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Praise the Lord, O my soul and forget not all his goodness. (Ps. 103:2). By his grace this years camp has
successfully come to an end.

The theme for this years camp was "What manner of person ye ought to be". 2Pet. 3:11. Very Rev.
Dominic K. Ansah (Freeman Methodist Church) was the speaker for the morning devotion with
Evangelist Daniel Owusu (Faith Gospel Church) as the main speaker.


On Monday, 20th August,2018, campers reported for registration which begun at 6:05pm. Campers
were served with rice and stew as their supper at 8:45pm.


The welcome and opening address was given by Mr. Stephen Owusu, Camp Commandant who gave the
standing orders of the camp. This ended at 9:05pm.



The camp Adjutants blew their whistle for members to wake-up at 5:00am. Campers responded and
started their quiet time at 5am-5:30am.

Cleaning and bathing started from 5:30am and ended at 6:30am.


Bro. Stephen Osei Effah was the M.C for the day's activities and begun the opening prayers at 6:39am.
Bro Abraham K. Amoako revealed the camp officers for camp 2018.

At 7:17am, Very Rev. Dominic K. Ansah gave a sermon on the theme "The hierarchy of Christ's Coming,
where he stressed on why Peter the Apostle wrote the book and outlined the signs preceding the
coming of Christ. This session ended at 8:05am.


LUNCH Campers enjoyed Yam with stew at 1:35pm as their lunch. It started from 11:38 and ended at 1:32pm. OCCULTISM This activity was observed instead of symposium because the Leader/Speaker for the topic won't be available on the day assigned to him on the program outline. .Campers were served with porridge and bread at 8:07am. SIESTA This session took place at 2:09pm and ended at 3:50pm SOCIAL TALK At 4:00pm. Jackson Brobbey (Bible Studies Coordinator) divided campers into study groups according to age group. "Our Civil Rights where he highlighted on the basic principles of human rights. types of rights and the rights of an individual. The topic for the day's study was The Nature of the day of the Lord'. BIBLE STUDIES At 9:07am Bro. Mr. PRAYER/COUNSELLING This session took place at 10:30am and ended at 11:20am. This session ended at 10:25am with general discussion led by Bro Jackson Brobbey. This session ended at 2pm. Adu Kofi from NCCE spoke on the theme. It ended successfully at 4:30pm SUPPER Campers took jollof rice with egg as their supper at 6:35pm.

Osei Kwame (MC) led the opening the prayers at 6:33am which was followed by praises and worship. The session ended at 9:18pm after which camp officers met to evaluate the day's activities. Ansah at 7:05am spoke on the theme "The certainty of the 2nd coming of Christ.EVENING SERVICE The evening service started with praises and worship at 6:40pm. . MORNING DEVOTION Bro. Fred Awuah from MEDILAB at 11:37am addressed campers on the topic "Blood groups and its related foods. Stephen Osei Effah led the general prayers which ended at 11:13am. HEALTH TALK Mr. Very Rev Dominic K. This session took much time which affected the time for campers to enjoy their lunch. Breakfast actually delayed. Bro. The counseling aspect was however not observed. Daniel Owusu gave us the theme address "What manner of person ye ought to be". It was served around 8:23am. BREAKFAST Campers were served with tea . Scope and Timing of the day of the Lord.2018 RISING. Evan. This session ended with general discussions and summary at 10:30am.QUIET TIME. DAY THREE. PRAYERS/COUNSELLING Campers at 10:33 divided into their study groups for prayers. WEDNESDAY 22ND AUGUST. The topic for the study was "Why. CLEANING AND BATHING This session was observed from 5:05am to 6:32am. BIBLE STUDY Campers went to their various study groups at 9:00am.

. Praises and worship team led us in the praises and worship session. Christiana Ansah took place at 3:55pm. He ended with prayers and fund raising at 9:39pm. SUPPER The supper for the day was Yam with garden egg stew which begun at 6:18pm. ISSUES DISSCUSSED Health talk was not successful Ensuring orderliness during praises and worship session. Evangelist Daniel Owusu spoke on the theme "All is vanity" with Ecc. Bro. Additional power supply (generator) in case of power shortage.LUNCH Campers enjoyed Banku with Okro stew/pepper at 2:06pm and ended at 2:42pm SIESTA This session was observed which ended at 3:45pm. EVENING SERVICE. Camp Commandant. the process involved in making biscuit and liquid soap. Stephen Owusu led the opening prayers at 7:18pm. He stressed on the fact all is vanity and hence the need to serve God in true holiness and righteousness to prepare ourselves for the second coming of Christ. HOW TO'S How to make pastries and liquid soap led by Mrs. This session ended at 5:10pm. She guided the campers through things/materials needed. 1:14 as the main supportive scripture. Song ministration was not observed because of temporary power shortage. CAMP OFFICERS MEETING Camp Officers met to evaluate the day's activities.

GENERAL QUESTION TIME Campers at 11:50am led by Bro. Dominic K. Victoria and Mr. Abraham K. Amoako helped answer various questions from campers. Ansah at 7:35am spoke on the theme " What manner of person we ought to be as we prepare for Christ's coming. The cleaning of dormitories and the main hall as well as the wash rooms were well done. worship and service to God. CLEANING AND BATHING Campers observed rising and quiet time as usual from 5:00am to 5:30am. The topic for the day's study was " How will the day of the Lord be?. Mad. MORNING DEVOTION Bro. Osei Kwame were allowed to ask questions relating to their christian. This session ended with discussions. BREAKFAST Campers enjoyed Porridge with bread at 8:28am and ended at 8:55am. BIBLE STUDY Campers as usual divided into their study groups at 9:17am. questions and summary at 10:45am.QUIET TIME. PRAYER/COUNSELING Bro. . Sarfo Kwahene led us through opening prayers at 6:51am. He ended at 8:15am. Stephen Osei Effah (Prayer Coordinator) led this session at 11:09am and ended at 11:39am. social and every aspect of their lives. THURSDAY 23RD AUGUST RISING. Hannah. He emphasized on our devotion.Number of Day Campers: 21 SPECIAL ACTIVITY Dawn Broadcasting: 4:00am-5:00am (Prayer Tower Members) DAY FOUR. Some Offinso Area SU Old guards including Mad. Very Rev.

This session ended with questions from campers at 5:33pm. Sarah Sarfo) explained the causes. Osei Kwame at 6:55am led the opening prayers which was followed by praises and worship at 7:18am. He stressed on the need to confess and maintain the integrity of our faith as we await the second coming of Christ. DAY FIVE. They both (Rev. SUPPER Campers enjoyed Kenkey with fish as supper at 6:58pm.2018 Campers observed rising and quiet time as usual from 5:00am to 5:30am. MORNING DEVOTION Bro. This was followed by praise and worship which ended at 8:13pm Evangelist Daniel Owusu at 8:16pm spoke on the theme " We must not be uncompromising". Number of Day Campers: 30. Emmanuel Badu and Mad. Emmanuel Badu and Mad. The topics for the symposium was "Bitterness and Anger" with Rev. EVENING SERVICE Song ministration began at 7:33pm.SIESTA We observed this session which took place at 2:30pm-3:36pm SYMPOSIUM This activity was preceded with praises from the Praise and worship team which ended at 4:03pm. The cleaning of dormitories and the main hall as well as the wash rooms were well done. effects and how to manage anger and bitterness. This session ended with prayers at 9:49pm. FRIDAY 24TH AUGUST. Sarah Sarfo as speakers respectively. .

He ended at 8:37am. Peter. "What manner of person ye ought to be". Jackson Brobbey led the general review and discussion. The first group. Bro. BIBLE STUDIES At 9:25am campers divided into their groups to discuss the day's topic.Very Rev. MARRIAGE SEMINAR At 11:35am members were grouped into two. Badu. Ansah at 7:26am spoke on the rationale behind the formation of Scripture Union where he encouraged campers to be steadfast in their devotion to God. The topic discussed was . The other group was led by Mrs. PRAYER AND COUNSELING This session was not observed. which consist of those above 17years were led by Rev. Dominic K. This session ended at 11:25am.