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15-16 November 2018
15 November – Day 1

0905 Chairperson Opening Address

0910 Government Keynote Address

Soe Thein, Director General, Post and Telecommunications Department, Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC)

0920 Industry Keynote Address

0930 Digital Economy Leaders’ Keynote Panel

This is an open discussion on digital economy with leading public and private key experts in the country. As digital transformation starts to
take its pace, there are many areas the local government and key industry stakeholders are working to improve. This session focuses on the
current digital development in Myanmar, challenges and potential that are present in the market.

- Soe Thein, Director General, Post and Telecommunications Department, Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC)
- Vikram Sinha, Chief Executive Officer, Ooredoo Myanmar
- Reizo Umeda, Chief Commercial Officer, MPT-KSGM Joint Operations

1015 Morning Coffee Break


Digitization is the key pillar of many governments’ public service transformation and innovation efforts. Successful implementation of digital
technologies in all public services is an ambition that almost all governments thrive to work towards; to harness technologies and make better use of
data in order to drive a digital economy and society. In this session, you will understand the experiences other major economies in the region have to
facilitate their digital economies.

1045 Thailand Knowledge Sharing: An IoT Consortium That Will Facilitate National Digital Economy Master Plan
Dr. Monsak Socharoentum, Acting Director, IoT & Digital Innovation Institute, Digital Economy Promotion Agency, Thailand

1105 “Making Indonesia 4.0”: Indonesia’s Roadmap to Revolutionize Manufacturing and Industry
Ngakan Timur Antara, Head of Industrial Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Industry Indonesia

1125 Malaysia’s Experience in Refining ICT Policies, Standards and Practices to Encourage ICT Acculturation in the Public Sector
Jaafar bin Ahmad, Director, Application Development, Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU)

1145 Case Study: Modernization of National Public Systems Through Installation of Data Center

1205 Networking Lunch

This is a draft agenda.

15 November – Day 1

Digital cities are cities equipped with the ability to use technological platforms for information and communications management, making cities more
sustainable. Although challenging, Myanmar’s determination to move the country toward digitization is no doubt encouraging to see. Plans, challenges
and potentials are areas to be covered in this session.

1310 Precision Farming : Deployment of Artificial Intelligence in Farm Field and Fishing Areas

1330 Practical Methods to Improving Rice Production With the Right Infrastructure and Technology

The Journey Toward a Smart Nation Goal: Expectation, Challenges and Solutions Through Different Stages
Tin Tin Kyi, Director, Urban Planning Division, Yangon City Development Committee

A Local Success Story: Improving Fleet Management Through the Use of IoT and Big Data
1410 Nadeem Jamal, Technical Director, Myanmar Tracker
Thet Naing Aung (Tom), Deputy General Manager, Yoma Fleet

1430 Networking Lunch


This session features topics involving digital finance/banking, opportunities, difficulties and the journey of adapting to the increasingly demanding needs
of introducing digital services.

1500 Digital Finance vs Rural Finance: Opportunities and Challenges

Phyu Yamin Myat, Executive Committee Member, Myanmar Microfinance Association

1520 Digital Payment To Be the Most Cost-Effective Way to Enable Rural Households to Access Reliable Solar Power?

1540 Case Study: Assessing Myanmar’s Digital Payment Progression

Win Lwin, Managing Director, KBZ Bank

1600 Lucky Draw

1610 End of Day 1

This is a draft agenda.

16 November – Day 2

Opening Keynote Address

0910 Myanmar’s Vision to be an Inclusive Digital Economy
Khin Maung Cho, Minister, Ministry of Industry

Business Opportunities and Critical Challenges of Economic Development in Myanmar

0930 Than Aung Kyaw, Deputy Director General, Directorate of Investment & Company Administration, Ministry of Planning & Finance

Digital Transformation Dialogue: Strategies for Digital Myanmar

In order for Myanmar to penetrate into the international digital market, the country needs to have the ability to create opportunities in
both the private and public sectors. This VIP panel will discuss the importance, the gap and brainstorm innovative ways to moving toward
a Digital Myanmar.
- Adrian Soe Myint, Chief Digital Officer, Awba Group
- Min Thu Aung, Head of Business Sustainability, Telenor Myanmar
- Vicky Bowman, Director, Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business (MCRB)

1035 Morning Coffee Break


To integrate and collaborate with other countries and to benefit from digitization, Myanmar is in urgent need to narrow its infrastructure gaps.
Myanmar is the second largest ASEAN country by area, yet only 20% of its network are paved. Road and telecom infrastructures are key areas to be
emphasized in order for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

1105 Evaluating the Importance of Rural-Urban Connectivity in Achieving Sustainable Regional Development
Dr. Ganesh Raj Joshi, Researcher, United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD)

1125 Examples of Empowering Infrastructure Projects with Data

1145 Digital Transformation in Construction: Technology – The Cheaper End To The Equation?
Gao Li, Senior Manager, Business Innovation, Ananda Development

1205 Practical Methods to Improving Rice Production With the Right Infrastructure and Technology

1225 Networking Lunch


In this session, you will learn from international and local enterprise case studies, how these enterprises have adopted digital technologies in their
operations and services to improve their businesses.

Case Study: Skills Development in the Era of Digital Technology Adoption – What You Should Do
Muhamed Ali Hajah Mydin, CEO, Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC)

1350 Expanding Boundaries and Easing Congestions Through Building a New Business Model

How Smart Technologies Can Change Regulatory Compliance Enforcement

Hong Boon Wong, Singapore and Asia Manufacturing and Supply Chain Legal Counsel, 3M Singapore

What is AI-Powered Chatbot And How It Can Improve Customer Services

Peiru Teo, CEO, KeyReply

1450 Afternoon Coffee Break

The Non-conventional Retail Business Model: Transforming Data into Meaningful Insights
Frans Maas, Co-Managing Director, Daraz Myanmar

IoT Shift From Cost Cutting to Revenue Boosting

Emmanuel Pereira, Vice President, South East Asia, Robustel

1600 A Platform for Smallholder Farming - Combination of Agri-tech and Fin-tech

1620 Lucky Draw

1630 End of Asia IoT Business Platform 2018

This is a draft agenda.