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[Any character except for the dance teachers names are all fictional characters, not portrayed
onto any real life characters intentionally, as well as the dates mentioned below].

*A crowded hospital, where lots of people are walking around.

*A baby is born and loud wailing of a baby is heard around the Hospital as the on goers stop moving to
the sound.

Narrator: On July 6th 1998, Yoosuf Irfan was born at Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital on a Thursday
afternoon. After giving birth, the parents are waiting to see their baby boy.

Doctor: Congratulations on the newborn baby. Now will everyone except the baby’s parents please
leave the room as I would like to speak to them alone.

*Everyone leaves.

Doctor: Sir, Maam we are sorry to inform you that your baby was born diagnosed with Tourette
Syndrome. This is not a life threatening condition and your baby will grow up to be a healthy boy except
for the fact that the symptoms of the condition will show throughout his daily life.

*The parents are disheartened and sad by the news and continues into a sad, contemporary dance.


*As the dance ends it shows a few years into the future.

*The boy has now grown up and is going onto 4th grade for the first time.

Mom: Hurry up son! Finish your breakfast and head outside. Your dad is waiting for you in the car.

Irfan: O-Okay mom, just a m-minute.

*He heads outside and is driven off to school.

*He walks in and due to ticks, he twitches and shakes. Causing attention all around him.

Student 1: OMG! Look at that boy, he can’t even walk.

Student 2: I know right! I feel so bad for him.

Student 3: Hey! Get out of my way!.

they signed him up for a dance class. but everyone calls me TJ and I want to be a DJ!. Tholaal Sir: Hello. What a freak! Student 8[mocking him]: Ok miss my turn! H-H-H-Hiii m-my n-name i-is C-C-Caitlyn Waters. and start mocking and teasing him. . he’s parents were concerned about him and wanted for him to find joy through art. I’m Miss Mary and I’ll be your class teacher. If any one of you teases him infront of me again they can join Johnn and Caitlyn in 2 weeks of detention. Irfan: May I come in? *Teacher nods and goes to his assigned seat.Student 4: Poor him. my name is Jen Stone and I love playing netball. I also go by EKso. *Students start laughing after hearing him stutter. So. Narrator: Irfan was constantly bullied at school and couldn’t make much friends. I want you all to introduce yourselves and tell me a little bit about you. Student 5: Hi. You guys can call me Tholaal Sir. my name is Tholaal. he can’t even talk. *He tries to ignore all the whispers and starts heading towards his class. Teacher: Good Morning students. *There he meets Choreographer Tholaal and Laii. *As the dance in the previouse scene ends. *He gets upset and slam on the table. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SCENE 4. [laughs] Teacher: HEY HEY HEY! Stop it all of you. *He walks into the class. Student 7: He can’t not only walk. Student 6: Heyyo! Wassup! My name is Taylor Joseph. continuing into an angry dance session. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SCENE 3. it shows him entering into the dance class. However. Irfan: H-Hey I’m Yoosuf I-Irfan and I have Tourette Syndrome.

he’s an amazing dancer! Dancer 5: You got some moves. today we are going to learn a hiphop dance routine. Laii miss: Irfan what you just did was remarkable! Tholaal sir: You have great potential in you. Tholaal Sir: So. my name is Laii. his chest out with full confidence in himself. Teacher: Yes. Okay ready? 5. Dancer 1: Does he even know how to dance? Dancer 2: What is he even doing here? *This time he got too upset and stands up for himself for the first time. Proving his worth in a medley dance. You all can call me Miss or Laii Miss. talk faster will you? . *They all start dancing together until class ends. You will reach higher in the future if you keep going like this. Dancer 3: Wow! That was AMAZING! Dancer 4: You guys were too quick to judge. *As the dance ends it shows him entering his class the next day. collapsing onto the floor and the kids there start to pick on him.Laii miss: Hey. Irfan: S-Stop! I can’t take it a-anymore! I want to d-dance! *He jumps up and starts dancing. Irfan? Irfan: E-Economic growth is b-based on- Student 9: Hey. *Both choreographers come close to him. 7. Teacher: Question number 10. How can we improve economic growth? Who can answer this? *He raises his hands. 6. 8! *While trying to learn the routine he gets a panic attack. while the Choreographers are very impressed with him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SCENE 5. *Kids start clapping.

Teacher: Wow Irfan! That was correct. Anything is p- possible if you keep on t-trying and have confidence i-in what you do. Don’t let a-anyone tell you what to d-do and who you a-are. Irfan: Economic growth i-is based on l-limited resources which are r-raw materials and m-man made materials. So. *As he finishes with his speech they all dance off into a celebration dance. that’s all for today. T-That’s the only t- thing that made me happy. I just wanted to fit i-in. Irfan: Please s-stop! I f-forgive you but p-please stop! *The class goes silent and he continues his answer. This trophy is something t-that I only dreamt of achieving. Class dismissed. *As this scene starts it shows the Annual Academic Report Form Day. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SCENE 6. Also. *He answers the hard question with full confidence and stuns the students with it. Principal: Now it’s the time you all have been eagerly waiting for. Everyone made fun of m-me because of how I t-talked. and stands up on to the podium. . *He goes to receive the awards and certificates. c-consumption and distribution o-of goods and r-resources. o-optimizing the production. shocking the entire school with his skills and with the highest marks is………. YOOSUF IRFAN from 4B. Okay students. I f-feel so different from e-everyone else. I stayed in m-my room. Doing what I l-love brought confidence in me. h-helping me in standing up to my b-bullies. so I stopped talking at all. w-where I found confidence in m-myself and started making f-friends. Irfan is now attending the schools report form day. I c-can’t believe that I-I received this. My m-mom found out about it and t-took me to a dance class.. good job. playing music and d-dancing to calm myself down a=as soon as I came home. Always stand up for y-yourself. *The teacher ends the class and everyone goes out. I w-would like to thank m=my parents and everyone w-who supported me a-and helped me in a-achieving what I have a-achieved today. This year’s number 1 student. I eventually started t-talking again. I h-have faced so many ch-challenges to get here.*With all the confidence in him he stands up for himself once again. Trouble s-seems to follow me everywhere I g-go because of my disability. I would like to say a few s-simple words. Thank y-you so much for listening to m-me. [LAST SCENE] Narrator: The academic year is almost over now. t-to everyone who is here to join in on my joy t-today. Irfan: T-Thank you so much f-for this award. Impressing his teacher. Do what you l-love and do what makes you h-happy.

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