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October, 2010 October 2010 Eve’s Times

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obeer, 201
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ve’ss Ti
October 2010

Rs. 25.00 Enhance your life



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Eve’s Times October, 2010

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October, 2010 Eve’s Times

Eve’s Times comes to you with a new look and purpose. It stems from
the our belief that the media need not be made of mammoth enter-
prises owned by monopoly organizations we see today in our country,
working on archaic concepts, hierarchical model of management and conventional infrastructure.
The media is a booming industry and provides scope for many entrepreneurs with an innovative ap-
proach to set up modern , citizen-centric media enterprises.

The media is a part of the whole. In essence, people who belong to the media too come from the gen-
eral pool of population that contains politicians, actors, entrepreneurs, businessmen and the huge
population of the youth , men and women and senior citizens belonging to different walks of life.
IN FACT NOT. People in the media are as corrupt, as power and attention hungry and as unethical
and unscrupulous as people belonging to all other professions. THEY ARE NOT ABOVE BOARD.

Media too is riddled with corruption, favourtism, communal tendencies, sycophancy, egotism and
innumerable other human weaknesses as witnessed in people from other elds. The only danger is
that they do it in the garb of ‘ BEING SOCIAL SENTINELS.’

Today the trend is ‘sting operations’ and sensationalism and many ordinary citizens are victimized.
The media resorts to sensationalizing news THAT THEY THINK CAN BE MADE INTO SENSA-
and do not look at the innumerable stories of the downtrodden, the lower and upper middle class
with problems of greater magnitude than those that are being projected to the public. As long as

Since inception in 2005, Eve’s Times has strived to be the voice of the average citizen. We were
among the rst few to strongly believe that a publication has to have an interface with its readers,
which is now being pursued by a few other publications.

Toward this end, we have begun a new section for entrepreneurs. Eve’s Times, under the umbrage
of Promedia, our parent company will reach out to all of you through events, competitions, meets,
conferences, entrepreneurship development programes, youth festivals and anything else our read-
ers would want. All you have to do is to continue your support to us and help us reach more and more
people. Let this be a movement towards a CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. Come on, join us and BE


Swati Amar

Eve’s Times October, 2010

Women in Business
The Language of the Heart 8
Be an Entrepreneur 16
Entrepreneur Exhibition 17
Think Promedia 18
Vital Voices 20
Ceramic Flowers 22

Cut to the

Take it Light
65 Healt and Fitness
Opinions Galore 26
Jus’ Ask Brinda 55
Beauty Speak 76

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October, 2010 Eve’s Times

Campus Wear 40

Salt & Pepper Korner

World Tour

Never Mess with Women 44

Murder or Suicide 46

Miniature City
Nature’s Wonder at
61 Teenage Miseries 49

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Eve’s Times October, 2010

Vol. 5 No. 165

Cover Page Credit
Contents CEO (Global Operations) : Nischinta
Chief Operating Officer : Kalpana Yuvarraaj
Editor-in-Chief : Swati Amar
Associate Editor : Malini Shankar
Editors Graphic & Design : Mariappan
Photograph and Design Coordination : Kanakraj
Production Executive : Sumathi R
Marketing Coordination : Sivakumar
Advertising & Marketing : Ravichandran
: Prashant
: Kirtivasan

165 month
October, 2010.

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October, 2010 Eve’s Times

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Eve’s Times October, 2010


E ve’s Times has introduced a business section for women and the youth that will not only carry
inspiring stories of achievers, but will also be a complete business directory for all those who
desire to start their own enterprise and those who are running their own businesses.

Eve’s Times offers FREE SPACE FOR entrepreneurs, specially women and young entrepreneurs
to advertise about the products and services they offer. Our B 2 B section will be an interface for all
those who form a part of the business chain including suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and
traders, and end users. Women who work from home and offer services such as tuitions, transla-
tions, writing, and any other form of services can also send in their details along with their email ids
to us .

Our parent rm , Promedia is conducting Entrepreneur Development Programmes, Corporate

Training programme and , Business consultancy and promotions nationally and globally. Organiza-
tions and individuals who are interested in using our services can approach us Under the umbrella
of Promedia we will be organizing exciting business meets and fairs, competitions, awards ceremo-
nies, awareness campaigns, business consultancy and counseling and everything else that goes into
shaping complete business professionals.

Entrepreneurs can send in their write ups and photographs to be featured in this section by mailing

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October, 2010 Eve’s Times

Entrepreneur of the Month


T he new Eve’s Times keeps up its promise of bringing to you achievers who ght against many
odds and contribute to the society in different ways. This month we are mighty proud to feature
this little girl with a sunny smile who belongs to the bandwagon of smart , young entrepreneurs
running niche businesses. Meet Chinmayi Sripada, the Chennai girl with a honey dew voice.

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Eve’s Times October, 2010

We all know Chinmayi as the is impossible, a woman who

playback singer from Kannathil makes her own decisions, and
Mutham Ittal days and a de- mistakes too; yet forges ahead
nite inclusion in a movie with in a world of challenges still
A R Rahman’s composition. designed for the convenience
But not many know that proba- of men. And the good news
bly she might be the only young is that despite a social ambi-
woman entrepreneur who runs ence that imposes unbeknown
a successful business in the hurdles for her , the woman
very niche area of translation is comfortably ensconced in
services. Let’s join Chinmayi’s both the family and profes-
exciting journey in the world sional arena, at the helm For a
of C & T where her company, few rare women like Chinmayi,
Blue Elephant makes its royal two demanding professions are
strides…. a cake walk , though replete
with back-breaking hours of
Talking to Chinmayi is like toil, insomnia, frenzied work
watching a gurgling waterfall schedules, hectic world travels
cascading through verdant hills and all that the profession and
and valleys. Her banter re- business entail. At the end of
minds one of the jingling of tiny the day… it is all worth it.
bells that endears you to this
innocent woman who rightly or Every journey starts with a ti-
wrongly entered two professions ny footstep. Small events and
that in no way are compatible chance meetings or hobbies
with her persona. Yet… that is form the foundations for mam-
Chinmayi for you, an embodi- moth enterprises. As a little
ment of the modern young girl, Chinmayi’s mother Pad-
woman for whom nothing ever masini insisted on her learning

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October, 2010 Eve’s Times

is like a factory where the -

nal result is mass emission of
similar products. In fact, in our
country, there are schools of
all kinds, even for differently
abled children. But there are
no educational institutions ex-
clusively to cater to the needs
of the high IQ category. Such
children are like the proverbial
sacricial goats that are lost in
a society which does not under-
stand them,” she says somberly,
trying to impress upon us the
great loss the nation is fac-
ing due to the thwarting of the
cream of the IQ pool.

When she was in Plus one, Kan-

nathil Mutham Ittal happened
and there was no looking back.
While Chinmayi was planting
her feet rmly in the movie
industry as an acknowledged
playback singer, she was also
pursuing graduation through
distance education. She later
completed her masters in Psy-
chology. Alongside, she started
learning German.

“ I nd the German language

just grows into your skin, so
much so that you even start
Telugu as an additional second involved in music, her innu- dreaming in German,” she gig-
language so that she would be merable music competitions gles, ‘ Without exaggeration!
procient in Tyagaraja Kritis and performances were coming I started thinking and dream-
, Annmacharya compositions in the way of her school life. As ing in German.” Chinmayi has
and other Carnatic Telugu com- expected, she could not nd a completed all the levels in Ger-
positions. Chinmayi was being school that would allow her to man from Max Mueller Bhavan,
groomed to be a Carnatic musi- both continue her studies and Chennai.
cian. pursue her passion. After the
tenth standard, she decided to Then came a request from a
Alongside her music tuitions, start home based education. friend to translate a German
certain other occurrences were document. Gradually more and
gradually transforming her life. “ Sadly, our education system more documents came for trans-
Chinmayi and her mother relo- is such that it does not look lation and with that the idea of
cated to Chennai from Mumbai. at individual capabilities, tal- oating a small enterprise for
As she became more and more ent, interest and aptitude. It offering translation services

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Eve’s Times October, 2010

germinated, with encourage- rst thing she does when she

ment from close friends. At the lands in a country is to estab-
behest of her friends, Chinmayi lish contact with the linguistic
decided to give her company a groups and organizations. She
name which had a high recall talks admiringly about the
value simply because it is out global professional translators
of the box. Thus arose the Blue associated with her company
Elephant, the translation com- and feels that given an oppor-
pany. tunity she would establish an
institute for Business Etiquette
After initial hiccups due to in our country to improve the
the lack of professionalism of quality of our translators and
Indian translators, today her interpreters.
company hires expert trans-
lators and interpreters from Chinmayi has lots of plans and
across the world and has carved dreams for the future. Amidst an who is not content with just
a niche for itself in the arena of her myriad activities as a play dreaming. Chinmayi believes in
localization and translation ser- back singer, voice over artiste, realizing her dreams through
vices. Chinmayi’s professional emcee, TV anchor and the rigors action. And that is what differ-
jaunts abroad help her to keep of an entrepreneur, Chinmayi entiates her from other young
expanding their network of dreams big. But she is a wom- entrepreneurs.
translators continuously . The


Creatively designed, The Blue Elephant has a lot of information about the languages of the world.
We picked up a few to tease your gray cells. Check how strong you are in the Linguistic Arena

1. Name a couple of shortest words in English
2. What is the shortest complete sentence in English?
3. Which is the largest spoken language in India?
4. Which country has no ofcial language ?
5. Which language has the most number of words?
6. Which country beats the USA in the number of people who speak English?
7. What is the most commonly used language in the English language?
8. Which words end with MT?
9. Which words rhyme with month, silver, purple and orange?
10. Which is the highest language today?
11. Which is the least spoken language?
12. Which is the rst written language in the world?
13. Which language does not require punctuations?
14. Which is the word that can be spelled without repeating a letter??
15. Which sentence in English uses every letter in the English language?

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October, 2010 Eve’s Times

Blue Elephant, The Translation Company

All their translators and interpret- They also offer free estimate of
ers sign a condentiality clause the assignment fee involved if
for every project they are involved you mail any document.
in. Blue Elephant also sign client
All their translations are done by
provided condentiality and non-
translation experts. They do not
disclosure agreements. use translation software or ma-
Before they initiate an assignment chine translation.
they talk to their clients, under- Blue Elephant, The Transla-
B lue elephant was established
in 2005 with an ambition to
become a leader in the translation
stand their needs, the area of their
work and the subject matter of the
tion Company

document associated. They also If it can be written or spoken

services sector. Today they are it can be translated
analyze the documents and under-
recognized as a brand that delivers ❖
stand the content to nd the right Their portfolio of services
superior quality, has extremely include
translator. The content is trans-
quick turn around times and
lated depending on the market ❖ Translation services
provides cost effective solutions
their client wants . This is called ❖ Simultaneous interpreta-
for translation needs of every
localization and extends beyond tion services
kind. With a linguist pool of over
translation services. ❖ Translation and localiza-
3000 professional translators and
interpreters, Blue Elephant is well
tion services
The translated content is also
equipped to deliver the best. Their ❖ Subtitling services
translated back to the source lan-
linguists re experts in specic guage by a different set of linguists ❖ Transcriptions and Trans-
technical disciplines and they go to ensure that translated content literation services
all out to ensure that their clients matches the source content. This is ❖ Editing and proofreading
nd a professional translator with called back translation, which they services
expertise dealing with their subject do to ensure quality. ❖ Corporate Training.

Answers 7. O.K. or okay is the most commonly
used word in the English language
13. The Chinese language does not re-
quire punctuations
1. A and I are the shortest words 8. Dreamt is the only word that ends 14. The only 15 letter word that can be
2. Go is the shortest complete sen- with the letters MT spelled without repeating a letter
tence 9. No word in English language is uncopywriteable.
3. Hindi with 336 million speakers is rhymes with Month, silver, purple 15. The sentence , ‘The quick brown fox
the is the largest spoken language or orange jumps over the lazy dog’ uses every
in India letter in the English language
10. Mandarin is the highest spoken
4. The United States of America has no language today
ofcial language according to law
11. Latin is the least spoken language. It
5. English , with approximately with is considered to be a dead language
250,000 distinct words is the language
12. Egyptian was the world’s rst writ-
with the most number of words.
ten language. Written records of
6. There are more people who speak the Egyptian language have been
English in China than in the USA dated from about 3400 BC

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Eve’s Times October, 2010

Women in Business
A unit of Indo International Trade Forum, Business & Professional Women’s Network International
works for women empowerment across the world. This , we believe , can be done only through
nancial emancipation , which in turn will lead to cognitive freedom . Financially empowered women
are not only economically productive, but they also contribute to the health and growth of a nation.
Given the intrinsic strengths of women , if given opportunities , women can play a major role in
pushing up the status of our country in the Human Development Index.

We believe that entrepreneurship in today’s Communication and Tech-
nology era is a pro
proven way of enhancing the women’s nancial and
personal status in the society. Hence, bpwni encourages women in
wa to provide her with that opportunity to elevate
every possible way
herself and her family. Right from eliciting interest in entrepreneur-
h decide on a suitable enterprise, we provide all
ship to helping her
services related to Entrepreneurship
E development for both men and
women. Bpwni will help
he a woman develop requisite skills to run the en-
terprise , equip her with the knowledge of her business, train her
and her st
staff , provide inputs about the market and help her
in expand
expanding her clientele .

The Cen
Centre for Entrepreneur Development of IITF and
BPWNI together conduct entrepreneur development
programmes, coordinate with nancial institutions to
provide short term loans to the trained entrepreneurs
and guides entrepreneurs to choose their eld of
activity. The women entrepreneur cell strives to em-
power women from the grass root level, improve
their economic and social status by organizing
nancial assistance and offers all kinds of sup-
port to women to run a successful enterprise. We
also offer moral and legal support to destitute and
needy women.

Business and Professional Women’s Network has a Busi-
ness Incubation Centre, for women entrepreneurs who
cannot afford to run their own ofce or meet their ex-
penses. We provide you with secretarial services,
business felicitation, marketing services, etc. For
more details check our website

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October, 2010 Eve’s Times

SAARC Chamber Women

Entrepreneur Council
(SCWEC) Exhibition
hotbed of entrepreneurial explo- (ranging from recyclable paper
sion in India. bags to biodegradable plastics to
non-pollutant products) will not
For the rapid progress of any only instill civic consciousness
country, it is important to in- and do its bit to preserve the en-
volve women in the creation of vironment, but would also help
elcome to the Global
Green Business Summit
Exhibition by SAARC
wealth and economic well being.
The South Asian Association for
businesses grow and strengthen
their organizational reputation by
Chamber Women Entrepreneur Regional Cooperation (SAARC) gathering goodwill from the society.
Council (SCWEC). The unique provides a platform for the people Alongside, the theme also stresses
Entrepreneurial Exhibition of South Asia to work together in a the importance of the need to use
will be held on 26th 27th and spirit of friendship, trust and un- renewable sources of energy more
28th November 2010 at GRT derstanding. It aims to accelerate actively and the need for employee
Convention Centre, T. Nagar, the process of economic and social safety measures in manufactur-
Chennai 600 017. development in Member coun- ing setups such as aspects that are
tries. necessary to enhance employee
The chief focus of this exhibition retention, promote goodwill and
is to give llip to green business- Comprehending the need to create a
hence, increase the protability of
es and innovative enterprises by platform for women entrepreneurs
a business, as also its customers.
women entrepreneurs of the seven of the region, the SAARC body cre-
SAARC countries viz., Bangladesh, ated SCWEC, a council body under We invite you to join the bandwag-
Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, the SAARC Chamber of Commerce on of smart and socially conscious
Pakistan and Srilanka. SCWEC and Industry.. SCWEC comprises entrepreneurs and discerning cus-
invites all women entrepreneurs, memberships of key women en- tomers. Let’s us all work together
young women with aspirations trepreneur organizations from the to create a green world that is
to commence enterprises, college SAARC member countries. The inclusive, economically and politi-
students and youth to attend prime focus of SCWEC is capacity cally stable, where the spirit of
the exhibition. The stalls building of women and their orga- friendship trust and under-
will be exhibiting innova- nizations, especially those in the standing among nations pave
tive products from women underdeveloped sectors. way for the harmonious
entrepreneurs of the seven progress of all.
Environmental sustainability
SAARC countries. The event constitutes an integral part of cor-
will also benet men who For further details check
porate social responsibility not For book-
believe in encouraging en- only in the case of multinationals
trepreneurship among ing stalls or applying for
and established organizations but Women Entrenepre-
women and youth. This in the case of small and medium
is the rst event of its kind neur Excellence Award
businesses too. The theme for this send details to
to be held in the year’s exhibition therefore cen-
momentous city or
tres on the notion that the use of call 0-9840912532
of Chennai, the environment-friendly products

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Eve’ss Times
Eve October, 2010



A contemporary global media and communication

enterprise, Promedia aims to provide quality
consultancy and services related to all spheres of
businesses and services that fall within the ambit of
the media and entertainment industry, education
and training, promotion of art and culture , events
and public relations for corporates and execution of
associated national and international assignments.

Promedia has contacts with a wide network of ex-

perts in various elds globally that provides us with
an advantage of executing any event or assignment
with a great degree of variety and excellence.

Promedia is the genie you have been looking out

for to develop your organization or business and of
course the quality of your personnel, in the most ef-
fective manner .

Our Core Competency

Promedia conducts entrepreneurship develop-
ment programmes, organizes workshops, seminars,
conferences and events in health care, education,
personality development and leadership, yoga and
personal enhancement, nance and investment, arts
and crafts etc. Promedia also conducts fund-raising
events, entertainment events and award ceremonies
as well as corporate events.


Our strengths
Exemplary team of experts , counselors and resource

Fields of expertise
❖ Entrepreneurship development,
❖ Event Mangement
❖ Industrial Relations and Organizational behav-

F| 18
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

❖ Education Conduct competitions in arts, spo-

❖ Media and entertainment ken events, literature and sports.
❖ Health care
College students will be provided
❖ Personality Development
training in event management,
❖ Yoga
print and electronic media and
❖ Himalayan expeditions, trek-
king and study trips
❖ Personal and Health counsel- Eve’s Times & Chimil
ing Close to our heart are the two print
❖ School and College events
versions for women and children
and skill enhancement pro- ❖ Promotional events for lms,
as well as our electronic version,
grammes TV, retail and manufacturing Our
❖ Content Creation, design, organizations print endeavours arise out of our
printing/publishing print and ❖ Award ceremonies, movie and passion to promote meaningful
electronic publications. audio launch events etc writing and reading, encourage
❖ Selection , training and recruit- citizen journalism in a big way and
ment of RJs, VJs, MCs, and offer an interactive platform for
Events other personnel our readers. The underlying ethos
❖ Product launch or promotion ❖ Audience and Panel Coordina- of our print ventures is our social
❖ Training programmes to en- tion for TV and events vision and the urge to bring about
hance performance and soft a positive change for creating an
skills of employees inclusive society where harmoni-
❖ Corporate events Promedia has a team of expert ous and peaceful living is a reality.
❖ Editoria/designing work for anchorpersons, emcees and orga-
Art Exhibitions
corporate publications in Eng- nizers to organize events anywhere
lish and Tamil. in the world. We can also organize Promedia will organize art exhibi-
❖ Corporate lms and conduct entertainment based tions to promote artistes and their
❖ Public Relations games and shows and fund-raising creations globally.
Media and Entertainment Going Global
Conferences, seminars, debates
❖ Ideation, content creation, de- and award ceremonies for Promedia will take up national and
sign, printing and publishing international assignments in all
State governments and govern-
❖ For Inhouse corporate publica- the above mentioned areas in our
ment departments
tions effort to forge global ties with vari-
❖ Story/Scripts for radio/TV/ NGOs, corporates, retail chains, ous clients across the world.
lms in English & Tamil Educational institutions,
For anything or everything there
❖ Documentaries, promotional Banks and nancial institutions, is a solution and we have it! Con-
lms and commercials insurance companies tact promedia by sending mail to
❖ Designing of advertisements,
The IT industry
brochures, promotional mate-
rials Schools & Colleges.
Education is a major focus of
Promedia. We have drawn up an
exciting proposal for schools that
believe in the holistic development
of their children, which will be an
effective instrument for promoting
goodwill and enhancing the status
of educational institutions.

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Eve’s Times October, 2010

Vital Voices
V ital Voices of Asia, a
regional leadership
and training summit was
women from 24 different
countries participated in the
summit. The focus of the
Public Life and Safeguarding
Women’s Human Rights. The
summit was hosted by Vital
held in New Delhi from 14- opening day agenda was a Voices Global Partnership, a
17 September, 2010 with keynote address on investing leading Non-governmental
a mission to strengthen a in women for sustained organization that identies,
powerful network of regional economic growth. The trains and invests in emerging
women leaders across sectors, panel discussions, break out women leaders around the
cultures and generations to sessions and trainings that globe. The organization was
help advance the regions followed focused on three founded in 1997 by the then-
First Lady Hillary Clinton.
of South Asia and East Asia key areas viz., Women as
Pacic socially , politically an Economic force, Women The summit was a collabora-
and economically. Over 250 in Political Leadership and tive effort between the US

F| 20
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

Chief Operating Ofcer of Eve’s Times Group, Kalpana Yuvarraaj at Vital Voices Conference in Delhi

Government, Confederation sand partners, pro bono

of Indian Industry and lead- experts and leaders, including
ing multinationals, charitable
senior government corporate
foundations and non-govern- and NGO executives have
mental organizations. Vital trained and mentored more
Voices of Asia concluded on
than 8,000 emerging wom-
September 17 with SEVEN, a
en leaders from over 127
documentary play capturing
countries in Africa, Asia,
the remarkable lives of a di-
verse and courageous group Eurasia, Latin America and
of see n women leaders from the Caribbean and the Mid-
around the world. Actor and dle East These women have
women’s advocate Shabhana returned home to train and
Azmi had a leading role in mentor more than 500,000
the Play. additional women and
Vital Voices’ international girls in their communities.
staff and team of over thou-

21 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

Women in Business
Recreating nature’s beauty

R evathi
Kumar was
housewife who was busy in
be made to serve as beautiful
and permanent decorations.
Revathi learnt the art of
material and then arrange
the owers in the Ikebana
style that I learnt from Smt.
a joint family with cooking, making cold ceramic owers Saroja Ramamrutham. I use
cleaning and looking after from Poornima Subramani- different bases and real dry
various generations. Her rst am in Muscat. She makes the owers and containers to
initiative was to learn sewing. owers from a special ingre- show of my creations to the
Her attention shifted to arts dient: “I get starch powder best advantage. These ow-
and crafts and then spent and use glue and colours and ers will not fade and retain
ve years in Muscat learning make a dough. Then I roll their colour for a long time.
different techniques and it out, a very tedious chore, When the owers become
art forms. Finally she really into little puris and cut out dusty, they can be washed
blossomed like the beautiful various shapes. It requires in running water and wiped
ceramic owers that she no heating or baking. I have carefully”.
makes today. to plan well in advance the
structure, colour and shape Nature is her inspiration and
Ceramic ower making is a of the ower petals and Revathi is always observ-
special art. Clay owers can leaves. I assemble the basic ing and noting the different

F| 22
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

kinds of owers and leaves

and also on the look out for
background material like
seed pods, driftwood, sticks
and branches wherever she

Revathi makes custom de-

signed arrangements for
clients and also conducts
classes in both ower mak-
ing and arrangements. Her
fee includes raw materials
that she sources from abroad
and even provides some
extra material to try their tal-
ents after the course is over.
Revathy has presented pro-
grams on TV and has run Art
and Craft classes and activity
workshops in the holidays for
Contact Revathy Kumar at Block C3, Flat 5,
Serene Acres, Thoraipakkam, Pallavaram 200
Feet Road, Chennai 600097:
Tel: 4282 32, 98405 44420

Padmini Natarajan

23 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010


A fter scouring for jobs

and spending tedious
days applying, preparing
everyone seemed friendly.
But in just a few months, it
was clear that the “perfect
for interviews and getting t” was really no t at all.
your documentation ready, Your boss would have been
attending interviews and a control freak or your co-
resorting to myriad other workers would have been
things you have managed to slackers. Maybe the work
get a job at last! You thought wasn’t what you expected
you had nally landed the or you didn’t have enough
perfect new job. It was a support.
step up with a great title and
It’s an all-too-familiar oc-
good pay and benets. The
currence for many, but if
commute wasn’t bad, and

F| 24
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

it’s happened to you, now is to having divergent in-

the time to make sure you’ve terests, or possessing
learned from that experience. conicting views on
Because we are in the middle the direction of your
of a job explosion, despite department. Know-
what is happing globally with ing which factors are
the crashing of nance com- most important to you
panies etc. is key.

So, as you look for that new Know

job, how can you avoid be- For example, if you are a
coming a casualty of the Yourself stickler for rules and you ar-
bad-t syndrome? Start by Knowing yourself is the rst rive on time for the interview,
thinking about all the reasons step toward nding a good but you are kept waiting for a
for your last bad t, develop a job t. Do you want to carve long time, you may surmise
better sense for exactly what out company strategy in the that this is how the company
you want next time and learn boardroom? Or lead an all- will deal with you and others
enough about your next em- staff meeting to champion a all the time. Even looking
ployer to make sure it doesn’t new employee program? Or, at the ambience when you
happen again, say career ex- do you prefer a more low-key, go for an interview will give
perts. back-ofce job in benets ad- you an insight into the kind
ministration? of organization you are con-
Whatever you do, don’t un-
derestimate the importance sidering. For e.g., are the
What do you want from your
of a good job t—no mat- employees noisy or is the am-
career? What are you willing
ter how enticed you are to bience serene? How does the
to tolerate from an employer
overlook it in favor of pay, staff interact with you and
and what aren’t you willing
benets or some other at- with one another? How are
to tolerate? Ask yourself ev-
tractive incentive. telephone calls being dealt
ery question you can think
with and such other innu-
of and later nd out about a
The Importance of Fit merable cues can give you an
prospective employer. This
idea about the organization’s
Fit is essential because it al- will put you that much closer
lows you to feel good about to being a good t in a new
your job. People who t in job.
at their workplace are better
One of the best questions to
able to perform and grow. Ig-
ask yourself is whether you
noring warnings of a bad t
like change. Then, nd out
can lead to serious repercus-
how much change is expected
at the company you are inter-
You may nd yourself frus- viewing with. What excites
trated, leaving your job and you most about your work?
possibly end up with a bad
While knowing what you
reference. A variety of factors
want is important, it can be
can lead to a bad job t, rang-
equally important to know
ing from holding opposing
what you don’t want.
views on etiquette or ethics

25 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

Random Musings

H ave we at various points of our lives,
wished for a world that lets us be? A
world that does not question any of our
decisions, moves, plans, ideas, actions,
creativity? A world that not only forms
an opinion, but voices it at the drop
of a hat? None of us have been spared
of or removed from an opinionated
confrontation; many of us more than some.

When we bought our at and went about setting

it up with enthusiasm, we were unprepared for
the ood of opinions that started to
pour out from the ood of
visitors who would come
to ‘see’ the new house.
Some of our guests would
open their quota of opin-
ions as soon as we
opened our door to
receive them. They
would look at the
door with shocked
disbelief and ask,
‘This direction is
north. How did you
have the entrance here?’
My smile of welcome
would freeze and my
thoughts would ght to
come to my lips. But hav-
ing undergone the drill of
‘Aththi devo bava’ since child-
hood, I could not allow my thoughts to
win that ght. I would merely allow them

F| 26
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

to toss about in my head with disapproving eye, ‘The cooking you it can be the most annoying
that frozen smile xed in place. area should be in the south east, of opinions forced on you, want-
So, ‘where do you think our when you cook you should face ing you to promptly do exactly
front door should have been east’. Or was it west? I forget as the contrary! You make peas
placed? In the elevator, since the ‘vaasthu’ experts were so curry and while the majority of
that is in the east? Or in the many and so varied. the crowd is relishing it, prais-
balcony which is in the south? ing it and even asking for the
With another set of guests, the recipe, this self proclaimed ex-
Then you could come up Tarzan emitted opinions about the in-
style climbing a rope.’ And then pert butts in, ‘You should have
teriors. ‘Where did you get the boiled the peas some more, just
I’d let my vivid imagination material for the drawing room
run riot conjuring up images a little bit’. ‘And if I had done
curtains?’ a relative would en- so, then you would have said,
such as making our visitors ar- quire. The store you say you got
rive climbing the rope, dressed ‘you should not have boiled the
them from will invariably not be peas so much’, my agonized
jungle style. Now my frozen the right one. ‘Oh, you should
smile would begin to thaw out thoughts would ow. You make
have asked me, this store which sambhar vada and this expert
and turn into a grin. I go to, has such a wide range…’ proclaims it would have better
We have many I would think resignedly, as dahi vada. You make pulav
guests being ‘va- ‘If I had picked the same and it should have been biri-
asthu inclined’, cloth from that store, the yani, gulab jamun ought to have
suggesting , curtains would have been been kala jamun and it goes on
however im- just the right color, shade, and on. The opinions and com-
practical. ‘The design.’ Yet another per- ments stretches to all topics.
window in the son would say, ‘This chest Your comment that the air traf-
wash room should of drawers should have been c has increased so much that
be exactly op- placed in that corner.’ ‘On at least one plane ies by every
posite where this wall, you could hang up ve minutes is met by a scofng
it stands now’, a lovely painting’. ‘Well’, I statement, ‘No, it ies by every
said one uncle would fume inside , ‘did I ask four minutes!’ As I earlier said,
sagely. Now it you whether a chest theirs is the last word! Opin-
does not matter of drawers or a ionated people just want to
that the oppo- painting would assert authority and unless they
site side is a wall suit that cor- do so, at every occasion, their
joining the bed- ner?’ minds will not be at peace. That
room and the Have you come such opinions cost the person
washroom. So across people they are directed at; their peace
what if the win- who always of mind is absolutely not their
dow opens out assert au- concern. I can never stop won-
into the bed- thority dering at such menial attempts
room? At least and give at asserting authority or trying
it conforms to t h e i r to, however insignicant or im-
‘vaasthu’. An- opinions portant the occasion.
other favorite as if theirs
target is the One day my friend dropped by
is the last with her four year old cherub.
kitchen. One word on the
grand aunt re- He was dressed as Krishna for
topic? I have, a fancy dress competition in
marked with a and let me tell his school. He made a perfect

27 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

Krishna with his mesmerizing then, aired her opinion vocifer- ous comments as I did not want
smile and mischievous looks ously, ‘You should have applied to hurt the child’s feelings. I can
and I started making a fuss over a red tilak; a bunch of peacock keep my opinions to myself, un-
him, keeping him on my lap and feathers would have been better like people like that parent who
hugging him. My friend opped than a single one, you should aggravatingly cannot’
on the chair and grumbled have made him wear anklets,’
loudly, ‘Oh these parents! Why and she had gone on and on. The next week my friend called
don’t they keep their fantastic My friend’s explanations, de- and she seemed in such high
ideas to themselves?’ I merely fenses and nally objections, spirits. She said ‘My Krishna
raised my eyebrow to question all fell on deaf ears. Curious won second place, I’m so de-
the cause of her nasty mood and about the costume of that tire- lighted’ and she continued
that was enough for her to pour some parent’s child, I asked delightedly, ‘and the buttery
out. The parents had to stand in my friend what the child had did not win any prize at all. I
queue along with their children been dressed as. ‘Oh’, said my met the mother when the prizes
and wait for their turn to go up friend, ‘she was a buttery but were announced and wanting
on stage. The mother standing had wings of a moth! I could to get back at her unsolicited
behind my friend began with a not bring myself to say that in opinion, said to her, ‘you should
comment on the costume and spite of the mother’s continu- have attached colored wings and
not brown ones to your daugh-
ter’s costume, you could have

DURGA DRIVING SCHOOL reduced the makeup of dots on

her face and then your chances
would have been better!’ For
once the mother seemed at a loss
for words. However the very
next moment she had started to
voice her views to another hap-
less mother standing about what
she thought of competitions’ .

Women’s As I placed the receiver down, I

mused, if only people practiced
the concept of ‘live and let live,’

Only there will be no need for us to

cringe and cower when such un-
comfortable comments are made.
We are all social beings and are
YOUR TRUSTED ROAD bound to meet different people
SAFETY COMPANION during our social pursuits. Looks
like we must be wary about these
With 1 person 1 Car exclusive ‘opinionated’ species
hovering around ubiquitously.
Two Wheeler Driving Unsolicited counsel come free,
Without knowing Cycling but will cost you your condence
and worse still any trace of hu-
Phone : 24415523, 24412039 mor you possess. Are you willing
to pay the price?
Mobile : 9884523204 Kanchana Rao

F| 28
October, 2010 Eve’s Times


T he word independence
conjures up many
meanings, especially when it is
“I want the people around me
to appreciate what I’m doing
and make me feel important in
However, I’d like to quote what
Mahatma Gandhi once said,

attributed to Women. their lives” “ Our nation will achieve ab-

solute independence the day
The dictionary says inde- “ I want to be just myself with- it’s women can walk on the
pendence is freedom, being out having to listen and answer footpath at midnight all alone
independent means not de- to the people around me and without fear of rape or moles-
pending on authority, another act according to their dictates.” tation or eve-teasing but feeling
person for one’s livelihood or safe to continue their journey
opinions, on something else towards what is real freedom”.
for validity or efciency, self
governing and unwilling to be Unfortunately we have still not
under obligation to others. reached that day considering
the ignominy, indignities and
Despite the eternal battle that crimes taking place on women
women have to combat, free-
even during broad day light .
dom in the true sense is still
But let’s stay positive and hope
elusive. Even today, basic
someday in the near future this
liberties of life are denied to
will happen and the Mahatma’s
women in many countries. To
dream will come true.
this day you nd women con-
ned within the four walls of Readers are welcome to re-
their homes, taking a back seat spond to the question below
when it comes to having a say and send their answers to gcan-
in the family matters, playing with the
a major role in nancial deci- subject title, ‘Women and In-
sions, or the freedom to express
It amazes me as to how such dependence’
their desires and dreams.
simple things in life can make
How women in India are more/
When I spoke to many ladies in a woman feel liberated. It’s not
less independent than their
their 30s and 40s living in con- money or materialistic stuff
western counterparts?
servative environments about a woman desires, but just a
one desire in life, most of them voice to express her views and Three best responses will be
came up with answers like, freedom to do what she likes published in the same col-
without having to prove herself umn in the next issue of Eves
“I want to wear a western outt all the time to the scrutinizing
and go out on the road without Times.
someone commenting on my
extra bulges” Nevertheless, in our country
things are changing fast and
“I want to go to a discotheque and the present generation women,
dance from morning till evening” at least in educated homes are
“I want to go on that trip all by bold enough to execute their
myself where I’m really looked authority when it comes to liv-
after and pampered.” ing the way they want to. Geeta Canpadee

29 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

Salt & Pepper

Jus’ Korner
Ask Brinda TAKE
Our IT
M ake your kitchen experience exciting using Mallika Badrinath’s wise counsel. Mallika has recipes for
everyone; even bachelors and children can turn out a delectable meal using her guidance. So go ahead with
your kitchen queries and prepare healthy, tasty meals with the help of the Cuisine Queen of south India.

My husband is a diabetic. I am unable to think of some good snack for him during teatime. Can you
suggest some good snacks for diabetics?
Chandirika Rajan, Coimbatore
All snacks that are steamed or made with less oil are good for di-
abetics. I have brought out a special cookery book for diabetics,
which is available in the market. You can make a variety of snacks
for diabetics. Try to include a lot of sprouts and fresh vegetables
and creatively turn out ordinary recipes into special, tasty snacks
for diabetics. You can make different varieties of sandwiches,
stuffed chappathis, dosas, idlis, pidi kozhukattais, upmas and
kichris with dhal combinations, noodles with a lot of vegetables
(you get wheat noodles in the market) dhokla, steamed vegetable
adais, idiyappam, etc.

Mallika’s Special Recipes for Diabetics

Papaya Halwa
Nutrient Details (For one
Ingredients person, one serving)
Papaya diced 1 cup Calories 21
Skimmed Milk Powder 2 Tbsps Carbohydrate 3.6 gms
Articial sweeteners 5 small sachets Protein 1.5 grams
Cardamom, powdered one pinch Fat 0.07 grams
Saffron one pinch

Keep the diced papaya in a thick-
bottomed pan and stir. When
the paste dries, sprinkle milk
powder over it and stir. Add
cardamom powder and saf-
fron. When it cools, mix
the articial sweetener
and serve.

Quantity : One serving for

six persons

F| 30
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

Sprouted Chana Sandwich Method

Cook the sprouted gram in a pressure
Ingredients cooker for ten minutes.
Wheat Bread 8 slices
Grind the red chillies, jeera and salt rst
Grated onions 50 grams and then add the boiled chana and grind
Grated tomatoes 50 grams coarsely.
Grated carrots 50 grams
Spread a little sauce or green mint chutney
Grated mint, coriander leaves 10 grams over a bread slice and spread the chana
Finely cut green chillies 2 chutney over it.
Lemon juice to taste
Over this place grated carrot and other
vegetable gratings, green chillies, salt,
For Preparing Sprouted Chana Chutney
nely grated fresh coriander and mint and
Sprouted chana 100 grams squeeze a few drops of lemon juice over
Red Chillies 2 this mixture.
Jeera ½ tsp Keep another slice covered with chutney
Salt to taste and place it over the rst slice and serve
Nutrient Details for one
Sandwich Courtesy 300 vegetarian Recipes for dia-
Calories 105
Carbohydrate 18 gms By Mallika Badrinath
Protein 5 gms
Fat 1.5 gms

31 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

Jus’ AskSensations
Brinda TAKE
Our IT
Cook ‘n’ Smile Easy Recipes
Navarathiri Naivethiyam
Here are some easy-to-make recipes to keep you
smiling through the festive season.

Tender Coconut Payasam

Tender Coconut 1
Milkmaid can 1
Powdered cardamom 1 tsp
Dry fruits, friend in ghee 2 tbsp

Such as cashew nuts, Raisins, slivered almonds,

Pistachios etc., Saffron strands and 1tbsp warm
milk if desired

Remove the pulp and water from the tender coconut and grind in a mixie. Add milkmaid and mix
well. Add all other ingredients and refrigerate. Those desirous of adding saffron strands can soak
them in warm milk, rub well and add into the payasam.

Dry Fruit Laddus

Seedless Dates 1 cup

Assorted , chopped dry fruits 1 cup

Mince dates in a mixie and add the dry fruits. Roll
into balls.

You can add grated coconut, a little milk powder
and a dash of ghee if desired. You can also mix in tutti fruit . If you nd the paste too stick, brush you
palms with our and roll the balls.

F| 32
October, 2010 Eve’s Times



Do you know of any time-
tested tips on health and diet
care that your grand mother
Ingredients: passed on to you? Why don’t
Lion Dates : 1 packet you share your precious
knowledge with our read-
Milk :¾
ers? The best tip can also
Custard Powder (pineapple avour) : 3 tablespoons win a surprise gift. Shoot off
Sugar : 4 to 5 tablespoons your ancient secrets to edi-
Some Useful Tips For Curing
Cut the ‘lion dates’ into small ‘INDIGESTION’
pieces and soak in ¼ litre of
milk. While soaking, ensure ❖ Take 100gm of saunf
that the milk is lukewarm. (sombu). Roast without
adding oil in a pan for
From the remaining ½ litre 3-5 minutes. Cool and
of milk, take half a cup of powder the saunf. Take
milk, keep aside and boil the ½ tsp of the powder and
remaining milk without add- mix in 200ml water.
ing water. Add sugar and boil Drink 2 or 3 times daily.
it on a slow re.
❖ Take ¼ kg fresh ginger
Make a paste out of the cus- (inchi). Extract its juice
tard powder, using the half either by crushing or
cup of raw milk. Add this grinding .Mix in equal
semisolid paste to the boiling quantity of honey. Take
milk and keep stirring. Take care not to burn it. 1tsp whenever necessary
or after your meal.
Grind the soaked dates and mix this paste into the boiling cus-
tard. You have to be doubly careful now. Switch it off once it starts
thickening. Cool it. Transfer the contents into a glass owl, deep
freeze it for 15 minutes and serve it.

Now your tasty Dates Pineapple Custard pudding is ready to be

served. Go ahead and pamper your family’s tongues.

Devaki Swaroop
2/44, 6th Main Road
R.A.Puram, Chennai 600 028

33 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

❖Take 50gm carom sprouts grow quickly and

seeds (Omam in Tamil, cover up the entire expanse
Ajwain in Hindi). Heat of mud, giving you the green-
in a pan for 3 minutes. ery you want.
Cool and powder the
❖ Well in advance, involve
seeds. Dissolve ½ tsp
of the powder in ½ cup your children or seniors or
of boiled water. Drink friends to help you pack your
regularly. thamboolam packets. You
can place everything inside
❖ Take Jeera - 50gm each packet including the
(cumin seeds) Saunf comb, mirror, vermillion,
– 50gm, Dry Ginger turmeric, coins, gift items,
– 50gm, Black Pepper pakku etc excepting the fruit,
– 50gm, carom seeds – coconut, sundal and betel
50gm, black salt – 50gm. leaves. Arrange them neatly
Powder all the above and in a place so that every day
preserve in a container. you can add the fresh items
Take ½ tsp powder into the packets and give
daily after lunch, dinner them to your guests.
❖ If you are planning to make
regularly. You can avoid
a park or a garden or even ❖ You can also make your
black salt if you don’t like
it. Add powdered sugar a eld during Navarathiri, own kolu additions such as
while taking ½ tsp of the the quickest way to get a colourful fruits and sweets
above mixture. garden is to get a stful of using white our. Add colour
raagi seeds, soak them and and make dough with maida
❖ Take ¼ dry ginger allow them to sprout. Then and shape into the desired
(chukku) and powder it. ll up the space set apart for object.
Mix the powdered ginger park with mud and sprinkle
with ¼ kg grated jaggery. the sprouts over the mud.
Take ½ tsp of the pow- Remember to sprinkle wa-
der and mix with ½ cup ter over the seeds every
of hot water. Drink 2-3 day. You will be
times a day. surprised to
see that
❖ If you are suffering from
indigestion, chew 1-2
elaichi daily after eating

any food (Cardamom or
Elakkai in Tamil).

Contributed by
K.K. Bhuvaneshwari,
Anna Nagar West, Chennai

F| 34
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

ready, storing them in air-

Keep these ready before you even if you are away, the
tight containers or bags and
set up the kolu. lamp is lit by putting on a
use them when needed to
simple switch.
❖ Given the hectic schedules turn out a quick payasam.
these days, it is wise to spend ❖ Old and exclusive kolu dolls
❖ Well, if you work your gray
a few minutes planning and can be re-painted well in
cells, you can conjure up in-
preparing in advance for advance to give a new look.
numerable ways of saving on
the festival. You can use the Also do not forget to buy a
time and effort. For the en-
weekend to hang readymade new set or a piece this sea-
terprising women of today,
decorations such as colour son from the artisans who
it is no big deal. But ensure
lights, festoons, maavilai throng markets with their
that you are not compromis-
and even the kolam in front wares.
ing on the quality of your
of the kolu. For those who go
❖ Working women can fry ca- food and the much-needed
to work, use electric lamps
shew nuts, raisins slivered break. If you can somehow
near the kolu so that
almonds or pistachios and entice your family members
powdered carda- into helping you out, you
m o m s would have spent quality
time with them and also got-
ten all your work done!

35 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010


❖ When using expensive spices ture of the two) for about a with a thin skewer or fork
like cloves, cardamom and minute and than placing it in and squeeze out the required
cinnamon, powder them to- the over to make it crisp for amount of juice.
gether with a little salt (or about fteen minutes.
sugar if the dish is sweet) to By
❖ An egg cracked at one end
get the avour well distrib- Geeta Shirish Amte
uted. You need lesser quan- cannot be boiled properly,
Flat#80 Ashtalaxmi Apts,
tity of spices if ground this but if you crack it slightly at
Phase II Coastal Road,
way than if they are used as the other end too it will boil
Besant Nagar,
whole. perfectly.
Congrats Geeta! All your tips
❖ If you need only a few drop
❖ A very stale loaf of bread can are simply fantastic. We select
be freshened by dipping it of limejuice do not cut the
you as the winner of the Month
in milk or water (or a mix- whole lime, just pierce it

F| 36
Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass
October, 2010

It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.

37 |G
Eve’s Times
Hi Buddies!

School goers must be neck deep in their preparation for examinations. College goers
must be getting somewhere there. For us youngsters, life’s now a whirlwind… of
books, lessons, exams, not to mention some of us who have our parents and teachers
breathing down our necks… and the inner turmoil that is now becoming a constant
phenomenon… the churning of our stomach, its somersaults and grumbling becom-
ing worse as we plod through each day.

Life resembles a journey through the eerie tunnels of the Pyramids….. of course
we develop our own addictions during this time… Mine fortunately ended with tea-
minimum number of mugs a day, just about enough to keep the eyelids open. Of
course… crisp biscuits go with hot tea…. A luxury I am going to allow myself during
the dreary days of examinations…. I am indeed conscious that I may have to work out
all the extra calories going into the system… but then who cares? These little munch-
ies will help us touch the nineties and eighties; otherwise the danger of sliding down
to single digits looms large before our eyes. The tantalizing double digit numbers can
fetch us a lot in life….. earn us the respect of our teachers… get a lot of goodies from
our parents, and admiring glances from our peers and friends. Worth all the sweat
and blood, right?

I believe in a simple mantra …. anything that has begun has to come to an end. That’s
the hope that keeps us all going. And the glorious possibilities of indulging ourselves
after the dint of slogging. Colourful pictures of all that we can do after the exams
keep popping out every now and then and spur me on to move forward. I am sure
all that I have described just now are common youth experiences. Much as we may
detest, no youth can escape nor overlook such examination experiences. Best of luck
to you guys and gals who have set out to conquer the world! After the rigors of the
exams, the festive season is waiting for you !

Until next month,

Editor, Teen Mag
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

Can you nd the single word which will be a synonym for both the words in each pair that follows?
For example, the word that would be a common synonym to Sort and Benevolent is Kind. You should
be able to supply ten double-duty words for the remaining groups, but 13 or more is excellent .

1. Sort- Benevolent
2. Results-Belongings
3. Curtsy-Prow
4. Stays-Corpse
5. Railing-Duel
6. Tresses-Fastens
7. Dissertation-Try
8. Ray- Timber
9. Intersect-Peevish
10. Raise-Back
11. Eruption-Reckless
12. Hoodwink-Cliff
13. Tied-Leap
14. Wearied-Drilled
15. Ravine-Stuff
16. Stockings-Tube
17. Spiritualist-Average
18. Cataract-Drops

39 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010


E lizabeth Kiho a pretty dame

from Umshyrpi College,
Shillong shares her insights
STUDYING IN: Umshyrpi Col-
lege, Shillong
For me jeans and a simple shirt
will do. I do love to wear dress-
es if and when the occasion
ORIGINALLY FROM: Dima- demands. Basically simplicity
with us about current fashion
pur, Nagaland is my style.
trends and suggestions for this
college academic season .
Fashion talk with ❖ What would be your fashion
tips to college girls?
❖ How will you describe your Wear anything that you feel
sense of dressing or style? comfortable. Don’t go for dress-
es just because they are pretty
My style is simple . I love be- or branded. Always wear clothes
ing in clothes in which I feel the where you can express yourself
most comfortable. the best . Also have a personal

sense of style. Everybody has
Where do you like to shop?
his or her own distinct per-
Pepe jeans, Forever 21, Chanel sonality and what looks good
and Gucci on someone else may not look
good on you. So it’s very impor-
❖ What motivates you in fashion? tant to have that exclusivity in
I always imagine donning a style.
new and different look whenev-
er I go out. This desire coupled A close up of
with my creative instinct moti- Elizabeth’s outt
vate me to seek the latest trends
in haute couture fashion. Loose cotton shirt
❖ What are your hobbies? For college a simple, loose
cotton shirt with a big bag ac-
I love gardening. It’s one of my centuating it will be a good
favourite pastimes. I love lis- choice. The bag will manage all
tening to music too! your books easily, looks classy
and the shirt as mentioned ear-
❖ Who inspires you in terms of
lier is ideally suited for the hot
and humid weather in many
My sisters. They are like my states .
role models who I look up to
when it comes to fashion.
❖ What kinds of clothes do you
Name: Elizabeth Kiho, 3rd yr like wearing?

F| 40
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

requires is a little bit of sponta-

neity from your part, interest
in looking good and having
the ability to choose the right
clothes for you. These girls are
no models; they are just like
you but they know how to use
their creative pursuits and by
doing so are able to make an
impression in clothes as well as
accessories. And the highlight
is the season compatibility
quotient that the clothes have.
They are comfortable clothes
that keep the heat and humid-
ity at bay and all in good style!

Are you a college girl or boy?

Do you want to make a fashion
statement? Do send to us simi-
lar details with your pix and you
will be featured! Come on , lead
the guys and gals!
A pair of well Teen Mag Edit Team!
tting jeans with Stellina
Beating the sweat and managing
the Save yourself from horrible
shoe bites, get ats similar to
the one Elizabeth is wearing. A
pair of well tted jeans will keep
that sweat in control as well as
look hot! Flats have become a
necessary commodity in the
fashion circuit. And jeans never
go out of fashion. So they make
a perfect t!

Experimenting different styles

in kurtis, long tops and dresses
by Elizabeth:

On a concluding note, looking

at the fashion styles used by
college girls it is pretty evident
that looking good is not really
as hard as it seems to be. All it

41 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

Jest 4 Laughs

Everybody should try to have a
grandmother, especially if you
don’t have television, because
they are the only grownups
who like to spend time with us.

They know we should have

‘snack time’ before bed time,
and they say prayers with us
and kiss us even when we have
acted badly.

❖ (Taken from papers written and also why we shouldn’t step

by a class of 8-year-old kids !) on ‘cracks.’

Grandparents are a lady and a They don’t say, ‘Hurry up.’

man who have no little children
of their own. They like other Usually grandmothers are
people’s children. fat but not too fat to tie your
A grandfather is a man, and a
grandmother is a lady! They wear glasses and funny
underwear. ❖ Grandpa s the smartest man
Grandparents don’t have to do
They can take their teeth and on earth! He teaches me
anything except be there when
gums out. Good things, but I don’t get
we come to see them. They are
to see him enough to get as
so old they shouldn’t play hard Grandparents don’t have to be smart as him!
or run. It is good if they drive smart.
us to the shops and give us ❖ A six-year old was asked
money. They have to answer questions where his Grandma lived.
like ‘Why isn’t God married?’ “ Oh,” he said, “ She lives
When they take us for walks, and ‘How come dogs chase at the Airport and when we
they slow down past things like cats?’ want her, we just go get her.
pretty leaves and caterpillars.
When they read to us, they don’t Then when we’re done hav-
They show us and talk to us skip. They don’t mind if we ask ing her visit, we take her
about the colors of the owers for the same story over again. back to the airport.”

F| 42
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

6 7 8
Yeah Write
3 8 4 Smart Generation!
2 8 6 A politician was seated next to a little girl on
an airplane so he turned
5 7 3
to her and said, “Do you want to talk? Flights
go quicker if you strike up a conversation
1 4 9
with your fellow passenger.”
6 2 3 The little girl, who had just started to read
her book, replied to the total stranger,
7 6 9
“What would you want to talk about?”
4 Oh, I don’t know,” said the politician, “How
Teasing and tickling your gray cells is said to improve yur about global warming,
brain power. Go ahead and play with the numbers and check
universal health care, or stimulus packag-
for yourself if you have it in you to vanquish number puzzles
es?” as he smiled smugly.
with ease! Happy Sudokuing! Answers on Pg.44
“OK,” she said. “Those could be interesting
topics, but let me ask you a
TALE PIECE >>>>>>> question rst. A horse, a cow, and a deer all
eat the same stuff - grass.

Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow

turns out a at patty, and a horse produces
clumps. Why do you suppose that is?”

The legislator, visibly surprised by the little

girl’s intelligence, thinks

about it and says, “Hmmm, I have no idea.”

To which the little girl replies, “Do you re-
ally feel qualied to discuss global warming,
universal health care or the economy, when
you don’t know shit?”

And then she went back to reading her


43 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010



A lawyer working in the UK wrote to his wife in India ....

Dear Sunita Darling,

I can’t send you my salary this month because the global market
crisis has affected my company’s performance, so I am sending 100
kisses. You are my sweetheart, please adjust.

Your loving husband.

His wife replied...

Thanks for the 100 kisses, Below is the list of expenses I paid
with the Kisses...:

1. The Milk man agreed on 2 kisses for one month’s milk.

2. The electricity man agreed not to disconnect only after

7 kisses.

3. Your landlord comes every day to take 2 or 3 kisses

instead of the monthly rent.

4. Supermarket owner did not accept kisses only,

so I gave him other items, I hope you under-

5. Miscellaneous expenses 40 kisses.

Please don’t worry about me, I still

have a balance of 35 kisses and I hope
I can survive the month using this bal-

Shall I plan the same for the next


Your Sweet Heart,


F| 44
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

Sudoku Answers
8 9 6 1 2 7 4 3 5
5 4 1 6 9 3 2 7 8 Answers
3 2 7 8 4 5 1 6 9
9 7 2 3 5 4 8 1 6
6 8 5 9 7 1 3 2 4
1 3 4 2 8 6 9 5 7

4 1 8 5 6 2 7 9 3 Remains
7 6 3 4 1 9 5 8 2 Fence
2 5 9 7 3 8 6 4 1 Locks
45 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

Murder or Suicide...........
A t the 1994 annual awards
dinner given for Forensic
Science, AAFS President Dr
just below the eight oor level
to protect some building work-
ers and that Ronald Opus
he was threatening her with
slogun. The man was so upset
that when he pulled the trigger
Don Harper Mills astounded would not have been able to he completely missed his wife
his audience with the legal complete his suicide the way he and the pellets went through
complications of a bizarre had planned. the window striking Mr. Opus.
death. He is the story. When one intends to kill sub-
“Ordinarily,: Dr Mills contin- ject.
On March 23, 1994 the medi- ued, “A person who sets out to
cal examiner viewed the body commit suicide and ultimate- “A” but kills subject “B” in the
of Ronald Opus and concluded ly succeeds, even though the attempt, one is guilty of the
that he died from a shotgun mechanism might not be what murder of subject “B.”
would to be head. Mr. Opus he intended, is still dened
as committing suicide.” That When confronted with the mur-
had jumped from the top of a
Mr. Opus was shot on the way der charge the old man and his
ten-story building intending to
to certain death, but probably wife were both adamant and
commit suicide.
would not have been success- both said that they thought the
He left a note to the effect indi- ful because of the safety net, shotgun was unloaded. The old
cating his despondency. caused the medical examiner to man said it was a long-standing
feel that he had a homicide on habit to threaten his wife with
As he felt past ninth oor his the unloaded shotgun. He had
life was interrupted by a shot- his hands.
no intention to murder her.
gun blast passing through a In the room on the ninth oor, Therefore the killing of Mr.
window, which killed him in- where the shotgun blast ema- Opus appeared to be an ac-
stantly. Neither the shooter nor nated, was occupied by an cident; that is, if the gun had
the deceased was aware that a elderly man and his wife. They been accidentally leaded.
safety net had been installed were arguing vigorously and
The continuing investigation
turned up a witness who saw
the old couple’s son loading the
shotgun about six weeks prior
to the fatal accident. It trans-
pired that the old lady had cut
off her son’s nancial support
and the son, knowing the pro-
pensity of his father to use the
shotgun threateningly, loaded
the gun with the expectation
that his father would shoot his

Since the loaded of the gun was

aware of this, he was guilty of
the murder even though he

F| 46
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

didn’t actually pull the trig-
ger. The case now becomes
one of murder on the part of
the son for the death of Ron-
ald Opus.

Now comes the exquisite


Further investigation re-

vealed that the son was, in
fact, Ronald Opus. He had
become increasingly de-
spondent over the failure of
his attempt to engineer his
mother’s murder. This led
him to jump off the ten story
building on March 23rd, only
to be killed by a shotgun blast
passing through the ninth
story window. The son had
actually murdered himself so
the medical examiner closed
the case as a suicide.

A true story from Associated


Reported by Kurt Wester-


Bizarre or what?

47 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

Commonwealth 2010

F| 48
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

Teen Counsel
Teenage Miseries
H ave you ever asked
yourself if you are happy?
I bet everyone out there has
world. Certain problems may
have solutions, but for some,
you just need to adjust, get up
got something or the other from the ground, plaster a brave
nagging him/her. So you aren’t smile and walk on.
all that happy—due to certain
Other than the fact that the ac-
stumbling-blocks you have
ademic workload is tremendous
encountered. Be it academic
(and that should be the under-
pressure, or peer-pressure
statement of the century), the
or parent-problem, it’s there
peer-pressure has decreased no
everywhere, for everyone. So
less. Especially in cosmopolitan
we’d like to reach out to you all cultures mix, certain unnec-
schools/ colleges
and help you. essary
essa frictions occur. I myself
where students of
These things have heard of the ‘cool’ gang,
occur—it isn’t the ‘hep’
‘ gang, the ‘nerd’ gang,
the end of the the ‘dork’
‘ gang, et cetera et cet-
era. Some obnoxious people
nd pleasure in other peo-
ple’s misery, don’t they?
In schools, especially,
there is discrimination
against looks—girls are
considered ‘fat’ or ‘dark-
today, people nd ‘looks’ to
be of more importance than
ccharacter, personality and
intelligence. Remember—
looks will probably get you
to Bollywood, but your in-
telligence, street-smartness
and personality will bring
you to ultimate success. So I
wouldn’t count myself ‘lucky’
if I were ‘beautiful’.

Eschew the façade pulled

by most shy girls, a beau-
tiful person lies within,
and that beautiful person
must be respected. So you

49 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

needn’t suffer from inferiority live with it. I know, it hurts so obviously don’t judge your soul-
complex—you’ve got all that it much that even iodine wouldn’t mate by the ‘he’s so cute and
takes! help, but what else? You obvi- perfect’ statements—there’s
ously can’t act all third-gradish more to it than that. So I’m not
A friend in need is a friend and complain to your teach- saying that it’s wrong to be in-
indeed—not. Friends aren’t ers. So if you’ve ever heard of fatuated to a guy, I mean, how
all that ‘best-friendy’ now a ‘prevention is better than cure’, can we help that? But denitely
days. Even best friends tend then you’ll simply have to ad- there’s a limit to it, and unless
to backstab you, and some just here to it. You needn’t conde you’re really condent about
can’t control their jealousy. So your innermost secrets to any- what you feel and you’re ready
I think you ought to watch out one you assume to be your to commit yourself, then you
for backstabbers, alias ‘best- ‘friend’. And you need to trust must simply concentrate on
friends’. The solution? Be your intuition. The minute you what is more important—mak-
friendly to everyone, but don’t feel something is wrong, then ing it big in life. Being single
get all that touchy-personal, listen to your mind, and not is beautiful—you never have to
unless you totally trust that your heart. Your heart will tell worry about your heart getting
person. Some of your so-called you what to do, but your mind broken. Besides, most guys dig
friends sometimes tend to go will tell you what is right. Your just good-looking girls, while
cranky on you. Some others nd heart is a weakness, your mind we girls prefer guys of good
pleasure in leaking out your se- is your strength. character. So why waste your
crets, spreading rumours and
gossiping behind your back. The boy factor. How can I for-
Sometimes, there just isn’t a get that? So at least 80% of us
solution to any of these prob- go through these ‘he’s so cute,
lems. You either have to talk and so nice—he’s perfect’ stag-
it out, and if the other person es. Girls, these are just your
won’t listen, then you have to hormones out of control. You

F| 50
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

time trying to impress some- of their path. When it comes to Lastly, you need to balance out
one, when you’ve got big goals parents, I think we need to try your studies and your activities.
and great heights to scale? and reach up to their expecta- Friends give you short term
tions and make an effort to go happiness, but hard work gives
Another pathetic factor in by what they say. Parents love you long term happiness.
schools—favouritism and par- us, they do their best for us, and
tiality. Don’t try to deny it, I’ve we can’t deny that. In case you If this might comfort you, life
been through that phase my- nd them being unreasonable, is a test. It’s very easy to handle
self. Whilst some teacher ‘likes’ you need to talk it out with them success, but handling failure is
a student, she holds a grudge later, when they’re in a better a challenge.
against another student. This mood. You’ll be surprised with
is painful, and causes rifts By Namrata
the results.
amongst the students. The so-
lution? You can’t complain to
your principal, or you’ll be pe-
nalised. You can probably crib
about it to your parents, and
wait a whole year, and put up
with all that undeserving re-
marks from your teacher.

Finally—the parent factor.

Parents just don’t seem to un-
derstand, do they? Or is it the
other way round? Parents may
tend to get unreasonable at
times, but they have their black
days as well. Especially when
Moms PMS, you need to be out

51 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

You’ve Got Mail

E ve’s Times will bring to

you heart-rending stories,
anecdotes, jokes and any
would assume the vast majority
of people would respond. But
some Japanese farmers took a
This made the grocery stores
happy and had the added ben-
et that it was much easier
meaningful pieces of writing different approach. If the su- and cost effective to ship the
that are oating around in the permarkets wanted a square watermelons. Consumers also
cyber world. Of course, you too watermelon, they asked them- loved them because they took
are invited to send in your mail selves, “How can we provide less space in their refrigerators
to one?” It wasn’t long before they which are much smaller than
invented the square watermel- those in the US meaning that
Lessons of the Square Water- on. the growers could charge a pre-
melon mium price for them.
The solution to the problem
The Japanese grocery stores of round watermelons wasn’t What does this have to do with
had a problem. They are much nearly as difcult to solve for anything besides square water-
smaller than their US those who didn’t assume the melons? There are a few lessons
counterparts and therefore do problem was impossible to be- that can be learnt to make our
not have room to waste. Water- gin with and simply asked how lives better. Here are a few of
melons, big and round, wasted a it could be done. It turns out them:
lot of space. Most people would that all you need to do is place
them into a square box when Don’t Assume: The major
simply tell the grocery stores problem was that most people
that watermelons grow round they are growing and the wa-
termelon will take on the shape had always seen round
and there is nothing that can
be done about it. That is how I of the box. watermelons so they auto-
matically assumed that square
watermelons were impossible
before even thinking about the
question. Things that you have
been doing a certain way your
entire life have taken on the
aura of the round watermelon
and you likely don’t even take
the time to consider if there
is another way to do it. Break-
ing yourself from assuming this
way can greatly improve your
overall life as you are constantly
looking for new and better ways
to do things. This is one of the
most difcult things for us

to do because most of the as-

sumptions we make, we don’t

F| 52
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

even realize that we are making making all aspects of your life Creativity is learned and builds
them. They seem perfectly logi- more enjoyable instead of de- upon itself.
cal on the surface, so we have faulting to what you have now.
to constantly make an effort to Look for a better way: The in-
question them. Be creative: When faced with vention of square watermelon
a problem, be creative in look- question arose from simply
Question habits: The best way ing for a solution. This often seeking a better and more con-
to tackle these assumptions is requires thinking outside the venient way to do something.
to question your habits. If you box. Most people who viewed It’s impossible to nd a better
can make an effort to question this question probably thought way if you never ask yourself “is
the way you do things on a con- they were being asked how they there a better way?” And you
sistent basis, you will nd that could genetically alter water will nd there often is.
you can continually improve the melons to grow into square-
way you live your life. Forming shaped fruits, which would be a Impossibilities often aren’t: If
habits when they have been well much more difcult process to you begin with the notion that
thought out is usually a positive accomplish. By looking at the something is impossible, then it
thing, but most of us have ad- question from an alternative obviously will be for you. If, on
opted our habits from various perspective, however, the so- the other hand, you decide to
people and places without even lution was quite simple. Being see if something is possible or
thinking about them. We can creative and looking at things not, you will nd out through
change a large number of habits differently in all dimensions trial and error. Apply the
after taking the time to ques- of your life will help you nd lessons from the square water-
tion them. Some of them we do solutions to many problems melons to all areas of your life
have no idea where they came when no solutions seem to be (work, nances, relationships,
from while others we can trace evident. For this, one need not etc) and you will nd that by
to certain people or instances be a creative person, but the consistently applying them, you
in our lives. It’s a never ending more you look at things from will be constantly improving all
process, but by doing this, you different perspectives, the aspects of your life.
can consistently strive toward more creative you will become. Contributed by Ramkumar

53 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

Commonwealth 2010

F| 54
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

Jus’ Ask Brinda Counsel
We come from a middle about his academics and say
class family. Our second that if they are not fulfilled,
son who is in college is you may be forced to cut down
very easy-going. He was a his pocket money. Parents can
serious student in school.
make their teenage children
After joining B.Com in a
responsible only by letting
popular city college, he
has changed due to the in- them face the consequences
uence of his friends. He of their actions. You will have
has started getting very to monitor in a non-intrusive
poor marks and has a cou- manner. It is a challenge for
ple of subjects as arrears. parents. On the flip side, what
He spends most of his time Eve’s Times is happy to an- your son says is true. What we
out with his friends watch- nounce that family therapist need today is life skills, more
ing movies and eating out. and Parent-Teacher Educa- than academic excellence. Try
If we try to counsel him he tor Brinda Jayaraman will
not to be permissive to his de-
asks, “ What is the point, answer any query you want to
studying like Anna? He ask relating to interpersonal mands, while taking care not
studied in IIT and abroad. interactions. Send in your to put him down verbally. May
But now he is a divorcee questions to askbrinda@ be your non-interference and
and unhappy.” We don’t or to firmness will make him recog-
know what to do- A wor- nize his responsibilities!
ried father.

For many youngsters, the sud-

den freedom in college makes
them loose balance. They shift
towards entertainments with
friends and pile up arrears.
Parents panic about the future
of the grown up child! May be
what you did was not coun-
selling; but advising, which is
going to irritate him further!
With a teenager, parents can
only interfere up to a limit be-
yond which they need to learn
to let go. Who gives money for
the son, to spend the way he
wants to? The father? There
you have a ‘lagaan’ (rein). You
can spell out your expectations

55 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

Culture Nook

F| 56
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

D urga Puja is the essence

of Bengali culture and a
festival of great signicance
for Bengalis all over the
world. Deb Dulal Banerjee
is a resident of Chennai for
over two decades. But the
fragrance of his hometown
and nostalgic memories of
Durga Puja celebrations
linger in his mind as fresh as
a blooming ower. “ Durga
Puja is not just any festival,
but a celebration that imparts
a lot of lessons to the society.,”
he begins his narrative with
suspense, “ Every body knows
that Navarathiri is a nine-day
festival commemorating the
triumph of Goddess Durga
over the demons. In Bengal,
Durga Puja commences from
shashti or the sixth day with
bodhan and is celebrated for
four days. Saptami, ashtami
and navami are days of full-
edged puja in pandals
erected in the streets of every
community, known as padas.
Every association, club or
community erects a pandal
where the idols of Durga
mata, Lakshmi, Saraswati,
Ganesh and Kartik are placed.
Pandals are places of public
worship where everyone
irrespective of their caste,
creed, colour and economic
status can come to offer
their prayers and partake of
the community bhog where
parshad like kichri , payash,
different variety of fruits,
sweets like rasogolla, chum
chum, mishti doi etc, are

57 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

Pushpanjali is a revered ritual worship of Ganesha. Known as make a beeline to witness the
where Goddess Durga is wor- kala bou, a small banana tree is beautiful visage of their mata.
shipped with 108 lotus owers presumed to be Ganesha’s wife, Amra pallav or mango twigs are
both at homes and in the pan- is decorated like a woman and placed over the little pots which
dals. In the pandals, while the placed beside Ganesha idol. are also considered to be auspi-
priests recite the mantras any- cious. The rst lucky visitors to
one from the public can take The day of Vijaya Dasami
pandals can take a pot each to
part in the pushpanjali. The dawns on a fervent note. Most
his house. The little pots kept
signicance of the puja pandals houses and pandals keep 108
in the puja room at homes are
is to promote community amity small earthen pots of water and
distributed to relatives and
and afnity, eschewing any nat- a huge pot where the reection
ural differences among people. of the face of Goddess Durga is
visible. It is considered to be On the day of Vijaya Dasami,
All the ve deities are wor- very auspicious to see her re- people visit pandals offering
shipped. There is an interesting ection in this pot on the day betel leaves, touch the feet of
practice associated with the of Vijaya Dasami. The public the idols and pray for prosper-

F| 58
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

ity, longevity and happiness. ply sindoor over one another’s

fruits and community lunch
Known as Devi Varan (pro- forehead and also playfully on
to everybody in the villages,
nounced as bharan) there is the cheeks. They also wear the
padas and communities.
also a ritual where people write sacred bangles, pala and shaka.
the divine words, ‘Shree Shree During the evening of Durga
Durga,’ in pieces of paper, palm Sweets are distributed on the
Puja, the goddess is taken
leaves, amra pallav, betel leaf occasion of Devi varan including
out for visarjan where she is
or billum leaf and place at the the popular coconut laddoos or
immersed in the holy banks
feet of Goddess Durga. Wom- nadus, rasogollas, sandesh etc.
of Ganga or the Village River,
en have a special ceremony, People in the padas also distrib-
pond or well.
‘Sindoor khela,’ where they ap- ute clothes to the poor and offer
The dream of every Bengali
is to go to their hometown
to savour the true avour of
Durga Puja. Every year, I too
make it a point to go to my
hometown. I don’t want to
miss the sights, sounds and
fragrance of this great festi-
val. This is the only festival
of its kind that spreads the
message of community unity,
happiness and peace, dis-
solving all differences among
human beings.

59 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010


O n our recent trip to Europe, we visited a

“miniature city” called Madurodam, which
is located in Scheveningen in the Netherlands.
Madurodam is not only an amusement park or
an exhibition, it is also a war memorial. This was
built in the memory of George Maduro, a war
hero who died on 9th February 1945 in a Datchau
concentration camp. George Maduro’s parents
nanced the miniature town. The prots are
donated to a good cause, especially charities related
to young people.
um, Dam Square, Royal Palace
As we went inside, we suddenly felt as though we had entered
and Mint Tower. There is also
a miniature toy land and as if we were giants among the typical
a replica of the house where
Dutch buildings and landmarks that are replicated on a scale of
George Maduro, who gave Ma-
1:25. Every landmark has been exactly replicated. We were told
durodam its name, was born.
that some models took at least 4 years to build and they are made
We were fascinated to see the
of synthetic materials. Trees and shrubs with small leaves are
miniature wind mills turn, the
used in particular and they are regularly pruned. Being the month
boats and ships move down ca-
of June, the climate was extremely pleasant.
nals, re ghters extinguishing
There are two routes to follow, the architecture route and the water a re in the harbor, trains tra-
route where you can see all Dutch engineering hydraulic projects versing the city on the world’s
in one walk. There are many Amsterdam scenes: canal houses of largest miniature railway, a
Amsterdam, The Water Tower, Anne Frank house, Rijks Muse- replica of Schipol airport with
moving aircrafts and conveyor
belts with luggage being taken
to them. There is an amuse-
ment park in which the roller
coasters, bumping cars, merry-
go-around start operating when
a coin in inserted.

Madurodam is worth visiting as

you don’t want to miss the feeling
of visiting your childhood again.

Nikita Nevgi, Singapore

Photos by Kishore Nevgi,

F| 60
berr, 220
010 Eve’
e s Ti
e’ Times


O ne of my favorite holiday
destinations would have to
be Turkey. This summer, I got
down the slopes was breath-
taking and I immediately knew
why Pammukale meant cotton
travertine’s white and to pre-
vent damage, tourists are not
allowed to walk on them. The
an opportunity to visit one of the castle in Turkish. water within the pools of the
unique geological formations, travertine’s and the hot water
Tourists and locals visit Pam- springs in the region is scientif-
the calcium travertine’s of
mukale not only to enjoy the ically proven to have medicinal
Pammukale which is now on
enthralling beauty of the beau- qualities for treatment of ail-
the UNESCO World Heritage
tifully terraced calcium pools ments like high blood pressure,
list .
but also to exploit the health asthma, heart disorders and
Pammukale is located in benets the thermal springs rheumatism.
south-western Aegean region here have to offer.
of Turkey in Denizli province. Pammukale was one of the most
Shifting of a fault line in the surreal holiday destinations I
This region though known to
Valley of Menderes River along have been to, it’s comes as no
enjoy a temperate climate for
western Anatolia gave rise to surprise to me the Turks call it
most part of the year was blaz-
hot springs laden with minerals the 8th wonder of the world.
ing hot when we set out for the
and calcium hydro carbonate.
These unique travertine ter- Radha Chandrasekhar,
After having completed 3 hours races are created when the hot Singapore
of arduous walking through the mineral water ows over the
cliff edge leaving deposits of Photos by Chandra
ruins of Hierapolis, while rest-
calcium as it cools. To keep the Radhakrishnan, Singapore
ing our weary feet in the pools
which supposedly gave Cleo-
patra her divine beauty and
washing our thirsts down Turk-
ish ice creams, we were hoping
that our next tourist attraction
was not too far away.

As we walked towards our next

attraction all I could see was
what looked like a long white
blanket along the hills. As we
got closer, had it not been for
the scorching heat, one could be
forgiven for thinking that they
are at an ice glacier. The calci-
um travertine’s with their blend
of pure white calcium deposits
and turquoise pools cascading

6 1 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

1. Is dieting without exercise
of any use?

It is not only useless but

harmful too.You might lose
weight on the scale but in
actuality you have lost your
healthy mass which is your
muscles.You have to lose
fat and that is achieved only
when you sweat it out.

2. Is there any risk of infection

from contact with someone
else’s blood or saliva?

Yes. which is the reason

why we ask you to main-
tain heigene in the gym and
change room.Wipe equip-
ment before and after use.
Do not reuse sweaty clothes
hung in the closed change
rooms day after day through
the week!

3. What should I eat when I


If you are a diebetic please

do not work out on an empty
stomach.You can have 1 or
2 marrie biscuits with tea
before you work out.A light
beverage will not hinder your
work out, infact it gives bet-
ter stamina to perform well.

4. I have been trying to re-

duce my weight but I hardly
get time for exercising owing
to my hectic work schedule. I
have been thinking of trying
out slimming pills. Do they

F| 62
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

work? Are there side effects Can you suggest exercises for
attached to it? improving my busts?

You have to give priority to Stand tall and press your

health and make time.Slim- palms together in a nam-
ming pills are defenitely a no asthe.Make sure you do
no.The ‘weight loss’ is tem- not round your shoulders
porary and will get back as or hunch.As you press you
soon as you stop them.Please will feel the muscle behind
do not fall for these market- your bust swell. Repeat this
ing gimicks. 10 times.If you are a gym
goer add chest press, chest
5. I have a good gure but my yes and push ups to your
tummy is big and shows. I schedule under the guid-
am 20 years old. Despite the ance of a certied trainer.
fact that I do the treadmill What happens is a rming of
and go for walks for about an your pectoral muscles which
hour regularly but my tummy will push your bust forward
doesn’t reduce. I have be- making it look fuller than be-
come careful about my food fore.The bust as such is just
too. Can you suggest specic glands and fat and increase is
exercises for reducing only not specic.When you put on
tummy? Are sit ups good? I over all weight automatically
can’t do the ones lying down your bust too increases.
because I have back aches.
7. I have auditioned for a TV
Fat distribution is both ge- channel. Unfortunately, de-
netic and life style oriented. spite the fact that I have an
Stress in studies\work can attractive face, my double
play a major role in tummy chin shows my face as large
fat. Even aches and pains on the screen, which during
do not respond to medica- the audition I was able to see
tion if the mind is not at rest. in the monitor. I am afraid
Practise pranayama and yo- they would reject me. Are
ga under a certied teacher there exercises to reduce my
which will address your back double chin?
pain too.You can do yoga and
walking on alternate days. Chewing gum is a good ex-
How are you doing sit ups if ercise for the jaw line.Open
you cannot lie on your back! your mouth with the jaws
Hope you got the name of the moving away from each
exercise right. other,tilt your head back and
gently close the mouth bring-
6. I am too thin and would ing the jaws together into a
like to improve my bust line. bite.This stretches the skin to

63 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

maintain elasticity.If you are overweight

... work on reducing and automatically
the double chin will vanish.If it is a ge-
netic design of the face the only way out
is make up and dressing.

8. My torso is thin but I have heavy hips,

thighs and tummy. Can you suggest ap-
propriate exercises to achieve a good

A good gure is a man made denition.

Some are heavy on top, some below and
others in the middle.Let us rst love our
body the way it is.Brisk Walking for 45

F| 64
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

minutes is the best exercise

for the lower body and you
can couple it with squats
and lunges for better tone
and strength. This will take
care of the ab around the
tummy too.

9. I have lower abby tum-

my. How should I reduce?
Should I go in for liposuc-

You have not mentioned

your age and marital sta-
tus.If you have had babies?
Vijaya Chamundeswari
If you are in a profession
Fitness Consultant - that demands a toned
Certied by tummy and if your tummy
The American Council on Ex- is abby beyond exercise
ercise (ACE), Reebok, Integral being effective you might
Yoga Institute (IYI), Pilates have to think of invasive
Institute of America (PIA). procedures. Otherwise,

10. I sleep a lot. As soon as

I get up I eat a lot. What is
the problem with me?

Just a bad habit,boredom

or toomuch free time which
we generally attribute to
accepted lazyness.Good
you are conscious about it,
the next step.....just force
yourself to wake up early,
have your coffee\tea and
go for a brisk walk or hit
the gym.Be in company of
those who start your morn-
ing brightly.Just break the
habit with will power.If
this does not work consult
a doctor to rule out any
health issue.

Vijaya Chamundeswari

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Eve’s Times October, 2010


A part from special features
on health, our regular
health column, Stethoscope will
your questions by mail to or
experts from different medical or to our ofce address.
elds answering your queries.
My daughter attained me-
We are happy to announce that
narche when she was in Class
Dr. Priya Selvaraj MD MNAMS
ve, at the age of nine. She has
MCE, Assistant Director,
exhibited marked physical de-
G.G. Hospital Chennai will
velopment and compared to ment may also be attributed to
answer queries on obstetrics
some of her friends, she looks physiological changes. Better
& gynecology and assisted
big. She feels very uncomfort- nutrition and fortication of
reproductive technology. Send
able about it. Why is the onset common food where by an op-
of menarche early (around 9 timum weight gain for the age
or 10 years) among girls in re- or even more can be a reason,
cent times? What do you think since a higher body fat content
are the psychological impact leads to early pubertal changes.
of this trend? (Based on your Psychological stress in the fam-
real-life experience, though it ily environment or at school can
is a question for psychiatrists also contribute due to higher
and psychologists!) levels of stress hormone (Corti-
Kusum Bhat, Chennai sol). Some studies have quoted
the use of pesticides and chemi-
The age of menarche can be cals in the environment which
considered from the age of 10.5 bear resemblance to estrogen
to 16 years although concerned (female hormone responsible
parents may be anxious about for pubertal changes) as a cause
these extreme age groups. The of early menarche. We have
time of onset of the rst pe- had parents coming with their
riod is determined by genetic, daughters who got their rst
nutritional, psychological and period at the age of 9 years,
environmental factors. Chil- but these days there has been
dren these days are generally a general advance in the age of
precocious and aware in com- menarche and so this need not
parison to earlier years and be considered abnormal, unless
this form of mental develop- a pathological cause is identied

F| 66
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

in the form of tumors or genetic

conditions. The psychological
impact can be detrimental if the
child is unaware, misinformed
or lacks parental support. This
is because she is not prepared
for the mood swings or physical
changes that shroud puberty.
Any child that sees blood from
a private part would be affect-
ed unless she has already been
informed about monthly peri-
ods. Hence it is very essential
to incorporate into schools,
classes on reproductive health.
This can also include parents
so that both gain the essential b). Hygiene aspects for young the condence of the daughter
knowledge and can dispel mis- girls. so that they would be informed
conceptions. if she has any physical hurt or
c) Handling situations when psychological stress (Mood
Around this age, while the girls menstruation commences in swings).More importantly they
are maturing faster physically, school should be aware about the fact
they are still immature men-
Maitreyi Srivastava, Chennai that they are ovulating and in-
tally. What is your counsel for
dulgence in sexual practices
mothers of young girls to help First of all as I said earlier the could lead to pregnancy.
their children balance this ideal age to inform children
anomaly? about the pubertal changes and In schools, besides incorporat-
the menstrual cycle would be ing sex education there should
Asha Menon, Coimbatore
8-9 years. This is the time they also be provision of clean toi-
What are your tips for moth- would be evolving physically lets, change of clothes and
ers to guide young school-going and will also be curious. Parents sanitary pads for an emergency.
girls on must sit down and talk to their They should also have a supply
children in a creative manner of commonly prescribed medi-
a) Education about menarche- cations to deal with menstrual
about the bodily changes and
when and how? pain. Puberty requires immense
the feel of the rst period. They
must if possible show pictures patience, understanding and
and explain what these changes support from parents ( Irre-
are meant for- such as the fact spective of whether they are in
that it is a monthly cycle and the relationship or not) because
about fertility. They should it is the transition of young boys
also counsel the girls about and girls into adulthood with
menstrual pain and the dura- an ample opportunity for these
tion of the periods and hygiene building blocks of our nation to
aspects. Cleansing of private go astray for no fault of theirs.
parts, hair removal and chang- Given the right awareness and
ing of sanitary pads should also support they would enjoy these
be taught. Parents must gain changes and will learn to con-
front them without fear.

67 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

Health & Fitness Clinic

W orld Arthritis is being

celebrated each year
on October 12th. People
with arthritis from around
the world join together to
make their voices heard on
this day. The aims of World
Arthritis Day are to raise
awareness of arthritis in all
its forms among the medical
community, people with
arthritis and the general
public, to inuence public
policy by making decision-
makers aware of the burden
of arthritis and the steps
which can be taken to ease it
and to ensure all people with
arthritis and their caregivers
are aware of the vast support
network available to them.

F| 68
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

While we commemorate this ternity. With the emergence of able to repair or replace just
day, Eve’s Times also brings in a Registry in our country too in the damaged parts. When the
awareness about the advances 2006, an independent effort by entire joint is damaged, a total
Orthopaedics and the shift in 27 orthopedic surgeons across joint replacement is done. To
stance to make the treatment India, we have now joined the replace a total hip or knee joint,
for arthritis cost effective and select bandwagon of countries a surgeon removes the diseased
less cumbersome. that have been maintaining a or damaged parts and inserts
record of the number of an- articial parts, called prosthe-
Balmy summer mornings are nual joint and hip replacement ses or implants.
occasions for silvers to get out surgeries as well as the nature
of their homes and take a stroll of the implants used for future The most common reason for
in the nearest park or choose a research. having a hip or knee replaced
shady pathway for their morn- is osteoarthritis. This degen-
ing regimen. When you look Things are looking up in the erative joint disease, marked
at the silvers catching up with eld of orthopedics even as busy by the breakdown of the joint’s
their friends and neighbours, ortho surgeons have to grapple cartilage, is not limited to old-
you hardly suspect that some with important decisions to be er people. Although it most
of them have had their knee or made about the type of surgery commonly affects people over
hip joints replaced. Yes, we are to be performed, the nature of 45 years, younger men and
moving towards a time when the implants to be used, garner- women are also getting this
hip or knee surgeries will be ing the requisite instruments disease more often these days.
more frequent among the silvers and the team etc. Joint replace-
than it is today. As the longevity ment surgeries are not longer a Apart from that, some people
of the seniors keeps increasing, rarity these days. are born with a deformed joint
many of them would have had or defective cartilage, which
a couple of joint replacement Before we get into the nitty- leads to osteoarthritis. Excess
surgeries during their lifetime. gritty of the whys and hows of weight, joint fracture, liga-
joint replacement, it is impor- ment tears, or other injury can
The medical fraternity is look- tant to understand what joints damage cartilage and cause
ing at the future with great are and what function they play osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid
concern, not because of the in holding our bones together. arthritis is another condition
lack of surgical techniques or Joints are formed by the ends characterized by chronic in-
prostheses to put the seniors of two or more bones connect- ammation of the joint lining
on their feet but because of ed by a tissue called cartilage. causing pain, stiffness, and
the necessity to keep down the Healthy cartilage serves as a swelling. The inamed lining
costs of joint surgeries in their protective cushion, allowing can invade and damage bone
endeavour to broad base the smooth and low-friction move- and cartilage. Rheumatoid ar-
techniques to suit every pock- ment of the joint. If the cartilage thritis generally starts during
et. As a result, while the eld becomes damaged by disease or middle age, but can also affect
of orthopedics is aggressively injury, the tissues around the children and young adults. This
moving towards more and more joint become inamed, causing condition may be alleviated by
sophistication in terms of the pain. With time, the cartilage hip or knee joint replacement.
procedures, instruments and wears away, allowing the rough Loss of bone caused by poor
prostheses, there is a revival of edges of bone to rub against blood supply (avascular necro-
interest in standard materials each other, causing more pain. sis) and bone tumors may be
as well as procedures that have other reasons for joint replace-
been branded as old fashioned When only a part of the joint ment.
by a section of the medical fra- is damaged, a surgeon may be

69 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

as partial joint replacement or

unicondylar replacement.”

Surgeries- The
While knee joint afictions are
on the rise, the wear and tear
of the hip joint too is signi-
cantly hither. The hip joint is a
ball and socket, allowing a wide
range of motion. The ball of the
joint, the top of the thighbone
(femoral head), moves within
the hollow socket (acetabulum)
of the pelvis. A layer of cartilage
allows the ball to glide smoothly
inside the socket. Hip joint re-
placement surgeries are hence
on the rise too.

In total hip replacement, the

surgeon cuts away the ball part
of the joint, replacing it with
“With longevity improving chain reaction effect. If 8 out of a ball attached to a stem that
drastically we are going to see 10 people are going to improve is wedged into a hollowed-out
more and more seniors seeking after the surgeries, it is going to space in the thighbone. Dam-
solutions to their joint prob- motivate more and more peo- aged cartilage and bone are
lems due to wear and tear of ple to undertake the surgery. removed from the socket and a
the joints for several years,” However the costs are inhibi- cup-like component is inserted
says Dr. Suryanarayan P, Con- tive. While TPAs and insurance into the socket.
sultant Orthopedics & Joint seemed to initially encourage
Replacement Surgeon, Apollo the trend, even they have start- Hip replacements may be
Hospitals, Chennai and Presi- ed putting a cap on how much cemented or uncemented. If ce-
dent of Indian Society of Hip one can spend on prosthesis. As mented, the hip parts are held
and Knee Surgeons. “ Previ- the years progress, the glamor- in place with a fast-curing “bone
ously people we dying young. ization and media hype of total cement” made from a type of
Now survival rate has gone joint replacement surgeries will polymer. If uncemented, the
up. The more you survive, the go down and the situation will joint components are specially
more you are going to see such even out when we seek cost ef- made to either press into the
problems. Also with awareness fective solutions such as using bone for a tight t (press-t)
increasing, children of the sil- standard, time tested and ef- or to allow new bone to grow
vers cannot see their parents fective polyethylene materials into the porous surface of the
limping and they will start seek- as well as reviving techniques implant, holding it in place (bi-
ing solutions. There is also a considered old fashioned such ological xation).

F| 70
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

Recent a successful operation the pa-

tients often are not happy in
Advances in joint their perceptions because, they
replacement have some pain in the rst few
surgeries weeks. Now greater emphasis is
laid on how to make the experi-
“The concept of keyhole surgeries ence more comfortable for the
is passé,” says Dr. Suryanaryan, patients. The spin off has been
“people know it is not true. To- that the range of knee exion
day we look at optimizing the
has become much better.
incision. Today we talk about
reduced tissue trauma surgery Advancement is from the ma-
or RTTS. The concept of key- terials and design point of view
hole surgery however helped which is two fold. When we
surgeons to benet from better talk of new materials we are
understanding and the instru- discussing how to improve the
ments becoming better. We longevity of the surgery. That is
are more controlled so that the if we say the knee joint surgery
The largest joint in the body, tissue injury due to surgery is will be comfortable for 15-20
the knee joint is formed where minimized and the recovery is years, in 90 % of the cases as
the lower part of the thighbone hastened.” reported in the literature by
(femur) joins the upper part
According to him another many surgical centres, we are
of the shinbone (tibia) and
recent focus is on pain man- now hoping to improve the life
the kneecap (patella). Shock-
agement after surgery that has to 25-30 years. Why the surgery
absorbing cartilage covers the
improved in leaps and bounds. fails l is due to the wearing off
surfaces where these three of the plastic which we use in
In comparison to hip joints
bones touch. the knee replacement surger- the implants. One new material
In a standard total knee re- ies tend to be painful. Even which has now come to clinical
placement, the damaged areas though as surgeons we say it is use for knee joints is oxinium,
of the thighbone, shinbone
and kneecap are removed and
replaced with prostheses. The
ends of the remaining bones
are smoothed and reshaped
to accommodate the prosthe-
ses. Pieces of the articial knee
are typically held in place with
bone cement. A knee replace-
ment usually involves three to
four days in the hospital. The
recovery period depends on a
patient’s general health, age,
and other factors, but many
people can resume their nor-
mal activities four to eight
weeks after surgery.

71 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

replacement or high tibial os-

teotomy. A total knee joint
replaces all the compartments.
There are three major compart-
ments in the knee joints. Now
there is also a drive why replace
all three if one or two are dam-
aged? The idea is to retain the
joint partly along with some
of the ligaments. Years ago we
did partial replacement. But
then it was given up because
total replacement became more
successful. But unicondylar
surgeries are gaining more ac-
ceptances. The benet is that
the function is nearly normal,
it is a smaller operation and we
which is oxidized zirconium. the .standard, established knee are retaining all that is good in
This has extreme smoothness joint which the surgeons know the body without taking them
in the nish and is resistance to how it behaves. out and should the person be
scratch. young, he has always the op-
“In the hip joints a debate that
“We still do not have results is raging is about using metal tion of going back for a total
for twenty years of use of this on metal and surface replace- knee joint replacement when
material. What we are talking is ments etc. Suddenly there are the knee joints fail completely.
from the laboratory data and we concerns. At the same time, The idea is to buy time.
hope it will last much longer. In we know if done properly, the “Tibial osteotomy is still a more
the younger people, or physi- results have been spectacular. biological option, which is not
cally active people probably this Surgeons have come to real- glamorous but is an excellent
material can be used, though it ize that the failure of the high functional procedure. Surgeons
is two times more expensive,” performance bearings such as have been doing it for the past
says Dr. Suryanarayan. metal on metal, ceramic on ce- 40 years. The important issue
ramic etc is due to the issue of here is the correct selection
World over advancements in
precision of positioning. So at of patients and executing it in
design are taking place to mim-
this point it may be advisable a correct manner. Then they
ic the natural movements of the
that these are implanted by
more experienced surgeons and
All these developments s may introduced gradually to every-
claim things but the proof of body else with proper training
the pudding will become evi- and understanding. Adverse
dent only after twenty years of publicity unnecessarily brings
use. Success should be consis- some excellent procedures to
tent in all the people who have disrepute.
had the implants. These new
Surgeons are also looking at
materials and designs have not
reviving the so called old fash-
been validated by clinical ex-
ioned technique of partial knee
perience. The gold standard is

F| 72
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

work very well. Unfortunately, of the best results reported even gratifying. In terms of mobility,
these are not glamorized like with the major countries like the results are good but quite
total knee joints, it sometimes the Swedish registry. often, it is salvage. It must be
becomes difcult to convince understood that revision sur-
the patients to get it done. This The only imp issue here is when
you choose all polyethylene it geries have been done primarily
is a very viable option but very to overcome debility, deformity
few surgeons are doing it. So should be on a good bone stock
for better results. If the bone and pain. But surgeons are able
what happens is they take a to restore a high degree of func-
second or third opinion and quality if is good, it is ideal. So
in terms of broad basing this tional activities today.
they are told that these are all
very old procedures which will procedure, this is another di-
rection replacement surgeries After surgery care
never work. The patients then
tend to get misdirected,” says heading. Physical therapy becomes
Dr.Suryanarayan. These pro- extremely important for
Revision surgeries will e an epi-
cedures are acceptable and recovering, restoring and main-
demic of the future. As surgeons
successful European proce- taining the movements. No joint
do more primaries, revisions
dures and surgeons do it in a is as good as a god given joint
will happen in the future. How-
much high volume, though not People should appreciate the
ever revision surgeries are more
very popular in the US. limitations of joint replacement
complex, expensive and need
surgeries. It is unfortunate that
Use of newer instrumentation more expertise and experience.
the media carry a lot of misin-
and in some cases computer The problems in addition to
formation regarding what is
aided surgeries CAS help in the failure of the old implants
possible in the form of ads and
making the surgical results are bone loss, infection and in-
enhance people’s expectations.
more precise and accurate. crease in age and morbidity of
For e.g. the normal polyethyl-
the person. Put together it be-
ene used for the knee joint is
A favourable advancement in comes more complex. But it is
designed to take on 5 times the
knee design is in sizing. While a reality which we all have to
body weight load. In the labo-
gender knee is a myth and me- face. In Apollo Chennai, about
ratory they have been tested for
dia hype smartly promoted by 30-35% surgeries are revision
three to four million cycles. But
the manufacturer, it helped surgeries of cases done in the
if you take the number of steps
address the issue of sizing. eighties and nineties.
when you walk using a pedome-
Manufacturers now give more
Then there is also the complex ter, you probably complete three
option of sizes of the knee joint.
problem of how to take out the million cycles in 2-3 years. So
Earlier, they used to give size1,
2, and 3 now they give 1, 1.5, 2, old prosthesis. Sometimes they
2.5, and 3. Proper sizing makes are very tight and fully grown
the t better. into the body. Uncemented im-
plants are fully grown into the
We are going back in time us- bone. The procedure also needs
ing mono bloc implants or much more specialized instru-
polyethylene implants. This is mentation. These are major
a very cost effective and time institutional surgeries prefer-
tested successful option which ably not done in smaller places
is probably 40% cheaper than because of possibilities of his
the conventional implants. This complications, which are quite
is considered by a quite a few as high.
old fashioned prosthesis but it
has a longer survival and some But the results are also quite

73 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

these have to be tested for 30- signs, kinematics studies and New
40 millions cycles. Now if you other things to prevent degen-
take downhill skiing or jogging eration of cartilage and use of advancements in
the body weight is 10-12 times OATS or autologous cartilage Hip Surgeries
more if you do slow jogging, it transfer procedures are being
1. The size of the head has in-
is 5-6 times more. Hence it is tried out. Hitherto OATS was
creased. Bigger head. This
appropriate to modify the lei- used only for small areas of
has resulted in less disloca-
sure sports and factor these into damage to cartilage. Now they
tion of the ball and socket
your daily activities. It is sensi- are trying to experiment with
joint. Earlier, because the
ble not to go for heavy straining osteoarthritis too.
head was small, the ball and
work till we have enough results
Finally, people must be moti- the socket joint used to slip
with the new materials that it
vated to go for smaller and cost out. Now dislocation rate
will not lead to negative effects
effective procedures and try to has come down.
after many years. People must
realize that nothing is tested for put off replacement. The re-
2. Newer biomaterials have
eternity. If the cartilage can fail sults of replacement surgeries
come in the arena of im-
in 50 years, so can the material are the best when the patient is
plants. Metal on metal
fail. It is just a mater of time. at his worst. Replacement sur-
implants doesn’t wear out
geries should not be done for
easily . The plastic cup sur-
Research every small complaint.
face on metal employed in
Stem cell therapies on osteo Dr. Raj Chakravarty Head, replacement surgeries ear-
arthritis are being tried. In de- Manipal Hospital, Bangalore lier used to wear out. New
materials such as metal on
metal have made a foray
in hip replacement surger-
ies. However, what the long
term effects of the metal
iron which they are made of
has not been understood as
much as the effects of metal
toxicity if any. Hence sur-
geons avoid this in women
of child bearing age as it
may lead to abnormalities
in the fetus.

3. Another material that has

come into play is ceramic.
Is not toxic to the body
and does not wear out eas-
ily. However earlier ceramic
used to crack. Now the new-
er quality ceramic does not
crack and will not wear out
or break

4. Cross-linked polyethylene
prostheses have replaced

F| 74
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

the plastics of earlier times, required,” says Dr. Sury- the techniques need skill
which are harder and last anarayan. and expertise or else the re-
longer. . Better bio materi- sults would be drastic. It is
als have come in where the 7. According to Dr. Chakra- like a doubled edged sword.
wear and tear in the long varty Johnson and Johnson
term is less. are calling back all their hip The preference is also for high
resurfacing materials due to exion knee in the case
5. An alternative to total hip the problem of loosening. of knee replacement sur-
replacement is an opera- Hip resurfacing needs skill geries that affords greater
tion called hip resurfacing. and the materials have to be mobility such as squatting
Unlike the prostheses used perfect for the surgery to be or sitting on the oor. The
in total hip replacement, successful. knees available today give
which are made to replace as much as 150 degrees mo-
the femoral head, resurfac- 8. Dr. Chakravarty says that the bility . However, the bone
ing prosthesis designs allow focus today in joint replace- loss is greater when these
the head to be preserved and ment surgeries is to preserve are used than conventional
reshaped. The resurfaced as much bone as possible be- surgeries that do not allow
bone is then capped with a cause the articial joints last much mobility.
metal prosthesis. Like total for a nite time and for revi-
hip replacement, the socket sion surgeries preserving the Mobile bearings are becoming
is tted with prosthesis. bone becomes a paramount more popular today. Earlier,
Hip resurfacing is a sophis- issue. the bearings were such that the
ticated technique which plastic remained xed on the
9. Minimally invasive tech- upper end of the metal plate.
requires a skilled surgeon,
niques are the order of It was believed that since the
avant-garde instruments as
the day. Apart from being knees only bend backward and
well as an approved, hip re-
cosmetically effective, the sideways it was not essential
surfacing design
blood and tissue loss are to have mobile bearings. How-
6. Not everyone is a candidate lesser. The instruments ever, today the mobile bearings
for resurfacing; the femoral have become smaller and give a greater degree of knee
head may be too damaged Computer Aided Surgeries rotation, are stronger and there
to hold the resurfacing com- have resulted in better sur- is less wear and tear leading to
ponent. Good bone stock is gical practices. However, greater longevity.

75 |G
Eve’s Times October, 2010

Beauty’ S Peak

Cold ‘n’ Truths

W e are in the midst of winter and it is the right time to start a good routine to keep your skin
healthy. Cold weather wreaks havoc on your skin due to cold winter air, dry heat indoors and
hot showers, which take a toll.

Dry skin is not only uncomfortable, but it can also make you appear older and dull! To avoid dry,
itchy skin these winters, you may need to pay a little more attention to your skin than you do during
the warmer months.

F| 76
October, 2010 Eve’s Times

To keep away aky, coarse and etc. You can also think of a fruit water for sometime, pat them
dry skin in winters, you can try mask for your face before you dry and applying moisture,
to use sandalwood oil, almond retire to bed. You can wash off baby oil or a cold cream. Mas-
oil, olive oil or baby oil and oil with warm water and then ap- sage for sometime, which will
based moisturizers. ply moisturizer. not only keep your warm, but
will also improve blood circula-
A moisturizing body lotion with It is especially important to tion. For your feet, you can do a
sandalwood oil has immense take care of sensitive parts such similar routine. Keep them im-
benets. The sandalwood oil as the lips, the ngers and toes mersed in warm water in which
locks in the moisture in the cells during winters. A soothing lip you have added a few drops of
while almond oil provides extra balm or Vaseline will take care glycerin or baby oil. Remove
nourishment for the needy skin of your lips. Ensure that you them pat them dry and apply
cells. Any moisturizing body lo- keep your lips greased if you moisturizing lotion or nourish-
tion with sandalwood oil makes live in a windy and cool climate. ing oil and massage them. You
your skin glow and gives a fresh For those with extremely sen- can adopt these as bed-time
look to your face without mak- sitive ngers, it helps to keep routines.
ing it greasy. your palms in a bowl of warm

Most of the wrinkle formation,

especially during winters is due
to moisture loss from cells. A
moisturizing lotion locks in the
essential moisture and tanks up
nutrient reserve thereby help-
ing the skin retain its youth.

Sandalwood oil also helps

treat acne and blemishes, and
smoothens the skin because of
its anti-bacterial properties.

You also need to nourish the

skin from within. This means,
try to include vegetables and
fruits rich in Vitamin C such as
tomatoes, oranges, sweet lime,
lemon, gooseberries, apples

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Eve’s Times October, 2010

Pique your Peeve

T oday everybody complains about
public behaviour in Chennai and other
cities, which seems to be characterised
by indiscipline and apathy. If you too
feel strongly about civic sense and public
behaviour, pl. do write to us enclosing your
photograph. While your favourite Chennaites
will disclose misdemeanour that piques their
senses you too can have your say:

Maadhu Balaji

Today one can’t go to a movie hall with the

family. Recently our family had gone to see a
movie and the entire hall was reeking of liquor.
I fondly recall our earlier days when going to
see a cinema was a family affair and a time for
relaxation. Authorities should strictly enforce
responsible public behaviour in theatres.

Another menace in the city is the onslaught

of beggar-children while we wait at the traf-
c signal. This has to be denitely put to an
end. Older beggars, who may or may not be
the parents, push little children towards the
waiting vehicles when the trafc light goes
red. Little do these children realise the risk of
accidents they are exposed to. They wipe the car and if no money is forthcoming, bang heavily on the
vehicle and move on to the next car. What will these children do if this is what their parents teach
them? Both the government and the police should work together to do away with this abominable

Spitting and throwing garbage in public places is something, which much be curbed immediately.
I recall, when we were in the US, our entire troupe of fteen members had our dinner, which was
cleared by a visitor who had come to our host’s house. I was simply amazed. Can such a thing ever
happen here? The guest meticulously emptied the plates in the garbage can and washed the plates.
But something goes wrong when the same people set their foot on the Indian soil. Right at the airport
they start spitting on the road and throwing waste materials.

Last week when I was returning home and trying to park my car, I saw a nurse emerging from a
hospital which is adjacent to our house and spitting outside. I got annoyed and told her that she was
a medical professional and she had no business to expose her patients to infection by behaving ir-
responsibly. Not only that, our family members were also exposed to infection. I rang up the doctor
and complained. We have to get rid of these unhygienic habits if we have to keep our city clean.

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October, 2010 Eve’s Times

O ne popular story doing the
rounds in the cyber-world
is an eye-opener to the parents
meet you here at 5:00 p.m.,
and we will go home together.’
After hurriedly completing my
and there that I was never go-
ing to lie again. I often think
about that episode and won-
of today. Maybe we should chores, I went straight to the der, if he had punished me the
try this technique in the right nearest movie theatre. I became way we punish our children,
earnest to see if we can handle so engrossed in a John Wayne whether I would have learned
our super IQ generation a trie double feature that I forgot the a lesson at all. I don’t think so.
better. time. It was 5:30 p.m. before I I would have suffered the pun-
remembered. By the time I ran ishment and gone on doing the
Dr. Arun Gandhi, grandson of to the garage same thing. But this single non-
Mahatma Gandhi and founder violent action was so powerful
of the K.Gandhi Institute for and got the car and hurried to that it is etched in my memory
Non-violence, in his lecture at the where my father was waiting as though it had happened only
University of Puerto Rico, shared for me, it was almost 6:00. yesterday. That is the power of
the following story as an example non-violence.”
He anxiously asked me,
of non-violence in parenting:
‘Why were you late?’ I was so
“I was 16 years old and living ashamed of telling him that I
with my parents at the institute was watching a John Wayne
my grandfather had founded 18 western movie that I said, ‘The
miles outside of Durban, South car wasn’t ready, so I had to
Africa, situated amidst sugar wait,’ not realizing that he had
plantations. We were deep in already called the garage. When
the country and had no neigh- he caught me in the lie, he said:
bours, so my two sisters and I ‘There’s something wrong in
would always look forward to the way I brought you up that
going to town to visit friends or didn’t give you the condence
go to the movies. to tell me the truth. In order to
gure out where I went wrong
One day, my father asked me with you, I’m going to walk
to drive him to town for an all- home18 miles and think about
day conference, and I jumped it.’
at the chance. Since I was going
to town, my mother gave me a So, dressed in his suit and dress
list of groceries she needed and, shoes, he began to walk home
since I had all day in town, my in the dark, on mostly un-
father asked me to take care of paved, unlit roads. I couldn’t
several pending chores, such as leave him, so for ve-and-a-
getting the car serviced. half hours I drove behind him,
watching my father go through
When I dropped my father off this agony, for a stupid lie that
that morning, he said, ‘I will I had uttered. I decided then

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Eve’s Times October, 2010


Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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October, 2010 Eve’s Times

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

G od is not somewhere, he
is here and now. It is you
who is not.
be loving, you cannot suddenly
turn your anger into love, but
the anger itself can be directed.
It is just subtle and delicate.
Unless you put your whole life
energy into it, it will not open
Anger is a tremendous energy, up.
If you x the goal of your life, isn’t it? Direct it in the right
you will not miss anything. All way; that is all. Every ounce With half-hearted appeals, God
these tendencies are there with- of energy that you have, every never comes. With half-hearted
in everybody. The past karmas passion, emotion, thought, if appeals, realization never hap-
have inuences over you, they focused in one direction, the re- pens. It has to be everything;
push you this way and that. All sults can be very, very quick. only then it can happen in one
your passions, all your desires, moment. It need not take twelve
you cannot ght with them. Things will happen. Once you years. Probably a fool takes
Don’t ever try to ght with your know there is something higher twelve years to become intense
passions and desires. Fighting and you want to be there, there enough; that is different. If you
with them is like ghting the should be no other question make yourself intense enough,
demon, Mahishasura. If one about it. it is just one moment. After
drop of his blood falls, a thou- that, life is just blessed. You
Now, for you, again and again, simply live on, whichever way
sand Mahishasuras will rise
this spirituality, this enlight- you want, whatever way you
up. Your desires and passions
enment, this God-realization choose. But without creating
are just like that. If you try and
looks so far away. It appears that one moment, what is the
ght with them, if you chop
to be close this moment, the point in pursuing something
them, they will spill blood, and
next moment it appears to be that is meaningless?
with every drop, a hundred or a
light years away, so certain
thousand will come up. There
complacency will come. They
is no point ghting them. Just Sadhguru is a Realised Master,
have always told you: “A bird in
educate your passions, educate Yogi and profound Mystic of our
hand is worth two in the bush.”
your desires to ow in the right times. A visionary, Sadhguru as-
What is there now is better than
direction that is all. serts that peace and happiness
something somewhere else.
Desire the highest in life. All What you need to understand are not the ultimate goal of life,
your passions, direct them to is: it is not somewhere else, it but the most basic needs in ev-
the highest. Even if you get is all here and now. Only be- ery human being. He developed
angry, direct it only toward the cause you are not, it looks like Isha Yoga as a powerful method
highest. Even with your pas- that for you. God is not some- for individual transformation
sion, that is the way to do it. where, he is here and now. It is leading to human emancipa-
Right now, every bit of energy you who is not. That is the only tion. A glimpse of his life and
that you have, you expend it by problem. It is not difcult, but work can be found in the books
making it into desire, passion, denitely it’s not easy. It is ex- of Encounter the Enlightened
fear, anger, and many other tremely simple. Moving from and Mystic’s Musings.
things. Maybe these emotions here, from wherever you are
are not in your hands for now, right now, to the innite is very For more details
but channeling them in one di- simple, because it is right here.
rection is in your hands. Maybe Do try to understand, ‘simple’ and
when you are angry you cannot need not necessarily be easy.

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