Sumerian Akkad Babylonian Assyria Persia Mesopotamia- Very turbulent natural and warlike setting unlike Egyptian stability Cuneiform- Wedge like writing, popularly inscribed in mud

= Sumer- The white Temple-Ziggurat- Protoliterate period c.3500 BCE Cella- main room, only entered by priests. Main entrance on south-east side. Bent axis approach, uruk- not straight staircase, bent axis

Female Head- marble c.3500 BCE. Very expensive and important. Inlayed eyes, hair covered with gold or copper wig.

Votive Statues- Tel-Asmar c.3500 BCE. Gift to the gods. Gypsum inlaid with shell and black limestone

Goat caught in thicket- Bronze cast c.2600 BCE. Ur Bronze casting. Very magnificent. Advanced.

Imdugud c.2500 BCE Heraldic composition- central figure with symmetrical on each side. To ward off evil. A lintel (post and lintel construction) Storm god.

Harp- Inlay panel from sound box- Ur. C.2600 BCE. Anthropomorphic. Zoomorphic- People with animal characteristics.

Royal standard of Ur “war”/”peace” c.2600 Registers, Hieratic scale, multiplicity of horses. The enemy has been conquered. War ended 2nd Side- Bringing sacrifices, bringing animals for feast AKKAD

Ruler Sargon 2300BCE Found in Ninveh. Glorify the soveirenty. Bronze

Stele of Naram Sin c2300 Stele- Stone marker. Free standing. Commemorative. Pink sandstone Sarons grandson. Hieratic scale. We can see the terrain. Battle scene on the bottom. Sign of kingship.

Gudea c2500 Diorite Has a dream to rebuild temple of lagash. Plans are on his lap. Rounded body. Unlike Egyptian art. Represented has a man not god. Babylonian

Isin-larsa. Terracotta- Clay pottery Inanna, ishtar, lilith- god. God of fertility. Voluptuous. She is in command- Here helmet and wing Owl- god of death and resurrection Bird- wings and feet are falcon. Most powerful bird Terra-cotta cult statue c2025-1762 BCE Ht 20”

Stele code of Hamurabi c.1726 BCE Diorite 7’ high Shamosh god is giving Hamurabi the code Composite view. Hieratic scale. Headress. Profiling.

Hitties Lion Gate Bogazkoy (Anatolia) c.1400 BCE Cyclopean Stones. Lions protecting fort.

Assyrian Art Citadel of Argone II c.720 BCE Dur Shorrukin Entrace, Main courtyard. Palace. Palace- 50’ high. Mudbrick with timber roofs. Ziggurat 8 stories to the gods.

Palace of Sargone II Lamessu- Body of bull. [INSERT ART] Army fording a river- Nimrod c.850 Assyria. Temple of Assurnasirpal- Was built with mudbrick and limestone. Decorated with these relief’s, carpets, painted, color, details Enemy fleeing relief from birds eyes view. Floatation device is dead animal. Overlapping shows person behind chariot

King Hunting Lions c.850 Same temple as above Not a real lion hunt because musicians are behind it, More legs show more horses

Lion attacking chariot c.850 Same relief, temple

Wounded Lioness c.650 Temple of Ninveh- King Assurbanipal Artist portrayed a lot of pain in Lioness

Neo Babylonian Ishtar Gate in Iraq c.525 Nebuchadnezzar Thousands of individually glazed bricks with Raised animals. Animal relief’s.

Persian Period. Cyrus the Great Persian lasted 2 centuries. Hodu to Cush. Darius and Zerksys. Persepolis c.518 Built by Darius I Relief’s on side of palace. Massive Columns

Double headed bull Top of the column in Palaces of Ataxerkxis.

Heinrich Schlieman Sir Arthur Evans Linear A, Linear B Aegean Art- Marble c.2500 Cycladic, Minoan- on Crete Mycenaean- Helladic on Greek mainland.

Cycladic Art c.2500 BCE Marble female idols Harp Player

Minoan Art Palace at Knossos, Crete Ground plan, Was administrative and trade center. Port next to it. Found goods from Crete in Egypt signified trade Columns- used to be narrow at bottom and “grow” until reaches top No fortification- no military campaigns in wall paintings.

Queens Megaron- dolphins. Wall painting, fresco- when drawing that is applied to the wet plaster before it dries.

Pottery- Kamaresware Beak jug- c.1850

Octupus Vase c.1500 Signified an octopus whos eating.

Wall painting, palace of Knossos Bull Jumping c1500 BCE Harvester Vase- Stone Rhyton c.1550

Snake Goddes Minoan, Crete. Holding snakes. Wearing headdress Terecotta, 13” tall. Breats Revealed (hehe)


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