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PJPS-1000 WP
50 Hz/Prime Power/Fuel Consumption Optimized/Water
Cooled/Turbo/Charge Air Cooling

Optional equipment and finishing shown. Standard may vary.


// Benefits // Complete range of accessories available

Easy starting and quick response Control panel
Long service intervals Circuit breaker/power distribution
High reliability Fuel system
High availability of power Fuel connections with shut-off valve mounted to base frame
Easy maintenance Starting/charging system
Exhaust system
// Support Mechanical driven radiators
Low voltage alternators
Nationwide product support offered

// Power Rating
System prime ratings: 1000 kVA
System standby rating up to 110% prime ratings with
maximum of 1 hour within 12 hours
// Voltage Regulation
Maintains voltage output to within +/-0.5%
At any factor between 0.8 lagging and unity
At any variation from no load to full load
At any variations from cold to hot temperature
2 / // / PJPS-1000 WP / 50 Hz / 380V – 1000kVA

// Engine // Cooling
Radiator System
Manufacturer Perkins Fan power for mech. radiator (40°C): kWm 38
Model 4008TAG2A
Type 4-cycle // FuelConsumption
Arrangement 12V At 100% of power rating: l/hr 215
Displacement: l 30.561 At 75% of power rating: l/hr 162
Bore: mm 160 At 50% of power rating: l/hr 111
Stroke: mm 190
// System Ratings (kW/kVA)
Rated speed: rpm 1500
Engine governor Electronic Alternator Prime Rating
Max power: kWm 947 Model kVA kWe
Air cleaner Dry Stamford
380 1000 800
// Fuel
System * cos phi = 0,8
Type Direct Injection
Fuel tank capacity : l REQ

// LiquidCapacity (Lubrication)
Total oil system capacity: l 153


// Engine // Generator // Cooling System

■ 4-Cycle ■ Self-excited by PMG ■ Jacket water pump

■ Standard single stage air filter ■ Superior voltage waveform ■ Thermostat(s)
■ Oil drain extension & shut-off ■ Solid state, volts-per-Hertz ■ Water charge air cooling
valve regulator ■ Mechanical radiator
■ Closed crankcase ventilation ■ No load to full load regulation  Electrical driven front-end cooler
■ Governor-electronic isochronous ■ ±0.5% voltage regulation no load  Jacket water heater
■ Direct fuel injection to full load
■ 24V DC starter ■ Brushless alternator with
brushless pilot exciter
■ 4 pole, rotating field
■ Class H insulation
■ IP 23 standard enclosure
■ Epoxy coated stator
3 / // / PJPS-1000 WP / 50 Hz / 380V – 1000kVA

// Control Panel

■ Main control panel  Automatic mains failure operation  Mains parallel operation of
■ Digital metering with ATS multiple gensets
■ Engine parameters  Island operation  Expansion modules
■ Generator protection functions  Automatic mains failure operation  Remote annunciator
incl. control of generator and  Generator winding temperature
■ Engine protection
mains breaker monitoring
■ Parametrization software  Island parallel operation of  Generator bearing temperature
■ Multilingual capability multiple gensets monitoring
■ Multiple programmable contact  Automatic mains failure operation  Differential protection relay
inputs with short mains parallel overlap  Modbus RTU-TCP gateway
■ Multiple contact outputs synchronization  SCADA system remote controller
■ Event recording  Mains parallel operation of a
■ Daily tank control single genset

// CircuitBreaker/ Power // Fuel System // Starting/Charging System

■ Base frame mounted daily tank
■ 24V starter
■ 3-pole circuit breaker ■ Flexible fuel connectors mounted
■ Starter batteries
■ Manual-actuated circuit breaker to base frame
 Fuel filter with water separator ■ Battery rack & cables
■ Electrical-actuated circuit breaker  Battery charger
 Stand-alone solution  Switchable fuel filter
in separate switch with water separator
box  Separate fuel cooler
 Fuel cooler integrated cooling

// Mounting System // Exhaust System

■ Welded base frame ■ Industrial silencer

■ Modular base frame design ■ Exhaust bellows with connection
■ Resilient engine and generator flange
mounting  Exhaust silencer with 10 dB(A)
sound attenuation
 Residential silencer
4 / // / PJPS-1000 WP / 50 Hz / 380V – 1000kVA




Drawing above for illustration purposes only, based on standard open power engine-generator set. Lengths may vary with other variances.

System Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight (dry/less tank)

Open Type 5050 x 2070 x 2450 mm 11539 kg
Silent Type 12192 x 2438 x 2591 mm 15539 kg
Weights and dimensions are based on open type and are estimates only.

// Consult PT. Conductorjasa Suryapersada energy consultant for sound data

// Consult PT. Conductorjasa Suryapersada energy consultant for emission data


// Prime power ratings apply to installations where utility power is unavailable or unreliable. At varying load, the number
of generator set operating hours is unlimited. A 10% overload capacity is available for one hour in twelve. Ratings are
in accordance with ISO 8528-1, ISO 3046-1, BS 5514 and AS 2789. Average load factor: ≤ 75%.
// Deration factor:
Altitude: each 100 meter will cause power derating of 1%.
Temperature: Consult PT. Conductorjasa Suryapersada energy consultant for temperature derations.

Rated power is available up to 40°C and 400m above sea level.

Materials and specifications subject to change without notice.

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