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NAME SURNAMES COURSE CENTRE YOUR TEACHER’S NAME FINAL STAGE 3rd GRADE 1. Look at the pictures. Choose 4 pictures and describe them. Look at the example to help you . Example: This is a tent. You go to the mountains and stay in a tent with your family. 1. 2. 3. 4. Points: /8 2. Correct the mistakes. There is one in each sentence. Rewrite the sentence. 1. You can see many bird in the mountains. 2. My dad go skiing in the mountains in the winter. 3. W e always eat special food when we visiting my grandmother. 4. I no like visiting parks. 5. I am go to the cinema now._____________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. The is a lot of trees in this park. _________________________________________________________________________________________ _______ Points: / 12 1 3. Read the story then answer the questions. My name is Tony. I will tell you about a special day for me. It’s about my birthday. I always go to my grandparents’ house in Els Port Park in Tarragona. I live in Barcelona so it’s a long way, about 200 kilometers. I always go with my family on a Saturday morning and we stay all weekend. When it’s a special celebration, like my birthday I stay one week. It’s fantastic because you can see all kinds of animals there, for example: goats, polecats, foxes and squirrels and hundreds of different birds. My grandfather takes me to the feeding station on Saturdays, that’s a place where big birds (like vultures) go to eat. The people who work in the park feed the birds at 9.30 every morning. It’s amazing, especially when I can watch them from the observatory. Sometimes you can see more than 200 of them at the same time! There are lots of other things to do there too. My dad has some friends who live nearby so when he visits my grandparents he always goes climbing. He is a photographer so he always takes his camera with him. He takes pictures of waterfalls, birds and anything else that he thinks is nice. You can see people there who sit on a hill or a mountain and paint what they can see or other people who love walking with friends – that’s my mum’s favourite hobby, she walks for hours looking at all the beautiful flowers and plants. I prefer a day in the park more than a special present or having a big party. It’s more interesting watching all the animals and having a great time with my family! Decide TRUE or FALSE. Circle the correct answer. 1. Tony sometimes stays longer than a weekend TRUE / FALSE 2. Tony loves going there TRUE / FALSE 3. Tony can see birds eating in the afternoon TRUE / FALSE 4. His dad works in the park TRUE / FALSE 5. His mum hasn’t got any hobbies TRUE / FALSE 6. Tony thinks the park is the best place to go to TRUE / FALSE Points: / 12 2 4. Can you match the things you can see in a park or in the mountains with the correct definition? Write the word next to the correct definition. Remember there are extra words! (Page 3) Forest Hill Path Waterfall Climbing Rock Peninsula Lake Cave Refuge 1. A place with water. It’s sometimes really big and it falls from the mountain sometimes into a river. 2. A hole in the mountain or the ground. Sometimes animals like bears sleep there and some people like exploring them. They are very dark!!! 3. A place where you can see lots and lots of trees. 4. This is smaller than a mountain. You can climb up it and look at the countryside around you. 5. Somewhere you walk in the mountains. It’s like a road but with no traffic! 6. A place you can sleep in or stop to have a rest at, especially when the weather is bad. 7. A lot of water in one place. It’s usually in the shape of a circle. Some people swim there but it can be dangerous, other people like to fish in small boats on them. 8. An activity you can do in the mountains. Points: /8 3 5. Write about 50 words. Choose between A and B (page 4): A) Imagine it’s your birthday and you can do anything you want. Write about what would you like to do and why? B) Describe your favourite place in the world and say why. Write about what you can do there. Points: / 10 _ _ _ _ _ _ TOTAL POINTS: / 50 4

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