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Week 7:

1. Effective project team should have?

A. Clear sense of mission

B. Enough Cash

C. Cohesiveness

D. Trust

a. A,B,C
b. A,C,D
c. All of the above
d. A only

2. Degree of joint activity among team members required to complete project is called?

a. Product Interdependency
b. Productive Interdependency
c. Team work
d. None of the above

3. Degree of mutual attraction that team members hold for each other and their task is called?

a. Cohesiveness
b. Trust
c. Mission
d. None of the above

Choose the correct answer for the statements with respect to the stages in group development
(Question 4 to 8).

4. Members become acquainted, members unsure about project’s goals, may not know each other,
confused about own assignments?

a. Norming
b. Performing
c. Storming
d. Forming

5. Conflict begins, they test limits and constraints placed on their behavior. Leadership, reporting
relationship, norms of work and interpersonal behavior are challenged?

a. Adjourning
b. Storming
c. Forming
d. Performing
6. Unwritten rule of behavior, members reach agreement, level of openness and trust they should have
with each other, how conflicts will be resolved?

a. Norming
b. Storming
c. Performing
d. Forming

7. Members work together, in this stage team relationships are characterized by high level of trust, a
mutual appreciation for one another’s performance and contributions, and a willingness to actively
seek to collaborate?

a. Norming
b. Adjourning
c. Forming
d. Performing

8. Group disbands?

a. Norming
b. Adjourning
c. Forming
d. Storming

9. Choose the odd one with respect to Conflict Resolution?

a. Mediate
b. Revenge
c. Arbitrate
d. Control

10. ______________________ Conflicts arises through management hierarchy, organizational structure

or company philosophy. Example is matrix origination having two bosses?

a. Goal-oriented
b. Interpersonal
c. Administrative
d. None of the above