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Purpose of Test
The purpose of this laboratory is to determine the
unconfined compressive strength of a cohesive soil
Unconfined Compressive sample.

Strength of Cohesive Soil Qu

Shear Strength in Soils
Shear Surface (cont.)
After applying gradual loads on soil It is a measure of the soil resistance to
mass it will fail due to the relative deformation by continuous displacement
movement of soil particles which occur of its individual soil particles
the surface of soil mass, that surface is
called as Shear Surface


) Type of Soil for Test • Soil derives its shear strength from Only for cohesive soils as there is no lateral two sources: support and the soil sample must be able to – Cohesion between particles stand alone. 4/24/2018 Shear Strength in Soils (cont. • Cementation between sand grains • Electrostatic attraction between clay particles – Frictional resistance between particles EQUIPMENT • Compression device • Load and deformation dial gauges • Sample trimming equipment • Balance • Moisture can 2 .