CONTEST DETAILS The Process The participants would be required to register for Nivesh, and choose their sector accordingly and then select a company within the criteria defined and prepare the research report. The papers received then would be sent to our judges for evaluation and the top scoring teams (along with a waitlist of teams) would be selected to move into the finals. These finalists would be required to make a presentation before a panel of judges as a part of the final round. The judges would be eminent personalities from the Investment Banking field, Mutual Fund industry, Equity Research firms, Business media and top Business schools. Registration for the Event • • • The event is open to all the students doing their post graduate program (MBA or an equivalent program) in B-Schools across India. Each team shall comprise of two members (maximum) and both the members need not be from the same institute. Any number of teams can participate from the same institute. However a student cannot be part of more than one team. Nor can one team send in more than one research report. Students going on exchange abroad or students who have come on exchange to India can also participate, but at least one member of the team should be present at the time of the final presentation.

At the time of registration, each team will be allotted a Team id, and in all future correspondence with the Nivesh, organisers you would be required to mention your Team id for easy identification. Contacts for Queries Nudzrat Zaman – 9873994077 ( Shivi Mittal 9818839581 (

3M little yellow note pads. “Let there be LIGHT. JIGSAWMANIA (Entrepreneurial Puzzle Game Entrepreneurs’ co- ordination) : Key to win There will be two rounds. . small car.2. inventions and the innovations have never Block building using same colour Re-building permitted within given time Scoring according to the number of blocks in correct position For the second round: First Member’ Rules • • Blind-folded Only one to physically touch the blocks ‘Second Member’ Rules • Directs the movement and position of block movement by the first member ‘Third Member’ Rules • Decides whether to re-build or not Students co-ordinator Garima Sharma 9711917311 ( sgarima_1988@yahoo.” Then everything started sprouting out of nothing. microwave oven. walkman. GENESIS God said. these have been in the form of the T. Ever since by the invention of the wheel. In the first round puzzle will be given to the teams and they have to make those puzzles by borrowing the puzzles part from their competitors in exchange of some money (coins provided by the Institute). VCR. More recently. • • • • • Number of members : 3 Time period : 1 hour for the first round and 15 min for the Khyati Sawhney 9953516915 ( 3.V. which changed the way the human kind lived.

fast foods.25 b) Soundness of Business Plan -------------------. Pen.10 e) Clarity of Thought/Idea --------------------. Idea should be original and not the copy right of any other. internet. (Notepad. 9. Decision of judges will be final. Projector/OHP). Participants are supposed to pick one such social issue from the society. creativity and ingenuity. and discussions of emotions in society with mental handicaps and so on. 4. Rules & Regulations: 1. 3.10 6. Maximum 4 persons will be allowed in a Team. Participant(s) are requested to register their name(s) & Idea for participation with event coordinators.10 f) Q & A --------------------. 5. . the target users. But in today’s world there are many other issues like moral issues that take place in society as well as in the business world like Traffic management. The idea should generate profits in the practical situation and should not be totally hypothetical. etc. Teen smoking. Drawing upon your vision. In case of any assistance required please inform to event coordinator/ main coordinator. All of these have not only filled-in our needs and gaps but have also gone on to become an integral part of our living style. cellular phone. Assessment will be based on following factors: Points a) Relevance of Idea with social cause -------------------. Basic requirements will be supplied by the organizing institute. 3. 8. production possibilities and commercial requirements and of course the management way to tackle them. Each team will be allotted 10 minutes for presentation & 5 minutes for Q & A. 7. ½ an hour before the schedule of the event. Idea should be related to societal cause. 2. Copy of Rules.25 c) Content ---------------------20 d) Presentation Skill -------------------. suggest such an innovative /service and build a business outline for the same. highlighting the benefits. Team will be reminded 2 minutes before the end of given time by ringing a bell. Abbas Mouley . Each participant will be given three minutes to speak and two minutes to answer the cross questions. Each college will be represented by only one team. Each Team will consist of 4 – 5 members only. One member of each team will speak in favour of the allotted topic and the other member will speak against it.vasudevan80@gmail. 4. The Topics for the acts and slogans will be given on the spot Contact Details: Vinay (M) . c) Ad/Enact : Herein the teams will prepare their own original act within Specified time. For details contact: Dewesh Thakur – 9654480316 (deweshthakur@rocketmail. CROSS SWORDS (…DEBATE) RULES: Akansha Threhan (A) 9555534045 (aries20_trehan@yahoo. Each team should comprise of two members. 2. . namely : a) Jingle Bells: In this round some selected punch line will be displayed to the teams and they will have to identify the products associated with those jingles within a specified time. They will be given a topic in advance and they are required to prepare a speech for and against Deepa (S) .9650786301 (deepa. The competition shall consist of 3 rounds. OGILVY TRIBE (AD-PARADE) 1. b) Poster making: In this round each team will have to prepare an attractive poster.Event Coordinators: Ankit Ahluwalia (S) .com.9582143101 (amouley@yahoo. 2.) 4.9891820811 (vinay111choudhary@gmail.9971789056 (ahluwalia.

The mode of presentation could be either LCD or OHP. 4) Electronic items. Each B-school can send only one team comprising three members only. . 3) Rakhi Yadav (A) – 9953888325 (rakhee107@yahoo.6. 5) Cosmetics. a part of our two day fest UDAAN . Product list 1) Agricultural products. 8) Biotechnology. Team shall be comprised of 3-4 10) Any other. 2) Medical equipments.) 7. 6) FMCG. Discussion. The participants can share their knowledge and ideas through our brainstorming INQUIZZITIVE ( BUSINESS QUIZ) Business quiz. ‘’CHICK LENSE’’ (PRODUCT INNOVATION AND RENOVATION) 1) 2) 3) 4) RULES Only one team from each college can participate. Duration of presentation would be 15 mins followed by 5 9) Intangible products. 7) IT. FOR FURTHER DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT: (COORDINATORS) Shruti Upreti (B) 9654879863 (shruti_upreti@yahoo.

For any further clarifications you can contact Pritam Ghosh (B) – 9540159301 ( 9.  There would be 5 teams.  Theme would be provided on the spot. For any further clarifications you can contact: Deepti Garg (B) . Come.  Colours. The top two winning teams would be awarded with certificates and Trophies. DOT COM KRITI (WEBSITE BUILDING) .9555220966 (debasmita_pinu@yahoo. This would be followed by successive rounds covering areas like familiarity with current business dynamisms. POOR PICCASO :(Creativity with constraint) Rules  Participants have to paint on T – shirt with  Time given to them 30 will be Debosmita (A) . let’s be a part of this enriching experience in search for our genX CEO’S because it’s our time now to be in the Leaders shoes.  They will be judged on the basis of creative mind as well as relevant to topic.) 8.9650073016 (deepti_garg86@yahoo. each team would consist of 4 participants.The process of selection of the five contending teams would be done on the basis of screening where candidates are required to show their proficiency in general awareness and corporate affairs. T-shirt. in-depth and core knowledge of subjects (specialization based). would be provided to them by Vishal Dhiman (B) – 9654480314 (

in) 10. Results will be declared on the following criteria:• • • • • Functionality of the website. and news and views hungry management students will sweat it out over a power packed panel discussion on “ Innovation ” at Udaan-10. 5. 7. Each team will get only one computer. Facilities provided by the website.The short listed participants of Chick Lens would have to present their ideas FOR FURTHER DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT: (COORDINATORS): Subhlaxmi (S) . attractiveness etc. of team members per team will be two. 4.. Website should be dynamic. KITES N KNIGHTS (Expert Panel Session: -Cross Talk) … Diversity could never be better epitomized than when corporate. 8. Shurabhi Arora (A) .) User-friendliness of the website. academia.RULES OF EVENT “DOT COM KRITI” 1. No. Design of the website (graphics. 6.9718129766 (candylicious_shubha@yahoo. (surabhi_mdk@yahoo. Criteria for selecting Teams:. management Milan Mishra (A) . FOR FURTHER DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT: (COORDINATORS) Ayushi Kataria (B) – 9711983456 (k_ayushi@yahoo. HTML and Front page will be provided for the Duration of the competition is two 11. Each college will be represented by only one team 3.9716849370 (milanmisra2006@yahoo. SYMPHONY (Song Competition): . No storage device should be carried inside the computer lab during the competition. Uniqueness of the business idea.Teams will be selected on the basis of Uniqueness of the business

(Stage 2): The participants have to sing the Mukhda and one Antara of any song of the Judges’ and Audience’ choice. YOU CAN ADDRESS THE FOLLOWING PERSONS: Riti Sinha (B) .9971115989 (sinha. all girls or mixed group.. . SYMPHONY. The shortlisted candidates would enter the 2nd stage. The dance style should be of all forms. The Framework : ( Stage 1): The participants have to sing the Mukhda of any song of his/her own choice. hair styling and makeup. No vulgarity. obscenity and explicit contents are allowed. • • • • • • Each group should consist of 4 to 10 members. costumes.IF YOU THINK YOU CAN) REQUIREMENTS • The competition format is group-based All participants to provide their own music CD. RAZZMATAZZ (. Each group can be an all boys.Music is a beautiful expression to vent out one’s 12. For each round all the candidates would be provided with an Orchestra support to complement their thoughts & emotions. The duration of the dance should not exceed 8 minutes. FOR ANY INTIMATION OF PARTICIPATION & FURTHER CLARIFICATION. the musical event of the Management Fest UDAAN 2010 gives you all the Dias to present your singing skills and enthrall everyone with your Melodious composition.) Anshika Paliwal (B) – 9958521931 (anshika_p04@yahoo.

A refreshing ramp show reflecting the challenges phases of Fashion.Were you ever told that you are AUTHORITATIVE and people never listened to you??? Now is the time to show that you are a LEADER in true sense and you are worth listening to.sharma@jimnoida. will surely be treat for everyone to Priyanshu (S) 9873147984 (priyanshu_1986@yahoo.. then come and “FACE THE CHALLENGE. Event Cordinator Mohit Gupta (B) – 9990478314 ( (HR MANAGEMTN GAME) Sachet (A) – 9873447077 –() (sachet85@yahoo.c4@gmail..9899564201 (shambhawi_s0301@yahoo. You just might surprise yourself!!! 14. Props are mandatory but teams can choose their own props.) Nikki (S) 9350517570 (nikki17tyagi@gmail. MYSTIQUE ( Fashion Show) Also a Talent show for Udaan-09. Many more interesting games and many more revelations.” So come explore the latent side of yours.If you thought it’s DIFFICULT then “WHO SAID BEING AN EXECUTIVE WAS EVER GOING TO BE EASY?” And if you thought it’s EASY. costumes and innovative ways of presenting any messages are also The dance MUST clearly include appropriate 13.( Fahad (S) – 9310345588 . Clash of Titans . So come and enjoy and don’t forget to watch special item by JIM.( Shambhavi (B) . Noida students Event Cordinator Shubam (M) .com) Vibha (B) – 9650376464 –() (vibha.• • • Only one team can participate from one college.9410866418 .

Event-Cordiantor Gautam Roy (B). It is a First Person Shooter game where individuals can show their Team Play. The competition will be set up like a line face painting scenario.( Vinayak(A) – 9968062287S ( 16. Counter Strike STRIKE (CYBER GAMING) right attitude.This is your opportunity to shine with your face painting abilities.“Good mooooorning Delhi. presence of 17. Do you have the ability to grab attention when you speak.sandhu@jimnoida. main hoon apka RJ _______” have you ever thought if your name was in the blank how u would have said these 15. Radio-Mania – RJ COMPETITION): .net) Sumita Sandhu (B)-9811286704 (sumita. This event would put your abilities to influence the people with your voice. sense of humour. Best utilization of resources. much like real life for most clowns that face paint! We want this competition to be relaxed.triphathi@jimnoida.Counter Strike is a strategy based tactical game which is played widely across the globe. and ample knowledge of the subjects you speak about?? Here comes the opportunity to unveil your talent and discovering RJ in yourself. Leadership. Communication.@jimnoida. Event Cordinator Neeraj Triphathi (B)-9999432454 (neeraj. Camouflage (Face Painting) . Strategic and other managerial skills by acting as terrorists or counter-terrorists. When we speak of the originality of the face .9899072731 (gautam. creativity.Events Cordinator Kajal(S) – ( Devesh (M).

in .9810393828 (avdesh_si07@rediffmail. The powder of white stone. pandey_swapnil@yahoo. Sometimes colours and petals are used in addition. Event Cordinator Vidhisa (S) .9313502919 Swapnil Pandey(S).co. zenia. we will be looking for how it flows.painting entry. how it looks to the eye and how the person receiving the face painting enjoys it. Exhilaration Event Cordinator Hitesh (B) – 9873404247 (hitesh.9540860789 Rakesh (S) . Petals of various flowers such as oleanders. If your piece is Avdesh(A).. chrysanthemums and green leaves provide the artists the ability to work out various colours and patterns Event Cordinator Jaimala (S).chopra0912@gmail. lime and rice flour is used to draw intricate and rituals designs. Kolam (Rangoli) – Rangoli is the traditional art of decorating courtyards and walls of Indian houses and places of worship. cosmos. don't worry if you are painting yet another kitty 19.sharma003@yahoo.rakesh.