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The Midden
Garret Publications 2018 ISBN 9789527222065 Acqn 29102
Pb 17x24cm 176pp col ills £26.50

'The Midden' explores the roles of art, fiction, and philosophy in relation to the future. More
specifically, it asks what post-fossil art and society might look like. In discussing the methods and
instruments deployed by contemporary artists to address ecologies and ecological issues,
including engagements with laboratories, museums, and cartography, it promotes an examination
of the themes of binaries, entanglement, and post-sustainability. The book draws on the Frontiers
in Retreat project, for which art research was carried out over a five-year period by 25 artists at
sites throughout Europe. With contributions by Jussi Parikka, Emmi Itaranta, Antti Salminen, Taru
Elfving, and others.

Eske Rex – Works

Arkitektur B 2018 ISBN 9788792700230 Acqn 29115
Pb 21x26cm 162pp col ills £36

Based in Copenhagen, designer Eske Rex draws inspiration from machines. Perhaps best known
for his "drawing machine", a construction powered by weights and pendulums that produces
spirograph ink drawings, he aims for a simple and poetic expression, seeking to connect with his
audience on a sensory rather than intellectual level. His primary medium is wood, and he has
developed an approach that brings together architecture, design, art, and craft in sculptures and
installations which often involve natural processes such as motion and friction. This impressive
monograph comprises three sections: sculpture works, texts and travel registrations, and
installation works.

Curating As Anti-racist Practice

Aalto University 2018 ISBN 9789526078380 Acqn 29129
Pb 15x21cm 326pp col ills £31.50

The anthology 'Curating as Anti-Racist Practice reflects upon museums and exhibitions from the
perspective of postcolonial museology, and critical migration and regime research. Beyond critical
analysis, this collection of texts is about collecting strategies and forms of action that make it
possible to think of curating as anti-racist practice. Using as springboards the intersections
between social battlefields and curatorial practices, as well as a focus on agency, this book
examines the relationality of struggles for and against representation. Therefore, the focus is on
discursive strategies of resistance, contact zones and approaches to re-appropriation.

The Soldier's Tale

Edition Clandestin 2018 ISBN 9783905297737 Acqn 29131
Hb 22x28cm 312pp col ills £48

Elsi Giauque, a leading figure in Swiss textile art, and her husband, painter Fernand Giauque,
also cultivated the art of marionette theatre at their home in Festi-Ligerz on Lake Biel,
Switzerland. Between 1927 and 1947 they realized several productions together with
contemporary artists. The most remarkable of these was in 1931, when they put on 'The Soldier's
Tale' by Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz. Music by Stravinsky was selected for the performance in a
cast of only three instruments: clarinet, violin, piano. Through archive images and documents, this
book presents the original production and script in three languages, as well as a new production
which took place in 2017.

Jean Cocteau – Metamorphosis

nai010 publishers 2018 ISBN 9789462084704 Acqn 29176
Pb 17x23cm 320pp col ills £39.50

Jean Cocteau is an artist who appeals to the imagination. He expressed himself in almost every
possible artistic medium: from poetry and literature, visual art and design to theatre, and his
personal favourite medium: film. But even more than for his work, Cocteau was known for his
remarkable life. He surrounded himself with celebrities like Sergei Diaghilev, Edith Piaf, Pablo
Picasso, and Coco Chanel and was regularly condemned for his homosexuality and drug use.
Cocteau's oeuvre heralds the multidisciplinary practices of today's designers and artists. 'Jean
Cocteau: Metamorphosis' sheds light on his continued self-transformation and his quest for

Pilvi Takala - Second Shift

Garret Publications 2018 ISBN 9789527222089 Acqn 29202
Hb 17x22cm 184pp col ills £29

Pilvi Takala is one of the most successful new-generation artists in Finland. Second Shift is a
book and an exhibition featuring her key works from the past decade. The unwritten rules of
communities are a recurring theme in the art of Takala, therefore the dynamics of work
environments often provide the setting for her work. Takala infiltrates various communities by
posing undercover. Through quietly challenging their accepted behaviours, she uncovers and
renegotiates what is deemed appropriate. Her works examine how we deal with implicit rules and
unspoken boundaries; and how we may express consent with and without words. Pilvi Takala (b.
1981, Helsinki) lives in Helsinki and Berlin.

Feminism And Queer In Art Education

Aalto 2018 ISBN 9789526079981 Acqn 29104
Pb 14x22cm 178pp col ills £31.50

First FAQ is the first volume of a collection of critical, contemporary feminist and queer
scholarship emerging from the Department of Art at Aalto University, with contributions from
Finnish and international students, among others. The book advocates for non-normative
educational, artistic, and cultural approaches that explore largely silenced issues. The texts
emerge from personal experiences, but address systemic discrimination embedded within broad
institutional and political structures.

London 1938 - Defending 'degenerate' Art

Nimbus 2018 ISBN 9783038500490 Acqn 28922
Hb 23x29cm 264pp col ills £34.95

Against the background of acute political tensions, a great exhibition of modern German art was
shown in London in the summer of 1938: 'Twentieth Century German Art'. It was not only the first
major retrospective of German modernist art in the English-speaking world, it was also the first
international response to the Nazi campaign against so-called "degenerate art". Published to
mark the eightieth anniversary of this important cultural event, this catalogue tells the story of the
exhibition: the context in which it was staged, the circumstances of its organisation, and its impact
in Britain and further afield.

Lily Van Der Stoker - Friendly Good

ROMA Publications 2018 ISBN 9789492811356 Acqn 29158
Pb 24x31cm 224pp col ills £45

Lily van der Stokker is recognised for her exuberant and decorative murals. Her work is
ostensibly about things like beauty, friendship, and kindness, or about everyday activities such as
tidying up or visiting the doctor - subjects seldom encountered in contemporary art. Yet her
conceptual approach gives these ordinary things an entirely new dimension. Published in
conjunction with an exhibition of Van der Stokker's work at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, this
book presents the themes that have typified her work since the 1990s. The close involvement of
the artist in its making is apparent in its playful visual references. Essays by the two curators offer
context and background.

Olivier Mosset & Jean-Baptiste Sauvage – OLT

Espace De L'Art Concrete 2018 ISBN 9791092677065 Acqn 29285
Pb 18x27cm 160pp col ills £30

This publication provides an in-depth exploration of the artists’ joint project Olt, focusing on a
1967 promotional campaign by the French oil company Elf. The book highlights Mosset and
Sauvage's common interest in graphic design and roadside art, and features a text by Jill
Gasparina on the circle as a symbol of visual modernity, as well as an interview with the two

Marcel Duchamp, Jean Dupuy - En Affinite(s)

Loevenbruck 2018 ISBN 9782916636092 Acqn 29286
Pb 11x15cm 192pp col ills £24

This illustrated essay creates a dialogue between the works of Fluxus artist Jean Dupuy and
Dadaist Marcel Duchamp around their shared interest with eroticism.

Rayyane Tabet – Fragments

KAPH 2018 ISBN 9786148035036 Acqn 29287
Hb 16x23cm 312pp col ills £36

The book "Fragments", designed by Lebanese artist Rayyane Tabet as an installation, coupled
with a performance, is inspired by a family legend about Tabet's great-grand-father. The book
accompanies an exhibition at the Kunstverein in Hamburg.

The Drawer 15 – Blanc

The Drawer 2018 ISBN 9782955992722 Acqn 29288
Hb 17x24cm 160pp col ills £26.50

A graphic examination of white in its entirety: as a matter, a surface, a space, a light, a

movement, an idea. With Meris Angioletti, Virginie Barre, Marion Baruch, Mireille Blanc, Andrea
Carpita, Rebecca Digne, Fuentesal & Arenillas, Vivian Greven, Adam Henry, Antwan Horfee,
Stelios Karamanolis, Christian Lhopital, Mark Lyon, Iris Marchand, Ania Martchenko, Amelie
Paulewicz, Sherman Sam, Linda Sanchez & Baptiste Croze, Amy Sillman, Peter Stampfli, Zsolt
Tibor, Emmanuel Van der Meulen, Claude Viallat, Jean-Pierre Blanc, Marc Turlan.

Lee Mingwei - 9 Stories

Les Presses Du Reel 2018 ISBN 9782378960308 Acqn 29289
Hb 20x26cm 256pp col ills £33.75

This trilingual catalogue documents nine essential works from the Taiwanese artist through nine
interviews with curators and institution officials, illustrated with archives and exhibition views.

Seka Manoukian - Painting In Levitation

KAPH 2018 ISBN 9786148035104 Acqn 29290
Hb 21x27cm 168pp col ills £42

This publication looks back at Manoukian's pictorial work, focusing on the 70s and 80s periods of
her practice. It includes an essay by Gregory Buchakjian, a chronology by Aline Manoukian, and
an interview with the artist by Kristine Khouri.

Benoit Maire
CAPC Musee 2018 ISBN 9782877212373 Acqn 28867
Hb 23x34cm 256pp col ills £41.75

The CAPC Musee d'art contemporain de Bordeaux published the first monograph dedicated to
the artist Benoit Maire. The book takes stock of more than ten years of creation through a rich
selection of more than 350 images of the artist's work from the beginning of his production until
today. Examining the Maire's plural and polymorphic work, the book addresses the artist's
theoretical fundamentals and most current questions by bringing together a critical apparatus
made up of previously unpublished reflections and foundational texts by national and international

Ai Weiwei - Fan-tan
Manuella Editions 2018 ISBN 9782917217993 Acqn 28976
Hb 20x28cm 136pp col ills £33.75

'Fan-Tan' is the catalogue of Ai Weiwei's exhibition at the Mucem in Marseille, which gathers
readymades from the artist's New York period and new works specially made for the Mucem. In
1914 the Chinese Labour Corps offered the Allies a tank, named "Fan-Tan", which arrived in
Europe at Marseille. Ai Weiwei's father, the renowned Chinese poet Ai Qing, also arrived at the
city's harbour in 1929, and some of his poems are reproduced in this publication. Through his
own works and historical documents from the Mucem collections, Ai Weiwei questions both the
historical relationships between China and Europe and his own autobiographical connections with
the city of Marseille.

Pierre Jean Giloux - Invisible Cities

Zero2 2018 ISBN 9782916998077 Acqn 29046
Hb 22x25cm 224pp col ills £33

Pierre-Jean Giloux seeks to create a language using sound and image that combines elements of
pop culture and mass media with more "intellectual" cultures which refer to the visual arts and
architecture. This first monograph by the artist accompanies a series of videos inspired by the
Metabolists, a utopist architecture movement which emerged in Japan in the late 1950s. It follows
the films' production as he explores the connections between four cities (Tokyo, Yokohama,
Osaka, Kyoto) to create urban portraits combining digital with filmed or photographed images of
social and urban reality. The book includes texts by Pierre Musso, Elie During, and Vincent

Sensory Spaces
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen 2018 ISBN 9789069183084 Acqn 29284
Pb 17x24cm 256pp col ills £28

What happens when a space adapts to the art instead of the other way around? Over the past
years, a series of exhibitions in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen's open foyer has challenged
our perceptions of space. In 'Sensory Spaces' fifteen international artists were given carte
blanche to play with the Willem van der Vorm gallery, and each seized the opportunity to create a
unique experience that heightened visitor's awareness. This final publication captures their
extraordinary visions in word and image.

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