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From: “Be My Valentine My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme from "Titanic”) by JAMES HORNER Lyrics by WILL JENNINGS Published Under License From Sony/ATV Music Publishing ‘© 1997 FAMOUS MUSIC CORPORATION, ENSIGN MUSIC CORPORATION, T’C F MUSIC PUBLISHING, INC, FOX FILM, MUSIC CORPORATION and BLUE SKY RIDER SONGS All Rigs foe BLUE SKY RIDER SONGS Administered by IRVING MUSIC, INC. (MI) ‘Worldude pra sight (exloding US. & Canad) adanseved by WARNER BROS, PUBLICATIONS US. INC. | IMP (UK) LTD. and RONDOR MUSIC INTERNATIONAL All Rights Reserved Used by Permision Authorized for use by Mitchell Holland NOTICE: Purchasers of this musical file are entitled to use it for thee personal enjoyment and musical fulfilment, However, ny duplication, adaptation. aranging andior transmission ofthis copyrighted musie requires the written Spin incor Und Sores AERA aA TCH MESSEO HE treat ona MY HEART WILL GO ON (Love Theme from “Titanic” Wn he Paramolit and Twentieth Century Fox Motion Picture TITANIC Lyries by Music by WILL TENNINGS JAMES HORNER Moderately fast Cem B B cam B B E BFE ty night reams 61997 FAMOUS MUSIC CORFORATION, ENSIGN MUSIC CORFORATION, T.C F MUSIC PUBLISHING, INC., FOX FIEM MUSIC CORPORATION ca BLUE SKY RIDER SONGS AllRigts PBLLE SRY RIDER SONGS mineral by IRVING MUSIC. INC, (BM) ‘arlduie rt ah (ensacag US. & Camda) adaaleed by WARNER BROS, PUBLICATIONS USING" IND (UK) LTD. std RONDOR MUSIC INTERNATIONAL Authorized for use by Mitehel! Holland BFE E BFE tance BFE toveen s have comet A Gem cy Authorized for use by Mitehel! Holland