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Announcing the arrival of our honourable guests,


Puan Hajah Kuintan Bin Haji Mohd. Sepawi, The

chairlady of the steering Committee of Sekolah Rendah
Sri Mawar, &

Tuan Haji Zainol Rashid Bin Mustafa, the deputy

chairman of the steering committee of Sekolah Rendah
Sri Mawar,
Accompanied by Ms Ngui Hui Lin, Senior Admin
Executive of Sekolah Rendah Sri Mawar,
The headmistress, Ms Roslawati Ahmad.
Senior assistants Mr Wong Kheng Loong, Ms Yee Ming
Yuan and All the head of departments.

I would like to extend my warm welcome to all of you

this morning and welcome to Sekolah Rendah Sri
Mawar Excellent Student Award and Year 6 Graduation
2018. First and foremost, as the representative of all
the staffs and students of Sri Mawar, we would like to
thank you all for the effort you’ve made to be present
here today especially parents of the graduating class.
Before we proceed with the program this morning, I
would like to invite all the honourable guests, invited
guests, parents, teachers and students to stand to
respect our national anthem, Negaraku, followed by
our state song, Ibu Pertiwiku and the school song,
Jasamu Sri Mawar.

Thank you. All may be seated.

As we settle down and seated at our seats, let us all

watched a surprise performance prepared just for all of
you. They’ve practiced really hard and tried their very
best and I am sure the performance will be a blast too.
Let us all welcome upon the stage, TEACHERS OF SRI
MAWAR performing their dance entitled,
Let’s give them a round of applause.

Thank you teachers. That was really entertaining
Without further ado, I would now invite the
Headmistress of Sri Mawar, Ms Roslawati Ahmad to
the stage to deliver her speech.
Thank You, Ms Roslawati Ahmad.
With great pleasure I would now like to call upon the
chairlady of the steering committee of Sekolah Rendah
Sri Mawar, Puan Hajah Kuintan bte Haji Sepawie to the
stage to deliver her speech
Thank You, Puan Hajah Kuintan.

Now I would welcome Datuk Sebastian Ting to the

stage to say a word or two.
Thank You Datuk.