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Name: ________________________________________ Date:______________________________CHAPTER 1-2

1. True or false. Correct the false sentence:

Pem is nearly 70 years old.

Pem thinks young people can´t live without technology.

Hadrian’s wall is a short park in England.

The wall is 80 milles.

The path went along a river and through the city of New York.

The first day; the boys were really tired.

The firs night, the boys didn´t miss their home and their phones.

They went to the best Roman bath house along the wall.

Jack bought a souvenir Roman book.

The second day, It rained and the path was wet and muddy.

The boys sat and watched the stream the second night.

They found a dead dog.

2. Translate:

Wall Sin Lamp Suelo

Dead Walk Hammer Cena

Challenge Pointed Through Nice

Complain Army Edificios Spring

Noise Along Detrás Across

Enviar Maybe Stove Hill

Abuelo Norte Field Fort

Responder Peligroso Farm Bath

Safe Fuerte Stopped Ruinas

Map Follow Sky Rio

Holidays Path Sleeping bag Jumped

Corner Back Campsite Tired

Desk Tent Packed up Souvenir

Broma Backpack Breakfast Coin

Viejo Full Pot Libro

Emperador Cloud Torch Between

Strange Sound Muddy Rubbed

Village Tienda de campaña Wet Heavy

Stream Warm Wind

3. Who say “It’s safe. We can go back to sleep”

“Pem is complainingabout us again” “But we’ll carry them easily”

“Is he standing on his head again?” “My pack’s full too”

“Toy don’t know much about the real world” “My legs are tired. My arms are tired. My back is tires.
My face is tired”
“Tell Pem to give us a challenge and we’ll do it”
“Oh, my back, It’s really sore.”
“You can walk the wall”
“Do you really want to go home? And see Pem?”
“We can do it easily. But we don’t want to do it”
“Now, let’s go to the fort at Chesters”
“We’ll prove it to you”
“My shoes are full of water. We need to stop”
“There is a lot of water, isn´t it?”
4. Complete:

Pem _____ a mile every morning.

Young people only know about computer games and _____________________.

Hadrian was the Roman ___________.

The __________ __________ built the wall.

Jack and Mitchell will have to walk for ______ days.

The path went through fields and ______.

The _______ day, they stopped in a field at a farm.

The first day they had dinner _________.

It was a nice ________ day and the boys started to enjoy the ______.

On the ____ was the head of the __________ Hadrian.

He ___________ to the fort on the map.

There were a lot of _______ and small _________.

The ________ was full of wet _____ and ______ from their shoes.

It was the body of a _____ man.

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