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Leadership with Democratis Type

Location: Widya Mandala Hospital

In medical room Widya Mandala Hospital, that hospital already applied professional nursing
practice model and it will do a nursing round (ronde keperawatan). Before primary nurse give a
task with associate nurse, primary nurse meet with the patient to give an informed consent.

Scene 1:
(In the patient's room)
Primary nurse ask the patient's condition and ask the patient and his family about their agreement
to be nursing round's patient which is for discussing about the patient's disease and they agree
with it.
Scene 2:
(In nurse station)
Primary nurse tell associate nurse about the patient's disease which is heart failure and tell her to
do an assessment to him for know the more about the patient's problem.
Scene 3:
(In the patient's room)
Associate nurse do an assessment to the patient and the result is the patient has problem which is
like chest pain, difficult to sleep, low appetite, body image disorders and low self-esteem.

Scene 4:
(In nurse station)
Associate nurse tell primary nurse about the result and then primary nurse and associate nurse do
data validation
Scene 5:
(In the patient's room)
Primary nurse with the patient and his family, make a time contract for tomorrow to do nursing
round and they agree with it.
Scene 6:
(In nurse station) (In the next day)
Primary nurse, associate nurse, NUM, and specialist nurse do nursing round and discuss about
the patient's disease, the patient's condition, and they will do data validation to the patient.
Scene 7:
(In the patient's room)
Nursing round team ask the patient's condition to make sure about the data in yesterday.
Scene 8:
(In nurse station)
Nursing round team start to discuss again about what will they do for the patient and choose
what the best thing to do while wait the result later.

Scene 9:
(In the patient's room)
Round nursing team found a problem solved then finally they invite the patient's family to
discuss about the patient's problem which are body image disorders and low self-esteem and then
they give a way how to improve the patient's self esteem.
Scene 10:
(In nursing station)
Primary nurse delegate intervention for the patient with associate nurse. Then after that, round
nursing has been finished.