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1. How to return the people’s confidence to the stock market?

2. What is the extent of the government’s participation the government?

1929 The Great Crash

1. Corporations especially those operating to provide basic necessities are tantamount in keeping a
country’s economy afloat

2. Instant gratification

3. Fueling the investing culture, stocks became the medium for those who would want to become
part of a corporation but does not have the know-how or large financial capacity to do so.

4. It is stock investments that is considered lifeblood of the corporation - but investors should not
gamble with their life savings

5. As articles of corporation is a contract between the corporation and the State, the government
also plays a part in the fate and progress of a corporation.

6. The relationship between the elite bankers and government officials - little government
supervision has adverse consequences

7. Symptoms of a market crash is to be given ample attention

8. The introduction of Securities and Exchange Commission

9. Corporations and politics