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Calculative Composition

The Ethics of Automating Design

Shannon Mattern | The New School

556 × 299
Shizhan Zhu, Sanja Fidler, Racquel Urtasun, Dahua Lin, and Chen Change Loy, ”Be Your Own Prada:
Fashion Synthesis with Structural Coherence”
Industrial AI, via UNIST / Seungchul Lee
Via Wolt
Via Wolt
Via What
Jack Drew
Algorithmic Architectures
Via Autodesk
PART Architects, Synthia
Perkins + Will, ”Extended Intelligence vs AI,” insight i/o
A1V2: Engenharia &
Arquitectura, Modular
Sustainable City, Jeddah
The Living, Hy-Fi, Bionic Partition
Paul Farrington
Do Su Studio
MX3D, Pedestrian Bridge, Amsterdam
Certain Measures
Via Andrew Rae, Wired
Irena Gajic
Thank you
Irena Gajic