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From the ACA Album “FROM ELVIS IN MEMPHIS” IN THE GHETTO (The Vicious Circle) Words ond Music by MAC DAVIS. As the snow flies A e oe a \# 2 * cold and grey Chi-ca - go mom-in’, a poor-lit-tle ba- by child is bom In The Ghet-to. 7 3283 Copiright © 1969 by SCREEN GEMS —EM) MUSIC INC. ond ELVS PReStey MUSIC ‘his erangement Copyright © 1978 by SCREEN GEMS—EM MUSIC NC. ond ELVIS PRESLEY MUSIC Flights forthe entire ward conralied by SCREEN GEMS OM MUSIC INC. 7033 Sunsee Bc. Hollywood, Calf. 90028 Intertional Copyright Seared Mode 6 USA lights Reserved 262 > = F at ao naee = there's one thing that she don't need it's an - oth - er hun - gry mouth__ 0 feed In. The > z fae a ie ep fil fal i Peo-le,don't you un = der - stand te child needs a 2 x i i iw help - inghanT=—— or bell grow to bean any young man sane day. Take a Took at 3283 ae Or > we simp -ly tum our heads. ‘and look the oth-er way? Well, the world tums__ And ® ckm D E A ae ES nn a A ‘hungry litte boy with a run- ay nose plays inthe street asthe cold_wind blows In. The Ghet-to,__ iBt> ge 5 ir is And his hun-ger boris. ter |? iyger | eF Er 3283