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@ institutes), ro} ra Administration en Universty of Deiaware www.ipa.udel.edis ore eee ay sre ¢¥9% gt spn torrie 80 Groh Hal Unni a ava: Meek DE 171647390 Usd Project for Red Clay Consolidated School Distsists Board of Education Project Name: Superintendent of Schools Search Process Contract Amount: $29,800 Contract Period: September 2018 ~ March 2019 IPA Contact: Jerome R. Lewis, Director Institute for Public Administration 180 Graham Hall University of Delaware Newark, DE 19716-7380 302-831-8971 Project Manager: Fran Fletcher, Associate Policy Scientist Institute for Public Administration 177 Graham Hall University of Delaware Newark, DE 19716-7380 302-83 1-6812/302-831-0450 (FAX) Client Contact: Catherine H. Thompson, Schoo! Board President Red Clay Consolidated Schoo! District 1802 Spruce Ave, Wilmington, DE 19808 302-552-3708 Date: September 6, 2018 INTRODUCTION At the request of the Red Clay Consolidated Schoo! District's Board of Education (Board), the Institute for Public Administration (IPA) at the University of Delaware is pleased to submit this proposal UNDERSTANDING OF THE CONTRACT 1PA ill serve as consultant to the Board during the search for a new superintendent of schools. The scope of the search will focus on applicants with fequired Delaware teaching and administrative experience. IPA will support the Board in a variety of activities, as detailed below in the Project Scope. Each step within the Project Scope will be done in consultation with the Board or its designee(s). IPA will also serve as primary liaison between the Board and Position applicants. The Board anticipates designating the superintendent no later than March 2018. PROJECT SCOPE The IPA project team wil: Step 1:_ Formulate Overall Search Stvategies (through September 2018) + Meet with Board to confirm the steps and timeline involved in the overall superintendent search process. * Clarify the Board’s expectations and search involvement. Step 2_ Develop Focus Group Activities, Process, and Online Si (through September 2018) 2 Al the direction of the district, determine dates, times, and locations for focus group meetings + Determine focus group meeting content and process with Board. Groups will include parents, teachers, administrators, and support staff, as well as business and community members. + Develop online community survey to be hosted on the district website. © Coordinate launch of online survey with district's Public Information Office Meetings and Draft Search Materials Step 3: Facilitate Focus Group (October 2078) «Conduct five focus group meetings to gather comments on sirengths/challenges facing district, as well as preferred qualities of new superintendent. * Analyze raw responses from online survey. * Create synopsis of focus group meetings and oniine survey. «Design Superintendent Leadership Profile; if necessary, revise current superintendent position description, and draft position vacancy announcement material's. Confirm with Board the search open period and required applicant materials (e.g., proof of appropriate Delaware certification, writing sample, CV, and letters of reference) * Identify three Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to assess applicant materials; draft SME assessment tool and confirm assessment timeline * Advise district on position posting * Position vacancy announcement is posted by district for three weeks Step 4: Collect and Assess Applicant Materials (November 2018) * Collect all applicant materials, review for completeness, and if needed. request additional items from applicants. * Coordinate with SMEs fo assess applicant packets after position closes *Inconsultation with SMEs, rank-order applicants based on relevant qualifications listed in position vacancy announcement Step 5: Conduct Interviews and Recommend Finalists (December 2018 through January 2019) © Summarize SME comments and develop list of recommended finalists. * Coordinate district sponsored public presentation forum for the finalists. * Reflecting the Board's vision, prepare finalist interview questions for and provide Board training on effective interviewing procedures * Coordinate finalists’ interviews by Board; conduct reference checks, as directed by Board. jew Superintendent Step 6: Board Announces. (Early March 2019) CONSIDERATIONS 1) Extent of Contract: This proposal is limited to the components defined above. Additional activities or research will be negotiated independently at the request of the Board and will be billed separately. 2) Professional Legal Services: This proposal does not include any legal services. 3) Included Meetings: This proposal anticipates participation of IPA project team members at up to six (6) meetings with the Board during the course of the search 4) Designated Contacts: The Board will designate a contact person(s) to provide direction to the IPA team for search activities, such as coordinating focus group meetings and finalist public presentations. Fran Fletcher will represent the IPA project team Page 3016