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Best practice in teacher Education Educational

Mr.Pravin K Makwana
Principal Anganaka Primary school Ta: Mahuva Dist : Bhavnagar.


Educational Technology is a scientific technique of
attaining educational objectives. The scope of “Educational Technology is related to proper
educational technology is not limited to setting the organization of learning situations to proper
objectives but it also defines them in behavioral organization of learning situations which makes the
terms. Educational Technology is not a new teaching instrucation most effective of teaching and testing.”
technique or method like montensary and
kindergarten. But it is a science of developing
different teaching strategies to fulfill educational “Educational Technology is the use of a Scientific
specific objective to a large extent. Educational process in the situations of human learning.”
technology also develops such strategies.The desired
activities and means are to be organized in the - Cox
educational process and the process of learning and
teaching has to face many situations. The social, Educational Technology is regarded as a behavioral or
political and educational thinkers determine the practical study. It makes educational objectives, subject
teaching objective keeping in view many relevant – matter, method, teaching – aids, students behavior,
aspects and values of society. The educational the instructor’s technique and their usually relationship
technology after determining the teaching - more effective.
learning strategy for achieving these objectives and
then implement it. -Tasking


Keyword: Educational technology
3.1. Input
• Students Capacity, achievement and motivation
Usually the educational technology is regarded as
level relating to the previous knowledge.
teaching-machine or Programmed Instruction, some
people regard it as a method of writing the educational • The understanding of the students about the
objective in the terms of behavioral changes and the use language of the previous instruction.
of Audiovisual teaching aids. Thus, educational
technology is being defined in many forms. But the • The teaching ability and Teachers training method.
right concept of technology may be clear from the • The availability and the skill of use of the teaching
following definitions. aids.

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January 2019 | Vol. 1 Issue. 8

3.2. Teaching – learning Process 4.TYPES OF EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY

• To create situation favorable for presenting the 4.1. Hardware Approach

subject – matter systematically.
This technology is also called as Hardware approach or
• To select suitable teaching strategies and audio-visual approach. It has developed with the help of
techniques for create dissert learning situations. physics and Engineering. The use of machines is
Educational Technology. The teaching machines are
• The effective use of suitable teaching aids to
used to make the teaching learning process or teaching
facilitate desired behavioral changes in the student.
• To select suitable communication techniques so
4.2. Software Approach
that the subject –matter may be intelligible to the
students. It is called Instructional technology. Teaching
Technology and Behavioral technology. This approach
• To use different techniques of motivation so that the
does not use teaching machines but it uses the
students remain attentive and active.
principles of learning to bring about the desired
• The teacher –taught relation should be congenial changes in the students. It is used to prepare a specially
for the learning process. prepared curriculum effectively.

• The mutual relation of the students should be 4.3. System Analysis

normal to make the teaching process effective.
It has been widely used in educational management. It
3.3. Out come studies the administrative and management problems in
a scientific and quantitative way. The solution of the
• To evaluate recording to the nature of the subject- problems is done on the basis of scientifically collected
matter. dates and evidence. It has also made the educational
• To elaborate the objectives achieved and to create system, administration and management more effective
suitable the objectives achieved and to create and economical.
suitable situations for evaluating them. 5.DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY IN
• To use evaluation techniques according to the INDIA
analysis of the objectives presented. Before discussion the development of two
• To prepare test-items according to the desired misunderstanding in this respect. First is that we have
reactions of the students. made a lot of progress in the field of education
technology. Yet there are a large number of primary
3.4. Objectives of Educational technology schools without having a teacher and many schools do
not have a blackboard. Under such pathetic conditions
• The determination of teaching-objectives and to
write them in behavioral terms. how can we think of educational technology? But we
should not forget that the technology has affected our
• The analysis of student’s behavior. whole life. So how can education be not affected by it?

• The organization of the subject-matter to be caught. “The media born of the communication revolution which
can be used for instructional purpose alone or in
• Presentation of the subject-matter.
combination with the teacher, textbook and blackboard
• Evaluation of student’s achievement. called education technology”

• Rein more forcemeat-techniques.

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January 2019 | Vol. 1 Issue. 8

5.1. Teacher and training 6.2. Models of memory level of teaching

Teaching aims at formatting good habits in the students 1. Objective

while training develops and shapes these habits. Both
2. Structure
these concepts are closely related to each other but they
are not similar. In fact training is closely related to 3. Social system
conditioning process. Thus training prepares artisans.
The training can not had a trainee to attain higher level 4. Evaluation
of teaching. 6.3. Objective
5.2. Teaching and Instruction 1. Training of mental aspect
Instruction is one of the activities involved in teaching 2. To give knowledge of aspect
process. Usually teaching and instruction are regarded
as similar processes but there is distinction between 3. To remember learnt fact
them, there are several examples which show that 4. To recall and reproduce the learnt facts.
instruction process is not included in the teaching
process. For example when we train a dog to stand on 6.4. Structure
its feet or fetch something then it would be wrong to
1. Introduction and motivation of the students for
call it as instruction or direction. In teaching work
teaching lesson
hardware material related to instruction can be used.
Thus in teaching process all the things related to 2. Statements of objectives
instruction it does not include all the process of
3. Association
4. Generalization
5.3. Teaching and Discussion
5. Application
Discussion is the highest level of teaching. At this level
more intellect and wisdom is required. All the great 7.DIFFERENT PHASES OF TEACHING
persons, politicians, leaders etc. A teacher line missing
can include discussion can be part of teaching but t is The teaching process like other processes pass through
not enough. But without training the discussion of different phases for this completion. These phases are
teaching aids and objectives is impossible. closely interconnected with one another. Generally the
organized analysis of teaching process is done the
6.DEFINITION OF MEMORY following three phases:


PAST EXPERIENCE” 2. Inter-active phase

6.1. Stages of Memory 3. Past-active phases.

1. Learning 8.PRE-ACTIVE PHASE

2. Retention In this phase of teaching many motivation techniques

are used to have desired behavioral changes in the
3. Recall students. This phase includes in it all the activities of the
teacher before teaching and entering in the class. This
4. Identification
phase is called as preparation phase because the teacher

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January 2019 | Vol. 1 Issue. 8

before entering in the class determined the objectives of teaching can be modified according the needs of the
to be achieved, teaching aids and the method of students and the situation.
teaching. This phase includes following activities:
• Feeling of class.
a. Before the teaching starts the teacher sets the
• Diagnosis of learner
desired objectives in them of behavioral
changes which are to be achieved. The • Action or reaction.
following objectives are to be set before actual

*The Entering behavior of the students. In this phase of teaching imparted through the lesson is
evaluated. In the absence of evaluation the ineffective.
*The terminal behavior of the students. This evaluation ascertains how for the students have
changed their behavior in the desired direction. This
The entering behavior is meant for as curtaining the
involves the following processes:-
behavior of the students which is to be changed in the
desired direction through teaching. • Definition the real behavioral change

The objectives of the terminal behavior of the students • Selection of Appropriate Evaluation Techniques
is meant to set those objectives of behavior changes
that have been achieved through teaching. • Changing the techniques

b. Decision- making about the teaching methods: 11.BEST PRACTICE FOR TEACHER

After setting the desired objectives the teacher takes In computer time the students are getting to use mobile,
decision about the subject matter to be taught is internet, or twitter, facebook etc. Because of it the
logically analysis and organized according to the teachers also have to use new technology . Many times
standard of the connected class. the teacher will teach but the students can not learn
c. Teaching strategy:
The teachers must have updated with new technology
After deciding the objectives and the subject matter the otherwise the teachers will outdated in this modern
teacher takes decision about the teaching strategy to be time.
adopted to attain the set objectives. It includes in it the
logical arrangement of teaching point relating to subject In the traditional classrooms there were be chalk, duster,
matter, the teaching aids to be used and the steps blackboard, book bell not other things, there was lecture
matter so that the lesson may be developed in the right method in education. But in this time not enough to
direction. have only chalk duster. In Europe Teachers must have
taught with new technology or to use mobile computer
This preparation phase of teaching is meant to diagnosis etc. The android mobile, applications are very useful to
the weakness of the students and to take up remedial teach very well. The class will be effective and students
teaching to attain the set objectives. As such phase is will be active and involved in all activities.
also called the diagnostic stage of teaching.
Useful website for education:
This phase of teaching involves all the activities of the
teacher while he presents the subject matter before the •
students inter act with each other. In this phase the plan • http//

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January 2019 | Vol. 1 Issue. 8



Be digital teacher,digital school, digital India, Digital


Every teachers must have laptop, tablet, pen drive

32Gb,External HDD of 1TB , Dongle with 3G speed,
codeless keyboard and mouse, laser printer, lcd


In class teaching processes the teacher’s activities or

teaching behavior are analyzed and the different
variables of interaction are measured. This variable are
determined as teaching skills which relate to verbal and
non-verbal behavior as the teachers. The predetermined
variable or skills represent teacher behavior and they are
used in the training and teaching process.


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