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Activation Scaling and Normalization

F-L curve

All active muscle fibres
(regardless of diameter)
have similar strengths

F-V curve
Makes sense! But is that all?
Response Curve of a Physiological Tissue
A : When a constant force is applied
When a soft tissue is suddenly loaded by
a constant tensile force F, it immediately
stretches by some amount, then
continues stretching an additional
amount slowly over time (creep). After
the initial stretch, the rate of stretching
is finite and slows down as time
proceeds until the stretch rate becomes
effectively zero.

B : When a constant displacement is applied

When the tissue is stretched and held at
a constant length l, the tension within
the ligament instantaneously rises and
then falls asymptotically to a lower
Mathematical Modelling of the Response

Which model best
approximates the
Maxwell Model: Predicted Response

Case A Case B
Voight Model: Predicted Response

Case A Case B
Kelvin Model: Predicted Response

Case A Case B


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