va n M a s o n
emotional reason for sending was the beginning which takes
Photos from Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie You mad bro!?
The tea
7 | The Tartan The Tea

Editorials and Opinions

Quote of the week
“There are years that ask questions and
years that answer.” - Zora Neale Hurston


New Year,
The Tartan is looking for dedicat-
ed, fast-learning, and self-suff-
ient student who can set their
own standars or goals for what

they would like to contritbute to
the Tartan.

• Copy Editor

• Page Designer
• Culture Editor
• News Editor
• Staff Writers
• Staff Photographers

For more information head to
Tyler Hall Room 025
“New Year
Monday - Friday
10 a.m to 5 p.m.

By Trust “Tru” Katsande | Unsplash

New Me”
Need a Correction?
The Tartan is committed to
correcting errors that appear in
the newspaper. Those interested
in contacting the paper for that

purpose can send an e-mail to
very new year, people the Radford University Class of commit or not.” I challenge you to find or call the
main number, 540 831-5474, make numerous 2022 Facebook page to see how I finally questioned whether something you want to do and
to make a correction to any resolutions. Some for many students have made this or not they’ve stuck with their commit to it, make your goal,
section. financial prosperity, some set resolution and followed through. resolution and eight students your dream, and into reality,
goals to achieve, some strive to The statements were “My New said “yes,” and eight said “no.” which will take it into existence
Looking for make changes to their lives. Years resolution is to start I think everyone struggles and make it happen. You have
However, there’s a standard working out in the gym,” “I’m with making resolutions like this the most significant impact on
Tartan Archives? resolution that is made every committed to my resolution,” because we usually find excuses your own lives.
year by countless people. People and “I’ve stuck by my resolution as to why we can’t commit. This year, challenge yourself,
Rediscover the history of the Tartan set goals to go to the gym and and will be going to the gym to I have said that this year make goals and strive to achieve
through exploring all the way back work out, and some don’t follow work out.” my goal was to work out at the them, do anything, break
to 1910, when it was initially called through with it while some do. Out of all the students at gym and lose weight, then again, barriers, commit to something
the Grapurchat to when it was
Mbaida Nying, a Radford Radford in that Facebook group, I’ve said that for the past three and succeed at it so that when
rebranded as the Tartan in 1979.
freshman and Art Education 16 responded to my survey. New Years and never committed, New Years of 2020 comes
Go to and select the major said, “I hate resolutions 11 students confirmed that not even to the most recent around you can engage fully
“More” tab to find those archives. like this because people come their New Years resolution resolution I made. However, I and wholeheartedly to your
into the gym in the morning was to start working out at the haven’t been able to figure out resolutions.
Do old newspapers bore you? saying, ‘New Year, new me’ and gym while five responded “no.” how to manage work, clubs, Take the phrase “New Year,
stand at the ellipticals doing In regard to whether or not and classes, and then trying new me” to the next level and
Check out our new photo gallery nothing, and lie on the mats they were committed to their to implement a solid work out prove to yourself that your
on Flicker by selecting the “photo” taking up the whole area, when resolution, five said “yes they’re regimen. resolutions are profound goals
tab to wander our photos taken
by the end of January, they committed,” and six said “No, I think we should all take that mean something to you.
by our exceptionally phenomenal
[have] already given up.” I just said it to say it, I’ll work that extra step and commit to
I created a survey on out when I feel like it” and five something, if not the gym, then B y N ay -Q ua n B rya n
SurveyMonkey and posted it on responded “I don’t know if I’ll another goal.

I hate resolutions like this because people come into the gym in
the morning saying, ‘New Year, new me’ and stand at the ellipticals
doing nothing, and lie on the mats taking up the whole area, when
by the end of January, they [have] already given up,” said Nying. Wednesday, February 6, 2018 | 8
9 | The Tartan Sports

L Q&A With Track

WRITE FOR US! a’Tisha Chambers made TT: What’s something
history on Jan. 26 as the interesting about you that
RU an established, or Radford University’s most people don’t know?
fledgling journalist? Or

and Field Record

women’s track and field team
maybe you just love to participated in the Virginia Chambers: “Well I named
write, and this might be Military Institute (VMI) team my dog Erick, that’s kind of like
your first time showcasing Challenge in Lexington Va. out the way, I guess.  He’s a black
your hidden talent?

Breaker La’Tisha
The standout junior from German Shephard”.
Covington Virginia had an
Want to bring your opin- astonishing day taking 1st TT: What do you plan on
ions and unique views to place in the 60m dash as well as doing after securing your

the masses? Love the idea breaking the school record with a degree?
of reporting on and off final time of 7.62 seconds!
campus news, voicing your This was the same record that Chambers: “I plan on
opinion on topics ranging Chambers tied two weeks prior attending VCU and pursuing the
from movies, laws, and on with a time of 7.65 seconds! Occupational therapy program to
Adding to her wonderful receive my Ph.D.”.
B y C h a d B ox l e y
the many fun, and some-
day Chambers also competed
time’s unusual, attractions
and placed 4th out of the 39 TT: Why did you choose
going on around campus?
participants in the 200-meter Radford University, what made
Then give Radford Univer-
dash at the VMI team challenge it stand out?
sity’s Student-run Newspa-
with the time of 25.51 seconds,
per a shout and email the which is her fastest time this Chambers: “The coaches
Editor-In-Chief! season! reached out, and that really Chambers also participates in put Radford on the map for me,
the 300-meter dash and 4x400- and when I toured it, I loved it
meter relay this season, so this is especially since it was a small
Letters to the something you should expect. town and I’m naturally from a
Along with her name in the small town, and not too far from
Editor record books Chambers also home.”
received big south women’s track
We prefer letters that are fewer athlete of the week honors which TT: How do you prepare for
than 200 words and take as was publicized on Wednesday, events? Do you have any pre-
their starting point an article Jan. 30. meet rituals?
or other item appearing in The On Thursday, January 31
Tartan. They may not have The Tartan decided to sit down Chambers: “Yeah so, I have to
been submitted to, posted with Chambers for a brief Q&A wear my favorite jewelry, a ring
to or published by any other to recap her wonderful record- on each finger and the necklace
media. They must include the breaking day and here is how it my mom gave me.  Also, I have
writer’s full name — for more went. to put two quarters in my zipper

Photo by Chad Boxley | The Tartan

information and to send a pocket”.
letter head over to The Tartan: When did you first start participating in track TT: How did it feel when
and field? you broke the record?

Jokes La’Tisha Chambers: “I didn’t Chambers: “Honestly I knew

In high school, you can’t go out to start until 8th grade, I did it it was a good race, but I didn’t
lunch because it’s not allowed. In because my friends were doing even know I did it until I looked
college, you can’t go out to lunch it so I just kind of got into it like at the time on the screen and I
because you can’t afford it. that”. just couldn’t believe it.”
If you have ever price shopped TT: What are the main TT: What should we expect
for Top Ramen, you might be a things that often motivate you from you in the near future?
college student. athletically and academically?
--- Chambers: “I’m definitely
I want to reenact a scene from Chambers: “I’m naturally going to break the record again
fifty shades of grey. You know the competitive, so whatever I do in the 60 because I feel like I
one where she gets a job straight I always want to be first and could improve on a lot of parts,
out of college? be the best that I can be in the so that’s going to be coming
--- classroom and on the track, and soon, also the 200 I’m going to be
Dear Board of education, we are that’s my motivation a lot.” coming for that too! I missed it
bored of education. by like .2 seconds last year”!
--- TT: What is your Major?
High school graduates: You’ve Something to note is that
just sat in a chair for 4 years. How Chambers: “I’m a Therapeutic Chambers holds a time of 24.89
would you like to do that again, Recreation major minoring in seconds in the 200-meter which
but this time you pay for it? Psychology.” is the fastest time of any runner
this year in the big south at that Wednesday, February 6, 2018 | 10

2019 Radford Baseball Outlook

adford Baseball is for the Highlanders. He posted a with talented freshman David 21 RBIs. He will also be thrown is coming over an impressive
selected to finish third in 7-5 record, while also managing Bryant. Bryant has impressed, in in the outfield, filling into the 2018 campaign, where they went
the Big South Conference an impressive 2.84 ERA (Earned pre-season, with his athleticism right fielder spot. 21-6 in conference play.
this coming season, in the latest run average) as well. Also, with and defensive work. The 2019 squad will Radford will also be chasing
coach’s pre-season poll. that, Ridgely allowed opposing Another infielder will also be getting a player from High Point, who is predicted
This is good news for an hitters to a dismal .214 batting be moving to the outfield from neighboring Virginia Tech, J.D. to finish 2nd in the pre-season
already talented Highlander average. his spot on first base, Spencer Mundy. Mundy will be bringing poll, and Winthrop, who is also
squad, who are eager to finish Head Coach Joe Raccuia Horwitz, 2018 Big South First some serious power to the predicted to finish 3rd tying in
better than last years 14-13 stated, “Zack is the best pitcher Team All-Conference selection. Highlanders line up. As a Hokie, votes with the Highlanders.
record in conference play. in the league when he’s at Horwitz, a junior, hit for a Mundy hit a .257 average and The Highlanders hope
However, Radford’s first full strength,” talking about .288 average with seven home slammed home seven home to put last seasons demons
game of the season will against a Ridgely’s return. His addition runs, while also tallying 43 RBIs. runs. He also managed 23 RBIs behind them as the new season
12th ranked East Carolina team back in the bullpen will be plenty His heavy hitting will look to help as well. approaches. Winning the
on Feb. 15. of good news for a team looking the Highlanders as he makes his The 2019 Highlander conference shouldn’t be too
This year’s 2019 squad hopes to make a run for the conference push for his professional career. baseball team is talented from much of a reach, and we might
to avoid the dismay of last year, title. Coach Raccuia said he expects the bottom up this year. As even see a post-season run as
which saw many key players out Also returning for the Horwitz to be ready to move on long as this squad can avoid the we look forward to the 2019
with injuries. Senior pitcher Highlanders, senior Kyle Butler, to professional baseball after injury bug this season, a first- baseball season.
Zack Ridgely, the 2017 Big South who hit for a .246 average with this season. place finish doesn’t seem too
Player of the year, is ready to 30 RBIs (Runs batted in), will Andrew Szamski, a red- unlikely.
return to action after redshirting be transitioning from second shirt senior, put up incredible However, the Highlanders
last year because of injury. base to center field. If the numbers in 2018 as well. He will be chasing Campbell who is
Ridgely posted huge move works smoothly, the posted a .336 batting average, the overwhelming favorite to win B y Z ac h P ot t e r
numbers last time out, in 2017, Highlanders would be benefitted with four home runs, and also hit the Big South this year. Campbell

Highlanders Fall Short Against Campbell

he Highlanders were devastated Jones almost tallied a triple-double
this past Wednesday in the Dedmon as he recorded 18 points, seven rebounds,
Center as the Campbell Camels hit and seven assists.
a last-second heave. The final score of 68- Another notable mention is the play
67 was set in stone by the NCAA’s leading from graduate Center Mawdo Sallah, who
scorer Chris Clemons. finished the game with 12 points and six
With less than a minute remaining in rebounds, and Caleb Tanner, who clenched
regulation, the score was 67-60 with the his 200th career three-pointer. With his
Highlanders in the lead. A series of missed first triple of the night, the Senior joined
free throws gave the Camels the edge they seven other players to accomplish that
needed to make a strong comeback ending feat.
with the heartbreaking game-winner. The Highlanders look to bounce back
Radford had their work cut out for as they hit the road for their first of two
them with Clemons as he was able to away games against Winthrop in Rock
knock down fifty percent of his shots en Hill, SC. Saturday at 2 p.m., they will go
route to a 39 point showcase. head-to-head against the 14-7 Eagles in
A vigorously contested game on both Winthrop Coliseum.
sides of the court gave way to a back and Radford holds the lead in games
forth meeting forcing the audience to won against Winthrop with a small 38-
be on the edge of their seats. This loss 36 advantage in the all-time series that
snapped some significant streaks held began in 1985. The teams have matched
alive here in the New River Valley. This up 74 times and the Highlanders came
will come as the first loss in 14 games away with 2 of 3 victories last season. A
against Big South opponents for the notable win during semifinals of the Big
Highlanders as well as a 12 game winning South Championship saw Radford coming
streak at home. away with a 68-49 win.
By Lucas Carr
Although their record reads 15-7 Winthrop is no stranger to heavily
overall and 7-1 in conference play, the contested games either as they rank eighth
Rowdy Reds still top the Big South in scoring in the country with 86.1 points
Standings with Winthrop and Campbell per game. They are the top team in the
coming in at 6-2 and 5-2, respectively. country when it comes to three-pointers
Some bright spots for the team were as they have knocked down 264 shots
the breakout performances of Senior from beyond the arc. The Highlanders will
forward Ed Polite Jr. and Sophomore guard look to bring their A-game and lock-down
Carlik Jones. defense to South Carolina.
Polite Jr. tallied 13 points and 11 The Highlanders will finish their road
Photo by Chad Boxley | The Tartan

rebounds for his 10th double-double of trip against the Hampton Pirates on Feb.
the season. The first board taken out of 7 and will return home to the Dedmon
the air marked his 1,000 career rebound Center on the Feb. 9 for another Big South
making him the second player in Radford game against High Point.
basketball history to hit that mark.
11 | The Tartan Sports

Patriots Win Super Bowl LIII in a Defensive Slugfest

he New England Patriots receptions for 141 yards. had disappointing outings Super Bowls record for longest moment where a win was almost
overcame the Los Angeles The Rams offense was easily as neither were able to make punt, by one yard, with a 65-yard inevitable for the Patriots.
Rams 13-3 in the lowest contained for most of the night. much impact on the overall bomb. The punters and kickers Even though this Super Bowl
scoring Super Bowl ever. Early in the second half, Julian game. Patriots quarterback Tom of both teams were highly was more of a sleeper than most
Super Bowl LIII ended Sunday Edelman had outgained the Brady also had a quiet game. worked as neither team could in recent memory, this one will
night seeing Bill Belichick and Rams offense in total yards Brady only threw for 262 yards, get it going on the offensive. go down as one of the greatest
Tom Brady add their sixth Super gained. with one interception, and no The key moment in the game defensive Super Bowls ever.
Bowl ring as a pair. Patriots wide Rams key players, running touchdowns. was Patriots cornerback Stephon
receiver Julian Edelman earned back Todd Gurley and In a rare excitement, Rams Gilmore’s fourth-quarter
MVP honors after tallying ten quarterback Jared Goff, both punter Johnny Hekker broke the interception. It was the drastic B y Z ac h P ot t e r

Radford Women’s Basketball Hopes to Continue Hot Streak

he Radford women’s consecutive double-double, a career high of 19 points and

Courtesy of RU Athletics
basketball team has been scoring 12 points and 13 season best of 6 rebounds. The
on a five-game winning rebounds. Khiana Johnson, a Camels were the aggressor in
streak. They started on Jan. 12 junior guard, recorded her 700th the 1st half, coming out strong
up until Jan. 26, the Highlanders career point. The Highlanders and outscoring the Highlanders.
have been fighting tooth and defeated the Buccaneers 67-41. In the third quarter, Radford was
nail. Under the leadership of six- Traveling to Longwood able to tie the score.
year head coach Mike McGuire, University, the Highlanders took A Sophomore guard, Tina
they have been able to secure a on the Lancers on Jan. 19 at Lindenfeld, gave Radford the
13-6 record. Willett Hall. opportunity to take the lead
In the Big South conference, Johnson led the team with after sinking a triple on the next
they hold a 7-1 record. Winning 15 points and 6 assists. Rivers possession. Radford defeated
the majority of their games at racked up her 6th double-double Campbell in a close match, 56-
home, the Highlanders have of the season, scoring 13 points 52.
been able to rocket into second and 10 rebounds. The Radford women’s
place below Hampton. Senior guard/forward basketball team is hoping to
The hot streak began Jan. Destinee Walker became the continue their winning streak
12. The Highlanders faced the 16th player in Highlander with their match which was
Winthrop Eagles in their home history to amass 1,000 points on Saturday, Feb. 2. The team
turf of the Dedmon Center. and 500 rebounds in her career. traveled to Spartanburg, SC
Junior forward, Lydia Rivers, Radford had an impressive third to take on the USC Upstate
returned to the court after quarter, taking the game from Spartans. Radford made the
missing three games. Rivers the Lancers. The Highlanders game at 82-41.
posted a double-double with 17 bested the Lancers 68-34.
points and 16 rebounds. She tied Back on their home turf,
B y D e v i n S t u bbs
her career record of rebounds, Radford hosted the Presbyterian
all in just 31 minutes. Blue Hose. The Highlanders
The Highlanders took the held a strong defense, keeping Destinee Walker
lead 7 minutes before halftime their fourth straight opponent
and never looked back. Winthrop under 50 points. Rivers had
outscored Radford in the first her fourth consecutive double-
quarter, but the Highlanders double, scoring 17 points and
dominated the final three. 10 rebounds in just 19 minutes.
Radford defeated Winthrop 70- Though the Highlanders kept
49. their defenses up, they didn’t
On Jan. 15, the Highlanders score their first bucket until
traveled to Charleston, SC to the 4:51-minute mark. Radford
face the Charleston Southern outscored Presbyterian in each
Buccaneers. The win for the quarter, defeating them 59-49.
Highlanders made history for Facing their defensive
Coach McGuire. The game was match, the Highlanders traveled
the coach’s 100th win for the to Buies Creek, NC. to take on the
six-year coach. McGuire is the Campbell Camels. Racking up
4th Highlander coach to achieve their fifth straight win, Radford
this goal, as well as the second- played a strong defensive game.
fastest to reach it. Johnson played all 40
Lydia Rivers
Rivers posted a second minutes of the match, scoring
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