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To dig deeply into one’s pockets means..
powerful painkillers because disguise their donations to the Mr. Manafort dispatched two
K. Lalitha Bai their abuse as addictive drugs is a two funds. Federal law prohibits friends from the campaign,
Subject Expert danger for many patients. foreign contributions to federal Laurance Gay and Ken McKay,
1) as addictive drugs, their abuse is campaigns, political action to run the operation. A press
2) the abuse of such addictive committees and inaugural funds. officer said at the time that the
drugs is The line of questioning committee violated no rules
Model Questions 3) the abuse of such addictive underscores the growing scope of because the campaign never paid
drugs are criminal inquiries that pose a the two men.
Directions (Q.No.1 - 5): Read 4) the abuse of them as addictive threat to Mr. Trump’s presidency. 16. The passage is about
each sentence to find out whether drugs is The special counsel, Robert S. 1) Trump Inaugural Fund and
there is any grammatical mista- 5) No correction required Mueller III, is focusing on Super PAC said to be scruti-
ke/error in it. The error, if any, will 8. The beginning of the show alwa- whether anyone in the Trump nized for illegal foreign dona-
be in one part of the sentence. Mark ys brought in lots of money, yet campaign conspired with Russia tions.
the number of that part with error the average singer ended the sho- to tip the 2016 presidential 2) Revamping of the Federal ele-

as your answer. If there is 'No w with a decrease in what their election in Mr. Trump’s favour, ction law.
error', mark (5) as your answer. tip may be. while prosecutors in New York 3) The inaugural committee’s re-
1. It is estimated that by the end of 1) with what was a decrease in are pursuing evidence he secretly port by The Wall Street
the 21st century (1)/ the cost to what their tips were able to be Clerks
Clerks authorized illegal payments of Journal.
the average individual of going 2) having decreased that which hush money to silence accusa- 4) Foreign contributions to fede-
into space (2)/ was a fraction of their tips might be General
General English
English al tions of extramarital affairs that ral campaigns.
the current price (3)/ per 3) decreasing in their tips i c threatened his campaign. The 5) The special counsel conspi-
useful for Spe
economy ticket of transatlantic 4) with a decrease in tips other inquiry into potential foreign ring with Russia.
airplane travel. (4)/ No error (5) 5) No correction required Bank
Bank Exams
Bank Exams
Exams donations to the inaugural fund 17. A straw donor is a:
2. The suspense over the Chief 9. Because memory weakens with and the super PAC is yet another 1) A person who legally uses
Minister's face in Rajasthan will age, for the experiment to be front being pursued by multiple money to make a political
continue for one more day, (1)/ as valid, it is important that a group 12. Choosing a small, fuel-efficient teams of prosecutors. Thomas J. contribution in his own name.
the newly elected Congress to be tested for drug induced car is a _____ purchase for a Barrack Jr., a billionaire financier 2) A person who raises funds.
Legislature Party (CLP) (2)/ fails memory loss be compared with a recent college graduate. and one of Mr. Trump’s closest 3) A person who illegally uses
to reach a consensus after adopt- control group. 1) corrupt 2) tedious friends, raised money for both another person's money to
ing a one-line resolution (3)/ in 1) being tested for memory loss 3) unhallowed funds. Tom has never talked with make a political contribution
its first meeting convened here induced by drugs are compa- 4) sardonic 5) judicious any foreign individual or entity in their own name.
on Wednesday. (4)/ No error (5) red with 13. Such a ______ violation of for the purposes of raising money 4) A person who is pursued by
3. His suit of armor made the knight 2) being tested for drug induced school policy should be punished for or obtaining donations related multiple teams of prosecutors.
invulnerable (1)/ to his enemy’s memory loss should be com- by nothing less than ______. to either the campaign, the inaug- 5) A person who illegally pays
attack, (2)/ and he was able to pared to 1) copious, removing uration or any such political money to silence accusations
escape (3)/ safe to his castle. (4)/ 3) being tested for drug induced 2) flagrant, expulsion activity,” said Owen Blicksilver, of extramarital affairs.
No error (5) memory loss are to be compa- 3) raucous, excursion a spokesman for Mr. Barrack. 18. As per the passage how does the
4. Chief executives of public sector red to 4) nominal, transfer The inaugural committee focus inquiry affect Trump?
banks, (1)/ met the new Reserve 4) that is to be tested for drug 5) morose, eviction was reported earlier on Thursday 1) It affects Mr. Trump’s closest
Bank of India (RBI) Governor induced memory loss are to be 14. With all of the recent negative by The Wall Street Journal. The friends who raised money for
Shaktikanta Das on Thursday, comparable with events in Sneha’s life, she felt super PAC, Rebuilding America both funds.
(2)/ requested the central bank to 5) No correction required ______ forces must be at work. Now, was formed in the summer 2) Mr. Trump’s presidential
relax the prompt corrective 10. As the journalist left to interview 1) resurgent of 2016 when Mr. Trump’s campaign was short of cash
action norms (3)/ on the ground the convicted murderer, she was 2) premature 3) malignant presidential campaign was short and out of favor with many
that it was hurting credit off-take. advised of the man’s short tem- 4) punctilious of cash and out of favor with major Republican donors.
(4)/ No error (5) per, told she should not anger 5) antecedent many major Republican donors. 3) Mr. Trump insisted that he
5. Misfiring and error-prone (1)/ him, and was given a tape 15. The _____ rumors did a great While Mr. Trump insisted that he could finance his own
India’s Hockey team (2)/ paid the recorder. deal of _____ even though they could finance his own campaign, campaign.
price (3)/ as it crashes out of the 1) told she should not anger him, turned out to be false. he refused to dig too deeply into 4) The enquiry poses a threat to
World Cup. (4)/ No error (5) and 1) bemused, injure his own pockets. According to Mr.Trump’s presidency.
2) that she should not angered 2) prosaic, dent several of the people familiar 5) He is confident of coming out
Directions (Q.No.6 - 10):Which him and 3) apocryphal, damage with the investigation, Paul as a clean slate and not
of the phrases (1), (2), (3), and (4) 3) should not anger him, and was 4) ebullient, harm Manafort, who then headed the severely affected.
given below each sentence should 4) that she should not anger him, 5) tantamount, scratch campaign, suggested that Mr. 19. To dig deeply into one’s pockets
replace the phrase underlined in the and was Barrack step into the void by means:
sentence to make it grammatically 5) No correction required Directions (Q.No.16 - 20) Read creating and raising funds for the 1) To make someone work hard
correct? If there is no error mark the following passage carefully and political action committee, which for your benefit.
(5) No correction required as your Directions (Q.No.11 - 15): Each answer the questions given below it. could collect unlimited amounts 2) To utilize the resources
answer. question below has a blank/ two Certain words have been printed in of money as long as it avoided available.
6. Although he is as brilliant as, if blanks, each blank indicating that bold to help you locate them while coordinating closely with the 3) To utilize others resources.
not more brilliant than, many of something has been omitted. Choose answering some of the questions. candidate. In an interview with 4) Raise funds for election
his fellow students, he is very the word/ set of words from the five Federal prosecutors are examining investigators a year ago, Mr. purpose illegally.
lazy and his thesis will be options for each blank that best fits the whether foreigners illegally Barrack said that Mr. Manafort 5) To spend a lot of one's money
unfinished. meaning of the sentence as a whole. funneled donations to President seemed to view the political 20. The antonym of disguise is:
1) he is very lazy with his thesis 11. To find out what her husband Trump’s inaugural committee committee as an arm of the 1) Obscure 2) Camouflage
remaining unfinished. bought for her birthday, Sujatha and a pro-Trump super PAC in campaign, despite laws meant to 3) Vague
2) he is very lazy and will not attempted to ___ his family hopes of buying influence over prevent such coordination, 4) Reveal 5) Indistinct
finish his thesis. members about his recent American policy, according to according to a person familiar
3) he is very lazy and will shopping ____. people familiar with the inquiry. with the interview. Federal KEY
finishing his thesis. 1) prescribe, trips The inquiry focuses on whether election law requires a cooling- 1) 3 2) 3 3) 4 4) 2 5) 4
4) he is very lazy and his thesis 2) probe, excursions people from Middle Eastern off period of at least 120 days 6) 2 7) 2 8) 4 9) 5 10) 1
will been unfinished. 3) alienate, spree nations — including Qatar, Saudi before campaign staff members 11) 2 12) 5 13) 2 14) 3 15) 3
5) No correction required 4) converge, binge Arabia and the United Arab join a political committee
16) 1 17) 3 18) 4 19) 5 20) 4
7. Doctors are loath to prescribe 5) revere, splurge Emirates — used straw donors to backing the same candidate, but