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Active Convenience Store Member

Gross Sales Dues

1 Million, gross sales $315

2 Million, gross sales $470
Annual Dues
3 Million, gross sales $705
4 Million, gross sales $920
5 Million, gross sales $1,170
6 Million, gross sales $1,380
7 Million, gross sales $1,625
8 Million, gross sales $1,845
9 Million, gross sales $2,060
10 Million, gross sales $2,310
11 Million, gross sales $2,555
12 Million, gross sales $2,770
15 Million, gross sales $3,390
20 Million, gross sales $3,875
30 Million, gross sales $4,615
35 Million, gross sales $5,000
40 Million, gross sales $5,385
50 Million, gross sales $6,150
60 Million, gross sales $6,915
75 Million, gross sales & above $7,685
Active Petroleum Marketer Member
Total Annual Gallons Dues
(Gasoline & Fuel Oil)
Under 1 Million $290
1 to 1.9 Million $425
2 to 2.9 Million $550 Call us today to make an investment in your
3 to 4.9 Million $835 business through membership in the WV Oil
Out of state marketers
compute dues on West
5 to 6.9 Million $1,380 Marketers & Grocers Association.
7 to 9.9 Million $1,845
Virginia gallons only.
Marketers are also 10 to 14.9 Million $2,485 JOIN TODAY! 304.343.5500 Promoting the common
assessed $475 annually
for Petroleum Marketers
15 Million $3,325
business interest and
20 Million $3,870
Association of America 25 Million $4,245 welfare of those engaged
(PMAA) Dues.
30 Million
40 Million
in the petroleum marketing,
50 Million $6,150 retail grocery and convenience
60 Million $6,915
75 Million & above $7,460
store industries
Active Grocer Member
Gross Sales Dues
Under 2 Million $195
2 to 6.25 Million $385
6.25 to 9.9 Million $580
10 to 12.4 Million $775
12.5 to 14.9 Million $1,165
15 to 20 Million $1,360
Greater Than 20 Million $1,555
Grocers selling gasoline add $220 to dues level.
P 304.343.5500 F 304.343.5810 E
Associate & Supplier Dues $610
Refiner Dues Dues $1,480 2006 Kanawha Blvd. E. | Charleston, WV 25311
304.343.5500 |
2006 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Please mail this completed
application to OMEGA WV

Supplier & Associate Dues | $560

at the address below:

Charleston, WV 25311

(See Dues Card for Calculation)

Membership Application

Refiner Dues | $1,355

Convenience Store Member
Neighborhood businesses offering gasoline, food and other When the Legislature is in session, members receive News From Inside
the Capitol legislative updates to keep them abreast of legislative

Active Dues
services at convenient locations all around West Virginia.
activity and to aid in our grassroots efforts.
Petroleum Marketer Member
Local businesses that fuel public and commercial We have a web site,, which supplies a vast array
transportation through the marketing, blending and transport of information to keep members informed, as well as links to other
of various grades of fuels and lubricants to industrial industry sites.
customers, gasoline stations and convenience stores. OMEGA Members have access to our UST Class C Operator Training free-
of-charge via our web site.
Grocer Member
Community grocery stores providing life’s essentials - A membership directory is published bi-annually. This directory serves as
foods, household goods and much more. a great reference guide for members.

OMEGA sponsors informational seminars to help keep members up

to date on regulations, trends and industry changes. We host Workers’
Compensation, DEP/Weights & Measures, UST Re-certification and other
MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS specialized seminars.
State and National Liaison Survival Hotline
We act as a liaison with many state agencies including the Department of Members are urged to call the OMEGA office at (304) 343-5500 anytime
Environmental Protection (DEP), Department of Labor (DOL), Public Service with questions concerning new laws and regulations or any matters that
Commission (PSC), Department of Transportation (DOT), State Tax affect their business.
Department and many others. We work closely with National Association
of Convenience Stores (NACS), Petroleum Marketers Association of Workers’ Compensation Discount
America (PMAA), Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and the National Eligible OMEGA Members receive a discount on their workers’
Grocers Association (N.G.A.) on Federal legislation and government affairs. compensation insurance through BrickStreet Insurance. (The discount

percentage is calculated annually in January.)

We maintain strong one-on-one contact with state legislators and Trade Expo

government leaders. We are proactive in our efforts for the benefit Annually we host a Trade Expo and Golf Outing. This show offers
of our industry and members. approximately 100 booths of the newest products and services for our
We represent the industries on such issues as: industries.
Credit card fees Civil justice reform
Children’s Charities
Fuel tax stability Health care
Annually, OMEGA spearheads our members in fundraising efforts to
Tax reform Bottle bills
benefit charities, which better the lives of West Virginia children. In
Fair competition Governmental regulatory
and border stability authority and cooperation the past, we have raised money for Children’s Miracle Network, YMCA
After School Programs, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and WV Children’s
Communication and Education Home Society. To date, we have raised over $2.3 million for these
We constantly strive to keep members informed regarding issues affecting worthwhile charities.
their businesses. For example:

Company Name
We supply a monthly newsletter, At the Pump and Down the Aisle, and

City, State Zip

various timely bulletins throughout the year on specific issues.




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