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MDB4413 Gelang Merah FDP

Petrophysical and volumetric data

Water depth: 42.8 m (not very harsh but with alternating monsoon period)

Develop: integrated WHP-CPP-LQ in single Jacket.

Contacts Log-based method, m TVD Formation-pressure Method, m TVD

GOC 1468 1468
WOC 1499 1503

Oil Zone (MMSTB)

Deterministic Probabilistic Petrel
P10 P50 P90
330 250 485 850 423
Gas Zone (BSCF)
Deterministic Probabilistic Petrel
P10 P50 P90
862 678 850 955 955

Reservoir Data Summary

Information Value
Oil rim thickness 34.3 m
Initial reservoir pressure 2116 psia
Bubble point pressure 2028.7 psia
Oil volume factor 1.17 STB/bbl
Average permeability 140 mD
Average porosity 0.27
Average water saturation 0.36
Rock compressibility 3.22e-6 1/psia
MDB4413 Gelang Merah FDP

Wells planned Recovery period Cumm Oil Cumm Water Cumm Gas BSCF
7 20 years 49 20 1180
MDB4413 Gelang Merah FDP

Capital outlay: USD 220 million

Determine the process involved and sizes of the main equipment/components, piping and
relief system. Proceed to propose preliminary conceptual design of the offshore production

Justify your design based on technical grounds and the use of appropriate codes and
standards. All members are encouraged to learn Aspen-Hysys, PipeSim etc to simulate and
help justify the design options selected. Write a proposal to consolidate your design and
findings obtained throughout the project duration. Your proposal should convince your
clients on the design options selected for the project.