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Sayed Mahmoud Jalili

Personal Details:
Name: Sayed Mahmoud
Surname: Jalili
F/Name: Abdul Jalil
Age: 30
Gender/Sex: Male
Date of birth: 20/06/1987
Place of birth: Ghowr , Afghanistan
Nationality: Afghan
Address: Herat ,city
Phone no: 0781136000 / 0794900664
Email addresses:

A dedicated and goal oriented professional seeking employment in a position that will
be suited for, and to be a part of an organization or company where hard work will be
rewarded and where career advancement will always be a possibility. And enable me to
utilize my professional skills, educational background and my ability to work well with
people. And support the growth and profitability of the organization.

Education & Qualification:

 2009: Graduated from 12 standard with 95% from Sultan Ala-Uddin Ghori
HighSchool, Cheghcharan, Ghor, Afghanistan

 2010-2013:Graduated the B.S degree Civil Engineering department from the Herat
University of Engineering faculty

 Diploma in management skill from Independent administration

reform and civil cervices commission

 Diploma in in computer skill(Auto CAD, STAAD Pro, STAAD Foundation ,Etebs

,Safe and Estimation from Abed Afghan Institute
Computer Skills:
 Diploma in C UMPUTER SKILL(Office Package
) from Saudi Institute of Computer Science.

Languages skills:

Language Speaking Reading Writing

Persian/Dari Excellent Excellent Excellent

Pashto Excellent Excellent Excellent
English Good Good Good

Awards and achievements:

 Certificate in Auto CAD program from Abed Afghan institute.
 Certificate in STAAD pro, Program from Abed Afghan institute.
 Certificate in Etabs program from Abed Afghan institute.
 Certificate in Etabs program from Abed Afghan institute.
 Certificate in Safe program from Abed Afghan institute.
 Certificate in computer office package from Saodi Institute.
 Certificate in Estimation of project from Abed Afghan.
 Certificate in STAADFoundation,Program from Abed Afghan institute.

Skills summary:
 Well-versed in Survey,
designee of project by new
technically in the area of  High communication skills
the work.  High computer skills
 Easy writing  Professional
 Seminars Presentations.
 Report and planning

Professional experience:

 Seminars, professional presentations.

 Working in the field with community and CDC by highly quilification.
 Working in Afghan Stamp Concrete In Herat as a site Engineer.
 Working as Civil engineer in NSP Program at Afghan aid organization.
 Working as Civil engineer in MCG Program at PMU organization.

Employment history: 4- Working at Citizan Charter to

Ghor province as District Engineer
from 22, Apr, 2017 to 19, Feb ,
1-Worked at Afghan Stamp 2018.
Concrete Company as Site 5-Worked at (UIP) Company as
Engineer from 21/04/2013 up to Site Engineer from 21/03/2018 up
22 -12-2013 to 10 -09-2018
2- Worked at(NSP)Program to
Afghan Aid organization from 01-
06-2014 up to 31-09-2015 as Civil
3- Working at (MCG) Program ,NSP
Ghor province as District Engineer
from 1, May, 2016 to 1, Oct , 2016.

Hobbies and Interests:

Reading, traveling, exploring the nature, social services, writing
poetry, playing chess and Football.
I affirm that the above mentioned information is true to the best of my knowledge.

Fazl Hadi “Omar Zai”
provincial Manager,Afghan Aid, Ghor province

Abdul Baes “Rasoli”

District Manager, Dolatyar District, Afghan Aid, Ghor
Mobile : 0778101114

Gual Zaman “Nayab”

provincial Manager, PMU, NSP Ghor province.
Mobile: 0798404823
Application Form

From : Engineer sayed Mahmoud

Date : 2016/11/28
Subject : Apply for the position of Construction Engineer
Vacancy number : 34
Reference : ARTF/CSMD/CBR/MOEc/109/11/2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have come to know through a reliable source that (Construction Engineer ) is in need of a
for running its program in ghor province

I am Engineer Sayed Mahmoud Jalili graduated from Herat Engineering faculty and studied
computer and English programs, I have 3 years’ experience and worked in the construction
companies as site engineer. I have fully experience on office management and program activities
as well as have good knowledge of report writing and proposal writing. I participated in many
related trainings, established a very strong and good communication mechanism with local
Stakeholders, Provincial Governor, Provincial Council, Line Directors, District Governors,
Influential People, and NGOs in the province and have been awarded appreciation letters from
local authorities. As I am from Ghor province, know the area, the community, profiles and
background of the community leaders and government authorities as well as have as obtained
higher degree, based on the above criteria I consider myself as suitable and potential candidate
for the position and hope to get a chance for the interview. My CV is attached with this
application letter for further reference. I look forward to hear from you

Best regards
Sayed Mahmoud Jalili

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