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Stations in the Middle School Class

Examples in Spanish
Trudy Anderson
Nathan Hale School
 Pinterest
 Teachers Pay Teachers
 Youtube
 Newpaper
 Flyers
 Yellow pages
 NHPS curriculum site activities
Helpful Websites /
up-stations/ helpful
ideas but not exclusively about World Languages
classroom/ setting up chat stations


 Set up locations around the room

 Label each station with clear directions
 Explain each station to students
 Make sure to have all materials in the stations (headphones, copies, timer
 Group students ahead of time and assign them to a start station
 Make sure to have enough stations so that the groups aren’t too big
 Leave one station open so that if students finish early you can send them to
that station
 Explain how to wrap up the station at the end of class

Article on setting up stations


 Tell students that you will be grading the work from 1 or 2 of the stations ,
however do not tell them which ones
 Extend the lesson of one of the stations for a whole class activity
more ideas for stations procedures
Let’s Go - website with
lots of reading activities- ads comics etc
23&fsscr=0&FORM=VDQVAP video on why to learn a second language video study a second language video study of a second language website with more than 300 short listening activities. It also has mini
quizzes and vocabulary checks. It can be used for any unit. There is a wide range of topics and levels. video on greetings
rmvk4AdhA9 video greetings and good byes

Use the chart below for the video above. I used this on the second day of school with students who
were new to the language

What did you hear?

Watch the video several times.

Place a check mark every time you hear these greetings or good byes.

Greetings Good Byes

Buenos días Hasta la vista

¿Cómo estás? Adiós
¿Cómo estaís? Hasta luego
¿Cómo va eso? Hasta pronto
¿Cómo te va? Nos vemos
Buenas noches Hasta la próxima
Buenas tardes Cuídate
¿Qué tal? Hasta la otra
¿Qué onda?
Students should say the numbers in the target language. You could also remake the game with larger
numbers and have students do multiplication.

Uno, Dos Tres

Play with a partner.

Draw 2 Uno cards

Say the numbers and colors in Spanish

Add/multiply the 2 numbers and write down the total

Add final total

Number 1 Number 2 Total


Final Total


There is a French proverb that says that “A man who knows two languages is worth
two men”. Write a paragraph in English explaining what you think it means.
Explain the quote

I gave this quote to students who were just starting in Spanish and they explained in
English what it meant for them.
This could be used for several units. Students could text each other for a writing prompt.


Website- students can type texts into different types of phones
Teach colors and numbers all at once
El Diccionario

Use a dictionary to find the following words

Girl___________________ What part of the dictionary did you use?

Boy __________________ What part of the dictionary did you use?

Rojo ___________________ What part of the dictionary did you use?

Twelve _________________ What part of the dictionary did you use?

Teacher ___________________ What part of the dictionary did you use?

Gato ______________________ What part of the dictionary did you use?

Bailar _____________________ What part of the dictionary did you use?

Find a word that you would like to know in Spanish

Write the word in English and Spanish
ls;back=back1350076748;size=20 – pictures that students can use as conversation
Listening Activities-

Spanish listening .org - #70

Watch the video several times and answer the questions. You may not
understand everything. Listen for cognates and words you already know.

¿Cómo es el clima en tu país?

How does she describe the climate in Guatemala? Why?

How would you describe the weather in New Haven?

Click on the video quiz and take the quiz.

Check your answers.

How did you do?

My Friend’s and I _Funny video describing self - pictures and ideas of how to

use them in class. The pictures can be used for several units –kids introducing themselves, likes/dislikes
benefits of giving a hug

Video #17- Spanish

Watch the video several times and answer the questions. You may not
understand everything. Listen for cognates and words you already know.

¿Qué deportes te gustan?

List the sports that she says she likes.

Click on the video quiz and take the quiz.

Check your answers.

How did you do?
Tweets from Zachary Jones- likes dislikes Tweets likes and

Use Pictures to get the students to speak or write website with pictures by common themes picture- tell what people are

doing word cloud with adjectives (can be made in different shapes)

Word sorts

Students are asked to sort vocabulary words into different categories. There are 2 types of word sorts. In
a closed word sort, the teacher specifies the categories. In an open word sort, students choose the
categories and sort the words accordingly.

Answer the questions as you watch Agustin describe himself and his daily routine.

1. How does Agustin describe himself?

2 .What does Agustin usually do each day?

3. What time does he usually go to bed?

Use pictures for descriptions
Education Video Ad for back to school
iRnkCMosI/AAAAAAAAEhI/JfCI16Nw5Zg/s1600/Precios+Utiles+Escolares.jpg Print ad – Back to School – Target back to school video - Cost of Back to School shopping Back to school print

ad Back to school I Spy

Nombre _________________________

videos mis clases

Video 1

¿A qué clase le gusta Seji?

What do you think the word “materias” means? Why?

Video 2

¿A qué clases le gustan Cristina?

¿A qué clase no le gusta Christina?

What do you think the word “asignaturas” means?

What did she say sometimes influence whether or not she likes a class. Do you agree?
AR verb Dice Game (Adapt with ER and IR verbs)

Roll dice and conjugate verbs based on the number rolled

1-yo 2-tú 3-él/ella/ud 4- nosotros 5- ellos,ellas,uds 6- Marta y yo

Verb Number Conjugation

Example montar 2 montas
Mirar-(to look/watch)
Comprar (to buy)
os_ar.pdf Tweets AR verbs
frente-a-la-anal%c3%b3gica.png – infographic on going to digital text books
infographic-education/ El estrés de la vuelta al cole para los niños infographic back to school shopping

Food and Health Infograph- healthy eating

Razones para comprar fruta

 Students might identify cognates

 Work in pairs to identify reason why each food “es bueno para la salud” video –in a supermarket,

food that is healthy Snickers
ad multiple supermarket and restaurant ads Subway print

hamburguesas.html?m=1 Song and worksheet Me gustan las hamburguesas. Students fill in or
circle words they hear
receipt song Me gustan las hamburguesas
Zachary Jones twiccionario students categorize meals mentioned in the tweets.
https://s-media-cache- - Picture of
many types of food. Ask students to find specific things video- el desayuno Subway ad video lots of menus

Menu from Spain- Pastelería

 Discuss the euro and possible currency conversions

 Identify types of pastries

 – good currency conversion site - benefits of broccoli
1971/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=el-origen-de-los-donuts – reading
on Dunkin Donuts. It is a little difficult but student should be able to find some basic
information. restaurant comic strips video song about liking hamburgers another version of the video
hamburguesas.html?m=1 activities based on the song above -
infographic on what swimmer eats
En el restaurante

Watch the video and answer the following questions

What do you think the following words or phrases mean in English?

 ¿Qué desean?
 De primero
 Camarero
 ¿Qué nos recomienda?
 De Segundo
 Postre
 Cuenta

What did the girls order for dessert?

What flavors? infographic-
importance of breakfast

List 10 cognates and their meanings in English

Explain 5 benefits of eating breakfast

¿Qué te gusta comer y beber en el desayuno?
la sandia

Why is la sandía called “la fruta hidratante”?

Watermelon contains betacarotene, what part of the body is it good for according to tell article?

Would this fruit be a good choice if you were on a diet? Give evidence from the article.

List the cognates and their meanings that you see in the article.

¿Te gusta la sandía?

¿Qué fruta es tu favorita?

¿Qué fruta no te gusta nada?

Home and Family –Video Ad about different types of families – family - Video types of families family video -tweets
about chores Proctor and Gamble Ad- chores video. Students

should list the chores mother does and activities the children do. article about chores

children of various ages can perform
mi dormitorio
nola/familia-elemental-a1/11316 Royal family of Spain pictures and students match description with
Zachary Jones- tweets on the present progressive tense
ener.217121526.pdf Tweets Expressions with tener - family tree with fill in the

reading on TV families infographic on the super powers of mothers
prea1/70096 reading and students fill in a blank family tree.
8yOjf9HUEFk/TzgN0eg3ueI/AAAAAAAADwY/XynKdApw0tw/s400/cartel%2Baprende_a_sonreir.jpg –
infographic- caring for your teeth Dad super powers family tree activity

When teaching affirmative tú commands, students could read and correct mistakes and also say why
this is funny. birthday
- Snap

y4QWNbnTZg- Video places in the community video – vacation activities -movie going habits - infographic on selfies
Infographic on siestas Zachary Jones tweets ¿Adónde

va? infographic on things

people in Mexico do in their free time. There are also extension activities included -Yelp restaurant review VIPS restaurant commercial. Can

also be used in the food unit

Questions for the VIPS ad above

 According to the commercial, what is a bad idea?

 What is a good idea”
 What do you think the word “mejor” means?
 What are the benefits of a loyalty card?
 List in Spanish the names of some of the foods you see in the ad.
deporte-infografia-2753964585 Los españoles y la práctica de deportes
Shopping video change wardrobe without buying anything video –clothing video-la ropa
supermarket print ad –H&M ad
How clothes reflects personality - Adelina tells us what she

bought today. Video quiz included infographic Back to

school shopping. Questions included
conducta-infografia/ infographic on how color affects our emotions and how color is used
jpg infographic on how color is used to affect our shopping habits
Travel Unit video- vacation plans benefits of traveling

Reading on things teens like to do in vacation

Holidays, celebrations and Customs –
Los Voladores- mentioned in reading for chapter 4
Hispanic Heritage Month video
noel/62129 template for writing a letter to Santa Claus – Hispanic Heritage Month

file:///P:/Cities%20reinvent%20Columbus%20Day%20to%20honor%20indigenous%20people%20- –article about celebrating Columbus day
Just for fun - coloring pages of

famous pictures- choose Spanish speaking artists calaveras coloring pages