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Present simple

Form of affirmative sentences (choose the correct form)

 We sometime read / reads novel.

 Prajakta go/ goes to the disco.
 It often rain/ rains on Sunday.
 Samir and his sister washes /wash the family car.
 I always hurry / hurries to the bus stop
1. I (to like) -------- lemonade very much.
2. The girl always (to listen) to pop music.
3. Supriya never (to wear) jeans.
4. Mr. Narayan (To teach) Spanish and English.
5. You (to be) your homework.

Simple present with have and be

 We (to have) a nice garden.

 She (to be) six years old.
 Bunty( to have) two fish and five crabs.
 I( to be )form Bhiwandi, Kalyan.
 They ( to be )Sandip’s parent.

Make negative sentence

1. My father makes breakfast---------------------------------

2. They are eleven------------------------------------------------
3. She writes a letter--------------------------------------------
4. I speak English--------------------------------------------------
5. Mayan phones his father on Sunday------------------------
Make Questions

You/to speak/ English----------------------------------------

When/ he/to/go home---------------------------------------

They /clean/the bathroom-------------------------------

Where /to ride /she bike--------------------------------

Billy / work/ in supermarket-----------------------------

Signal words

Find the signal words for simple present

1. Which is a signal word for simple present?

A. Now b. last C. Monday D. often
2. Which is a signal word for simple present?

A. Sometimes B. at the moment C. yesterday

3. Which is a signal word for simple present?

A. Last Friday B. Every Friday C. next Friday
4. Which is not a signal word for simple present?
A. Never B. already C. usually
5. Which is not a signal word for simple present?
A. Listen B. first…then C. seldom
Make a sentence of the words in the column write the correct form ion
the right column

affirmative negative question

Eg. I / speak I speak I don’t speak Do I speak?
You / stop

He / work
She / have / time
It / be / okey
We / be/ here

 I go to the cinema ……..

A. Now B. every week C. since I was five years old
 We play volleyball -------------------------------
A. On Fridays B. at the moment C. next years
 ------------ we spend our holidays in Thailand
A. Usually B. right now C. in a week
 I speak English------------------
A. At the moment B. for two years C. very often
 Sham cycles to work ---------------------
A. Everyday B. this month C. next week
Put in the correct verb forms and the nouns into the gaps

Use simple present

1 ---------------------- a room with her sister? (Pinky / to share)

2 --------------------- a lot in Cherapunji? (it / to rain)

3 ---------------------- sport after college? (the friends / do)

4 ----------------------- in the morning?( he/ to smile)

5 ---------------------- a banana in the morning? (Kapil / to eat)

6 --------------------- at the bus stop? (We / to wait)

7 ---------------------- to school (you / to walk)

8 ---------------------their friends to the party?(they / to invite)

9 --------------------- camping in the summer? ( Susan and Tom/ to go)

10 ---------------------- parrot ( your father/ to like)


Does Pinky share a room with her sister?