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Access Control

Automatic Vehicle Identification

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Automatic Vehicle Identification For more information contact us on:

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Reliable What is HyperX™?
HyperX™ technology guarantees long distance HyperX™ technology is the perfect solution for long-range automatic + 44 [0] 1633 485666
tag detection by utilising a unique high frequency identification applications, providing unbeatable performance and
signal. This enables the identification of individual reliability. Its guaranteed ability to detect fast moving ID-tags at distances
vehicles travelling up to 100km/h, irrespective of of up to 8 metres make it ideal for vehicular access control. Utilising
weather conditions and environmental factors. microwave frequency technology, HyperX™ is unaffected by adverse
weather conditions or electromagnetic interference, providing unrivalled Whatever your application... Traffic Management
consistency. Tags can be programmed with customer specific information UK City Centres
allowing easy integration for personnel access control systems.
Convenient ...Nortech can provide a solution
A number of major UK cities use HyperX™
Automatic Vehicle Identification minimises equipment to manage traffic in pedestrian-
HyperX™ technology has provided ideal solutions for a
traffic congestion and queuing times by ised zones and improve public transport
diverse range of applications with the support of Nortech’s
enabling a continuous flow of traffic. Providing How does HyperX™ work? access control equipment and development capability.
efficiency. Pedestrian safety and convenience
hands-free operation also eliminates the have been improved by issuing ID-tags to
Nortech have designed many complete systems to meet
possibility of operator error. In its simplest form, the HyperX™ system consists of a reader and a vehicle permitted vehicles enabling automated
specific customer requirements by either incorporating
tag. A roadside mounted reader transmits pulses of high frequency signal access to restricted areas at specified times.
standard products or creating bespoke components to
within a specific zone. The tags are supplied as lightweight cards to place Buses fitted with HyperX™ tags can also be
deliver optimum performance.
within a holder mounted behind the windscreen. As the vehicle enters the identified at key junctions and given priority
Secure detection area the tag reflects the signal to the reader adding its individual treatment through traffic light sequencing.
tag ID. This data is sent to the host control system or a standalone controller,
HyperX™ ID-tags cannot be replicated,
such as Nortech’s CRC100. The control system identifies the access
making them more secure than other vehicle
privilege for individual vehicles and controls gates, barriers, bollards and
identification techniques, such as number
traffic signals accordingly.
plate recognition. Tags are also small and
portable enough to be removed when not in Distribution Centre
use, reducing the risk of vehicle theft. National Supermarket Chain
With a national distribution network linking
factories, depots and stores, one of the UK’s
Reduced Costs most successful retailers identified their 24-
HyperX™ based systems provide highly efficient hour, manned entrances as areas of high cost
and secure vehicle detection, enabling fully and low efficiency. Fitting company vehicles
automated solutions that can considerably with HyperX™ technology and allocating
reduce operational costs. The elimination of automated priority lanes dramatically reduced
vehicle queuing has delivered significant fuel queuing times. The reduced fuel consumption,
savings in selected applications. manpower and improved efficiency provided
an estimated saving of £50m within the first
few months of operation.
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Car Park Management

Nottingham City Council
More than 1200 collection and staff
vehicles use the main refuse transfer
depot at Nottingham City Council. Having
encountered numerous reliability problems
with previous access control systems, due

to interference from nearby broadcasting

masts, HyperX™ technology provided the
perfect solution. Operating at a 2.45GHz
Pedestrian- Bus Lane Vehicle Industrial Traffic Light Distribution Taxi-feeder Personnel Parking Caravan Fleet Tolling frequency, the system eliminates all
isation Control Access Site Access Priorities Centres Systems Access Management Security Management Systems external electromagnetic interference.