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S dasaces te z” f ra fy 740g Ca | vs PS TYPE OF PUMPS: (ANSE 73.1 Nt (ASA 150) - (wis 2a5¢ 15199 (io Self Priming Pumps~ Investe Purnps Pvt, Ltd was established in the yea 1996, since then it has been frodlucing ANSI STD CHEMICAL PROCESS PUMPS, cate/ing toa wide spoctoum ‘of chemical industries, With the setup ef new manufacturing Facility in Gujarat, investa pumps now produces an entive fangeot ANSI sesiac 8 ISO series Pumps in Semi-open & Closed impeller Constructions, having almast 80 Modelo offar in various Materialsof Construction. ith the dream éevision of Mt KIN, SHAM {FOUNDER - ANTICO GROUP}, the company was started by M.D.N. SHAK to ‘cater to someot the finest process engineeting requivements, ‘Sern-opea fy Impeer ANGE OF COVERAGE ‘Max Capacity = 1900 mah Ma Head 150s Farmgeratire:-270%¢ to 20°C Wicking Pressire: 2550 Ks Closed te npr Mic Capacity = 10684 ‘Mae ead 150s Temperate’ 710% to 260°C Wicking Pessare: 2580 KPa Vertical Line SECTIONAL VIEW ANSI SERIES PUMPS De ‘STANDARD MATERIAL oe | eam [ersen| cbawcu] cron Casing Cfo [Caw [cath Stung Box Cover Back Mate coum [cron | cave inmpater Teper Nat Hut casket PIE shat mea 35.318 Suppart Foot 1. suring Boe Pang Tai GrarOu PTE shat Steve Sano] cra [Cram coancu | cnt THC] Sleeve Gasket FIFE imp BSa18 Bearing inboard ‘Steel Gland Phe od ERE ‘lan use Seal ig PIE Beating Outboaie Stel Retaining Ring rca Stel Besring Fae ch Beating Ol Gran Pg Stel Beating Lock Mut Stel Ieper Sl ang PFE Largo Gaile PTFE Bessing Cover Gat baod