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Week 9

1. Relationship between shape of population distribution and shape of sampling distribution of mean is

a. Mean distribution
b. Central limit theorem
c. Beta distribution
d. Population distributions

2. CPM is the

a. Time oriented technique

b. Event oriented technique
c. Activity oriented technique
d. Target oriented technique

3. PERT stands for?

a. Project evaluation and review technique

b. Process evaluation and review technique
c. Program evaluation and review technique
d. Planning estimation and review technique

4. The performance of a specific task in CPM is known as?

a. Dummy
b. Event
c. Activity
d. Contract

5. In CPM network critical path denotes the

a. Path where maximum resources are used

b. Path where minimum resources are used
c. Path where delay of one activity prolongs the duration of completion of project
d. Path that gets monitored automatically

6. In PERT, the distribution of activity times is assumed to be

a. Normal
b. Gamma
c. Beta
d. Exponential

7. A dummy activity is used in PERT network to describe

a. Precedence relationship
b. Necessary time delay
c. Recourse restriction
d. Recourse idleness

8. In PERT analysis a critical activity has

a. Maximum float
b. Zero float
c. Maximum cost
d. Minimum cost

9. In an activity has Zero slack, it implies that

a. It lies on the critical path

b. It is a dummy activity
c. The project is progressing well
d. None of the above

10. Fulkerson’s rule is connected with

a. Numbering of event in PERT/CPM

b. The simulating model
c. Queuing theory
d. None of the above