Aapki Amanat Aapki Sewa Mein


Maulana Mohammed Kaleem Siddiqui
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Lets begin with some introspection - if we face a situation, where a small innocent child is running barefoot towards fire and is unaware of its perils, what will be our reaction to it? Won’t you consider it to be your moral responsibility to save the child by picking him up in your arms? And won’t you feel peaceful after doing this good deed? On similar lines, if any person gets severely burnt then you feel both sympathetic and concerned towards him. But, have we ever wondered the reason behind it. It’s due to the fact that the entire human race is a family of one father (Adam) and mother (Eve). Everyone has got a heart that has love, compassion and sympathy owing to which we share the joys and sorrows of others. Hence, a true human being is the one whose heart is an infinite source of love for entire human race, whose every action is meant for service of others, who cringes at someone else’s sufferings and who seeks the purpose in help of others. In this world, the life is temporary; post death the life granted will be everlasting. Without acknowledging and submitting to the true God one will never achieve Heaven and will have to burn in Hell Fire for eternity. These days, millions of people with their own inactions are moving towards the hell fire. Hence, the onus is on those, who love humanity that they come forward and try to save others from the eternal perils of Hell Fire.

With these words. I will like to present your legacy to you Wasi Suleiman Nadvi Editor. Urdu Monthly Letter .We are grateful that Maulana Mohammed Kaleem Siddiqui. It is also a reflection of his responsibility to show the right path to the non-followers/ignorants. which essentially is hallmark of a true Muslim. which are representative of his love towards humanity. has presented some beautiful insights in the book.

Most Merciful Please Forgive Me My dear readers. I would like to seek your forgiveness for my Muslim brothers and me. of not being able to convey it to you till date. it is essential that a human identifies and follows the real truth. think and reason for the Lord. Most Gracious. is witness of the fact that in bringing the legacy to you. In order to put things in correct perspective. After arriving in this world. Lord . I would like to share the same message of love with you . I am both selfless and sympathetic. The burden. I intend to selflessly convey your own legacy to you. Under influence of the archenemy of mankind – Satan. A Message of Love I would request you to receive the message with love. It is his biggest responsibility. Under its influence people have waged innumerable wars making this whole world a battlefield.In the Name of Allah. Please try to read. I would also seek Allah to be the witness of my actions that I have tried to convey the legacy to my brothers and sisters as my responsibility. we have failed to convey your own legacy to you.who knows what is in the heart of a person. the sustainer of this world. Satan has corrupted our hearts such that there is hatred for the Sinners rather than Sins. has lain heavily in my heart and has left me sleepless for many a nights.

. He is everywhere. rather universe is that the creator and the preserver of the world and entire universe is one and only one God. then try writing even a small chapter which can parallel its Grace. Not even a single leaf can flutter without his command. many human beings. which is the speech of God. even if he is an idol worshipper will agree to the fact that there is only one God. None could prove that Quran is not Allah’s Book.The Biggest Truth The biggest truth of the world. There is no partner of Him in creating. You can summon the entire world to help you in the task” For the past 1400 years. He listens to everyone and sees everything. Every human being. if any institution has two heads then there will always be quarrel between them and the institution cant function then. He is the only one of his type. preserving and destroying the world. If a person contemplates logically then he can easily conclude that there can be only one Lord. Science and Computers have challenged and were defeated. irrespective of his religious background. If there cannot be two kings of the same kingdom then how can there be more than one master of the world? An Argument Quran. For example. has challenged the world: “If you doubt that Quran is not the true revelation of the God.

For example. The God has created the entire world for the service of mankind. Death. Fire. They are made subservient to Humans while the latter’s existence is meant for sole purpose of worshipping the God alone and following his wishes. True Witness In real sense everything in this world.In this holy book. the Supreme God wants famine. With our limited mind. Water. If there were other deities working with the Supreme lord as partners then it may happen that while they have blessed people for Rains. Earth. we can neither imagine him nor can make idols of him. Shelter and other necessities of life are provided by the blessings of the God. . everything . one for Sun rising in the East while other in the West. Air. Any person who is not leading his life as per the that one true God’s wishes then his existence is futile.all are meant for the service of mankind. Plants. our life should be in accordance with His Wishes. One would have commanded for night while the other for day. Essentially it will lead to chaos and disaster. It’s only justified that a true human being acknowledges the fact that our Life. Hence. He is free to do anything anytime. the efficiently and perfectly running order of the world is a witness of the fact that there is one and only one master. if there were many masters then it would have led to arguments and infighting amongst them.” Its quite clear. Food. Animals. “ Had there been many masters on Earth and Sky then chaos would have been let loose on Earth. God has shared many arguments and examples so that the human mind can grasp the truth. one for 6 months a year other for 3 months a year. The Sun.

the true Lord has mentioned an indomitable truth: “Every life has to taste death. In Puranas. Even animals acknowledge this law. It’s because they believe in death. Satan (The Evil). who on religious pretext had divided the human society in upper and lower caste. which if understood and followed can change the entire world. a dog is afraid of cars on the roads. after which you will have to return to us” The verse has two truths in it. After Death The second part of verse introduces the mankind to a powerful truth. you will return back to me and based on your actions in the world you will be rewarded or punished accordingly. has created the myth. This viewpoint won’t be accepted by any logical mind.An Indomitable Truth In the Holy Quran. owing to which lower caste people were openly exploited . The very first argument is that such kinds of rebirth cycles aren’t mentioned in Vedas. It says that after death. such cycles are mentioned. The first is that everything alive is mortal and will have to face death. which came later. you would neither perish nor will enter the endless cycle of rebirths. Any believer or non-believer can’t deny this fact.a mouse runs away from a cat. After death. which can be seen from their behavior. according to which man’s characters are passed on to the progeny through his semen.

the argument for rebirth fails. As per this belief. The second argument is that as souls attain liberation. the population of humans. which state that the very first life form on earth was that of vegetation. hands then why have you positioned yourself superior to us.and ill-treated. . ear. 2. They said that the Shudras have to pay penance for the Sins committed in their previous life. The biggest argument against the common belief of rebirth is the scientific findings and conclusions. be it eye. Many a times innumerable insects take birth and very few humans die and vice versa. followed by animals and after millions of years human beings were born. The good doers attain liberation. Three Arguments again Cycle of Rebirth 1. nose. Also there is a huge disparity between the birth and death rate. which came to life after a gap of millions of years. Since. the population of the former two can not be dependent on sins of humans. animals and vegetation should reduce but on the other hand opposite is true. 3. number of births is much higher vs the total number of deaths. The Upper Caste people justified their actions based on Law of Karma. Sinners take form of animals and those who commit the worst sins take form of vegetation. When these lower caste people questioned that when our Creator has made us equal in all senses. all the souls are reborn and take birth as per the actions committed in previous life. The total.

The comfort and abundance of Heaven is unimaginable and unparallel. is to make partners with God. . He has specifically mentioned that the biggest sin. God has mentioned that the virtues or sins can be big or small. Punishment or Reward for the Deeds As an award for the good deeds and correct path. Everyone has to return back to the Lord and on the Day of Judgment he will be punished or rewarded based on his deeds on earth. The Biggest Sin –Making Partner with God In the Holy Quran.There are many people who have claimed that they can identify a place which they had never seen in this life. They will be punished for each and every sin committed and the biggest punishment will be that they will be deprived of their Lord’s presence and love. who commit sins. by not following Lord’s commands. they will eternally burn in Hell Fire. Similarly. for which a soul would never be forgiven. There is nothing comparable to it. a soul will be rewarded with the heaven. The truth will be revealed to all after death. But essentially these are all doings of Satan who influences others in order to corrupt their believes. And on them there will be wrath of their Lord. This leads to a wrong belief that people are taking rebirth. the non-believers. where he will receive everything in plenty. And the best part of heaven will be that those residing there will get to see the Lord from their own eyes. or they can tell the name of their past life.

the earth. irrespective of her behavior. the . Committing of Shirk is the biggest Sin and people should guard themselves against it. If one day she declares that she can’t live only with one husband and needs even her neighbor as her husband what will be you make of the lady’s character? Inspite of all other talents she will be considered as Sinner and will be punished for the same. Sun. He has commanded that one should not bow in veneration to any idol. there is a docile wife. One should not consider anyone besides Him as sustainer. the sun. Lets assume there are two women. An Example We can appreciate this sin by usage of an Example. Shirk (associating partners with Allah) will not be forgiven. the air. who fights every now and then with her husband and never pays heed to his sayings. who is very caring. One is very argumentative. In this case. who are made from a tiny sperm. death and worthy of worship. the moon. If we contemplate on this example and think on broader perspective. She waits for her husband till late evening and serves him hot food. how can the infinite Lord. the sea. Moon or Prophet. controller of life. If we. He may forgive any other sin if he wills. In spite of these shortcomings she is essentially loyal to her husband and would never leave her true home. then we can appreciate why God can’t bear humans praying to anyone else but Him. On the other hand. loving and obedient. her husband will be forced to (because of her love) to live with her.The non-believers will burn eternally in Hell Fire for not following the Commands of Allah. don’t like to be paralleled to anyone else. who has created the whole world.

the creator is always stronger than the creation. those who guide us regarding the right path are the . It is akin to a situation. who has given up her self-respect for some paltry gains. even though they combine together for the purpose. where you enquire regarding a train from a porter and once you received the information you alight on him instead! Hence. on whom you call besides Allah. All-Might” To think of. And if the fly snatched away a thing from them. the idols should have worshipped humans. they would have no power to release it from the fly. hence instead of humans worshipping idols (his creation). Thus it is impertinent to worship idols instead of the Supreme Lord. Allah is All-Strong. so listen to it (carefully): Verily! Those. cannot create (even) a fly. So weak are(both) the seeker and the sought. A Thought to Ponder On Many a people worship the Gurus who have shown the path of God to them. stands in front of Lord worst than a prostitute. Idol Worship prohibited in Holy Quran There is an example presented in Holy Quran which is worth reflecting on: “O mankind! A similitude has been coined. Verily. They have not estimated Allah His Rightful Estimate. owing to which they claim they have received mercy of the Lord. who has given us innumerable resources for our sustenance can accept any partners to him? A human who indulges in worshipping any other deity other than Him.angels.

but should never be confused with real God. Hence. The argument is very shallow – can anyone look at a dog and claim that he uses it to think of his father. There is only one God without any Parallel or Partner or any Subordinate or any Intermediary. If one tries to limit the Merciful. Strongest and most Gracious Lord in weak idol of clay will it strengthen or weaken once faith? The conclusion is that those who make any partner to Supreme Lord are committing biggest sin for which they will never be forgiven and will have to spend an eternity in Hell. The Biggest Virtue is Faith The biggest virtue. hence only he should be revered and no one else. on humans there is only one benefactor. all the materialistic gains will be rendered useless but what will matter the most will be the fruits of Good Deeds we have done in the name of Allah.intermediaries only who help us in our search of knowledge. When he alone is worthy of worship then only he should be worshipped. After death. our gains and losses. Allah. He is the one who is Lord of our destiny. best deed and best act is “Faith”. One who steals or snatches from others is a wrongdoer. Similarly. Few brothers also claim that the idols are used for lesser humans to concentrate on the Godhead. a meaningful life is the one where we follow what He has commanded and those who do not follow can’t be called truthful. . We should spend life given by Him the way He wills. Virtuous is the one who shares with others what is rightfully theirs.

hearing. One who does that and act to be a virtuous person is like a bandit robbing someone of his riches and then returning measly amount in order to look honest. Owing to the limitations of his senses his mind is also limited – it can’t imagine or understand beyond a boundary. which is Islam. all others are irrelevant” The frailness of human is in his limitation – of sight. The Holy Quran has stated: “There is only one religion of Allah. how should we worship. which states that only the Supreme Lord should be worshipped and we should follow his commands. What kind of Life God wants us to lead. True Religion Right from beginning there was only one religion. which are the deeds. what is life after death. tasting and feeling. .Our creator has right of our worship and he shouldn’t be denied of the same. which will lead to Heaven or Hell? Such questions cant be answered by human mind. Honesty and Virtue is in believing and worshipping the sole creator and spending every precious moment of the transitory life given by Him in fulfilling his commands. Other than that.

On the other hand they have tried to stop the biggest Sin. regions and century. They are also termed as Avtaars. Such Messengers / Prophets are selected by God specially for conveying his message for benefit of Humankind. They have taken birth in al towns. He also . from hands of mankind time and again. the followers in their ignorance missed them and used to grieve. They were governed by God’s Law of Life and Death. God has been kind to send his messengers on Earth who preached How to Live and Worship the God. The Beginning of Idol Worship Those innumerable prophets who had graced this earth and their followers both were mortals as other humans. Satan saw this as a great opportunity to corrupt the believers. This creates a rift in your faith and one ends up worshipping the prophets/avatars instead of the Supreme Lord. Worshipping anyone else other than Lord.Prophet of God Considering human’s shortcomings. After their demise. To assume them to be God or God has manifested himself as human is superstition and a great sin. which means those who come to Earth but not Manifestations of God. which couldn’t have been thought correctly by human’s limited mind. hence they perished like other humans. Such great people are called as Prophets or Messengers. None of the Prophets have propagated anyone else’s worship other than His. All of them taught to believe and worship the only Lord and asked to live our lives as per His Laws and Commands (Shariat). He went to people and showed his fake sympathy.

those . our destiny is only determined by our Lord’s wish and finally the Shariat(Law of Life) which has been reveled should be lived. Initially the people would come to see the idol whenever they missed their Prophets. should be revered and followed. all the prophets should be believed in. that the prophets. Hence.there is only one God. the revelations. Satan declared that if you bow your head in reverence in front of the idols then they would bless you. Till then people already started loving the idol and they started worshipping them. The merciful Lord sent many a Prophets to correct the human behavior. As the time passed. none but He should be worshipped. All the prophets and the revelations they disclosed were true and one should have faith on the same. Owing to this they got corrupted by Satan and started indulging in Shirk. They have time and again maintained that none should be made His partners. believe in the eternal life after this temporary life on Earth. When a human. which you have received via them. Messages of Prophets All the prophets who came had same base for the religion . bows to an idol of clay then he loses the mercy of Lord spending his afterlife in Hell. those who understood the sin and stopped it received God’s forgiveness while others perished.volunteered to make clay idols of the Prophets as their remembrance. should not be worshipped. for whom the world has been made by Creator. It is only essential. who have time and again preached about one Lord and warned us against committing Shirk.

As he grew older he was known for his honesty and virtue. His father died few months before his birth and mother too died after some time. Prior to Prophet Mohammed’s time all the revelations have got corrupted and many a times scriptures have also been changed. The Last Prophet – Hazrat Mohammed It’s an invaluable truth that all the prophets and the scriptures foretold about the last Prophet. This is the grace of God so that not even a single human can claim ignorance of this truth. the last saint Mohammed Rasulallah Sallallahu Allahi Wa Sallam (peace be upon him) was born in Mecca in South Arab. An Introduction of Hazrat Mohammed Almost 1400 years back. People would leave behind their . It is an argument for the truth of Islam that inspite of all the corruption. which has happened in various scriptures this prophecy has been intact in them. His grandfather and his uncle looked him after. In these scriptures the birth time. He was loved by one and all in Mecca. *For further details please read Pt Vedprakash Upadhyay’s books – Kalki Avtaar aur Muhammed Saahab and Narashansh aur Antim Rishi.religious leaders who have propagated idol worship or polytheism were not prophets or their message got corrupted with time. in Bible as Pharkleet and Ahmat and in Buddhism as last Buddha. in Purana as Kalki. place and other signs were revealed. They also warned that after the revelations brought by last prophet all the previous revelations will be rendered meaningless and one should follow only what has be preached by him. In Vedas he has been mentioned as Narashansh*.

on seeing him everyone cheered in unison and accepted him to place the Holy Stone. Once they reached there. women exploitation. there were 360 idols of various deities. he requested Leader of every group to hold a corner of the sheet and carry it towards the wall. With this he was made a prophet with the responsibility to spread command of Allah regarding monotheism. Class discrimination. Further. in Arab.valuables with his safekeeping. whenever he went on a journey people grieved on his absence and overjoyed on his return. he picked the stone and placed it. He was a unanimous leader. the people suggested those who would be virtuous should get the honor to place the Holy Stone in the corner of a wall. then Allah started revealing the Quran to him via an angel. Many a people jumped for the opportunity and they started infighting amongst them. It was subsequently suggested that the first person visiting Kaaba will get to do the honors. Prophet Mohammed was the first person to visit Kaaba that day. which is a holy place of Allah was being rebuilt at that time. Kaaba. He would often resolve arguments between people. exploitation of poors by high interest rates. . During that time. spread a sheet and placed the stone on it. infighting among people and many other issues were prevalent When he turned 40. But Prophet Mohammed. true to his nature. indulgence in gambling and alcohol. By God’s grace.

The more he called people towards the truth. Later he called them towards Islam and asked them to shun idol worship. Still he always prayed to Allah for their well being. by putting a noose on their necks and stoning them. Further. he asked everyone. which try to break age-old myths. when he went to the town of Taeef he was humiliated by the inmates who cussed and stoned him. making them lie on fire. The non believers tortured his followers by beating.The Voice of Truth He once stood on a peak of mountain and called everyone. more the animosity grew in their hearts. the residents of Mecca who respected you for 40 years turned against him when he started your preaching. This leads to their ultimate downfall. which is a sure path towards Hell. Once in grief. will they believe if he said that there was a very strong army behind the mountain who is ready to attack them? Everyone cried back in unison that they believed him. People came running to his invite since the call came from a true and honest person. Whenever he tried to rest the . A Human Weakness Humans have an essential weakness that they end up blindly following the right and wrong actions of their ancestors. They turn deaf to arguments. Hurdles and Tests Owing to the above-mentioned weakness.

He also specified that he was the last prophet and there wont be any other after him. Prophet Mohammed went for Hajj with approximately 1. The Last Legacy Few years before his death.kids running behind him would stone him more. truth always prevails and even in this case was no exception. Truth Prevails End of the day. saying after death when they are asked whether he could spread God’s Religion (Deen) and Truth to all what will be their reply? Everyone said. he ordered others to take Islam to those who were still ignorant of the truth.25 Lacs people. It brought with it a revolution in the rest of the world. Due to the hostile environment in Mecca he had to leave it and go to Madina. Then he gave his last legacy to everyone. you be the Witness!” Then. . there too he faced many a hurdles. That he was the last Narashansh and last Kalki avatar that everyone was waiting for. At that he pointed his finger towards sky and said it thrice that “Oh God. Inspite of such humiliations and pain he always prayed for their forgiveness. without doubt he could achieve what he had intended to. Islam was accepted by all in Arab. After 23 years of sincere and selfless efforts put in by Prophet Mohammed. He would pray that they are ignorant and are unaware of their actions. which marked the end of idol worship and class discrimination while the true followers increased in numbers.

this world can be considered as a womb and with out death we are born in the eternal life where we will get to see everything in front of us. We can also understand it with an example of an infant in womb. If you reveal to the infant that after coming out of womb he will cry. Similarly. that we cant see any life after death and subsequently any Hell or Heaven. Two Questions Many a people will think now. all the religion and scriptures have explained regarding Hell and Heaven from which it can be concluded that the concept of Heaven and Hell is endorsed by all religions. once he is born he will get to see everything as said. It is called as Faith in Islam and one who doesn’t practice the same will burn in Hellfire for an eternity. Nevertheless. . will drink milk. Hence why should one believe it? In this relation. will get to see a lot of world still he will never believe it.It is mentioned in Quran that those who have received the books recognize him as a mother will recognize her son. doesn’t make partners to him and who believes Prophet Mohammed to be the last messenger and follows the revelation he had brought with him. Though few corrupts would try to hide the truth from others Every Human’s Responsibility Every human is bound by the religious and humanitarian responsibility that he follows only one Lord.

There Is Only One True Religion It wont be wrong to say that all the religions lead to the same God. Further. All Indians are supposed to follow the latest rules. Lal Bahadur Shashtri. There is a very simple answer to that. Rajeev Gandhi. All of the policies were true still an old rule or policy is overridden by a new one. Second Question The second question which may occur to you is that if all the other religions and scriptures were true then why one needs to accept Islam. Jawaharlal Nehru. the mankind was forgetful in remembering the truth and ended up innovating new methods of worshipping while deviating from truth. Similarly. There . Indira Gandhi. They reigned during various time frames and they brought in new rules and policies based on the requirements at that time. all the religions and religious scriptures were true and all of them points to the last prophet and final revelation. By God’s grace we received a final revelation and the onus is on humankind to make the most of it. there were many real prime ministers – Pt. who says he would follow Indira Gandhi’s rules and not the new rules will be considered a criminal in the eyes of law. the truth is endorsed by Quran whose validity has been accepted both by believers and non-believers equally.The description of Heaven and Hell has been revealed to us by that honest man whose archenemy also never dared to call him a liar. Any Indian. if you think of Indian Parliament and Constitution. Inspite of the previous revelations. There maybe more than one ways but only a single destination. V P Singh and others.

can be innumerable lies but only one truth. One More Question Skeptics may also ask that is there any proof that Hazrat Mohammed was a Prophet and the last messenger of Allah? The truth is obvious. Right from beginning. who never lied in his personal life how can he lie to anyone regarding God. various shades of darkness but only one glorious light. All the previous prophesies mentioned by earlier Prophets and Scriptures pointed at him. Residents of his town would swear by his name. Even his enemies and non believer historians never claimed that Prophet Mohammed ever lied to anyone. there has been only one true religion. The religion never changed even though the laws changed with time as per God’s commands. Also. Entire human race is one and their lord is only one. The person. . which has been as transparent as his. had a life. He himself said that he was the last Prophet and no one will come after him. Quran is God’s Book. Prophet Mohammed’s life is open for scrutiny by all. The arguments put forward by it couldn’t be challenged by anyone. No one in this world. first of all. It is clearly mentioned in Quran that there is only one faith of Allah which is Islam. It clearly declares Prophet Mohammed to be the last Prophet.

since there is no return after Day of Judgment. Once one layer of our skin is burnt we will receive a new skin. . a true Hindu who believes in his scriptures should surely follow Islam. who inspite of being an animal is at least loyal to his master. He will never get another chance and worst still he will not even get another death even if he pleads for that. it is clearly mentioned in Vedas and Puranas that one should follow the religion revealed by Narashansh and Kalki (respectively). then we can imagine the enormity of Hell Fire. The faith is more important for the afterlife. It is human’s responsibility to be true to his lord and be loyal and steadfast towards him. which seventy times hotter than fire. This torture will last for eternities. The Need Of Faith Islam and Faith are needed both for this world and Life Hereafter. If a single spark touches our body then we shriek in pain. Hence. At that time he will repent for the sins he had committed in the worldly life. Since. One who pursues anyone else other than him is worse than a dog. If a man dies without faith in this world then he would always burn in Hell Fire.Thoughts of Pd Shri Ram Sharma Pt Shri Ram Sharma has written that one who doesn’t accept Islam and doesn’t believe in Prophet Mohammed cant be considered to be a Hindu.

. So lets make our Lord our witness and pray to the God: “Ashahdu Allah Ilaha Illallahu Wa Ashadu Anna Muhammed Abdhu Wa Rasuluhu. everyone has to go in front of the Lord. Without faith both this life and the life hereafter will be futile. Lets now shun from atheism. One day. at that time we will be questioned and judged on our faith. Now readers. this life is unreliable.Dear Readers My dear readers. Even I have a hidden interest that when I would be judged on my efforts to spread the truth. I hope that the true words which I have shared with you are agreeable and acceptable to you. if you lead your life with true faith then you will get to know regarding the beautiful returns. Sallallahu Allahi Wa Sallam” Meaning: I am the Witness that there is no one else worth worshipping other than the God. associating partners with him and all other sins and also resolve to be obedient to the Lord’s commands and follow Prophet Mohammed’s path. Before death It is our responsibility that we fulfill the biggest responsibility given to us. I will also pray to our Merciful and Gracious Lord that we follow the right path till our last breath. he has no partners and Hazrat Mohammed Sallallahu Allahi Wa Sallam is a real Prophet and true believer of God.you never know when the death will arrive. My dear readers.

Similarly. God is most pleased with the one who becomes a medium to spread Faith to others. its only human to save our brothers from Hell Fire. who has received the revelations of Quran and the Prophet. Hence its your duty to bring this truth to them in the most selfless and sincere manner so that they would be saved from the perils of Hell Fire. Can you consider yourself a human if a blind falls into a pit in front of you and you never even warned him? If a blind is forewarned then he will take an alternate course and be saved. you may be tested but believe me - Truth Prevails. A true believer. . For those fruits the tribulations of this world don’t even matter. If a single non-believer finds the right path then you have done justice to your responsibility.Test of Faith Due to your Faith and Islam. Also pray from your lord that everyone is blessed with this truth. should sincerely put in efforts to show true light to nonbelievers so that they get to correct their path. Faith and Islam are rights of every human even though he may be currently ignorant about it. A truth told from a sincere heart and when told with full compassion brings in change in the hearts of people. Your Responsibility One more thing. Even if in this whole life you face tremendous hurdles and obstructions keep patience for Life Hereafter will bring in bounties of Heaven and the everlasting joy of being able to see the Lord.

then you should perform Salat (Namaz) five times a day.After You Receive Faith Once you have accepted Islam. Gambling. cherish all the lawful things commanded by Allah. One should read Quran regularly and follow the laws of Hygiene and Cleanliness. In the holy month of Ramdaan. One should learn it and practice it. One should also pray that our relatives. Those who can afford should go for Hajj once in his lifetime. Abraham could jump into fire only because of his faith hence he came out unscathed. that you shouldn’t bow in front of anyone else but Allah. Since faith is the only hope we have for our this life and Life Hereafter.com Ahmed A. It will bring peace and will increase love towards Allah. Dalvi . one should fast daily. Further. Be warned.dalvi@gmail. Alcohol. Also. Pork Meat. The same faith can help us in crossing every hurdle and help us in achieving our final destination For More Details Please Contact Ahmed. friends and all the humans residing in this Earth should die after accepting the Faith. Interest. Bribery and other unlawful things are banned and you should never indulge in the same.

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