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© STONEX T4A/T4W Rugged Tablet Rugged Tablet Android & Windows ite § cube TECHNICAL FEATURES Rugged Tablet Android & Windows 10 STONEX TAA and TAW are the new tablets reliable in terms of build quality and performance. Available in Android version (T4A. ‘Andtold 5.1) and Windows version T4W (Windows 10 Home), the Stonex Tablets are the perfect assistant for your field works. Protected against water, shock and dust (1P67 class], STONEX TAA and TaW Tables offer « highly durable solution, enabling its Use in even the most challenging environments. STONEX Tablets offer several fas! connectivity options including WiFi Bluetooth, NEC, USB port, micro SOXC card slot, GSM and GPS positioning system, SYSTEM INTERFACE Trial" Cherry Tal 28350 processor TF Slot ‘Suppart SDHC/SOXC xd max 12868 cpu Tan: 1.92 che Usp ntarce {USB 2.0 (Host for Windows Taw: 144 GHz Android O16 Tah: Andro 5. HOM HDMI 14a - TypeCxi Overating System Tay: Windows 10 Home. Pa oe POWER SUPPLY. Thium-on potymer battery Battery 377800 mAh DISPLAY ‘Operating time Upto Bours ‘Screen Size e Resolution ‘800 x 1280 VER, PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS Brightness ‘320 Nt ‘Dimensions iB mn XIE mn TS “Touch Panel 5 Point Capacitive Weight 508 ‘Operating Temperature 40°C 10 50°C UF to DAL CAMERA, Storage Temperature =BOPC to 70°C (22°F to 158°F) Front 2M. Waterproof /Dustprost 167. Rest SMP. ‘Designed to andure toa 12 m composite Shock Resistance: an DATA COMMUNICATION ‘csM(85071900 MAA) STANDARD ACCESSORIES Gsm WCDMA (850/2100MH2) Battery Charged Ver LTE (850/2600MH2) Power Adaptor 3 types Bluetooth, 40+ EDR Class 1 USB Cable USS to miro USB Wiki ‘902.11 b/gin USB Adaptor ‘Micro USB to USE NEC. Yes ‘Strap Yes eas U:blox NEO a _GPS/GLONaSs/QzS$___ OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES a ies Soft bag, Holder fr pole, Active sys sation econ an teil oes re ot tre andy charge ‘STONEX AUTHORIZED DEALER STONEX® Par! of Unistrong Via Cimabue 39 - 20851 Lissone (MB) Italy Phone +39 039 2783008 | Fax +39 039 2789576 wwwsionexit | nN 18090012008. TAAAW - MARCH 2018-REV.02