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Ph.D./M.Sc. (Engg.) by Research Degree Examination, March/April 2017

Research Methodology

Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100

Note: Answer any FIVE full questions.

1 a. Write the meaning of research briefly. Mention four objectives of research. (06 Marks)
b. What are the different types of research? Mention the criteria of good research. (07 Marks)
c. Mention the steps of research process. Explain descriptive vs. analytical method. (07 Marks)

2 a. Explain the necessity of defining the research problem. State the techniques involved in
defining the problem. Why literature review in defining problem is important? (12 Marks)
b. Explain primary and secondary sources. (08 Marks)

3 a. Describe the need for research design. State the features of a good design. (10 Marks)
b. What are the important concepts relating to research design? Mention them. Explain
descriptive and diagnostic research design. (10 Marks)

4 a. Mention the seven steps of sampling design. Explain in brief the meaning of (i) Sampling
unit and (ii) Budgetary constraint. (09 Marks)
b. Mention any six scaling techniques. Write the meaning of ‘Arbitrary scale’. Also mention
one merit and one demerit. (05 Marks)
c. What are the pre-requisites and tenets of interviewing method for data collection? (06 Marks)

5 a. What is a Hypothesis? Explain basic concepts concerning testing of hypothesis in a sentence

or two. Draw flow diagram for hypothesis testing. (10 Marks)
b. A die is thrown 132 times with the following results:
Number turned up 1 2 3 4 5 6
Frequency 16 20 25 14 29 28
Apply Chi-square test to test whether the die is unbiased. (10 Marks)

6 a. Explain steps in writing “REPORT”. (10 Marks)

b. Briefly write (i) Technical report (ii) Popular report. (10 Marks)

7 a. Narrate in brief the importance and protection of intellectual property rights (IRPs).
(10 Marks)
b. Explain WIPO and WTO. (10 Marks)

8 Write short notes on :

a. One way ANOVA (06 Marks)
b. Patent (07 Marks)
c. Characteristic of a good sample design. (07 Marks)