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Martin Guerre 11. How Many Tears? (old #9) 1 Bertrande: n ES = z PPO Oh Lord, Y'm not the one to blame, Lord, why must I live in shame? This sri and score isthe propery ofan shouldbe returned to Cameron Mackintosh Ld, 1 Bedford Square, London WCIB 5RA, UK ‘Unauthorised wse or reproduction of any part isan infringement of copyright. Alright reserved. a tempo mmaran wuerre rall, + ze D t Gently How — ma-ny tears thoughthe years can’ I eng? codex codex codex How -ma-nyprayers to the Lord must 1 4 to? Sillthe pain tearsat_ my bro-ken heart Some-times1 feel was cursed from the start, » Pin Mosso 1 could hold, 11. How Many Tears? page 2 rererecerereeereee ees essesseeessssesserereeee murine ouerre SS ee ——s © each day reaching out be-fore me. Ones. Now there's no = thing as if you ne-ver saw Gently codex How — ma-ny tears” through the years How ma-ny tears un - tl my * heart runs dry? Through the fights that a wo. + man must Bight I, How Many Tears? page 3