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By Regd Post with Ack-due

Sri.K.Venkata Reddy B.Com., B.L
Door No:-2/476 Nagarajupet,
Kadapa city post and District,
Pin code: 516001.
Gangannagari Subramanyam Reddy
Brandi Shop owner,
Obulavaripalle Town, Post & Mandal,
Rly.Koduru erstwhile Taluk,
Kadapa District.
Sub:- Eviction Legal notice U/s 10 of AP Building control Act of 1960
R/w Section 106 of T.P Act – Rg.
Under the instruction and on behalf of my client Kommuru Suseela,
D/o. Sidda Reddy, W/o. Ravindra Reddy, reiding in Obulvaripalle Town,
Post & Mandal, Kadapa District, I hereby issue this legal notice to you
with the following facts.
1. The schedule property originally belonged to the paternal
ancestors of my client named Kommuru Chinna Narasa Reddy and
Yasodamma. Kommuru Chinna Narasa Reddy died long ago by leaving his
estate to his wife named Kommuru Yasodamma. The paternal
grandmother of my client named Yasodamma surrendered the schedule
property to the Mandal Revenue officer of Obulvaripalle for granting
D.K.T patta to my client. Thereafter the Mandal Revenue officer of
Obulvaripalle Mandal granted D.K.T Patta No: 503/1409 dated 08-04-
1999 to my client for the schedule property. My client constructed Zink
sheet Varanda house in the schedule property during 1999 and enjoying
the schedule property. My client recently about 1 year ago orally leased
out her Zink sheet house to you for the monthly rent of Rs.2,000/-. You
have been running Brandi Shop Business in that Zink sheet house. You
agreed to pay the rent of Rs. 2,000/- to my client and paid rent for 8
months, but you are not paying the rent regularly since 4 months to my
client with fraudulent motive. You failed to take earlier legal notice dated
22-03-2016 of my client issued to you.
:: 2 ::
2. You are trying to construct a house in the schedule property
unlawfully in order to grab the notice schedule property of my client. You
have no any right of authority over the notice schedule property. You
should not make any construction in the schedule property.
3. You got oral lease from my client about one year ago. You
have to pay the arrears of rent of for the period of 4 months amounting
to Rs. 8,000/-. You defaulted to pay the rents to my client and the you are
not entitled to carry on your business in the schedule property of my
client without paying rents to my client. Recently my client came to know
that you are denying the title of my client over the schedule property.
The denial of title of my client is sufficient to evict you from the schedule
4. Please take this legal notice U/s 10 of AP Buildings Control Act
of 1960 R/w Section 106 of T.P Act and that your oral lease is being
terminated by virtue of this legal notice and that you should pay the
arrears of rent of Rs. 4,000/- and vacate the premises by the end of June
month 2018. Otherwise my client is forced to file R.C.C petition against
you in the court of law for evicting you from the schedule property by
holding you liable for costs and consequences.
The property situated in Obulvaripalle village fields,
Obulvaripalle Mandal, Pullampeta Sub-District, Kadapa District.
S.No: 2623, plot No: 3, Extent Ac.0.03 cents.

East : Land of Kommuru Narasa Reddy
West : Rastha
North: Vacant site
South: Vacant site

(K. Venkata Reddy)