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National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena

- Established to enhance aviation safety and scientific knowledge -

Executive Advisors February 25, 2011

Dr. Bernard Haisch
Larry Lemke Letter to all NARCAP Personnel:
Brian E. Smith
Dr. Jacques Vallee
I am very pleased to be able to announce to you that NARCAP has now signed
Executive Staff an official joint-cooperation and research agreement with the government
Ted Roe, Executive Director research organization of Chile, CEFAA (Committee for the Study of Anomalous
Dr. Richard F. Haines, Chief Scientist Aerial Phenomena). It is a credit not only to the leadership of the Director of
CEFAA, General Ricardo Bermudez, in seeking out this agreement with us but
National Technical Specialists also to NARCAP researchers who have earned respect for their diligent research
Joel Bartlett, Meteorology as we seek to understand the source of UAP incidents and attempt to mitigate the
Capt. Neil Daniels, Airline pilot (ret.) effects of those incidents on aviation operations.
Susan V. Dreiske, Inform. Syst./Tech.
Capt. Robert Durant, Airline pilot (ret.) There is much more to come from this agreement. We are working on new
James McClenahen, ATC (ret.) and exciting programs as well as developing a peer technical report review team.
Robert Stahl, Flight Instructor It is possible that this agreement could expand to include other official research
Dr. David Swift, Sociology teams from other countries as well.
International Technical Specialists If you have been an active NARCAP member, please continue with your
Dr. John-Carlos Cardoso, Portugal most welcome contributions. If you have yet to do some research or engage in
Rogerio Chola, Brasil some aspect of NARCAP business please step up and volunteer. You are now
Dr. Anthony Choy Montes, Peru part of something new and unprecedented and your contributions are encouraged.
Col. Roberto Doz, ret. Italy Please contact Dr. Haines for research projects or myself if you are interested in
Don Ledger, Canada participating in the administrative and diplomatic end of things.
Paul Norman, Australia
Gustavo Rodriquez, Chile
Dr. Vladimir Rubtsov, Ukraine Congratulations one and all and thank you, again.
Alfonso Salazar, Mexico
Dr. Erling Strand, Norway
Clas Svahn, Sweden
Illobrand von Ludwiger, Germany Ted Roe
V.-J. Ballester Olmos, Spain Executive Director
Ricardo Vilchez, Costa Rica
Dominique Weinstein, France

cc: all staff


Attachments. Cover letter from Gen. Bermudez

Agreement (transcription)