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ME 143 1st Long Exam 2SY 2018-2019

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1. Draw the elements of the following systems, the FBDs, the differential form of the equation of
motion and the total solutions in equation form. Indicate the natural and damped natural
frequencies, and graph the motion of each system if the following initial conditions are x(0) = 0
and ẋ(0) = vo.

a) free unforced undamped spring mass system

b) underdamped unforced spring mass system
c) forced undamped system with forcing function F0cos(ωt)
d) forced underdamped system with forcing function F0sin(ωt).

2. An electric motor weighing 2,000 N and running at 720 rpm is supported on four springs in
parallel, each with a stiffness of 50,000 N/m and a damper with c = 2500 Ns/m. The rotor has a
weight of 500 N with its center of mass located at a distance of 0.0254 m from the axis of
rotation. Determine:

a) The speed at which resonance will occur.

b) The amplitude of the steady state displacement of the motor at resonance speed.
c) The amplitude of the steady state displacement of the motor at 720 rpm
d) If the motor speed is increased by 40%, how will the amplitude of the steady state
displacement change?

3. Find the natural frequency of the system shown below, where for a cantilevered beam with a
concentrated load P at the free end is

4. Determine the steady state response of the system shown above right, with two external forces
as shown acting on the mass.