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GOLDEN RULES CHECK DIRECTION OF ROTATION ' CHECK INSULATION OF MOTOR CHECK OIL AND CHANGE OIL IF NECESSARY CONNECT EARTH USE PROPER STARTER OR PANEL AND SET OVERLOAD RELAY AS PER CURRENT DRAWN CLEAN THE PUMP AFTER USING IN DIRTY WATER. Wrong Direction Will Cause Over- loading And Eventually Burn The Motor OWMNOAPWON> CONTENTS General Precautions To Be Taken Electrical Connections Thermal Protection System Direction Of Rotation Operation Inspection Checking & Changing Of Cable Lubrication Changing & Adjusting The Impeller & Diffusers Checking Of Mechanical Seals Cleaning Replacing Of Stator Replacing Of Main Bearing Storage Reassembly Important Notes Fault Finding General Precautions to be taken Please take the Pump from packing case and check whether all the nuts and bolts are tight. Check the cable for damages if any. Please check Insulation of the motor by Meggar. The insulation resistance between any Phase and Earth {in our case the Red, Yellow & Blue are phase lead wires & Black is Earth} should not be less than 0.5 M Q {Mega ohm} on 1000 v Meggar. Please ensure that the equipment is properly Earthed. Connect the Black or Green lead wire from the Pump cable to Earth. Please check direction of rotation of the Pump. If direction of rotation is not correct, the performance of the pump will be erratic and internal parts will wear out. Initial filling of lubricating Oil for Mechanical seals {SERVO 15w 40 }in oil chamber is provided by us {KPPL}.As recommended under heading 'H' please change the oil every month or after 200 working hours. Please do not lift the pump set by the cable. The pump set should be lifted by the handle or eye bolts. Please do not throw the pump simply in to the sump. The pump should be kept on wooden plank or hung in water so that it will not be chocked up with mud or sinkin to the mud. Itis preferable to clean the pump with clean water after using in dirty water to avoid jamming of impeller. Please ensure that the cable is protected against damage. Otherwise it may give an electrical shock or may burn the motor of the pump. Please use one length of Cable from pump to control panel. Do not use cut length {joint} of Cable. Accessories like Starter, Hose, Chain are not covered in Warranty. A} ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS: Electrical connections should be done by a qualified electrician. Please check the incoming voltage and frequency are the same as indicated on pump name plate. The cable supplied along with the pump is connected internally to the stator leads. The free end of the cable has 4 or 6 leads. The Black or Green lead is for Earth and Red, Yellow & Blue is for three phases. White and Gray leads are for Thermal protection system builtin motor winding. Please see that the earth wire is properly connected. If the pumps are supplied for DOL, the starting current will be about five times of full load current indicated on name plate. Please check the Main fuses/ MCB is suitable for this starting surge. The auxiliary cores {white & gray}are to be connected in series with contactor coil. {illustrated in next chapter}. The pump can be run continuously or intermittently with a maximum 12 to 15 evenly spaced starts per hour. ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS DOL STARTER "SIEMENS" MAKS} TYPE 3TW42 90-10 B}THERMAL PROTECTION SYSTEM: We have provided two / three small size thermal switches in stator winding for protection of motor. The selection of thermal switch is as per class of winding temperature. It ensures that tripping should not happen during normal operation of motor {Pump}. When supply or load conditions are abnormal such as single phasing, low voltage, over load or locked rotor, poor heat dissipation, defect in bearing, etc. the Temperature of winding increases and as soon as it reaches to the specific value the thermal switch opens and breaks the contact. If these switches are connected in series with contactor coil then the contactor trips & supply is isolated to motor {Pump} (see diagram). The cable provided for this system is 6 core cable. The cable consists of R, Y, B, for Main, Black or Green for Earth. White & Gray for Auxiliary supply to {TPS}. In case of Tripping please locate the fault & correct the same before restarting the pump. The thermal switch resets automatically in 10-12 minutes after cooling of winding. STAR CONNECTED MOTORS