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Background : Rinolith (derived from the Greek rhino meaning nose and

lithos means stone) is mineralized a foreign object in the nasal cavity. Rinolith

is a rare case that is not yet widely known by the public at

generally. Research shows patients' characteristics rinolith still

very rare and do not even exist in Indonesia. This research aims to

knowing the number of cases and patient characteristics in Jambi year rinolith


Method : This research uses descriptive study design

retrospective approach. The samples were patients diagnosed rinolith

in several hospitals in the city of Jambi years 2006-2016, sampling

done total sampling and get 19 samples. Then the data

collected was processed using computer software.

Results: Of the 19 patients with a mean age of the patients obtained rinolith rinolith ie

24.53 ± 15.963 (age range 9-65 years). By sex number

rinolith more patients suffered by women, 12 (63.2%),

while men are found 7 people (36.8%). Based on the sides of the nose

found that rinolith more common in the left side of the nose that is 11

people (57.9%), while the right side of the nose was found as many as 8 people (42.1%).

Based on the symptoms found that patients with nasal symptoms smelling rinolith

rotten about 10 people (52.6%), rhinorrhea numbered 6 (31.6%), epistaxis

amounted to 4 people (21.1%), nasal congestion numbered 2 (10.5%), pain

head numbered 1 (5.3%), epiphora numbered 1 (5.3%), as well as

asymptomatic patients amounted to 4 people (21.1%).

conclusion: The mean age of the patients is 24.53 ± 15.963 rinolith. patients rinolith

more women than men. Rinolith more common

on the left side of the nose than the right side of the nose. Symptoms found

Most are foul-smelling nose.

Keywords : rinolith