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Republicans Begin Introducing Bills

For New Two-Year Legislative Cycle
Focus On Creating Opportunities for All Ohioans

COLUMBUS – Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof (R-Medina) and members of the Senate
Republican Caucus today discussed their policy priorities for the 133rd General Assembly.

“Our focus continues to be on creating an environment that provides opportunities for every
Ohioan,” said Obhof. “The bills our members have begun introducing today are based on
conversations we’ve had with our constituents and reflect their input on how the state can best
support them and help tackle the challenges they face every day.”

Bills introduced today include:

Senate Bill 1 – Cutting Government Red Tape
Co-sponsored by Senators Kristina Roegner and Rob McColley, Senate Bill 1 is aimed at reducing
the number of state regulations by 30% over three years, making sure that any rules or
regulations created by state government have a specific purpose and intent to protect Ohioans
and do not create needless barriers to growth and opportunity.

Senate Bill 2 – Protecting the Health of Lake Erie and Ohio’s Water Supplies
Co-sponsored by Senators Bob Peterson and Matt Dolan, Senate Bill 2 continues the Senate’s
work to protect the health of Ohio’s waterways in partnership with Ohio’s environmental,
agricultural and scientific communities. The bill will create and fund a comprehensive statewide
watershed planning structure to be implemented by local soil and water conservation districts
to encourage efficient crop growth, soil conservation and water protection methods.

Senate Bill 3 – Criminal Sentencing Reforms
Co-sponsored by Senators John Eklund and Sean O’Brien, Senate Bill 3 is aimed at providing
better access to treatment for Ohioans struggling with drug addiction and helping low-level
offenders successfully re-enter the workforce, while ensuring violent offenders and drug
traffickers are put in prison.

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Senate Bill 4 – Investing in Ohio’s Schools
Co-sponsored by Senators Michael Rulli and Stephanie Kunze, Senate Bill 4 will provide an
additional $100 million in funding for the renovation and construction of safe school buildings
across Ohio. Priority will be given to the lowest wealth schools and those with exceptional needs.

Senate Bill 5 – Continuing the Fight Against Human Trafficking
Co-sponsored by Senators Stephanie Kunze and Matt Dolan, Senate Bill 5 will increase criminal
penalties for individuals who are convicted of promoting prostitution in Ohio. Prostitution is
directly linked to human trafficking, and stronger penalties are needed to help stop this cruel
industry from trapping its victims in a vicious cycle of abuse and forced crime.

Senate Bill 6 – Protecting Ohio’s Most Vulnerable Families
Co-sponsored by Senators Bill Coley and Jay Hottinger, Senate Bill 6 will help parents in a crisis
situation request that their children temporarily live with a fully-screened host family while the
parent focuses on stabilizing his or her life. Several of these support programs successfully exist
in Ohio, and this bill will ensure that they operate legally and with guidelines that are in place
for the care and safety of all participants.

Senate Bill 7 – Removing Job Barriers for Ohio’s Military Families
Co-sponsored by Senators Peggy Lehner and Bob Hackett, Senate Bill 7 will remove job barriers
for Ohio’s military families and support our military based installations by allowing for
temporary occupational licenses to be issued to military spouses so they can continue
employment in their field and support their families when one’s spouse transfers to Ohio on
active duty.

Senate Bill 8 – Supporting Economic Growth in Ohio’s Disadvantaged Areas
Sponsored by Senate Kirk Schuring, Senate Bill 8 incentivizes investment in opportunity zones,
or economically disadvantaged areas around the state, to encourage job growth. The bill adds
an extra tax advantage for an Ohio taxpayer to invest in one of these qualified zones in Ohio.

Senate Bill 9 – Reducing the Cost of Health Care for Small Businesses
Sponsored by Senator Matt Huffman, Senate Bill 9 will help small businesses better manage
their health care costs and provide appropriate plans for their employees by permitting
businesses access to certain claims information for the purpose of making informed, fiscally-
responsible decisions.

Senate Bill 10 – Increasing Penalties for Theft in Office
Sponsored by Senator Steve Wilson, Senate Bill 10 expands penalties for theft in office and
protects Ohioans from dishonest public officials. This legislation will ensure those who use a
position of trust to steal taxpayer dollars are held responsible.

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Release Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2019