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Duty and responsibility

1.1. About your job description (write in detail)

- In this role, I will be responsible for developing relationships with existing and
prospective users of the platform, which are SMEs.
- Identify users leads, to follow up with user enquiries and complete user
acquisition process
- To be responsible for achieving user acquisition objectives and targets
- Build strong relationships internally and externally to enhance overall team’s
performance and effectiveness

1.2. Describe your daily task or routine

i. User Support
- Managed to call all New User to complete their profile such as Pending
Products and Services and New User.
- Able to help the user that facing problem or difficulties using Qu Exchange

ii. Complaints Report

- Every day I do a checking for complaints report and I call the complainee get
the reason why the complainant make a report and settle the issue.

iii. Enquiry
- Call/WhatsApp and remind user to accept the inquiry

iv. Monitoring Backend.

- Inactive Fake Account
- Call New User to setup their profile.

v. House Keeping
- Monitoring the office cleanliness.

1.3. List your official targets in 2018

2. Accomplishment

2.1. List accomplishments in 2018

2.2. Describe accomplishments in detail

2.3. List your results vs official targets in 2018

3. Challenges

3.1. List challenges faced in 2018

i. Handle admin job after combined office. (i.e: Office Etiquettes).
ii. Handle a lot’s of pending Enquiry.
iii. More complaint by our user

3.2. List solutions to overcome the challenges

i. Keep remind each other to take care of our office.
ii. Keep remind the user by call and WhatsApp.
iii. Solve the problem by calling both party and get the answer.

4. Improvement

4.1. List area of growth and improvement

i. Punctuality
ii. Communication with other’s
iii. Give more idea

5. Problem Solving

5.1. List practical approaches to solving problems

i. Call users to get all information to solve the complaints report.
ii. Able to help user when they facing problem/error during use Qu Exchange.

6. Productivity

6.1. Level compared to standard output

7. Special Project

7.1. List special projects handled in 2018

i. Syariah Compliance for Qu Exchange
ii. Sales Training Program
8. Creativity

8.1. List Initiates and executions

8.2. New ideas and approaches

i. More campaign / roadshow
ii. Continue event ‘Financing Dilemma’

9. Innovation

9.1. List Initiates and executions

9.2. New innovations and approaches

9.3. Promote innovations (list example)

i. Using Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
ii. Billboards advertisement

10. Learning Ability

10.1. List learning experience
i. Human Resource
ii. Upgrade communication skills
iii. Better time management
11. Time Management

11.1. List your routine and special project deadlines

i. Update with client about the project that I handle
ii. Deadline to complete – 2 weeks settle.

11.2. List the number of times your have not met the deadline
i. Around 15%.

12. Team work and cooperation

12.1. Describe how you cooperate with other colleagues or departments

i. I always cooperate with production departments.
ii. Eating together – Nasi Ayam.
iii. Listen to other’s opinion.

12.2. Describe how you build professional relationship with colleagues

i. Joining every sports club activity
ii. Participate Company Event
iii. Lunch together in office with top management (Nasi Ayam)
iv. Involve every meeting before make decisions.

13. Feedbacks/comment/input/suggestions
i. Suggestion
- Increase the incentive.
- Sports tournament
- Team Building
- Best department every 2 months
ii. Feedbacks
- Hope this year I will learn a lots of thing.
- Hope achieve the target that we planning for this year