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 Snowden  Receives  Award  

Excerpt  from  the  2014  Right  Livelihood  Award  Ceremony  
Location:  Riksdagen  (Swedish  Parliament)  in  Stockholm,  Sweden  
Sound:  Speaking/clapping/music    
Language:  English    
Source  and  credit:  Right  Livelihood  Award  Foundation/Riksdagen  
Dopesheet:  Sequence  from  the  2014  Right  Livelihood  Award  Ceremony  
-­‐ Founder  of  the  Right  Livelihood  Award  Foundation,  Jakob  von  Uexkull,  
reads  the  jury  quotation  for  Edward  Snowden:  ‘“...  for  his  courage  and  skill  
in  revealing  the  unprecedented  extent  of  state  surveillance  violating  basic  
democratic  processes  and  constitutional  rights.”    
-­‐ The  audience  applauds.  Music  starts.    
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