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sim/none/none Do nothing.

sim/operation/quit Quit X-Plane.

sim/operation/screenshot Take a screenshot.
sim/operation/show_menu Show the in-sim menu.
sim/operation/make_current_aircraft_icons (Re)generate all icons for the
current aircraft.
sim/operation/make_single_icon (Re)generate the icon for the
current aircraft & livery.
sim/operation/make_missing_icons Generate all missing aircraft &
livery icons.
sim/operation/regen_weather Regenerate weather.
sim/operation/cycle_dump Print out a cycle dump for this
sim/operation/stab_deriv_pitch Print longitudinal stability
sim/operation/stab_deriv_heading Print lateral stability
sim/operation/recording Toggle user interaction
recording pane.
sim/operation/create_snap_marker Drop a snapshot marker for
replay mode.
sim/operation/test_data_ref Test dataref: Run from 0 to 1
and back.
sim/operation/show_fps Toggle on-screen frame-rate
sim/operation/dev_console Toggle dev console.
sim/operation/toggle_full_screen Toggle full-screen mode.
sim/operation/reload_aircraft Force reloading the current
aircraft (including art).
sim/operation/reload_aircraft_no_art Force reloading the current
aircraft (skip art reload).
sim/operation/reload_scenery Force reloading the current
sim/operation/load_real_weather Scan real weather files.
sim/operation/fail_system Fail selected in failures
sim/operation/make_panel_previews Make screenshots of your panels.
sim/operation/close_windows Close any windows to get back to
sim/operation/load_situation_1 Load situation.
sim/operation/load_situation_2 Load situation.
sim/operation/load_situation_3 Load situation.
sim/view/track-ir_toggle Toggle TrackIR control.
sim/map/show_current Toggle the map window.
sim/map/show_instructor_operator_station Toggle the instructor operator
station (IOS) window.
sim/map/show_low_enroute Toggle the low enroute map.
sim/map/show_high_enroute Toggle the high enroute map.
sim/map/show_sectional Toggle the sectional map.
sim/operation/toggle_flight_config Toggle the Flight Configuration
sim/operation/toggle_main_menu Toggle the Main Menu screen.
sim/operation/toggle_settings_window Toggle the Settings window.
sim/operation/toggle_flight_school_window Toggle the Flight School window.
sim/operation/toggle_key_shortcuts_window Toggle the Keyboard Shortcuts
sim/operation/open_weight_and_balance_window Open the Weight & Balance
sim/operation/open_failures_window Open the Failures window.
sim/operation/toggle_data_output_graph Toggle display of the data
output graph.
sim/operation/toggle_data_output_cockpit Toggle display of the cockpit
data output.
sim/operation/toggle_joy_profiles_window Toggle the keyboard & joystick
profiles window.
sim/operation/toggle_style_guide Toggle display of the V11 UI
style guide.
sim/operation/slider_01 Slider #1 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_02 Slider #2 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_03 Slider #3 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_04 Slider #4 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_05 Slider #5 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_06 Slider #6 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_07 Slider #7 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_08 Slider #8 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_09 Slider #9 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_10 Slider #10 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_11 Slider #11 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_12 Slider #12 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_13 Slider #13 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_14 Slider #14 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_15 Slider #15 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_16 Slider #16 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_17 Slider #17 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_18 Slider #18 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_19 Slider #19 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_20 Slider #20 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_21 Slider #21 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_22 Slider #22 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_23 Slider #23 On/Off control.
sim/operation/slider_24 Slider #24 On/Off control.
sim/operation/fix_all_systems Fix all failed systems.
sim/operation/auto_board Auto-set electrical system for
sim/operation/auto_start Auto-start engines to running,
sim/operation/quick_start Quick-start engines to running.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_off Magnetos off.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_both Magnetos both.
sim/engines/engage_starters Engage starters.
sim/engines/throttle_down Throttle down a bit.
sim/engines/throttle_up Throttle up a bit.
sim/engines/TOGA_power Engage TOGA power.
sim/engines/prop_down Prop coarse a bit.
sim/engines/prop_up Prop fine a bit.
sim/engines/mixture_min Mixture to cut off.
sim/engines/mixture_down Mixture lean a bit.
sim/engines/mixture_up Mixture rich a bit.
sim/engines/mixture_max Mixture to full rich.
sim/engines/carb_heat_off Carb heat off.
sim/engines/carb_heat_on Carb heat on.
sim/engines/carb_heat_toggle Carb heat toggle.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_open Move cowl flaps open a bit.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_closed Move cowl flaps to closed a bit.
sim/engines/idle_hi_lo_toggle Idle high/low toggle.
sim/fadec/fadec_toggle FADEC toggle.
sim/engines/governor_on Throttle governor on.
sim/engines/governor_off Throttle governor off.
sim/engines/governor_toggle Throttle governor toggle.
sim/engines/clutch_on Clutch on.
sim/engines/clutch_off Clutch off.
sim/engines/clutch_toggle Clutch toggle.
sim/engines/beta_toggle Toggle Beta prop.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_toggle Toggle thrust reversers.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_hold Hold thrust reverse at max.
sim/starters/shut_down Pull fuel and mags for shutdown.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_down_1 Magnetos down one notch for
engine #1.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_down_2 Magnetos down one notch for
engine #2.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_down_3 Magnetos down one notch for
engine #3.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_down_4 Magnetos down one notch for
engine #4.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_down_5 Magnetos down one notch for
engine #5.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_down_6 Magnetos down one notch for
engine #6.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_down_7 Magnetos down one notch for
engine #7.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_down_8 Magnetos down one notch for
engine #8.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_up_1 Magnetos up one notch for engine
sim/magnetos/magnetos_up_2 Magnetos up one notch for engine
sim/magnetos/magnetos_up_3 Magnetos up one notch for engine
sim/magnetos/magnetos_up_4 Magnetos up one notch for engine
sim/magnetos/magnetos_up_5 Magnetos up one notch for engine
sim/magnetos/magnetos_up_6 Magnetos up one notch for engine
sim/magnetos/magnetos_up_7 Magnetos up one notch for engine
sim/magnetos/magnetos_up_8 Magnetos up one notch for engine
sim/magnetos/magnetos_off_1 Magnetos off for engine #1.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_off_2 Magnetos off for engine #2.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_off_3 Magnetos off for engine #3.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_off_4 Magnetos off for engine #4.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_off_5 Magnetos off for engine #5.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_off_6 Magnetos off for engine #6.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_off_7 Magnetos off for engine #7.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_off_8 Magnetos off for engine #8.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_left_1 Magnetos left for engine #1.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_left_2 Magnetos left for engine #2.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_left_3 Magnetos left for engine #3.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_left_4 Magnetos left for engine #4.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_left_5 Magnetos left for engine #5.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_left_6 Magnetos left for engine #6.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_left_7 Magnetos left for engine #7.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_left_8 Magnetos left for engine #8.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_right_1 Magnetos right for engine #1.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_right_2 Magnetos right for engine #2.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_right_3 Magnetos right for engine #3.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_right_4 Magnetos right for engine #4.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_right_5 Magnetos right for engine #5.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_right_6 Magnetos right for engine #6.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_right_7 Magnetos right for engine #7.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_right_8 Magnetos right for engine #8.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_both_1 Magnetos both for engine #1.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_both_2 Magnetos both for engine #2.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_both_3 Magnetos both for engine #3.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_both_4 Magnetos both for engine #4.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_both_5 Magnetos both for engine #5.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_both_6 Magnetos both for engine #6.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_both_7 Magnetos both for engine #7.
sim/magnetos/magnetos_both_8 Magnetos both for engine #8.
sim/ignition/ignition_down_1 Ignition key down one notch for
engine #1.
sim/ignition/ignition_down_2 Ignition key down one notch for
engine #2.
sim/ignition/ignition_down_3 Ignition key down one notch for
engine #3.
sim/ignition/ignition_down_4 Ignition key down one notch for
engine #4.
sim/ignition/ignition_down_5 Ignition key down one notch for
engine #5.
sim/ignition/ignition_down_6 Ignition key down one notch for
engine #6.
sim/ignition/ignition_down_7 Ignition key down one notch for
engine #7.
sim/ignition/ignition_down_8 Ignition key down one notch for
engine #8.
sim/ignition/ignition_up_1 Ignition key up one notch for
engine #1.
sim/ignition/ignition_up_2 Ignition key up one notch for
engine #2.
sim/ignition/ignition_up_3 Ignition key up one notch for
engine #3.
sim/ignition/ignition_up_4 Ignition key up one notch for
engine #4.
sim/ignition/ignition_up_5 Ignition key up one notch for
engine #5.
sim/ignition/ignition_up_6 Ignition key up one notch for
engine #6.
sim/ignition/ignition_up_7 Ignition key up one notch for
engine #7.
sim/ignition/ignition_up_8 Ignition key up one notch for
engine #8.
sim/igniters/igniter_arm_off_1 Igniter #1 arm off.
sim/igniters/igniter_arm_off_2 Igniter #2 arm off.
sim/igniters/igniter_arm_off_3 Igniter #3 arm off.
sim/igniters/igniter_arm_off_4 Igniter #4 arm off.
sim/igniters/igniter_arm_off_5 Igniter #5 arm off.
sim/igniters/igniter_arm_off_6 Igniter #6 arm off.
sim/igniters/igniter_arm_off_7 Igniter #7 arm off.
sim/igniters/igniter_arm_off_8 Igniter #8 arm off.
sim/igniters/igniter_arm_on_1 Igniter #1 arm on.
sim/igniters/igniter_arm_on_2 Igniter #2 arm on.
sim/igniters/igniter_arm_on_3 Igniter #3 arm on.
sim/igniters/igniter_arm_on_4 Igniter #4 arm on.
sim/igniters/igniter_arm_on_5 Igniter #5 arm on.
sim/igniters/igniter_arm_on_6 Igniter #6 arm on.
sim/igniters/igniter_arm_on_7 Igniter #7 arm on.
sim/igniters/igniter_arm_on_8 Igniter #8 arm on.
sim/igniters/igniter_contin_off_1 Igniter #1 contin-ignition off.
sim/igniters/igniter_contin_off_2 Igniter #2 contin-ignition off.
sim/igniters/igniter_contin_off_3 Igniter #3 contin-ignition off.
sim/igniters/igniter_contin_off_4 Igniter #4 contin-ignition off.
sim/igniters/igniter_contin_off_5 Igniter #5 contin-ignition off.
sim/igniters/igniter_contin_off_6 Igniter #6 contin-ignition off.
sim/igniters/igniter_contin_off_7 Igniter #7 contin-ignition off.
sim/igniters/igniter_contin_off_8 Igniter #8 contin-ignition off.
sim/igniters/igniter_contin_on_1 Igniter #1 contin-ignition on.
sim/igniters/igniter_contin_on_2 Igniter #2 contin-ignition on.
sim/igniters/igniter_contin_on_3 Igniter #3 contin-ignition on.
sim/igniters/igniter_contin_on_4 Igniter #4 contin-ignition on.
sim/igniters/igniter_contin_on_5 Igniter #5 contin-ignition on.
sim/igniters/igniter_contin_on_6 Igniter #6 contin-ignition on.
sim/igniters/igniter_contin_on_7 Igniter #7 contin-ignition on.
sim/igniters/igniter_contin_on_8 Igniter #8 contin-ignition on.
sim/starters/engage_starter_1 Engage starter #1.
sim/starters/engage_starter_2 Engage starter #2.
sim/starters/engage_starter_3 Engage starter #3.
sim/starters/engage_starter_4 Engage starter #4.
sim/starters/engage_starter_5 Engage starter #5.
sim/starters/engage_starter_6 Engage starter #6.
sim/starters/engage_starter_7 Engage starter #7.
sim/starters/engage_starter_8 Engage starter #8.
sim/engines/throttle_down_1 Throttle down a bit for engine
sim/engines/throttle_down_2 Throttle down a bit for engine
sim/engines/throttle_down_3 Throttle down a bit for engine
sim/engines/throttle_down_4 Throttle down a bit for engine
sim/engines/throttle_down_5 Throttle down a bit for engine
sim/engines/throttle_down_6 Throttle down a bit for engine
sim/engines/throttle_down_7 Throttle down a bit for engine
sim/engines/throttle_down_8 Throttle down a bit for engine
sim/engines/throttle_up_1 Throttle up a bit for engine #1.
sim/engines/throttle_up_2 Throttle up a bit for engine #2.
sim/engines/throttle_up_3 Throttle up a bit for engine #3.
sim/engines/throttle_up_4 Throttle up a bit for engine #4.
sim/engines/throttle_up_5 Throttle up a bit for engine #5.
sim/engines/throttle_up_6 Throttle up a bit for engine #6.
sim/engines/throttle_up_7 Throttle up a bit for engine #7.
sim/engines/throttle_up_8 Throttle up a bit for engine #8.
sim/engines/prop_down_1 Prop down a bit for engine #1.
sim/engines/prop_down_2 Prop down a bit for engine #2.
sim/engines/prop_down_3 Prop down a bit for engine #3.
sim/engines/prop_down_4 Prop down a bit for engine #4.
sim/engines/prop_down_5 Prop down a bit for engine #5.
sim/engines/prop_down_6 Prop down a bit for engine #6.
sim/engines/prop_down_7 Prop down a bit for engine #7.
sim/engines/prop_down_8 Prop down a bit for engine #8.
sim/engines/prop_up_1 Prop up a bit for engine #1.
sim/engines/prop_up_2 Prop up a bit for engine #2.
sim/engines/prop_up_3 Prop up a bit for engine #3.
sim/engines/prop_up_4 Prop up a bit for engine #4.
sim/engines/prop_up_5 Prop up a bit for engine #5.
sim/engines/prop_up_6 Prop up a bit for engine #6.
sim/engines/prop_up_7 Prop up a bit for engine #7.
sim/engines/prop_up_8 Prop up a bit for engine #8.
sim/engines/mixture_down_1 Mixture down a bit for engine
sim/engines/mixture_down_2 Mixture down a bit for engine
sim/engines/mixture_down_3 Mixture down a bit for engine
sim/engines/mixture_down_4 Mixture down a bit for engine
sim/engines/mixture_down_5 Mixture down a bit for engine
sim/engines/mixture_down_6 Mixture down a bit for engine
sim/engines/mixture_down_7 Mixture down a bit for engine
sim/engines/mixture_down_8 Mixture down a bit for engine
sim/engines/mixture_up_1 Mixture up a bit for engine #1.
sim/engines/mixture_up_2 Mixture up a bit for engine #2.
sim/engines/mixture_up_3 Mixture up a bit for engine #3.
sim/engines/mixture_up_4 Mixture up a bit for engine #4.
sim/engines/mixture_up_5 Mixture up a bit for engine #5.
sim/engines/mixture_up_6 Mixture up a bit for engine #6.
sim/engines/mixture_up_7 Mixture up a bit for engine #7.
sim/engines/mixture_up_8 Mixture up a bit for engine #8.
sim/engines/beta_toggle_1 Toggle beta prop #1.
sim/engines/beta_toggle_2 Toggle beta prop #2.
sim/engines/beta_toggle_3 Toggle beta prop #3.
sim/engines/beta_toggle_4 Toggle beta prop #4.
sim/engines/beta_toggle_5 Toggle beta prop #5.
sim/engines/beta_toggle_6 Toggle beta prop #6.
sim/engines/beta_toggle_7 Toggle beta prop #7.
sim/engines/beta_toggle_8 Toggle beta prop #8.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_toggle_1 Toggle thrust reversers #1.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_toggle_2 Toggle thrust reversers #2.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_toggle_3 Toggle thrust reversers #3.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_toggle_4 Toggle thrust reversers #4.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_toggle_5 Toggle thrust reversers #5.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_toggle_6 Toggle thrust reversers #6.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_toggle_7 Toggle thrust reversers #7.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_toggle_8 Toggle thrust reversers #8.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_hold_1 Hold thrust reverse at max #1.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_hold_2 Hold thrust reverse at max #2.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_hold_3 Hold thrust reverse at max #3.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_hold_4 Hold thrust reverse at max #4.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_hold_5 Hold thrust reverse at max #5.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_hold_6 Hold thrust reverse at max #6.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_hold_7 Hold thrust reverse at max #7.
sim/engines/thrust_reverse_hold_8 Hold thrust reverse at max #8.
sim/starters/shut_down_1 Pull fuel and mags for shut-down
sim/starters/shut_down_2 Pull fuel and mags for shut-down
sim/starters/shut_down_3 Pull fuel and mags for shut-down
sim/starters/shut_down_4 Pull fuel and mags for shut-down
sim/starters/shut_down_5 Pull fuel and mags for shut-down
sim/starters/shut_down_6 Pull fuel and mags for shut-down
sim/starters/shut_down_7 Pull fuel and mags for shut-down
sim/starters/shut_down_8 Pull fuel and mags for shut-down
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_closed_1 Move cowl flaps #1 closed a bit.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_closed_2 Move cowl flaps #2 closed a bit.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_closed_3 Move cowl flaps #3 closed a bit.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_closed_4 Move cowl flaps #4 closed a bit.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_closed_5 Move cowl flaps #5 closed a bit.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_closed_6 Move cowl flaps #6 closed a bit.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_closed_7 Move cowl flaps #7 closed a bit.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_closed_8 Move cowl flaps #8 closed a bit.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_open_1 Move cowl flaps #1 open a bit.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_open_2 Move cowl flaps #2 open a bit.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_open_3 Move cowl flaps #3 open a bit.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_open_4 Move cowl flaps #4 open a bit.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_open_5 Move cowl flaps #5 open a bit.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_open_6 Move cowl flaps #6 open a bit.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_open_7 Move cowl flaps #7 open a bit.
sim/flight_controls/cowl_flaps_open_8 Move cowl flaps #8 open a bit.
sim/fadec/fadec_1_off FADEC #1 off.
sim/fadec/fadec_2_off FADEC #2 off.
sim/fadec/fadec_3_off FADEC #3 off.
sim/fadec/fadec_4_off FADEC #4 off.
sim/fadec/fadec_5_off FADEC #5 off.
sim/fadec/fadec_6_off FADEC #6 off.
sim/fadec/fadec_7_off FADEC #7 off.
sim/fadec/fadec_8_off FADEC #8 off.
sim/fadec/fadec_1_on FADEC #1 on.
sim/fadec/fadec_2_on FADEC #2 on.
sim/fadec/fadec_3_on FADEC #3 on.
sim/fadec/fadec_4_on FADEC #4 on.
sim/fadec/fadec_5_on FADEC #5 on.
sim/fadec/fadec_6_on FADEC #6 on.
sim/fadec/fadec_7_on FADEC #7 on.
sim/fadec/fadec_8_on FADEC #8 on.
sim/altair/alternate_air_off_1 Alternate air #1 off.
sim/altair/alternate_air_off_2 Alternate air #2 off.
sim/altair/alternate_air_off_3 Alternate air #3 off.
sim/altair/alternate_air_off_4 Alternate air #4 off.
sim/altair/alternate_air_off_5 Alternate air #5 off.
sim/altair/alternate_air_off_6 Alternate air #6 off.
sim/altair/alternate_air_off_7 Alternate air #7 off.
sim/altair/alternate_air_off_8 Alternate air #8 off.
sim/altair/alternate_air_on_1 Alternate air #1 on.
sim/altair/alternate_air_on_2 Alternate air #2 on.
sim/altair/alternate_air_on_3 Alternate air #3 on.
sim/altair/alternate_air_on_4 Alternate air #4 on.
sim/altair/alternate_air_on_5 Alternate air #5 on.
sim/altair/alternate_air_on_6 Alternate air #6 on.
sim/altair/alternate_air_on_7 Alternate air #7 on.
sim/altair/alternate_air_on_8 Alternate air #8 on.
sim/altair/alternate_air_backup_off_1 Alternate air backup #1 off.
sim/altair/alternate_air_backup_off_2 Alternate air backup #2 off.
sim/altair/alternate_air_backup_off_3 Alternate air backup #3 off.
sim/altair/alternate_air_backup_off_4 Alternate air backup #4 off.
sim/altair/alternate_air_backup_off_5 Alternate air backup #5 off.
sim/altair/alternate_air_backup_off_6 Alternate air backup #6 off.
sim/altair/alternate_air_backup_off_7 Alternate air backup #7 off.
sim/altair/alternate_air_backup_off_8 Alternate air backup #8 off.
sim/altair/alternate_air_backup_on_1 Alternate air backup #1 on.
sim/altair/alternate_air_backup_on_2 Alternate air backup #2 on.
sim/altair/alternate_air_backup_on_3 Alternate air backup #3 on.
sim/altair/alternate_air_backup_on_4 Alternate air backup #4 on.
sim/altair/alternate_air_backup_on_5 Alternate air backup #5 on.
sim/altair/alternate_air_backup_on_6 Alternate air backup #6 on.
sim/altair/alternate_air_backup_on_7 Alternate air backup #7 on.
sim/altair/alternate_air_backup_on_8 Alternate air backup #8 on.
sim/engines/fire_ext_1_off Fire extinguisher #1 off.
sim/engines/fire_ext_2_off Fire extinguisher #2 off.
sim/engines/fire_ext_3_off Fire extinguisher #3 off.
sim/engines/fire_ext_4_off Fire extinguisher #4 off.
sim/engines/fire_ext_5_off Fire extinguisher #5 off.
sim/engines/fire_ext_6_off Fire extinguisher #6 off.
sim/engines/fire_ext_7_off Fire extinguisher #7 off.
sim/engines/fire_ext_8_off Fire extinguisher #8 off.
sim/engines/fire_ext_1_on Fire extinguisher #1 on.
sim/engines/fire_ext_2_on Fire extinguisher #2 on.
sim/engines/fire_ext_3_on Fire extinguisher #3 on.
sim/engines/fire_ext_4_on Fire extinguisher #4 on.
sim/engines/fire_ext_5_on Fire extinguisher #5 on.
sim/engines/fire_ext_6_on Fire extinguisher #6 on.
sim/engines/fire_ext_7_on Fire extinguisher #7 on.
sim/engines/fire_ext_8_on Fire extinguisher #8 on.
sim/flight_controls/flaps_up Flaps up a notch.
sim/flight_controls/flaps_down Flaps down a notch.
sim/flight_controls/vector_sweep_aft Vector or sweep aft.
sim/flight_controls/vector_sweep_forward Vector or sweep forward.
sim/flight_controls/blimp_lift_down Blimp lift down a bit.
sim/flight_controls/blimp_lift_up Blimp lift up a bit.
sim/flight_controls/speed_brakes_down_one Speedbrakes extend one.
sim/flight_controls/speed_brakes_up_one Speedbrakes retract one.
sim/flight_controls/speed_brakes_down_all Speedbrakes extend full.
sim/flight_controls/speed_brakes_up_all Speedbrakes retract full.
sim/flight_controls/speed_brakes_toggle Speedbrakes toggle.
sim/flight_controls/landing_gear_down Landing gear down.
sim/flight_controls/landing_gear_up Landing gear up.
sim/flight_controls/landing_gear_toggle Landing gear toggle.
sim/flight_controls/landing_gear_emer_on Landing gear emergency override
sim/flight_controls/landing_gear_emer_off Landing gear emergency override
sim/flight_controls/nwheel_steer_toggle Nosewheel steer toggle.
sim/flight_controls/tail_wheel_lock_toggle Toggle tailwheel lock.
sim/flight_controls/tail_wheel_lock_engage Engage tailwheel lock.
sim/flight_controls/water_rudder_down Water rudder down (engage).
sim/flight_controls/water_rudder_up Water rudder up (disengage).
sim/flight_controls/water_rudder_toggle Toggle water ruder.
sim/flight_controls/left_brake Hold brake left.
sim/flight_controls/right_brake Hold brake right.
sim/flight_controls/brakes_toggle_regular Toggle brakes regular effort.
sim/flight_controls/brakes_toggle_max Toggle brakes max effort.
sim/flight_controls/brakes_regular Hold brakes regular.
sim/flight_controls/brakes_max Hold brakes maximum.
sim/flight_controls/brakes_toggle_auto Toggle auto-brakes.
sim/flight_controls/brakes_dn_auto Auto-brakes down.
sim/flight_controls/brakes_up_auto Auto-brakes up.
sim/systems/yaw_damper_on Yaw damper on.
sim/systems/yaw_damper_off Yaw damper off.
sim/systems/yaw_damper_toggle Toggle yaw damper.
sim/systems/prop_sync_on Prop sync on.
sim/systems/prop_sync_off Prop sync off.
sim/systems/prop_sync_toggle Prop sync toggle.
sim/systems/feather_mode_down Auto-feather mode down.
sim/systems/feather_mode_up Auto-feather mode up.
sim/systems/feather_mode_off Auto-feather off.
sim/systems/feather_mode_arm Auto-feather on.
sim/systems/feather_mode_test Auto-feather test.
sim/flight_controls/hydraulic_on Engine-driven hydraulic pumps on
sim/flight_controls/hydraulic_off Engine-driven hydraulic pumps
sim/flight_controls/hydraulic_tog Engine-driven hydraulic pumps
sim/flight_controls/tailhook_down Tailhook down.
sim/flight_controls/tailhook_up Tailhook up.
sim/flight_controls/tailhook_toggle Toggle the tailhook.
sim/flight_controls/canopy_open Canopy open.
sim/flight_controls/canopy_close Canopy close.
sim/flight_controls/canopy_toggle Canopy toggle.
sim/flight_controls/rotor_brake_toggle Toggle rotor brake.
sim/systems/artificial_stability_toggle Toggle artificial stability
sim/flight_controls/puffers_toggle Toggle puffers.
sim/engines/rockets_up Orbital maneuver rockets up.
sim/engines/rockets_down Orbital maneuver rockets down.
sim/engines/rockets_left Orbital maneuver rockets left.
sim/engines/rockets_right Orbital maneuver rockets right.
sim/engines/rockets_forward Orbital maneuver rockets fore.
sim/engines/rockets_aft Orbital maneuver rockets aft.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_selector_lft_one Select fuel tank left one.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_selector_rgt_one Select fuel tank right one.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_1_on Fuel pump for tank #1 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_2_on Fuel pump for tank #2 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_3_on Fuel pump for tank #3 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_4_on Fuel pump for tank #4 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_5_on Fuel pump for tank #5 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_6_on Fuel pump for tank #6 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_7_on Fuel pump for tank #7 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_8_on Fuel pump for tank #8 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_9_on Fuel pump for tank #9 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_1_off Fuel pump for tank #1 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_2_off Fuel pump for tank #2 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_3_off Fuel pump for tank #3 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_4_off Fuel pump for tank #4 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_5_off Fuel pump for tank #5 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_6_off Fuel pump for tank #6 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_7_off Fuel pump for tank #7 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_8_off Fuel pump for tank #8 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_tank_pump_9_off Fuel pump for tank #9 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_selector_none Set fuel selector to none (shut
sim/fuel/fuel_selector_lft Set fuel selector to left tanks.
sim/fuel/fuel_selector_ctr Set fuel selector to center
sim/fuel/fuel_selector_rgt Set fuel selector to right
sim/fuel/fuel_selector_all Set fuel selector to all tanks.
sim/fuel/fuel_transfer_to_lft Transfer fuel to left.
sim/fuel/fuel_transfer_to_ctr Transfer fuel to center.
sim/fuel/fuel_transfer_to_rgt Transfer fuel to right.
sim/fuel/fuel_transfer_to_off Transfer fuel to none.
sim/fuel/fuel_transfer_from_lft Transfer fuel from left.
sim/fuel/fuel_transfer_from_ctr Transfer fuel from center.
sim/fuel/fuel_transfer_from_rgt Transfer fuel from right.
sim/fuel/fuel_transfer_from_off Transfer fuel from none.
sim/fuel/fuel_crossfeed_from_lft_tank Cross-feed fuel from left tank.
sim/fuel/fuel_crossfeed_off Cross-feed fuel off.
sim/fuel/fuel_crossfeed_from_rgt_tank Cross-feed fuel from right tank.
sim/fuel/fuel_firewall_valve_lft_open Firewall fuel valve left open.
sim/fuel/fuel_firewall_valve_lft_closed Firewall fuel valve left closed.
sim/fuel/fuel_firewall_valve_rgt_open Firewall fuel valve right open.
sim/fuel/fuel_firewall_valve_rgt_closed Firewall fuel valve right
sim/fuel/fuel_pumps_on Fuel pumps on.
sim/fuel/fuel_pumps_off Fuel pumps off.
sim/fuel/fuel_pumps_tog Fuel pumps toggle.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_1_on Fuel pump for engine #1 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_2_on Fuel pump for engine #2 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_3_on Fuel pump for engine #3 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_4_on Fuel pump for engine #4 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_5_on Fuel pump for engine #5 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_6_on Fuel pump for engine #6 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_7_on Fuel pump for engine #7 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_8_on Fuel pump for engine #8 on.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_1_off Fuel pump for engine #1 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_2_off Fuel pump for engine #2 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_3_off Fuel pump for engine #3 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_4_off Fuel pump for engine #4 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_5_off Fuel pump for engine #5 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_6_off Fuel pump for engine #6 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_7_off Fuel pump for engine #7 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_8_off Fuel pump for engine #8 off.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_1_tog Fuel pump for engine #1 toggle.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_2_tog Fuel pump for engine #2 toggle.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_3_tog Fuel pump for engine #3 toggle.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_4_tog Fuel pump for engine #4 toggle.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_5_tog Fuel pump for engine #5 toggle.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_6_tog Fuel pump for engine #6 toggle.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_7_tog Fuel pump for engine #7 toggle.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_8_tog Fuel pump for engine #8 toggle.
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_1_prime Fuel pump prime for engine #1
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_2_prime Fuel pump prime for engine #2
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_3_prime Fuel pump prime for engine #3
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_4_prime Fuel pump prime for engine #4
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_5_prime Fuel pump prime for engine #5
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_6_prime Fuel pump prime for engine #6
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_7_prime Fuel pump prime for engine #7
sim/fuel/fuel_pump_8_prime Fuel pump prime for engine #8
sim/electrical/cross_tie_on Cross-tie on.
sim/electrical/cross_tie_off Cross-tie off.
sim/electrical/cross_tie_toggle Cross-tie toggle.
sim/electrical/inverters_on Inverters on.
sim/electrical/inverters_off Inverters off.
sim/electrical/inverters_toggle Inverters toggle.
sim/electrical/inverter_1_on Inverter 1 on.
sim/electrical/inverter_1_off Inverter 1 off.
sim/electrical/inverter_1_toggle Inverter 1 toggle.
sim/electrical/inverter_2_on Inverter 2 on.
sim/electrical/inverter_2_off Inverter 2 off.
sim/electrical/inverter_2_toggle Inverter 2 toggle.
sim/electrical/batteries_toggle Batteries all toggle.
sim/electrical/battery_1_on Battery 1 on.
sim/electrical/battery_2_on Battery 2 on.
sim/electrical/battery_1_off Battery 1 off.
sim/electrical/battery_2_off Battery 2 off.
sim/electrical/battery_1_toggle Battery 1 toggle.
sim/electrical/battery_2_toggle Battery 2 toggle.
sim/electrical/generators_toggle Generators all toggle.
sim/electrical/generator_1_off Generator #1 off.
sim/electrical/generator_2_off Generator #2 off.
sim/electrical/generator_3_off Generator #3 off.
sim/electrical/generator_4_off Generator #4 off.
sim/electrical/generator_5_off Generator #5 off.
sim/electrical/generator_6_off Generator #6 off.
sim/electrical/generator_7_off Generator #7 off.
sim/electrical/generator_8_off Generator #8 off.
sim/electrical/generator_1_on Generator #1 on.
sim/electrical/generator_2_on Generator #2 on.
sim/electrical/generator_3_on Generator #3 on.
sim/electrical/generator_4_on Generator #4 on.
sim/electrical/generator_5_on Generator #5 on.
sim/electrical/generator_6_on Generator #6 on.
sim/electrical/generator_7_on Generator #7 on.
sim/electrical/generator_8_on Generator #8 on.
sim/electrical/generator_1_toggle Generator #1 toggle.
sim/electrical/generator_2_toggle Generator #2 toggle.
sim/electrical/generator_3_toggle Generator #3 toggle.
sim/electrical/generator_4_toggle Generator #4 toggle.
sim/electrical/generator_5_toggle Generator #5 toggle.
sim/electrical/generator_6_toggle Generator #6 toggle.
sim/electrical/generator_7_toggle Generator #7 toggle.
sim/electrical/generator_8_toggle Generator #8 toggle.
sim/electrical/generator_1_reset Generator #1 reset.
sim/electrical/generator_2_reset Generator #2 reset.
sim/electrical/generator_3_reset Generator #3 reset.
sim/electrical/generator_4_reset Generator #4 reset.
sim/electrical/generator_5_reset Generator #5 reset.
sim/electrical/generator_6_reset Generator #6 reset.
sim/electrical/generator_7_reset Generator #7 reset.
sim/electrical/generator_8_reset Generator #8 reset.
sim/electrical/APU_start APU start.
sim/electrical/APU_on APU on.
sim/electrical/APU_off APU off.
sim/electrical/APU_generator_on APU generator on.
sim/electrical/APU_generator_off APU generator off.
sim/electrical/GPU_on GPU on.
sim/electrical/GPU_off GPU off.
sim/electrical/GPU_toggle GPU toggle.
sim/electrical/recharge Re-charge batteries.
sim/lights/nav_lights_on Nav lights on.
sim/lights/nav_lights_off Nav lights off.
sim/lights/nav_lights_toggle Nav lights toggle.
sim/lights/beacon_lights_on Beacon lights on.
sim/lights/beacon_lights_off Beacon lights off.
sim/lights/beacon_lights_toggle Beacon lights toggle.
sim/lights/strobe_lights_on Strobe lights on.
sim/lights/strobe_lights_off Strobe lights off.
sim/lights/strobe_lights_toggle Strobe lights toggle.
sim/lights/taxi_lights_on Taxi lights on.
sim/lights/taxi_lights_off Taxi lights off.
sim/lights/taxi_lights_toggle Taxi lights toggle.
sim/lights/landing_lights_on Landing lights on.
sim/lights/landing_lights_off Landing lights off.
sim/lights/landing_lights_toggle Landing lights toggle.
sim/lights/landing_01_light_on Landing light 01 on.
sim/lights/landing_02_light_on Landing light 02 on.
sim/lights/landing_03_light_on Landing light 03 on.
sim/lights/landing_04_light_on Landing light 04 on.
sim/lights/landing_05_light_on Landing light 05 on.
sim/lights/landing_06_light_on Landing light 06 on.
sim/lights/landing_07_light_on Landing light 07 on.
sim/lights/landing_08_light_on Landing light 08 on.
sim/lights/landing_09_light_on Landing light 09 on.
sim/lights/landing_10_light_on Landing light 10 on.
sim/lights/landing_11_light_on Landing light 11 on.
sim/lights/landing_12_light_on Landing light 12 on.
sim/lights/landing_13_light_on Landing light 13 on.
sim/lights/landing_14_light_on Landing light 14 on.
sim/lights/landing_15_light_on Landing light 15 on.
sim/lights/landing_16_light_on Landing light 16 on.
sim/lights/landing_01_light_off Landing light 01 off.
sim/lights/landing_02_light_off Landing light 02 off.
sim/lights/landing_03_light_off Landing light 03 off.
sim/lights/landing_04_light_off Landing light 04 off.
sim/lights/landing_05_light_off Landing light 05 off.
sim/lights/landing_06_light_off Landing light 06 off.
sim/lights/landing_07_light_off Landing light 07 off.
sim/lights/landing_08_light_off Landing light 08 off.
sim/lights/landing_09_light_off Landing light 09 off.
sim/lights/landing_10_light_off Landing light 10 off.
sim/lights/landing_11_light_off Landing light 11 off.
sim/lights/landing_12_light_off Landing light 12 off.
sim/lights/landing_13_light_off Landing light 13 off.
sim/lights/landing_14_light_off Landing light 14 off.
sim/lights/landing_15_light_off Landing light 15 off.
sim/lights/landing_16_light_off Landing light 16 off.
sim/lights/landing_01_light_tog Landing light 01 toggle.
sim/lights/landing_02_light_tog Landing light 02 toggle.
sim/lights/landing_03_light_tog Landing light 03 toggle.
sim/lights/landing_04_light_tog Landing light 04 toggle.
sim/lights/landing_05_light_tog Landing light 05 toggle.
sim/lights/landing_06_light_tog Landing light 06 toggle.
sim/lights/landing_07_light_tog Landing light 07 toggle.
sim/lights/landing_08_light_tog Landing light 08 toggle.
sim/lights/landing_09_light_tog Landing light 09 toggle.
sim/lights/landing_10_light_tog Landing light 10 toggle.
sim/lights/landing_11_light_tog Landing light 11 toggle.
sim/lights/landing_12_light_tog Landing light 12 toggle.
sim/lights/landing_13_light_tog Landing light 13 toggle.
sim/lights/landing_14_light_tog Landing light 14 toggle.
sim/lights/landing_15_light_tog Landing light 15 toggle.
sim/lights/landing_16_light_tog Landing light 16 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_01_light_tog Generic light 01 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_02_light_tog Generic light 02 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_03_light_tog Generic light 03 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_04_light_tog Generic light 04 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_05_light_tog Generic light 05 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_06_light_tog Generic light 06 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_07_light_tog Generic light 07 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_08_light_tog Generic light 08 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_09_light_tog Generic light 09 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_10_light_tog Generic light 10 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_11_light_tog Generic light 11 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_12_light_tog Generic light 12 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_13_light_tog Generic light 13 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_14_light_tog Generic light 14 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_15_light_tog Generic light 15 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_16_light_tog Generic light 16 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_17_light_tog Generic light 17 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_18_light_tog Generic light 18 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_19_light_tog Generic light 19 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_20_light_tog Generic light 20 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_21_light_tog Generic light 21 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_22_light_tog Generic light 22 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_23_light_tog Generic light 23 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_24_light_tog Generic light 24 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_25_light_tog Generic light 25 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_26_light_tog Generic light 26 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_27_light_tog Generic light 27 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_28_light_tog Generic light 28 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_29_light_tog Generic light 29 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_30_light_tog Generic light 30 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_31_light_tog Generic light 31 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_32_light_tog Generic light 32 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_33_light_tog Generic light 33 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_34_light_tog Generic light 34 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_35_light_tog Generic light 35 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_36_light_tog Generic light 36 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_37_light_tog Generic light 37 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_38_light_tog Generic light 38 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_39_light_tog Generic light 39 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_40_light_tog Generic light 40 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_41_light_tog Generic light 41 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_42_light_tog Generic light 42 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_43_light_tog Generic light 43 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_44_light_tog Generic light 44 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_45_light_tog Generic light 45 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_46_light_tog Generic light 46 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_47_light_tog Generic light 47 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_48_light_tog Generic light 48 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_49_light_tog Generic light 49 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_50_light_tog Generic light 50 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_51_light_tog Generic light 51 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_52_light_tog Generic light 52 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_53_light_tog Generic light 53 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_54_light_tog Generic light 54 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_55_light_tog Generic light 55 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_56_light_tog Generic light 56 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_57_light_tog Generic light 57 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_58_light_tog Generic light 58 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_59_light_tog Generic light 59 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_60_light_tog Generic light 60 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_61_light_tog Generic light 61 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_62_light_tog Generic light 62 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_63_light_tog Generic light 63 toggle.
sim/lights/generic_64_light_tog Generic light 64 toggle.
sim/lights/spot_lights_on Spot lights on.
sim/lights/spot_lights_off Spot lights off.
sim/lights/spot_lights_toggle Spot lights toggle.
sim/systems/avionics_on Avionics on.
sim/systems/avionics_off Avionics off.
sim/systems/avionics_toggle Avionics toggle.
sim/bleed_air/bleed_air_down Bleed air mode down.
sim/bleed_air/bleed_air_up Bleed air mode up.
sim/bleed_air/bleed_air_off Bleed air off.
sim/bleed_air/bleed_air_left Bleed air from left engine.
sim/bleed_air/bleed_air_both Bleed air from either engine.
sim/bleed_air/bleed_air_right Bleed air from right engine.
sim/bleed_air/bleed_air_apu Bleed air from APU.
sim/bleed_air/bleed_air_auto Bleed air from any engine or
sim/bleed_air/bleed_air_left_on Bleed air left engine on.
sim/bleed_air/bleed_air_left_ins_only Bleed air left engine
instruments only.
sim/bleed_air/bleed_air_left_off Bleed air left engine off.
sim/bleed_air/bleed_air_right_on Bleed air right engine on.
sim/bleed_air/bleed_air_right_ins_only Bleed air right engine
instruments only.
sim/bleed_air/bleed_air_right_off Bleed air right engine off.
sim/pressurization/test Pressurization test.
sim/pressurization/dump_on Dump pressurization on.
sim/pressurization/dump_off Dump pressurization off.
sim/pressurization/vvi_down Cabin vertical speed down.
sim/pressurization/vvi_up Cabin vertical speed up.
sim/pressurization/cabin_alt_down Cabin altitude down.
sim/pressurization/cabin_alt_up Cabin altitude up.
sim/ice/anti_ice_toggle Anti-ice: toggle all.
sim/ice/alternate_static_port Toggle alternate static port.
sim/ice/pitot_heat0_on Anti-ice: left pitot heat on.
sim/ice/pitot_heat1_on Anti-ice: right pitot heat on.
sim/ice/pitot_heat0_off Anti-ice: left pitot heat off.
sim/ice/pitot_heat1_off Anti-ice: right pitot heat off.
sim/ice/pitot_heat0_tog Anti-ice: left pitot heat
sim/ice/pitot_heat1_tog Anti-ice: right pitot heat
sim/ice/static_heat0_on Anti-ice: left static heat on.
sim/ice/static_heat1_on Anti-ice: right static heat on.
sim/ice/static_heat0_off Anti-ice: left static heat off.
sim/ice/static_heat1_off Anti-ice: right static heat off.
sim/ice/AOA_heat0_on Anti-ice: AOA on.
sim/ice/AOA_heat1_on Anti-ice: AOA on.
sim/ice/AOA_heat0_off Anti-ice: AOA off.
sim/ice/AOA_heat1_off Anti-ice: AOA off.
sim/ice/AOA_heat0_tog Anti-ice: AOA toggle.
sim/ice/AOA_heat1_tog Anti-ice: AOA toggle.
sim/ice/window_heat_on Anti-ice: window heat on.
sim/ice/window_heat_off Anti-ice: window heat off.
sim/ice/window_heat_tog Anti-ice: window heat toggle.
sim/ice/wing_heat_on Anti-ice: all wing, de-ice on.
sim/ice/wing_heat0_on Anti-ice: left wing, de-ice on.
sim/ice/wing_heat1_on Anti-ice: right wing, de-ice on.
sim/ice/wing_heat_off Anti-ice: all wing, de-ice off.
sim/ice/wing_heat0_off Anti-ice: left wing, de-ice off.
sim/ice/wing_heat1_off Anti-ice: right wing, de-ice
sim/ice/wing_heat_tog Anti-ice: all wing, de-ice
sim/ice/wing_heat0_tog Anti-ice: left wing, de-ice
sim/ice/wing_heat1_tog Anti-ice: right wing, de-ice
sim/ice/inlet_heat0_on Anti-ice: engine #1 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat1_on Anti-ice: engine #2 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat2_on Anti-ice: engine #3 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat3_on Anti-ice: engine #4 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat4_on Anti-ice: engine #5 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat5_on Anti-ice: engine #6 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat6_on Anti-ice: engine #7 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat7_on Anti-ice: engine #8 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat0_off Anti-ice: engine #1 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat1_off Anti-ice: engine #2 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat2_off Anti-ice: engine #3 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat3_off Anti-ice: engine #4 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat4_off Anti-ice: engine #5 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat5_off Anti-ice: engine #6 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat6_off Anti-ice: engine #7 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat7_off Anti-ice: engine #8 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat0_tog Anti-ice: engine #1 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat1_tog Anti-ice: engine #2 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat2_tog Anti-ice: engine #3 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat3_tog Anti-ice: engine #4 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat4_tog Anti-ice: engine #5 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat5_tog Anti-ice: engine #6 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat6_tog Anti-ice: engine #7 inlet heat
sim/ice/inlet_heat7_tog Anti-ice: engine #8 inlet heat
sim/ice/prop_heat_on Anti-ice: all prop heat on.
sim/ice/prop_heat_off Anti-ice: all prop heat off.
sim/ice/prop_heat_tog Anti-ice: all prop heat toggle.
sim/ice/prop_heat0_on Anti-ice: engine #1 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat1_on Anti-ice: engine #2 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat2_on Anti-ice: engine #3 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat3_on Anti-ice: engine #4 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat4_on Anti-ice: engine #5 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat5_on Anti-ice: engine #6 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat6_on Anti-ice: engine #7 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat7_on Anti-ice: engine #8 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat0_off Anti-ice: engine #1 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat1_off Anti-ice: engine #2 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat2_off Anti-ice: engine #3 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat3_off Anti-ice: engine #4 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat4_off Anti-ice: engine #5 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat5_off Anti-ice: engine #6 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat6_off Anti-ice: engine #7 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat7_off Anti-ice: engine #8 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat0_tog Anti-ice: engine #1 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat1_tog Anti-ice: engine #2 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat2_tog Anti-ice: engine #3 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat3_tog Anti-ice: engine #4 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat4_tog Anti-ice: engine #5 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat5_tog Anti-ice: engine #6 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat6_tog Anti-ice: engine #7 prop heat
sim/ice/prop_heat7_tog Anti-ice: engine #8 prop heat
sim/ice/detect_on Anti-ice: ice detection on.
sim/ice/detect_off Anti-ice: ice detection off.
sim/oxy/crew_valve_on Crew oxygen: master valve
sim/oxy/crew_valve_off Crew oxygen: master valve
sim/oxy/crew_valve_toggle Crew oxygen: master valve toggle
sim/oxy/crew_regulator_up Crew oxygen: demand regulator
sim/oxy/crew_regulator_down Crew oxygen: demand regulator
sim/oxy/passenger_o2_on Passenger oxygen: drop masks.
sim/flight_controls/parachute_flares Deploy parachute flares.
sim/flight_controls/smoke_toggle Toggle smoke puffing.
sim/flight_controls/water_scoop_toggle Toggle water scoop.
sim/flight_controls/boost Water or Nitrous engine BOOST.
sim/flight_controls/ignite_jato Ignite JATO.
sim/flight_controls/jettison_payload Jettison the payload.
sim/flight_controls/dump_fuel_on Dump fuel on.
sim/flight_controls/dump_fuel_off Dump fuel off.
sim/flight_controls/dump_fuel_toggle Dump fuel toggle.
sim/flight_controls/deploy_parachute Deploy/jettison chute.
sim/flight_controls/eject Eject.
sim/flight_controls/drop_tank Drop all drop tanks.
sim/weapons/re_arm_aircraft Re-arm aircraft to default
sim/weapons/master_arm_on Master arm on.
sim/weapons/master_arm_off Master arm off.
sim/weapons/fire_mode_down Weapon single/pair/ripple/salvo
sim/weapons/fire_mode_up Weapon single/pair/ripple/salvo
sim/weapons/fire_rate_down Weapon fire rate down.
sim/weapons/fire_rate_up Weapon fire rate up.
sim/weapons/weapon_select_down Weapon select down.
sim/weapons/weapon_select_up Weapon select up.
sim/weapons/fire_guns Fire guns.
sim/weapons/fire_air_to_air Fire air-to-air selection.
sim/weapons/fire_air_to_ground Fire air-to-ground selection.
sim/weapons/fire_any_armed Fire all armed selections.
sim/weapons/fire_any_shell Fire selected weapon.
sim/weapons/GPS_lock_here Target camera pointer in GPS.
sim/weapons/weapon_target_down Target select down.
sim/weapons/weapon_target_up Target select up.
sim/weapons/deploy_chaff Deploy chaff.
sim/weapons/deploy_flares Deploy flares.
sim/operation/prev_livery Load previous livery.
sim/operation/next_livery Load next livery.
sim/systems/seatbelt_sign_toggle Toggle seatbelt sign.
sim/systems/no_smoking_toggle Toggle smoking sign.
sim/systems/wipers_dn Windshield wipers down.
sim/systems/wipers_up Windshield wipers up.
sim/lights/spot_light_left Aim spotlight left.
sim/lights/spot_light_right Aim spotlight right.
sim/lights/spot_light_up Aim spotlight up.
sim/lights/spot_light_down Aim spotlight down.
sim/lights/spot_light_center Aim spotlight to center.
sim/flight_controls/door_open_1 Door #1 open.
sim/flight_controls/door_open_2 Door #2 open.
sim/flight_controls/door_open_3 Door #3 open.
sim/flight_controls/door_open_4 Door #4 open.
sim/flight_controls/door_open_5 Door #5 open.
sim/flight_controls/door_open_6 Door #6 open.
sim/flight_controls/door_open_7 Door #7 open.
sim/flight_controls/door_open_8 Door #8 open.
sim/flight_controls/door_open_9 Door #9 open.
sim/flight_controls/door_open_10 Door #10 open.
sim/flight_controls/door_close_1 Door #1 close.
sim/flight_controls/door_close_2 Door #2 close.
sim/flight_controls/door_close_3 Door #3 close.
sim/flight_controls/door_close_4 Door #4 close.
sim/flight_controls/door_close_5 Door #5 close.
sim/flight_controls/door_close_6 Door #6 close.
sim/flight_controls/door_close_7 Door #7 close.
sim/flight_controls/door_close_8 Door #8 close.
sim/flight_controls/door_close_9 Door #9 close.
sim/flight_controls/door_close_10 Door #10 close.
sim/general/action General action command.
sim/flight_controls/glider_tow_release Release tow-plane cable for
sim/flight_controls/winch_release Release winch (for gliders).
sim/flight_controls/glider_all_release Release tow-plane and winch for
sim/flight_controls/engage_cat_shot Engage catapault.
sim/flight_controls/glider_tow_left Tow-plane for gliders: Take me
sim/flight_controls/glider_tow_straight Tow-plane for gliders: Take me
sim/flight_controls/glider_tow_right Tow-plane for gliders: Take me
sim/flight_controls/winch_faster Winch faster. (for gliders).
sim/flight_controls/winch_slower Winch slower. (for gliders).
sim/ground_ops/service_plane Service the airplane with ground
sim/ground_ops/pushback_left Push-back for airliners: Nose 90
sim/ground_ops/pushback_straight Push-back for airliners:
Straight back.
sim/ground_ops/pushback_right Push-back for airliners: Nose 90
sim/ground_ops/pushback_stop Push-back for airliners: Stop
and let go.
sim/ground_ops/toggle_window Toggle the ground handling
sim/radios/power_nav1_off Power NAV1 off.
sim/radios/power_nav1_on Power NAV1 on.
sim/radios/power_nav2_off Power NAV2 off.
sim/radios/power_nav2_on Power NAV2 on.
sim/radios/power_com1_off Power COM1 off.
sim/radios/power_com1_on Power COM1 on.
sim/radios/power_com2_off Power COM2 off.
sim/radios/power_com2_on Power COM2 on.
sim/radios/power_adf1_dn Power ADF1 dn.
sim/radios/power_adf1_up Power ADF1 up.
sim/radios/power_adf2_dn Power ADF2 dn.
sim/radios/power_adf2_up Power ADF2 up.
sim/radios/adf1_power_mode_0 ADF 1 off.
sim/radios/adf1_power_mode_1 ADF 1 antenna.
sim/radios/adf1_power_mode_2 ADF 1 on.
sim/radios/adf1_power_mode_3 ADF 1 tone.
sim/radios/adf1_power_mode_4 ADF 1 test.
sim/radios/adf2_power_mode_0 ADF 2 off.
sim/radios/adf2_power_mode_1 ADF 2 antenna.
sim/radios/adf2_power_mode_2 ADF 2 on.
sim/radios/adf2_power_mode_3 ADF 2 tone.
sim/radios/adf2_power_mode_4 ADF 2 test.
sim/radios/actv_com1_coarse_down COM 1 coarse down.
sim/radios/actv_com1_coarse_up COM 1 coarse up.
sim/radios/actv_com1_fine_down COM 1 fine down (25kHz).
sim/radios/actv_com1_fine_up COM 1 fine up (25kHz).
sim/radios/actv_com1_coarse_down_833 COM 1 coarse down (8.33 kHz).
sim/radios/actv_com1_coarse_up_833 COM 1 coarse up (8.33 kHz).
sim/radios/actv_com1_fine_down_833 COM 1 fine down (8.33 kHz).
sim/radios/actv_com1_fine_up_833 COM 1 fine up (8.33 kHz).
sim/radios/stby_com1_coarse_down COM 1 standby coarse down.
sim/radios/stby_com1_coarse_up COM 1 standby coarse up.
sim/radios/stby_com1_fine_down COM 1 standby fine down (25kHz).
sim/radios/stby_com1_fine_up COM 1 standby fine up (25kHz).
sim/radios/stby_com1_coarse_down_833 COM 1 standby coarse down
sim/radios/stby_com1_coarse_up_833 COM 1 standby coarse up
sim/radios/stby_com1_fine_down_833 COM 1 standby fine down
sim/radios/stby_com1_fine_up_833 COM 1 standby fine up (8.33kHz).
sim/radios/actv_com2_coarse_down COM 2 coarse down.
sim/radios/actv_com2_coarse_up COM 2 coarse up.
sim/radios/actv_com2_fine_down COM 2 fine down (25kHz).
sim/radios/actv_com2_fine_up COM 2 fine up (25kHz).
sim/radios/actv_com2_coarse_down_833 COM 2 coarse down (8.33kHz).
sim/radios/actv_com2_coarse_up_833 COM 2 coarse up (8.33kHz).
sim/radios/actv_com2_fine_down_833 COM 2 fine down (8.33kHz).
sim/radios/actv_com2_fine_up_833 COM 2 fine up (8.33kHz).
sim/radios/stby_com2_coarse_down COM 2 standby coarse down.
sim/radios/stby_com2_coarse_up COM 2 standby coarse up.
sim/radios/stby_com2_fine_down COM 2 standby fine down (25kHz).
sim/radios/stby_com2_fine_up COM 2 standby fine up (25kHz).
sim/radios/stby_com2_coarse_down_833 COM 2 standby coarse down
sim/radios/stby_com2_coarse_up_833 COM 2 standby coarse up
sim/radios/stby_com2_fine_down_833 COM 2 standby fine down
sim/radios/stby_com2_fine_up_833 COM 2 standby fine up (8.33kHz).
sim/radios/actv_nav1_coarse_down NAV 1 coarse down.
sim/radios/actv_nav1_coarse_up NAV 1 coarse up.
sim/radios/actv_nav1_fine_down NAV 1 fine down.
sim/radios/actv_nav1_fine_up NAV 1 fine up.
sim/radios/stby_nav1_coarse_down NAV 1 standby coarse down.
sim/radios/stby_nav1_coarse_up NAV 1 standby coarse up.
sim/radios/stby_nav1_fine_down NAV 1 standby fine down.
sim/radios/stby_nav1_fine_up NAV 1 standby fine up.
sim/radios/actv_nav2_coarse_down NAV 2 coarse down.
sim/radios/actv_nav2_coarse_up NAV 2 coarse up.
sim/radios/actv_nav2_fine_down NAV 2 fine down.
sim/radios/actv_nav2_fine_up NAV 2 fine up.
sim/radios/stby_nav2_coarse_down NAV 2 standby coarse down.
sim/radios/stby_nav2_coarse_up NAV 2 standby coarse up.
sim/radios/stby_nav2_fine_down NAV 2 standby fine down.
sim/radios/stby_nav2_fine_up NAV 2 standby fine up.
sim/radios/actv_dme_coarse_down DME coarse down.
sim/radios/actv_dme_coarse_up DME coarse up.
sim/radios/actv_dme_fine_down DME fine down.
sim/radios/actv_dme_fine_up DME fine up.
sim/radios/stby_dme_coarse_down DME standby coarse down.
sim/radios/stby_dme_coarse_up DME standby coarse up.
sim/radios/stby_dme_fine_down DME standby fine down.
sim/radios/stby_dme_fine_up DME standby fine up.
sim/radios/actv_adf1_hundreds_down ADF active 1 hundreds down.
sim/radios/actv_adf1_hundreds_up ADF active 1 hundreds up.
sim/radios/actv_adf1_tens_down ADF active 1 tens down.
sim/radios/actv_adf1_tens_up ADF active 1 tens up.
sim/radios/actv_adf1_ones_down ADF active 1 ones down.
sim/radios/actv_adf1_ones_up ADF active 1 ones up.
sim/radios/actv_adf1_ones_tens_down ADF active 1 ones and tens down.
sim/radios/actv_adf1_ones_tens_up ADF active 1 ones and tens up.
sim/radios/actv_adf1_hundreds_thous_down ADF active 1 hundreds and
thousands down.
sim/radios/actv_adf1_hundreds_thous_up ADF active 1 hundreds and
thousands up.
sim/radios/actv_adf1_4dig_hundreds_down 4-digit ADF active 1 hundreds
sim/radios/actv_adf1_4dig_hundreds_up 4-digit ADF active 1 hundreds
sim/radios/actv_adf1_4dig_tens_down 4-digit ADF active 1 tens down.
sim/radios/actv_adf1_4dig_tens_up 4-digit ADF active 1 tens up.
sim/radios/actv_adf1_4dig_ones_down 4-digit ADF active 1 ones down.
sim/radios/actv_adf1_4dig_ones_up 4-digit ADF active 1 ones up.
sim/radios/stby_adf1_hundreds_down ADF standby 1 hundreds down.
sim/radios/stby_adf1_hundreds_up ADF standby 1 hundreds up.
sim/radios/stby_adf1_tens_down ADF standby 1 tens down.
sim/radios/stby_adf1_tens_up ADF standby 1 tens up.
sim/radios/stby_adf1_ones_down ADF standby 1 ones down.
sim/radios/stby_adf1_ones_up ADF standby 1 ones up.
sim/radios/stby_adf1_ones_tens_down ADF standby 1 ones and tens
sim/radios/stby_adf1_ones_tens_up ADF standby 1 ones and tens up.
sim/radios/stby_adf1_hundreds_thous_down ADF standby 1 hundreds and
thousands down.
sim/radios/stby_adf1_hundreds_thous_up ADF standby 1 hundreds and
thousands up.
sim/radios/stby_adf1_4dig_hundreds_down 4-digit ADF standby 1 hundreds
sim/radios/stby_adf1_4dig_hundreds_up 4-digit ADF standby 1 hundreds
sim/radios/stby_adf1_4dig_tens_down 4-digit ADF standby 1 tens down.
sim/radios/stby_adf1_4dig_tens_up 4-digit ADF standby 1 tens up.
sim/radios/stby_adf1_4dig_ones_down 4-digit ADF standby 1 ones down.
sim/radios/stby_adf1_4dig_ones_up 4-digit ADF standby 1 ones up.
sim/radios/actv_adf2_hundreds_down ADF active 2 hundreds down.
sim/radios/actv_adf2_hundreds_up ADF active 2 hundreds up.
sim/radios/actv_adf2_tens_down ADF active 2 tens down.
sim/radios/actv_adf2_tens_up ADF active 2 tens up.
sim/radios/actv_adf2_ones_down ADF active 2 ones down.
sim/radios/actv_adf2_ones_up ADF active 2 ones up.
sim/radios/actv_adf2_ones_tens_down ADF active 2 ones and tens down.
sim/radios/actv_adf2_ones_tens_up ADF active 2 ones and tens up.
sim/radios/actv_adf2_hundreds_thous_down ADF active 2 hundreds and
thousands down.
sim/radios/actv_adf2_hundreds_thous_up ADF active 2 hundreds and
thousands up.
sim/radios/actv_adf2_4dig_hundreds_down 4-digit ADF active 2 hundreds
sim/radios/actv_adf2_4dig_hundreds_up 4-digit ADF active 2 hundreds
sim/radios/actv_adf2_4dig_tens_down 4-digit ADF active 2 tens down.
sim/radios/actv_adf2_4dig_tens_up 4-digit ADF active 2 tens up.
sim/radios/actv_adf2_4dig_ones_down 4-digit ADF active 2 ones down.
sim/radios/actv_adf2_4dig_ones_up 4-digit ADF active 2 ones up.
sim/radios/stby_adf2_hundreds_down ADF standby 2 hundreds down.
sim/radios/stby_adf2_hundreds_up ADF standby 2 hundreds up.
sim/radios/stby_adf2_tens_down ADF standby 2 tens down.
sim/radios/stby_adf2_tens_up ADF standby 2 tens up.
sim/radios/stby_adf2_ones_down ADF standby 2 ones down.
sim/radios/stby_adf2_ones_up ADF standby 2 ones up.
sim/radios/stby_adf2_ones_tens_down ADF standby 2 ones and tens
sim/radios/stby_adf2_ones_tens_up ADF standby 2 ones and tens up.
sim/radios/stby_adf2_hundreds_thous_down ADF standby 2 hundreds and
thousands down.
sim/radios/stby_adf2_hundreds_thous_up ADF standby 2 hundreds and
thousands up.
sim/radios/stby_adf2_4dig_hundreds_down 4-digit ADF standby 2 hundreds
sim/radios/stby_adf2_4dig_hundreds_up 4-digit ADF standby 2 hundreds
sim/radios/stby_adf2_4dig_tens_down 4-digit ADF standby 2 tens down.
sim/radios/stby_adf2_4dig_tens_up 4-digit ADF standby 2 tens up.
sim/radios/stby_adf2_4dig_ones_down 4-digit ADF standby 2 ones down.
sim/radios/stby_adf2_4dig_ones_up 4-digit ADF standby 2 ones up.
sim/transponder/transponder_digit_0 Transponder digit to 0.
sim/transponder/transponder_digit_1 Transponder digit to 1.
sim/transponder/transponder_digit_2 Transponder digit to 2.
sim/transponder/transponder_digit_3 Transponder digit to 3.
sim/transponder/transponder_digit_4 Transponder digit to 4.
sim/transponder/transponder_digit_5 Transponder digit to 5.
sim/transponder/transponder_digit_6 Transponder digit to 6.
sim/transponder/transponder_digit_7 Transponder digit to 7.
sim/transponder/transponder_CLR Transponder reset to first
sim/transponder/transponder_thousands_down Transponder thousands down.
sim/transponder/transponder_thousands_up Transponder thousands up.
sim/transponder/transponder_hundreds_down Transponder hundreds down.
sim/transponder/transponder_hundreds_up Transponder hundreds up.
sim/transponder/transponder_tens_down Transponder tens down.
sim/transponder/transponder_tens_up Transponder tens up.
sim/transponder/transponder_ones_down Transponder ones down.
sim/transponder/transponder_ones_up Transponder ones up.
sim/transponder/transponder_12_down Transponder digits 1 and 2 down.
sim/transponder/transponder_12_up Transponder digits 1 and 2 up.
sim/transponder/transponder_34_down Transponder digits 3 and 4 down.
sim/transponder/transponder_34_up Transponder digits 3 and 4 up.
sim/audio_panel/transmit_audio_com1 Transmit audio: COM1.
sim/audio_panel/transmit_audio_com2 Transmit audio: COM2.
sim/audio_panel/monitor_audio_com1 Monitor audio: COM1.
sim/audio_panel/monitor_audio_com2 Monitor audio: COM2.
sim/audio_panel/monitor_audio_nav1 Monitor audio: NAV1.
sim/audio_panel/monitor_audio_nav2 Monitor audio: NAV2.
sim/audio_panel/monitor_audio_adf1 Monitor audio: ADF2.
sim/audio_panel/monitor_audio_adf2 Monitor audio: ADF2.
sim/audio_panel/monitor_audio_dme Monitor audio: DME.
sim/audio_panel/monitor_audio_mkr Monitor audio: MKR.
sim/transponder/transponder_ident Transponder ID.
sim/transponder/transponder_off Transponder off.
sim/transponder/transponder_standby Transponder standby.
sim/transponder/transponder_on Transponder on.
sim/transponder/transponder_alt Transponder alt.
sim/transponder/transponder_test Transponder test.
sim/transponder/transponder_ground Transponder ground.
sim/transponder/transponder_dn Transponder mode down.
sim/transponder/transponder_up Transponder mode up.
sim/radios/nav1_standy_flip NAV 1 flip standby.
sim/radios/nav2_standy_flip NAV 2 flip standby.
sim/radios/com1_standy_flip COM 1 flip standby.
sim/radios/com2_standy_flip COM 2 flip standby.
sim/radios/adf1_standy_flip ADF 1 flip standby.
sim/radios/adf2_standy_flip ADF 2 flip standby.
sim/radios/dme_standby_flip DME flip standby.
sim/radios/RMI_L_tog RMI left NAV toggle VOR/NDB.
sim/radios/RMI_R_tog RMI right NAV toggle VOR/NDB.
sim/radios/copilot_RMI_L_tog_cop Copilot RMI left NAV toggle
sim/radios/copilot_RMI_R_tog_cop Copilot RMI right NAV toggle
sim/instruments/ECAM_mode_up ECAM mode up.
sim/instruments/ECAM_mode_down ECAM mode down.
sim/instruments/map_zoom_in Zoom in EFIS map.
sim/instruments/map_zoom_out Zoom out EFIS map.
sim/instruments/EFIS_wxr EFIS map weather.
sim/instruments/EFIS_tcas EFIS map TCAS.
sim/instruments/EFIS_apt EFIS map airport.
sim/instruments/EFIS_fix EFIS map fix.
sim/instruments/EFIS_vor EFIS map VOR.
sim/instruments/EFIS_ndb EFIS map NDB.
sim/instruments/EFIS_page_up EFIS page up.
sim/instruments/EFIS_page_dn EFIS page down.
sim/instruments/EFIS_mode_up EFIS mode up (APP/VOR/MAP/PLN)
sim/instruments/EFIS_mode_dn EFIS mode down (PLN/MAP/VOR/APP)
sim/instruments/EFIS_1_pilot_sel_dn EFIS 1 selection pilot down
sim/instruments/EFIS_1_pilot_sel_up EFIS 1 selection pilot up
sim/instruments/EFIS_1_copilot_sel_dn EFIS 1 selection copilot down
sim/instruments/EFIS_1_copilot_sel_up EFIS 1 selection copilot up
sim/instruments/EFIS_2_pilot_sel_dn EFIS 2 selection pilot down
sim/instruments/EFIS_2_pilot_sel_up EFIS 2 selection pilot up
sim/instruments/EFIS_2_copilot_sel_dn EFIS 2 selection copilot down
sim/instruments/EFIS_2_copilot_sel_up EFIS 2 selection copilot up
sim/radios/obs1_down OBS 1 down.
sim/radios/obs1_up OBS 1 up.
sim/radios/obs2_down OBS 2 down.
sim/radios/obs2_up OBS 2 up.
sim/radios/obs_HSI_down OBS HSI down.
sim/radios/obs_HSI_up OBS HSI up.
sim/radios/adf1_card_down ADF card 1 down.
sim/radios/adf1_card_up ADF card 1 up.
sim/radios/adf2_card_down ADF card 2 down.
sim/radios/adf2_card_up ADF card 2 up.
sim/radios/copilot_obs1_down Copilot OBS 1 down.
sim/radios/copilot_obs1_up Copilot OBS 1 up.
sim/radios/copilot_obs2_down Copilot OBS 2 down.
sim/radios/copilot_obs2_up Copilot OBS 2 up.
sim/radios/copilot_obs_HSI_down Copilot OBS HSI down.
sim/radios/copilot_obs_HSI_up Copilot OBS HSI up.
sim/radios/copilot_adf1_card_down Copilot ADF card 1 down.
sim/radios/copilot_adf1_card_up Copilot ADF card 1 up.
sim/radios/copilot_adf2_card_down Copilot ADF card 2 down.
sim/radios/copilot_adf2_card_up Copilot ADF card 2 up.
sim/autopilot/hsi_select_down HSI select down one.
sim/autopilot/hsi_select_up HSI select up one.
sim/autopilot/hsi_select_nav_1 HSI shows NAV 1.
sim/autopilot/hsi_select_nav_2 HSI shows NAV 2.
sim/autopilot/hsi_select_gps HSI shows GPS.
sim/autopilot/hsi_select_copilot_down HSI select down one, copilot.
sim/autopilot/hsi_select_copilot_up HSI select up one, copilot.
sim/autopilot/hsi_select_copilot_nav_1 HSI shows NAV 1, copilot.
sim/autopilot/hsi_select_copilot_nav_2 HSI shows NAV 2, copilot.
sim/autopilot/hsi_select_copilot_gps HSI shows GPS, copilot.
sim/flight_controls/carrier_ILS Set the radios for the carrier
sim/autopilot/source_01 Change autopilot instrument
source, 0 or 1
sim/autopilot/fdir_on Flight director on.
sim/autopilot/fdir_toggle Flight director toggle.
sim/autopilot/servos_on Servos on.
sim/autopilot/servos_toggle Servos toggle.
sim/autopilot/fdir_servos_down_one Flight director down
sim/autopilot/fdir_servos_up_one Flight director up
sim/autopilot/servos_fdir_off Disco servos, flt dir.
sim/autopilot/servos_fdir_yawd_off Disco servos, flt dir, yaw damp.
sim/autopilot/servos_fdir_yawd_trim_off Disco servos, flt dir, yaw damp,
sim/autopilot/control_wheel_steer Control wheel steering mode.
sim/autopilot/fdir2_on Flight director 2 on.
sim/autopilot/fdir2_toggle Flight director 2 toggle.
sim/autopilot/servos2_on Servos 2 on.
sim/autopilot/servos2_toggle Servos 2 toggle.
sim/autopilot/fdir2_servos_down_one Flight director 2 down
sim/autopilot/fdir2_servos_up_one Flight director 2 up
sim/autopilot/servos_fdir2_off Disco servos 2, flt dir 2.
sim/autopilot/CWSA CWS A - Control wheel steering
mode AP A.
sim/autopilot/CWSB CWS B - Control wheel steering
mode AP B.
sim/autopilot/servos3_on Servos 3 on.
sim/autopilot/servos3_toggle Servos 3 toggle.
sim/autopilot/servos_fdir3_off Disco servos 3.
sim/autopilot/servos_off_any Disco servos, which ever side is
sim/autopilot/servos_yawd_off_any Disco servos and yaw damp, any
sim/autopilot/servos_yawd_trim_off_any Disco servos, yaw damp and trim
any side.
sim/autopilot/autothrottle_on Autopilot auto-throttle speed-
hold on.
sim/autopilot/autothrottle_off Autopilot auto-throttle all
modes off.
sim/autopilot/autothrottle_toggle Autopilot auto-throttle speed
sim/autopilot/autothrottle_n1epr Autopilot auto-throttle EPR/N1
hold on.
sim/autopilot/autothrottle_n1epr_toggle Autopilot auto-throttle EPR/N1
hold toggle.
sim/autopilot/heading Autopilot heading-select.
sim/autopilot/heading_hold Autopilot heading-hold.
sim/autopilot/wing_leveler Autopilot wing-level / roll
sim/autopilot/rate_hold Autopilot wing-level / rate
sim/autopilot/hdg_nav Autopilot heading select and NAV
sim/autopilot/NAV Autopilot VOR/LOC arm.
sim/autopilot/vertical_speed Autopilot vertical speed, at
current VSI.
sim/autopilot/alt_vs Autopilot vertical speed, at
current VSI, arm ALT.
sim/autopilot/vertical_speed_pre_sel Autopilot vertical speed, at
pre-sel VSI.
sim/autopilot/pitch_sync Autopilot pitch-sync.
sim/autopilot/level_change Autopilot level change.
sim/autopilot/altitude_hold Autopilot altitude select or
sim/autopilot/terrain_following Autopilot terrain-mode
sim/autopilot/take_off_go_around Autopilot take-off go-around.
sim/autopilot/reentry Autopilot re-entry.
sim/autopilot/glide_slope Autopilot glideslope.
sim/autopilot/vnav Autopilot VNAV for G1000.
sim/autopilot/gpss Autopilot GPS Steering.
sim/autopilot/airspeed_sync Autopilot airspeed sync.
sim/autopilot/heading_sync Autopilot heading sync.
sim/autopilot/vertical_speed_sync Autopilot VVI sync.
sim/autopilot/altitude_sync Autopilot altitude sync.
sim/autopilot/heading_down Autopilot heading down.
sim/autopilot/heading_up Autopilot heading up.
sim/autopilot/heading_copilot_down Autopilot heading copilot down.
sim/autopilot/heading_copilot_up Autopilot heading copilot up.
sim/autopilot/airspeed_down Autopilot airspeed down.
sim/autopilot/airspeed_up Autopilot airspeed up.
sim/autopilot/vertical_speed_down Autopilot VVI down.
sim/autopilot/vertical_speed_up Autopilot VVI up.
sim/autopilot/altitude_down Autopilot altitude down.
sim/autopilot/altitude_up Autopilot altitude up.
sim/autopilot/nose_down Autopilot nose down.
sim/autopilot/nose_up Autopilot nose up.
sim/autopilot/nose_down_pitch_mode Autopilot nose down, go into
pitch mode.
sim/autopilot/nose_up_pitch_mode Autopilot nose up, go into pitch
sim/autopilot/override_left Autopilot override left: Go to
ROL mode.
sim/autopilot/override_right Autopilot override right: Go to
ROL mode.
sim/autopilot/override_up Autopilot override up: Go to SYN
sim/autopilot/override_down Autopilot override down: Go to
SYN mode.
sim/autopilot/altitude_arm Autopilot altitude hold ARM.
sim/autopilot/approach Autopilot approach.
sim/autopilot/back_course Autopilot back-course.
sim/autopilot/knots_mach_toggle Toggle knots-Mach airspeeed
sim/autopilot/FMS Autopilot FMS altitude.
sim/autopilot/bank_limit_down Bank angle limit down.
sim/autopilot/bank_limit_up Bank angle limit up.
sim/autopilot/bank_limit_toggle Bank angle limit toggle.
sim/autopilot/soft_ride_toggle Soft ride toggle.
sim/electrical/dc_volt_dn DC Voltmeter down.
sim/electrical/dc_volt_up DC Voltmeter up.
sim/electrical/dc_volt_ext DC Voltmeter external power.
sim/electrical/dc_volt_ctr DC Voltmeter center.
sim/electrical/dc_volt_lft DC Voltmeter left.
sim/electrical/dc_volt_rgt DC Voltmeter right.
sim/electrical/dc_volt_tpl DC Voltmeter TPL-fed.
sim/electrical/dc_volt_bat DC Voltmeter battery.
sim/HUD/power_toggle HUD toggle power.
sim/HUD/brightness_toggle HUD toggle brightness.
sim/systems/total_energy_audio_toggle Toggle total-energy audio.
sim/instruments/thermo_units_toggle Toggle english/metric
sim/instruments/barometer_2992 Baro pressure selection 2992.
sim/instruments/DG_sync_down vacuum DG sync down.
sim/instruments/DG_sync_up vacuum DG sync up.
sim/instruments/DG_sync_mag vacuum DG sync to magentic
sim/instruments/copilot_DG_sync_down Copilot vacuum DG sync down.
sim/instruments/copilot_DG_sync_up Copilot vacuum DG sync up.
sim/instruments/copilot_DG_sync_mag Copilot vacuum DG sync to
magnetic north.
sim/instruments/free_gyro electric DG free.
sim/instruments/slave_gyro electric DG slave.
sim/instruments/copilot_free_gyro Copilot electric DG free.
sim/instruments/copilot_slave_gyro Copilot electric DG slave.
sim/instruments/free_gyro_down electric DG free sync down.
sim/instruments/free_gyro_up electric DG free sync up.
sim/instruments/copilot_free_gyro_down Copilot electric DG free sync
sim/instruments/copilot_free_gyro_up Copilot electric DG free sync
sim/instruments/ah_ref_down Horizon reference down a bit.
sim/instruments/ah_ref_up Horizon reference up a bit.
sim/instruments/ah_ref_copilot_down Horizon reference down a bit,
sim/instruments/ah_ref_copilot_up Horizon reference down a bit,
sim/instruments/ah_fast_erect Attitude vacuum gyro fast erect.
sim/instruments/ah_cage Attitude vacuum gyro cage
sim/instruments/ah_fast_erect_copilot Attitude vacuum gyro fast erect,
sim/instruments/ah_cage_copilot Attitude vacuum gyro cage
toggle, copilot
sim/instruments/barometer_down Baro selection down a bit.
sim/instruments/barometer_up Baro selection up a bit.
sim/instruments/barometer_copilot_down Baro selection down a bit,
sim/instruments/barometer_copilot_up Baro selection up a bit,
sim/instruments/dh_ref_down Decision-height reference down.
sim/instruments/dh_ref_up Decision-height reference up.
sim/instruments/dh_ref_copilot_down Decision-height reference
copilot down.
sim/instruments/dh_ref_copilot_up Decision-height reference
copilot up.
sim/instruments/mda_ref_down Minimum descend alt reference
sim/instruments/mda_ref_up Minimum descend alt reference
sim/instruments/mda_ref_copilot_down Minimum descend alt reference
copilot down.
sim/instruments/mda_ref_copilot_up Minimum descend alt reference
copilot up.
sim/instruments/panel_bright_down Panel brightness down a bit.
sim/instruments/panel_bright_up Panel brightness up a bit.
sim/instruments/instrument_bright_down Instrument brightness down a
sim/instruments/instrument_bright_up Instrument brightness up a bit.
sim/annunciator/test_all_annunciators Test all annunciators.
sim/annunciator/test_stall Test stall warn.
sim/annunciator/test_fire_1_annun Test fire 1 annunciator.
sim/annunciator/test_fire_2_annun Test fire 2 annunciator.
sim/annunciator/test_fire_3_annun Test fire 3 annunciator.
sim/annunciator/test_fire_4_annun Test fire 4 annunciator.
sim/annunciator/test_fire_5_annun Test fire 5 annunciator.
sim/annunciator/test_fire_6_annun Test fire 6 annunciator.
sim/annunciator/test_fire_7_annun Test fire 7 annunciator.
sim/annunciator/test_fire_8_annun Test fire 8 annunciator.
sim/annunciator/clear_master_caution Clear master caution.
sim/annunciator/clear_master_warning Clear master warning.
sim/annunciator/clear_master_accept Clear master accept.
sim/FMS/ls_1l FMS: line select 1l
sim/FMS/ls_2l FMS: line select 2l
sim/FMS/ls_3l FMS: line select 3l
sim/FMS/ls_4l FMS: line select 4l
sim/FMS/ls_5l FMS: line select 5l
sim/FMS/ls_6l FMS: line select 6l
sim/FMS/ls_1r FMS: line select 1r
sim/FMS/ls_2r FMS: line select 2r
sim/FMS/ls_3r FMS: line select 3r
sim/FMS/ls_4r FMS: line select 4r
sim/FMS/ls_5r FMS: line select 5r
sim/FMS/ls_6r FMS: line select 6r
sim/FMS/index FMS: INDEX
sim/FMS/fpln FMS: FPLN
sim/FMS/clb FMS: CLB
sim/FMS/crz FMS: CRZ
sim/FMS/des FMS: DES
sim/FMS/dir_intc FMS: DIR/INTC
sim/FMS/legs FMS: FPLN
sim/FMS/dep_arr FMS: DEP/ARR
sim/FMS/hold FMS: HOLD
sim/FMS/prog FMS: PROG
sim/FMS/exec FMS: EXEC
sim/FMS/fix FMS: FIX
sim/FMS/navrad FMS: NAVRAD
sim/FMS/init FMS: init
sim/FMS/prev FMS: prev
sim/FMS/next FMS: next
sim/FMS/clear FMS: clear
sim/FMS/direct FMS: direct
sim/FMS/sign FMS: sign
sim/FMS/type_apt FMS: apt
sim/FMS/type_vor FMS: vor
sim/FMS/type_ndb FMS: ndb
sim/FMS/type_fix FMS: fix
sim/FMS/type_latlon FMS: lat/lon
sim/FMS/key_0 FMS: key_0
sim/FMS/key_1 FMS: key_1
sim/FMS/key_2 FMS: key_2
sim/FMS/key_3 FMS: key_3
sim/FMS/key_4 FMS: key_4
sim/FMS/key_5 FMS: key_5
sim/FMS/key_6 FMS: key_6
sim/FMS/key_7 FMS: key_7
sim/FMS/key_8 FMS: key_8
sim/FMS/key_9 FMS: key_9
sim/FMS/key_A FMS: key_A
sim/FMS/key_B FMS: key_B
sim/FMS/key_C FMS: key_C
sim/FMS/key_D FMS: key_D
sim/FMS/key_E FMS: key_E
sim/FMS/key_F FMS: key_F
sim/FMS/key_G FMS: key_G
sim/FMS/key_H FMS: key_H
sim/FMS/key_I FMS: key_I
sim/FMS/key_J FMS: key_J
sim/FMS/key_K FMS: key_K
sim/FMS/key_L FMS: key_L
sim/FMS/key_M FMS: key_M
sim/FMS/key_N FMS: key_N
sim/FMS/key_O FMS: key_O
sim/FMS/key_P FMS: key_P
sim/FMS/key_Q FMS: key_Q
sim/FMS/key_R FMS: key_R
sim/FMS/key_S FMS: key_S
sim/FMS/key_T FMS: key_T
sim/FMS/key_U FMS: key_U
sim/FMS/key_V FMS: key_V
sim/FMS/key_W FMS: key_W
sim/FMS/key_X FMS: key_X
sim/FMS/key_Y FMS: key_Y
sim/FMS/key_Z FMS: key_Z
sim/FMS/key_period FMS: key_period
sim/FMS/key_minus FMS: key_minus
sim/FMS/key_slash FMS: key_slash
sim/FMS/key_back FMS: key_back
sim/FMS/key_space FMS: key_space
sim/FMS/key_load FMS: key_load
sim/FMS/key_save FMS: key_save
sim/FMS/key_delete FMS: key_delete
sim/FMS/key_clear FMS: key_clear
sim/FMS/CDU_popup FMS: CDU popup
sim/FMS/CDU_popout FMS: pop out CDU window
sim/FMS/fix_next FMS: next fix
sim/FMS/fix_prev FMS: prev fix
sim/FMS2/ls_1l FMS2: line select 1l
sim/FMS2/ls_2l FMS2: line select 2l
sim/FMS2/ls_3l FMS2: line select 3l
sim/FMS2/ls_4l FMS2: line select 4l
sim/FMS2/ls_5l FMS2: line select 5l
sim/FMS2/ls_6l FMS2: line select 6l
sim/FMS2/ls_1r FMS2: line select 1r
sim/FMS2/ls_2r FMS2: line select 2r
sim/FMS2/ls_3r FMS2: line select 3r
sim/FMS2/ls_4r FMS2: line select 4r
sim/FMS2/ls_5r FMS2: line select 5r
sim/FMS2/ls_6r FMS2: line select 6r
sim/FMS2/index FMS: INDEX
sim/FMS2/fpln FMS2: FPLN
sim/FMS2/clb FMS2: CLB
sim/FMS2/crz FMS2: CRZ
sim/FMS2/des FMS2: DES
sim/FMS2/dir_intc FMS2: DIR/INTC
sim/FMS2/legs FMS2: FPLN
sim/FMS2/dep_arr FMS2: DEP/ARR
sim/FMS2/hold FMS2: HOLD
sim/FMS2/prog FMS2: PROG
sim/FMS2/exec FMS2: EXEC
sim/FMS2/fix FMS2: FIX
sim/FMS2/navrad FMS2: NAVRAD
sim/FMS2/prev FMS2: prev
sim/FMS2/next FMS2: next
sim/FMS2/key_0 FMS2: key_0
sim/FMS2/key_1 FMS2: key_1
sim/FMS2/key_2 FMS2: key_2
sim/FMS2/key_3 FMS2: key_3
sim/FMS2/key_4 FMS2: key_4
sim/FMS2/key_5 FMS2: key_5
sim/FMS2/key_6 FMS2: key_6
sim/FMS2/key_7 FMS2: key_7
sim/FMS2/key_8 FMS2: key_8
sim/FMS2/key_9 FMS2: key_9
sim/FMS2/key_A FMS2: key_A
sim/FMS2/key_B FMS2: key_B
sim/FMS2/key_C FMS2: key_C
sim/FMS2/key_D FMS2: key_D
sim/FMS2/key_E FMS2: key_E
sim/FMS2/key_F FMS2: key_F
sim/FMS2/key_G FMS2: key_G
sim/FMS2/key_H FMS2: key_H
sim/FMS2/key_I FMS2: key_I
sim/FMS2/key_J FMS2: key_J
sim/FMS2/key_K FMS2: key_K
sim/FMS2/key_L FMS2: key_L
sim/FMS2/key_M FMS2: key_M
sim/FMS2/key_N FMS2: key_N
sim/FMS2/key_O FMS2: key_O
sim/FMS2/key_P FMS2: key_P
sim/FMS2/key_Q FMS2: key_Q
sim/FMS2/key_R FMS2: key_R
sim/FMS2/key_S FMS2: key_S
sim/FMS2/key_T FMS2: key_T
sim/FMS2/key_U FMS2: key_U
sim/FMS2/key_V FMS2: key_V
sim/FMS2/key_W FMS2: key_W
sim/FMS2/key_X FMS2: key_X
sim/FMS2/key_Y FMS2: key_Y
sim/FMS2/key_Z FMS2: key_Z
sim/FMS2/key_period FMS2: key_period
sim/FMS2/key_minus FMS2: key_minus
sim/FMS2/key_slash FMS2: key_slash
sim/FMS2/key_back FMS2: key_back
sim/FMS2/key_space FMS2: key_space
sim/FMS2/key_delete FMS2: key_delete
sim/FMS2/key_clear FMS2: key_clear
sim/FMS2/CDU_popout FMS2: pop out CDU window
sim/FMS2/CDU_popup FMS2: CDU popup
sim/annunciator/gear_warning_mute Mute gear warning horn.
sim/annunciator/marker_beacon_mute Mute marker beacons until next
marker is received.
sim/annunciator/marker_beacon_mute_or_off Mute marker beacons until next
marker is received or indefinitely if none is received right now.
sim/annunciator/marker_beacon_sens_hi Marker beacon receiver hi sens.
sim/annunciator/marker_beacon_sens_lo Marker beacon receiver lo sens.
sim/annunciator/marker_beacon_sens_toggle Marker beacon receiver sens
sim/systems/pre_rotate_toggle Toggle pre-rotate.
sim/flight_controls/pump_flaps Pump flaps up/down.
sim/flight_controls/pump_gear Pump gear up/down.
sim/GPS/mode_airport GPS mode: airports.
sim/GPS/mode_VOR GPS mode: VORs.
sim/GPS/mode_NDB GPS mode: NDBs.
sim/GPS/mode_waypoint GPS mode: waypoints.
sim/GPS/fine_select_down GPS fine select down.
sim/GPS/fine_select_up GPS fine select up.
sim/GPS/coarse_select_down GPS coarse select down.
sim/GPS/coarse_select_up GPS coarse select up.
sim/GPS/g430n1_coarse_down G430 COM/NAV 1 coarse down.
sim/GPS/g430n1_coarse_up G430 COM/NAV 1 coarse up.
sim/GPS/g430n1_fine_down G430 COM/NAV 1 fine down.
sim/GPS/g430n1_fine_up G430 COM/NAV 1 fine up.
sim/GPS/g430n1_chapter_up G430 NAV 1 chapter up.
sim/GPS/g430n1_chapter_dn G430 NAV 1 chapter dn.
sim/GPS/g430n1_page_up G430 NAV 1 page up.
sim/GPS/g430n1_page_dn G430 NAV 1 page dn.
sim/GPS/g430n1_zoom_in G430 NAV 1 zoom in.
sim/GPS/g430n1_zoom_out G430 NAV 1 zoom out.
sim/GPS/g430n1_nav_com_tog G430 NAV 1 NAV COM toggle.
sim/GPS/g430n1_cdi G430 NAV 1 CDI.
sim/GPS/g430n1_obs G430 NAV 1 OBS.
sim/GPS/g430n1_msg G430 NAV 1 MSG.
sim/GPS/g430n1_fpl G430 NAV 1 FPL.
sim/GPS/g430n1_proc G430 NAV 1 PROC.
sim/GPS/g430n1_vnav G430 NAV 1 VNAV.
sim/GPS/g430n1_direct G430 NAV 1 Direct.
sim/GPS/g430n1_menu G430 NAV 1 Menu.
sim/GPS/g430n1_clr G430 NAV 1 CLR.
sim/GPS/g430n1_ent G430 NAV 1 ENT.
sim/GPS/g430n1_com_ff G430 NAV 1 COM flip flop.
sim/GPS/g430n1_nav_ff G430 NAV 1 NAV flip flop.
sim/GPS/g430n1_cursor G430 NAV 1 push cursor.
sim/GPS/g430n1_popout G430 NAV 1 pop out window.
sim/GPS/g430n1_popup G430 NAV 1 toggle popup.
sim/GPS/g430n1_cvol G430 NAV 1 COM audio.
sim/GPS/g430n1_vvol G430 NAV 1 NAV audio
sim/GPS/g430n2_coarse_down G430 COM/NAV 2 coarse down.
sim/GPS/g430n2_coarse_up G430 COM/NAV 2 coarse up.
sim/GPS/g430n2_fine_down G430 COM/NAV 2 fine down.
sim/GPS/g430n2_fine_up G430 COM/NAV 2 fine up.
sim/GPS/g430n2_chapter_up G430 NAV 2 chapter up.
sim/GPS/g430n2_chapter_dn G430 NAV 2 chapter dn.
sim/GPS/g430n2_page_up G430 NAV 2 page up.
sim/GPS/g430n2_page_dn G430 NAV 2 page dn.
sim/GPS/g430n2_zoom_in G430 NAV 2 zoom in.
sim/GPS/g430n2_zoom_out G430 NAV 2 zoom out.
sim/GPS/g430n2_nav_com_tog G430 NAV 2 NAV COM toggle.
sim/GPS/g430n2_cdi G430 NAV 2 CDI.
sim/GPS/g430n2_obs G430 NAV 2 OBS.
sim/GPS/g430n2_msg G430 NAV 2 MSG.
sim/GPS/g430n2_fpl G430 NAV 2 FPL.
sim/GPS/g430n2_proc G430 NAV 2 PROC.
sim/GPS/g430n2_vnav G430 NAV 2 VNAV.
sim/GPS/g430n2_direct G430 NAV 2 Direct.
sim/GPS/g430n2_menu G430 NAV 2 Menu.
sim/GPS/g430n2_clr G430 NAV 2 CLR.
sim/GPS/g430n2_ent G430 NAV 2 ENT.
sim/GPS/g430n2_com_ff G430 NAV 2 COM FF.
sim/GPS/g430n2_nav_ff G430 NAV 2 NAV FF.
sim/GPS/g430n2_cursor G430 NAV 2 push cursor.
sim/GPS/g430n2_popout G430 NAV 2 pop out window.
sim/GPS/g430n2_popup G430 NAV 2 toggle popup.
sim/GPS/g430n2_cvol G430 NAV 2 COM audio.
sim/GPS/g430n2_vvol G430 NAV 2 NAV audio.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_nvol G1000 pilot NAV audio.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_nav_ff G1000 pilot NAV flip flop.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_nav_outer_up G1000 pilot NAV outer ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n1_nav_outer_down G1000 pilot NAV outer ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n1_nav_inner_up G1000 pilot NAV inner ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n1_nav_inner_down G1000 pilot NAV inner ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n1_nav12 G1000 pilot PFD NAV 1/2.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_hdg_up G1000 pilot HDG up.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_hdg_down G1000 pilot HDG down.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_hdg_sync G1000 pilot HDG sync.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_ap G1000 pilot autopilot.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_fd G1000 pilot flight director.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_yd G1000 pilot yaw damper.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_hdg G1000 pilot AP HDG.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_alt G1000 pilot AP ALT.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_nav G1000 pilot AP NAV.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_vnv G1000 pilot AP VNAV.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_apr G1000 pilot AP approach.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_bc G1000 pilot AP backcourse.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_vs G1000 pilot AP vertical speed.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_flc G1000 pilot AP flight level
sim/GPS/g1000n1_nose_up G1000 pilot AP nose up.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_nose_down G1000 pilot AP nose down.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_alt_outer_up G1000 pilot altitude outer ring
sim/GPS/g1000n1_alt_outer_down G1000 pilot altitude outer ring
sim/GPS/g1000n1_alt_inner_up G1000 pilot altitude inner ring
sim/GPS/g1000n1_alt_inner_down G1000 pilot altitude inner ring
sim/GPS/g1000n1_softkey1 G1000 pilot PFD Softkey 1.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_softkey2 G1000 pilot PFD Softkey 2.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_softkey3 G1000 pilot PFD Softkey 3.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_softkey4 G1000 pilot PFD Softkey 4.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_softkey5 G1000 pilot PFD Softkey 5.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_softkey6 G1000 pilot PFD Softkey 6.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_softkey7 G1000 pilot PFD Softkey 7.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_softkey8 G1000 pilot PFD Softkey 8.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_softkey9 G1000 pilot PFD Softkey 9.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_softkey10 G1000 pilot PFD Softkey 10.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_softkey11 G1000 pilot PFD Softkey 11.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_softkey12 G1000 pilot PFD Softkey 12.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_cvol G1000 pilot com audio.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_com_ff G1000 pilot com flip flop.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_com_outer_up G1000 pilot com outer ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n1_com_outer_down G1000 pilot com outer ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n1_com_inner_up G1000 pilot com inner ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n1_com_inner_down G1000 pilot com inner ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n1_com12 G1000 pilot PFD Com 1/2.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_crs_up G1000 pilot CRS up.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_crs_down G1000 pilot CRS down.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_crs_sync G1000 pilot CRS sync.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_baro_up G1000 pilot baro up.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_baro_down G1000 pilot baro down.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_range_up G1000 pilot range up.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_range_down G1000 pilot range down.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_pan_up G1000 pilot pan up.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_pan_down G1000 pilot pan down.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_pan_left G1000 pilot pan left.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_pan_right G1000 pilot pan right.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_pan_up_left G1000 pilot pan up left.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_pan_down_left G1000 pilot pan down left.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_pan_up_right G1000 pilot pan up right.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_pan_down_right G1000 pilot pan down right.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_pan_push G1000 pilot push pan.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_direct G1000 pilot -D->.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_menu G1000 pilot menu.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_fpl G1000 pilot FPL.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_proc G1000 pilot proc.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_clr G1000 pilot CLR.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_ent G1000 pilot ENT.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_fms_outer_up G1000 pilot FMS outer ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n1_fms_outer_down G1000 pilot FMS outer ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n1_fms_inner_up G1000 pilot FMS inner ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n1_fms_inner_down G1000 pilot FMS inner ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n1_cursor G1000 pilot FMS cursor.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_popout G1000 pilot pop out window.
sim/GPS/g1000n1_popup G1000 pilot popup.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_nvol G1000 copilot NAV audio.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_nav_ff G1000 copilot NAV flip flop.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_nav_outer_up G1000 copilot NAV outer ring
tune up.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_nav_outer_down G1000 copilot NAV outer ring
tune down.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_nav_inner_up G1000 copilot NAV inner ring
tune up.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_nav_inner_down G1000 copilot NAV inner ring
tune down.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_nav12 G1000 copilot PFD NAV 1/2.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_hdg_up G1000 copilot HDG up.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_hdg_down G1000 copilot HDG down.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_hdg_sync G1000 copilot HDG sync.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_ap G1000 copilot autopilot.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_fd G1000 copilot flight director.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_yd G1000 copilot yaw damper.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_hdg G1000 copilot AP HDG.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_alt G1000 copilot AP ALT.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_nav G1000 copilot AP NAV.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_vnv G1000 copilot AP VNAV.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_apr G1000 copilot AP approach.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_bc G1000 copilot AP backcourse.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_vs G1000 copilot AP vertical speed.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_flc G1000 copilot AP flight level
sim/GPS/g1000n2_nose_up G1000 copilot AP nose up.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_nose_down G1000 copilot AP nose down.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_alt_outer_up G1000 copilot altitude outer
ring up.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_alt_outer_down G1000 copilot altitude outer
ring down.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_alt_inner_up G1000 copilot altitude inner
ring up.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_alt_inner_down G1000 copilot altitude inner
ring down.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_softkey1 G1000 copilot PFD Softkey 1.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_softkey2 G1000 copilot PFD Softkey 2.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_softkey3 G1000 copilot PFD Softkey 3.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_softkey4 G1000 copilot PFD Softkey 4.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_softkey5 G1000 copilot PFD Softkey 5.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_softkey6 G1000 copilot PFD Softkey 6.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_softkey7 G1000 copilot PFD Softkey 7.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_softkey8 G1000 copilot PFD Softkey 8.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_softkey9 G1000 copilot PFD Softkey 9.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_softkey10 G1000 copilot PFD Softkey 10.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_softkey11 G1000 copilot PFD Softkey 11.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_softkey12 G1000 copilot PFD Softkey 12.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_cvol G1000 copilot COM audio.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_com_ff G1000 copilot COM flip flop.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_com_outer_up G1000 copilot COM outer ring
tune up.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_com_outer_down G1000 copilot COM outer ring
tune down.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_com_inner_up G1000 copilot COM inner ring
tune up.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_com_inner_down G1000 copilot COM inner ring
tune down.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_com12 G1000 copilot PFD Com 1/2.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_crs_up G1000 copilot CRS up.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_crs_down G1000 copilot CRS down.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_crs_sync G1000 copilot CRS sync.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_baro_up G1000 copilot baro up.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_baro_down G1000 copilot baro down.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_range_up G1000 copilot range up.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_range_down G1000 copilot range down.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_pan_up G1000 copilot pan up.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_pan_down G1000 copilot pan down.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_pan_left G1000 copilot pan left.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_pan_right G1000 copilot pan right.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_pan_up_left G1000 copilot pan up left.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_pan_down_left G1000 copilot pan down left.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_pan_up_right G1000 copilot pan up right.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_pan_down_right G1000 copilot pan down right.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_pan_push G1000 copilot push pan.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_direct G1000 copilot -D->.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_menu G1000 copilot menu.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_fpl G1000 copilot FPL.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_proc G1000 copilot proc.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_clr G1000 copilot CLR.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_ent G1000 copilot ENT.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_fms_outer_up G1000 copilot FMS outer ring
tune up.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_fms_outer_down G1000 copilot FMS outer ring
tune down.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_fms_inner_up G1000 copilot FMS inner ring
tune up.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_fms_inner_down G1000 copilot FMS inner ring
tune down.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_cursor G1000 copilot FMS cursor.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_popout G1000 copilot pop out window.
sim/GPS/g1000n2_popup G1000 copilot popup.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_nvol G1000 MFD NAV audio.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_nav_ff G1000 MFD NAV flip flop.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_nav_outer_up G1000 MFD NAV outer ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n3_nav_outer_down G1000 MFD NAV outer ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n3_nav_inner_up G1000 MFD NAV inner ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n3_nav_inner_down G1000 MFD NAV inner ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n3_nav12 G1000 MFD NAV 1/2.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_hdg_up G1000 MFD HDG up.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_hdg_down G1000 MFD HDG down.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_hdg_sync G1000 MFD HDG sync.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_ap G1000 MFD autopilot.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_fd G1000 MFD flight director.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_yd G1000 MFD yaw damper.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_hdg G1000 MFD AP HDG.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_alt G1000 MFD AP ALT.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_nav G1000 MFD AP NAV.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_vnv G1000 MFD AP VNAV.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_apr G1000 MFD AP approach.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_bc G1000 MFD AP backcourse.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_vs G1000 MFD AP vertical speed.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_flc G1000 MFD AP flight level
sim/GPS/g1000n3_nose_up G1000 MFD AP nose up.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_nose_down G1000 MFD AP nose down.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_alt_outer_up G1000 MFD altitude outer ring
sim/GPS/g1000n3_alt_outer_down G1000 MFD altitude outer ring
sim/GPS/g1000n3_alt_inner_up G1000 MFD altitude inner ring
sim/GPS/g1000n3_alt_inner_down G1000 MFD altitude inner ring
sim/GPS/g1000n3_softkey1 G1000 MFD Softkey 1.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_softkey2 G1000 MFD Softkey 2.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_softkey3 G1000 MFD Softkey 3.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_softkey4 G1000 MFD Softkey 4.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_softkey5 G1000 MFD Softkey 5.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_softkey6 G1000 MFD Softkey 6.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_softkey7 G1000 MFD Softkey 7.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_softkey8 G1000 MFD Softkey 8.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_softkey9 G1000 MFD Softkey 9.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_softkey10 G1000 MFD Softkey 10.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_softkey11 G1000 MFD Softkey 11.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_softkey12 G1000 MFD Softkey 12.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_cvol G1000 MFD COM audio.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_com_ff G1000 MFD COM flip flop.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_com_outer_up G1000 MFD COM outer ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n3_com_outer_down G1000 MFD COM outer ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n3_com_inner_up G1000 MFD COM inner ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n3_com_inner_down G1000 MFD COM inner ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n3_com12 G1000 MFD COM 1/2.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_crs_up G1000 MFD CRS up.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_crs_down G1000 MFD CRS down.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_crs_sync G1000 MFD CRS sync.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_baro_up G1000 MFD baro up.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_baro_down G1000 MFD baro down.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_range_up G1000 MFD range up.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_range_down G1000 MFD range down.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_pan_up G1000 MFD pan up.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_pan_down G1000 MFD pan down.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_pan_left G1000 MFD pan left.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_pan_right G1000 MFD pan right.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_pan_up_left G1000 MFD pan up left.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_pan_down_left G1000 MFD pan down left.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_pan_up_right G1000 MFD pan up right.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_pan_down_right G1000 MFD pan down right.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_pan_push G1000 MFD push pan.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_direct G1000 MFD -D->.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_menu G1000 MFD menu.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_fpl G1000 MFD FPL.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_proc G1000 MFD proc.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_clr G1000 MFD CLR.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_ent G1000 MFD ENT.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_fms_outer_up G1000 MFD FMS outer ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n3_fms_outer_down G1000 MFD FMS outer ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n3_fms_inner_up G1000 MFD FMS inner ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n3_fms_inner_down G1000 MFD FMS inner ring tune
sim/GPS/g1000n3_cursor G1000 MFD FMS cursor.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_popout G1000 MFD pop out window.
sim/GPS/g1000n3_popup G1000 MFD popup.
sim/GPS/G1000_display_reversion G1000 red button for display
reversion (backup display).
sim/systems/overspeed_test Prop overspeed test.
sim/fuel/indicate_aux Fuel tanks show auxiliary tanks.
sim/autopilot/test_auto_annunciators Autopilot test annunciators.
sim/flight_controls/pitch_trim_up Pitch trim up.
sim/flight_controls/pitch_trim_down Pitch trim down.
sim/flight_controls/pitch_trim_up_mech Pitch trim up - Mechanical, not
sim/flight_controls/pitch_trim_down_mech Pitch trim down - Mechanical,
not servo.
sim/flight_controls/aileron_trim_left Roll trim left.
sim/flight_controls/aileron_trim_right Roll trim right.
sim/flight_controls/rudder_trim_left Yaw trim left.
sim/flight_controls/rudder_trim_right Yaw trim right.
sim/flight_controls/gyro_rotor_trim_up Gyro rotor trim up.
sim/flight_controls/gyro_rotor_trim_down Gyro rotor trim down.
sim/flight_controls/rotor_rpm_trim_up Rotor RPM trim up.
sim/flight_controls/rotor_rpm_trim_down Rotor RPM trim down.
sim/flight_controls/magnetic_lock Controls magnetic lock.
sim/flight_controls/pitch_trim_takeoff Pitch trim takeoff.
sim/flight_controls/aileron_trim_center Aileron trim center.
sim/flight_controls/rudder_trim_center Rudder trim center.
sim/flight_controls/rudder_lft Rudder left.
sim/flight_controls/rudder_ctr Rudder center.
sim/flight_controls/rudder_rgt Rudder right.
sim/autopilot/set_ott_seldisp_ALT_VVI_vvi Let ott_seldisp_ALT_VVI show
sim/autopilot/set_ott_seldisp_ALT_VVI_alt Let ott_seldisp_ALT_VVI show
sim/operation/ground_speed_change Sim 1x 2x 4x ground speed.
sim/operation/freeze_toggle Freeze the groundspeed of the
sim/instruments/timer_start_stop Start or stop the timer.
sim/instruments/timer_reset Reset the timer.
sim/instruments/timer_show_date Show date on the chrono.
sim/instruments/timer_mode Timer/clock mode for chronos.
sim/instruments/timer_cycle Timer start/stop/reset.
sim/operation/time_down Time: a little earlier.
sim/operation/time_up Time: a little later.
sim/operation/time_down_lots Time: a lot earlier.
sim/operation/time_up_lots Time: a lot later.
sim/operation/date_down Date: a little earlier.
sim/operation/date_up Date: a little later.
sim/instruments/timer_is_GMT Timer is GMT.
sim/operation/flightmodel_speed_change Sim 1x 2x 4x sim speed.
sim/operation/pause_toggle Pause the simulation.
sim/operation/video_record_toggle Toggle AVI movie recording.
sim/operation/configure_video_recording Configure AVI movie recording.
sim/replay/replay_toggle Toggle replay mode on/off.
sim/replay/replay_off Replay mode off.
sim/replay/replay_controls_toggle Replay mode: Toggle controls
sim/replay/rep_begin Replay mode: go to beginning.
sim/replay/rep_play_fr Replay mode: play fast reverse.
sim/replay/rep_play_rr Replay mode: play reverse.
sim/replay/rep_play_sr Replay mode: play slow reverse.
sim/replay/rep_pause Replay mode: pause.
sim/replay/rep_play_sf Replay mode: play slow forward.
sim/replay/rep_play_rf Replay mode: play forward.
sim/replay/rep_play_ff Replay mode: play fast forward.
sim/replay/rep_end Replay mode: go to end.
sim/operation/toggle_logbook Toggle logbook window.
sim/operation/save_flight Toggle Save Flight window.
sim/operation/load_flight Toggle Load Flight window.
sim/operation/text_file_toggle Toggle text file.
sim/operation/checklist_toggle Toggle checklist.
sim/operation/checklist_next Next item in checklist.
sim/operation/checklist_previous Previous item in checklist.
sim/operation/contact_atc Contact ATC.
sim/operation/toggle_ai_flies Toggle AI flying your aircraft.
sim/operation/toggle_yoke Toggle yoke visibility.
sim/operation/reset_flight Reset flight to most recent
sim/operation/go_to_default Reset flight to nearest airport.
sim/operation/reset_to_runway Reset flight to nearest runway.
sim/operation/Grass_Field_Takeoff Grass field takeoff.
sim/operation/Dirt_Field_Takeoff Dirt field takeoff.
sim/operation/Gravel_Field_Takeoff Gravel field takeoff.
sim/operation/Water_Way_Takeoff Waterway takeoff.
sim/operation/Helipad_Takeoff Helipad takeoff.
sim/operation/Carrier_Catshot Carrier catshot.
sim/operation/Glider_Winch Glider winch start.
sim/operation/Glider_Tow Glider tow start.
sim/operation/Air_Drop_from_B_52 Airdrop from B-52.
sim/operation/start_carried Other aircraft carries your own.
sim/operation/Piggyback_Shuttle_on_747 Piggyback Shuttle on 747.
sim/operation/carry_other_aircraft Carry another aircraft.
sim/operation/Formation_Flying Formation flying.
sim/operation/Air_Refuel_Boom Air refueling (boom).
sim/operation/Air_Refuel_Basket Air refueling (basket).
sim/operation/Aircraft_Carrier_Approach Aircraft carrier approach.
sim/operation/Frigate_Approach Frigate approach.
sim/operation/Medium_Oil_Rig_Approach Medium oil rig approach.
sim/operation/Large_Oil_Platform_Approach Large oil platform approach.
sim/operation/Forest_Fire_Approach Forest fire approach.
sim/operation/Space_Shuttle_Full_Re_entry Space Shuttle: Full re-entry.
sim/operation/Space_Shuttle_Final_Re_entry Space Shuttle: Final re-entry.
sim/operation/Space_Shuttle_Full_Approach Space Shuttle: Full approach.
sim/operation/Space_Shuttle_Final_Approach Space Shuttle: Final approach.
sim/view/ai_controls_views Toggle AI controls your views.
sim/view/free_camera Free camera.
sim/view/default_view Default view.
sim/view/forward_with_2d_panel Forward with 2-D panel.
sim/view/forward_with_hud Forward with HUD.
sim/view/forward_with_nothing Forward with nothing.
sim/view/linear_spot Linear spot.
sim/view/still_spot Still spot.
sim/view/runway Runway.
sim/view/circle Circle.
sim/view/tower Tower.
sim/view/ridealong Ride-along.
sim/view/track_weapon Track weapon.
sim/view/chase Chase.
sim/view/3d_cockpit_cmnd_look 3-D cockpit.
sim/view/3d_cockpit_toggle Toggle between 2-D and 3-D
sim/view/lock_geo Lock onto current location.
sim/view/cinema_verite Cinema verite.
sim/view/sunglasses Sunglasses.
sim/view/night_vision Night vision.
sim/view/flashlight_red Toggle the red flashlight.
sim/view/flashlight_wht Toggle the white flashlight.
sim/view/glance_left Glance left.
sim/view/glance_right Glance right.
sim/view/up_left Glance up and left.
sim/view/up_right Glance up and right.
sim/view/straight_up Glance straight up.
sim/view/straight_down Glance straight down.
sim/view/left_45 Glance 45 degrees left.
sim/view/right_45 Glance 45 degrees right.
sim/view/left_90 Glance 90 degrees left.
sim/view/right_90 Glance 90 degrees right.
sim/view/left_135 Glance 135 degrees left.
sim/view/right_135 Glance 135 degrees right.
sim/view/back Glance backward.
sim/view/3d_path_toggle 3-D path toggle.
sim/view/3d_path_reset 3-D path reset.
sim/view/show_physics_model Toggle physics model
sim/view/mouse_click_regions_toggle Toggle visualization of
clickable cockpit areas.
sim/view/instrument_descriptions_toggle Toggle instrument descriptions
on hover.
sim/view/quick_look_0 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_1 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_2 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_3 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_4 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_5 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_6 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_7 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_8 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_9 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_10 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_11 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_12 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_13 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_14 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_15 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_16 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_17 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_18 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_19 Go to save 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_0_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_1_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_2_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_3_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_4_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_5_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_6_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_7_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_8_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_9_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_10_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_11_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_12_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_13_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_14_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_15_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_16_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_17_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_18_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/view/quick_look_19_mem Memorize 3-D cockpit location
sim/general/left Move view left.
sim/general/right Move view right.
sim/general/up Move view up.
sim/general/down Move view down.
sim/general/forward Move view forward.
sim/general/backward Move view backward.
sim/general/zoom_in Zoom in.
sim/general/zoom_out Zoom out.
sim/general/hat_switch_left Hat switch left.
sim/general/hat_switch_right Hat switch right.
sim/general/hat_switch_up Hat switch up.
sim/general/hat_switch_down Hat switch down.
sim/general/hat_switch_up_left Hat switch up + left.
sim/general/hat_switch_up_right Hat switch up + right.
sim/general/hat_switch_down_left Hat switch down + left.
sim/general/hat_switch_down_right Hat switch down + right.
sim/general/left_fast Move view left fast.
sim/general/right_fast Move view right fast.
sim/general/up_fast Move view up fast.
sim/general/down_fast Move view down fast.
sim/general/forward_fast Move view forward fast.
sim/general/backward_fast Move view backward fast.
sim/general/zoom_in_fast Zoom in fast.
sim/general/zoom_out_fast Zoom out fast.
sim/general/left_slow Move view left slow.
sim/general/right_slow Move view right slow.
sim/general/up_slow Move view up slow.
sim/general/down_slow Move view down slow.
sim/general/forward_slow Move view forward slow.
sim/general/backward_slow Move view backward slow.
sim/general/zoom_in_slow Zoom in slow.
sim/general/zoom_out_slow Zoom out slow.
sim/general/rot_up Rotate view: tilt up.
sim/general/rot_down Rotate view: tilt down.
sim/general/rot_left Rotate view: pan left.
sim/general/rot_right Rotate view: pan right.
sim/general/rot_up_fast Rotate view: tilt up fast.
sim/general/rot_down_fast Rotate view: tilt down fast.
sim/general/rot_left_fast Rotate view: pan left fast.
sim/general/rot_right_fast Rotate view: pan right fast.
sim/general/rot_up_slow Rotate view: tilt up slow.
sim/general/rot_down_slow Rotate view: tilt down slow.
sim/general/rot_left_slow Rotate view: pan left slow.
sim/general/rot_right_slow Rotate view: pan right slow.
sim/general/track_p0 Views track aircraft: Yours.
sim/general/track_p_next Views track aircraft: Next
sim/general/track_p_prev Views track aircraft: Previous.
sim/general/toggle_artificial_stab_win Toggle the artificial stability
constants window.
sim/general/toggle_traffic_paths Toggle display of traffic paths.
sim/general/toggle_autopilot_constants_win Toggle the autopilot constants
sim/general/toggle_fadec_win Toggle the FADEC constants
sim/general/toggle_control_deflections_win Toggle the control deflections
sim/general/toggle_weapon_guidance_win Toggle the weapon guidance
sim/developer/toggle_texture_browser Toggle the texture browser
sim/developer/toggle_particle_browser Toggle the particle system
browser window.
sim/general/toggle_projection_win Toggle the projection
configuration window.
sim/operation/toggle_sky_colors_win Toggle the sky colors window.
sim/VR/xpad/home_button Press the Home Button of the VR
sim/VR/toggle_3d_mouse_cursor Toggle the 3-d mouse cursor in
sim/VR/general/reset_view Reset VR View.
sim/VR/quick_zoom_view Temporarily and Quickly Zoom in
while in VR.
sim/VR/reserved/select Reserved: VR Select/Trigger
sim/VR/reserved/menu Reserved: VR Menu Button.
sim/VR/reserved/touchpad Reserved: VR Thumbstick/Touchpad