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Multiple Choice Problems

1. Positive displacement flow meters are …………… meters.
a) Variable area flow
b) Differential pressure flow
c) Quantity flow
d) Constant flow meters
e) None of the above

2. The sensitivity of reading of manometer can be increased
a) By using a level sensing device
b) By using low specific gravity liquid
c) By inclining the mamometer tube
d) All of the above
e) None of the above

3. The use of a dead weight tester is to
a) Calibrate pressure measuring instruments
b) Produce high pressure
c) Measure the load accurately
d) Test the magnitude of given weight
e) Measure the mass of an object

4. The rotameter is used for measuring
a) Density
b) Flow
c) Velocity
d) Pressure
e) Rotational speed

5. Which of the following can be used for measuring temperature?
a) Bourdon tube
b) Fluid expansion system
c) Capsule
d) Rotameter
e) Manometer

6. Which of the following is true for bimetallic type thermometer?
a) Two metals have same temperature coefficients
b) Two metals have different temperature coefficient
c) One metal is cooled always
d) All of the above
e) None of the mentioned

7. Which of the following is detected using manometer devices?
a) Pressure difference between manometric and measuring liquid
b) pH difference between manometric and measuring liquid
c) Density difference between manometric and measuring liquid
d) None of the mentioned

8. Which of the following represents correct relation between flow rate and area of pipe?
a) Direct proportionality
b) Inverse proportionality
c) Equal
d) None of the mentioned

The devices used for flow obstruction is/are a) Orifice plate b) Venturi tube c) Flow nozzle d) All of these 14. Closeness of measured value to true value is _________________ a) Accuracy b) Precision c) Correction d) Uncertainty 11. Example for positive displacement meter is a) Variable area flow meter b) Turbine meters c) Rotary piston meter d) Venturi 15.9. Dipsticks are used for the a) Pressure measurement b) Flow measurement c) Displacement measurement d) Level measurement 17. Every temperature measuring instrument makes use of a physical property of a substance in order to measure temperature objectively. the outpout voltage (measured by the sensing instrument) is: a) zero . After a few experiments on an uncalibrated thermometer. Bourdon tube is used for the measurement of gauge pressure of a) Gas b) Liquid fluid c) Solid d) Both (a) and (b) 13. you find that the ice point of the thermometer corresponds to 3 cm while steam point corresponds to 30 cm of mercury. When the reference junction is at the same temperature as the measurement junction in a thermocouple circuit. Science of precise and accurate measurement of various physical quantities is termed as___________ a) Metrology b) Meteorology c) Pedology d) Mineralogy 10. The length = 15 cm would correspond to a) 46 °C b) 44 °C c) 42 °C d) 40 °C e) 45 °C 16. which physical property is used by Mercury-in-glass thermometer? a) Electromotive force b) Volume of a fixed mass of liquid c) resistance of a piece of metal d) Pressure of a fixed mass of gas at constant volume 12.

Discuss how the manometer and/or pressure gage or a pitot tube can be used to measure flow rates. b) reverse polarity c) noisy d) unreliable e) AC and not DC 18) Reference junction compensation is necessary in thermocouple based temperature instruments because: a) Copper extension wires have a tendency to corrode b) Thermocouples are inherently nonlinear c) The reference junction generates a temperature dependent voltage d) The junction's electrical resistance varies with temperature e) Electrical noise may interfere with the measurement 19) A type J thermpocouple is made of the following metals a) Aluminum and Tungsten b) Iron and Constantan c) Platinum and Platinum/Rhodium alloy d) Copper and Constantan e) Crhomel and Alumel 20) Which of the following error is caused by poor calibration of instrument? a) Random error b) Gross error c) Systematic error d) Precision error e) None of the above. Draw and describe the parts of a dead weight tester and discuss how you would calibrate a pressure gage using the dead weight tester. Essay / Problem Solving Describe how you would calibrate a thermometer without using another thermometer. .