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XXXlll NO: 201 'WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13,2019.


SC defers ruling on ML extension

By EDU PUNAY the magistrate in charge of the They said the attacks and signed by the Constitution to Freedom Fiehters in 56 5r- dicial review'
casc was not readv with the violence that occurred in Min- -Congress, ;;;;;;;, ie";l"ilii',ilii- calidamentionedan.edrlier
The Supreme Court (SC) has dlaff decision, proirpting the danao last yc.rr - including Meanwhile, Solicitor Gen- ;;h'A;;;';;;;;;H; ruring ot the hish tribun'rr'
deferred ruling on the legaliry justices to reset the voting to the fourbombings cited in the eral Jose Calida cited several of the rl'rapuiJ-i""r-""ils whic[ uPhe]d the Previous
of the third extension of martial Feb. 19. report of thc Armcd Fgrces of attacks attributea to the New members"of luiaifii sroun. extension oI martral la\4 rre
iaw in Mindanao. The four pctitions were filed the Philippincs (AFP) - were People's Army in Mindaaao, .
" C;;kj;;i';;;H ir.'i ii- the court io dismiss the
An SC insider said the by opposition lawmaker Albay acts of tcrr0r'i$m and not re- which he said were clear acts fl"--"i?*ig" t";;;i;;r'; "'r"a
petitions for lack of merit
magistrates included in theii Rep. Edcel Lagman and ihe bellion, which .rrr-- required oI rebellion. the country to hire
session yesterday the peti- Makabayan bloc led by Bayan by law in thc dcclaration of Calida said the Jolo Ca- and train local
tions seeking to extend mar- Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate as
tial law, but lailed to decide well as groups led by for-
on the case. mer Commission on Elections
martial law'
Despite the recent twin
thedral bombing is proof of militants and the
the ongoing threat to public entry of.four oth-
l- u pAEr_.s,,
bombings in Jolo, Sulu that te$orist ers last year and 60
safety posed by local
The petitions questioned chairman Christian Monsod killed at least 2l persons, more on the AFP
the cons titutionali Lv of the SrouPS.
and. lumqd teachers and stu- the petitioners s.rii p ubli c . He cited data from the watchlist.
extension of Proclamition No. dents represented by the Free safety in Mindanao is not
216 for another year or until
AFP showing there are 424 The solicitor
Legal Assistance Group. imperiled. active Abu Sayyaf b4ndits general argued that
December, The petitioners reiierated T\ey urged the SC to review in 138 barangays in Basi- the decision of Con-
The source, who requesled their claims that there was no the factual basis of martial lan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi and gress lo approve
anonymity for lack of author- basis to justify the extension of law proclamation, which ihey Zamboanga; 264 members the President's re-
ity to speak for the,court, said martial iaw in Mindanao, said is a task specifically as- of the Bangsamoro Islamic quest is beyond ju-