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INSTRUCTION MANUAL Owners AD-AESVAD S106 OK VERTICAL TYPE WEIGHING INDICATOR A&D Company, Limited 2 Rens Compliance with FCC Rules ... Section A - Introduction Welcome Features .. Front Panel Description Rear Panel Description ... ‘Communication Attachments. Specifications Analog Input and A/D Conversion Digital Section General ‘Standard Accessories Options ... Weight Conversion Table page ov page page A+17 F-Functions and Settings page A-17 For Batch Weighing .. page A-18 Front Panel Keys . page A+18 For Standard Current Loop page A-18 For BCD Option OP-01 page A+18 For Serial Interface Option OP-03/04 For Analog Option OP-07 Section B « Installation... Unpacking &Setting Up page B+2 Best Conditions for Use page Be Conneating the Load Cell page Be Load Cell and Input Sensitivity page Be Quick Install. page B+ Unpack the AD-4325V . a Connect the Load Cell(s) Connect Power : Set Minimum Division Set Maximum Capacity . Zero Calibration .. Span Calibration Setting the Decimal Place B-4 Bes B+6 B+7 B+7 page B+7 B+7 Be? Bes Beg Beo Bel ©ARD Co., Lid., Intemational Division (1991) 91.10.16 OGA *+AD-4325V Instruction Manual v.4.b Problems Display Resolution Table Re-Instaliation Re-Installing Procedure page B-13. Section C + Calibration . page C+4 Calibration Terms . Calibration Flowchart Full Calibration Procedure .. ZERO Cal & Fine SPAN .. Calibration Errors Section D Set Points About Set Point Displays Set Point Procedure .. Set Point Code Set Point Values Entering Decimal Points About Sub Mode Sub Mode Clearing Functions . Set Point Clearing Procedure ... Accumulated Value and Count Clearing Sub Mode Printing Procedure Sub Mode Errors Section E « System Check ‘System Check Procedure ... Section F « F-Functions .. About the F-Functions ... ‘Changing the F-Functions F-Function Errors F-Functions Listed The F-Functions Settings For Batch Weighing ... ‘F 19' Accumulated Value and Count Clearing Front Panel Keys For Standard Current Loop .. For BCD Option OP-01 For Serial Interface Option OP-03/04 For Analog Option OP-07