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An Introduction to:

(Pronounced “Keltic”)

Presented by: Erik Alan Devaney
Why do the Boston Celtics
pronounce it “Seltics?”

“that was how Walter Brown

wanted it pronounced when he
founded the team in 1946.”
What is Celtic music?

• Record companies invented the term

• It refers to traditional music from a bunch of different places

• Common link: all places that retained Celtic culture/language

Where does Celtic music come from?

• Ireland
• Scotland
• Isle of Man
• Wales
• Cornwall
• Brittany
• Galicia
• Asturias
• Cantabria
Common Characteristics of
Celtic Music
• Single, distinct melody lines

• Time signatures: 4/4, 3/4, 6/8 (jig), 9/8 (slip jig)

• The 3rd is often left out

• Instrumentation
Common Celtic Music Instruments

Guitar Fiddle Tin whistle Bodhrán

Irish bouzouki Mandolin Accordion Flute

Harp Banjo Hammered Bagpipes &

dulcimer uilleann pipes
Why do you like
this crappy music?

And why don’t you have

That’s my
pal Jack,
boat shoes?
Welcome to the Wu

• Located in the most Irish county in the U.S

(350,000 Irish Americans live in Middlesex Co.)

• 36% of Woburn residents have Irish ancestry

• Fun stat: In 1865, 181 children were born in Woburn

110 had fathers who were born in Ireland
Progression of a Pub Musician
Play for your family Play for your friends
Play at a bunch of open mics
Get a job as a singing busboy
Convince the pub to give you some gigs
Put the band together
• Mikey

Mikey Emlyn Alison Nikita me Noelle

Devaney’s Goat
The End
Thanks for checking out my presentation on Celtic music!

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